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Strengthening Families Since 1976 . . . Pastor Mike Sindelar Along with a small group of folks from

stories are all different. God reaches into our

Valley Free, I recently had the opportunity

unique circumstances and draws us to Himself.

to go back to the place where the ministry

No one is beyond reach. No circumstances are

of Valley Free began to take root so many

overwhelming to Him. As Corrie Ten Boom has

years ago. You’ll be hearing more about

been quoted as saying , “there is not pit so

that in the weeks and months to come.

deep that God’s love is not deeper still.”

It’s a great story and a great heritage that goes back – way back – to 1976. All those

The next thing I caught in their testimonies was

years ago, a small group of families had a

that someone took the time to invest in their

passion to see this area impacted with the

lives. Someone shared the gospel, someone

gospel of Jesus Christ. One can only imagine

walked with them through the daily routine of

how many people and families have been the

life. Someone was there when the pit seemed

recipients of that passion for ministry and the

the darkest. No matter the circumstances,

power of Jesus Christ.

someone was there to share the love of Jesus. “Blessed are the feet of those who bring good

Fast forward to last Sunday, July 24, 2011.


Nine people obeyed the command of Christ to be publicly baptized and give testimony to

Related to that, several of the testimonies

all that Christ had done for them. The church

reached back into childhood and pointed to

family, with the heritage going back to 1976,

Sunday School, a teacher, or the Awana

stood around these nine people in full

program and told how they had been

support of their testimonies and lives. It was

instrumental in sharing the love of Christ with

a beautiful picture of the Body of Christ in full


operation. With those testimonies, and many more like As we heard those testimonies last week it

them, as our backdrop, we turn the corner in a

became clear that the stories of salvation had

few weeks to a new season of ministry at

some common themes.

Valley. Those same ministries that are imprinting the gospel into the hearts and minds

First of all, no two stories are alike. While the way of salvation is the same for all of us, our

of children, teens and adults will be starting up Cont’d on p.2



Strengthening Families Since 1976 (Cont’d)

A VEFC Missionary has a


soon. Each of them will be operating with the same passion that reaches back to 1976. That is to strengthen families in Christ. Soon you will be hearing of opportunities to participate in ministries. When that ask comes, when the phone rings or when you hear about something via e-mail, know that it comes out of a desire to see us all grow in Christ. There are thousands more testimonies that are being written today and in the generation to come, of those who will say, “I heard about Jesus because someone cared to invest in me.” It’s not simply a matter of fulfilling our heritage, it is all about living out the gospel and seeing God lifted up in all that we do. As we all come together with this passion, may we see many

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lives impacted for Christ!

...Candace Wisely Operation Christmas Child, a ministry of Samaritans Purse, delivers millions of shoeboxes filled with school supplies, toys and hygiene items each year to give to children in third world countries. Each box is given as the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ is shared. As a church we have filled and collected shoeboxes for the last several years. Now is the time to be gathering again for this coming Christmas. Though Christmas is a few months away, this is the perfect time to be stocking up on school supplies for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. School supplies are a blessing to children in all parts of the world and this is the time of year when “Back to School” sales are in full swing. Supplies such as crayons, markers, pencils, sharpeners, paper, notebooks, and glue sticks are all terrific items for shoeboxes.



Sunday School’s A Comin’ Ways to Love on Kids

...Jan Schmit, CE Director

...Audrey Bentson, Sunday School Coordinator Summer is certainly here!! With the

We’re excited to announce that there are staffing

100 degree heat index, doesn't

opportunities available in our Children’s Education Progams

September sound welcoming? It's

for the coming year. Will you love on kids for Jesus sake?

just around the corner and that means it's time to register all kids th

ages 2-5 grade for Children's Sunday School at Valley, which will

SUNDAY SCHOOL – Contact Audrey Bentson  Weekly commitment (Sept – May)  2 – 3 year olds Teacher  Substitutes

begin on September 18. Our mission at Valley is to serve as vital partners with parents to teach biblical truths to children so they may know, follow and serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

Kids---we hope you're excited about starting another great year of Sunday School! What an awesome privilege we have of meeting together each week, with special friends and

AWANA – Contact Jan Schmit Weekly commitment (Sept – April)  Cubbies Director(s)  Cubbies leaders and LITs*  Sparks leaders and LITs  T&T director(s)  T&T leaders and LITs *LITs = Leaders in training 7th – 12th graders

teachers, to study God's word and come to understand all of the wonderful plans and promises He has for our lives! There are always opportunities to be involved in this ministry

NURSERY – Contact Janis Soule A year round rotating schedule  Infant, Toddler, & 3 year-olds

as a teacher or substitute teacher. Teaching our children is at

Each of these positions have various (but very do-able)

the heart of God's great commission and a work that is of

responsibilities for anyone willing to minister to our young

eternal importance! Please contact Audrey Bentson at

people. Our Children’s Education leadership team is

952-448-4697, if you are interested in helping.

committed to equipping each volunteer with the tools and resources necessary to thrive and be effective in their roles. Please pray and consider spending some of your time next year being blessed by meeting one of the needs listed. You can contact Jan Schmit (see contact info below) if you have questions or would like more information pertaining to your area of interest: Office: 952-448-6144 X204; Cell: 952378-0108; Thank you for coming along side these ministries and blessing them with your time & devotion.


Registration starts August 14 Convenient online registration form at Just one form to complete per family!

UPCOMING EVENTS: Sept. 7— Awana Leader Training 6-8 p.m. Sept. 14—Awana Fair & Registration Night 6-8 p.m. Sept. 18—1st day of Sunday School 8:45 a.m.



Why We Do, What We Do

. . . Mary Lou Menning, VBS Director

To be completely honest, I wasn’t as excited about VBS this

On Wednesday during craft

year as I was last year. I’m not sure why. Probably a

time, another young boy

multitude of reasons. Couldn’t put my finger on just one. But,

began asking Mrs. Schmit

I kept plugging away. By Sunday afternoon, I was so bothered

about how you can be sure

by it, I had an audible conversation with the Lord in the empty

you’re going to heaven and things like that. After several

church. I also had a few harsh words for the Enemy about

moments of private conversation, this young man prayed with

how he was not welcome at our VBS and, in Jesus’ name, he

Mrs. Schmit to receive Jesus as his Savior. I saw him right after

could just leave us alone!

that and he was manfully trying to wipe the tears away as he

Sunday evening began with a bang. Seventy-plus children that night.

returned to the craft table. I could tell he was processing what had just happened to him.

Eight more registered Monday evening. Two more on Tuesday for a total of 88. After a few adjustments on Monday,

Those stories are the why. Those stories are the reason. Those

things were rolling along smoothly. Children were having fun

stories are the answer to the questions of how do you find the

and learning about Jesus.

time and energy and why would you give up your evenings for a week. It’s why, despite physical limitations, busy schedules, sick

Then, it started. A Facebook message on Wednesday from the

children, work schedules, and unbearable heat, our volunteers

mom of a little four-year old boy. Her son’s quote about VBS.

gave of themselves for 15+ hours last week. It’s why we create

"Mom, did you know that God is MIGHTY??? That means he

a fun, loving, safe environment for children to hear and learn

can make anything from nothing. That means he can make

about Jesus. The reward is knowing that a child’s view of Jesus

stuff without stuff. I should be more kind. Jesus is kind. He

just got a whole lot bigger. The reward is three (possibly more)

died for us even though he never sinned. He's kinder than me

children whose eternal destiny has been changed forever. The

'cuz I'm too scared to die for someone."

reward is Kingdom of Heaven: 3, Kingdom of Darkness: 0. It makes it all worthwhile. That’s why we do what we do.

On Wednesday, during Bible time, the gospel message was presented. Two boys stayed behind to talk with Coyote Kate (Mrs. Bentson) and Dynamite Doug (Mr. Hunter) about trusting Jesus as their Savior. They didn’t want to pray at church. They wanted to go home and pray with their parents. Mrs. Bentson and Mr. Hunter followed up with them on Thursday and found out that the boys had both prayed with their parents to receive Christ.



Living Hope Pitesti News from our Sister-Church in Romania

. . .Pastor Cristi

As we look back over the past five months we can see a great

Base Training” that we have been working through, and we

picture of God’s work in Pitesti. As you are a big part of the

look forward to starting the remaining two series in the Fall

ministry here, we would like to share with you about some of

after people will return from their summer vacations.

the things that God has been doing. It is such an encouragement to see people respond to God’s


calling and grow in their walk with Him as they choose to walk

On Sunday, July 17th, we had the

in obedience. It is wonderful to see that God is glorified in

joy of baptizing four girls from our

these lives that are being changed. It is encouraging to see that

church (Maria, Raluca, Anca and

the youth are beginning to unite more in fellowship, Bible

Adriana). We are encouraged to

studies, fun, etc. Since many of the older youth have left the

see how much they are growing in

country, God has brought other younger believers to join our

Christ. We are honored to be part


of their life and to rejoice together with them in the work that God is doing in their lives. Maria,

Youth Group

Raluca and Adriana’s fathers have problems with alcohol and the life in their families is not easy. We are so thankful to God that all of these girls are seeking God with all their hearts. Please pray for them and their moms as they struggle through these challenges, and also that their fathers might come to repentance and freedom. Special Prayer Request We are looking for someone with a heart for kids, hat can dedicate ime and energy in leading the Children’s Church

Florin and Avery(the youth leaders) are trying to keep a balance

program. Please pray that God would raise up the person He

of spending time studying God’s Word and just having fun

has for this position.

together as a group. The youth meet Sunday evenings for a time of fellowship, and Friday evenings for a time where they

Razboieni Ministry – Stepping out from our comfort zone

are encouraged to bring their unbelieving friends. During

Razboieni is the name of the neighborhood where we are

the week there are various small group Bible studies for girls

involved every week as a church. Razboieni is coming from the

and guys. Florin and Avery are also in the process of expanding

word – “war” – probably because there are so many angry

the Friday program to become a type of youth café that will

people, fights night and day, witchcraft..… and much more.

create a better environment for relationships to be built with unbelieving friends. Please pray for Florin and Avery as they try

Smoking and alcohol begins at the age of 8-10 years old and the

to expand and develop this idea.

girls often get pregnant by the age of 14-16. The problem is that they think that this way a life is normal and there’s nothing

Discovery Series

wrong with it. There are so many things that could be said, but

A couple of months ago we started to have Sunday School for

one thing is for sure – the kids are in love with us and the way

adults before the Sunday morning service. We have had two

we are. I think God has opened a big door through relationships

groups that were led by Cristi and Florin. We have come to the

in this neighborhood. Two weeks ago we finished our kids

end of the two Discovery Series from the “Center For Church

(Cont’d on p.6)



Grumpy Old Men

. . . Katie Dudgeon, VEFC Missionary to Spain

What pops into your mind

actually be a good fit for me? Who

when you think of Spain?

knew that my relational bent would be an asset to the team? Who knew

Do you think of Flamenco or

that conversations about ministry

Spanish olives? Catholicism?

strategy would fascinate me? Who

Siesta? Maybe even something

knew that encouraging people in their

about a dream vacation?!

areas of giftedness would be so fulfilling and helpful? I never imagined that church planting would be such a good fit for my

My guess is that there are two things you didn’t think of when

personality and strengths—especially as a young female!

it comes to Spain: women and church planting. Those words don’t pop up on any google search for Spain, and for most of us

Ten years later I find myself ready to join a new church planting

those words don’t even go together.

effort in the city of Madrid with ReachGlobal, with a seminary degree in one hand and some experience in the other. I don’t

When I graduated from college, I had an opportunity to spend

know how God will revolutionize my world this time, but I do

a year as a church planting intern in Mexico. I wanted to work

know that this young female is up for the challenge. And who

on my Spanish, I was obsessed with cross-cultural ministry, and

knows, maybe the next time someone asks you about Spain,

I trusted the organization (now known as ReachGlobal). But I

you just might have a story to tell about a woman and church

wasn’t sold on the church planting piece—wasn’t church

planting (after you dream about your beach vacation on the

planting for men? Wasn’t that for old men? Wasn’t that for

Mediterranean, that is).

serious old men?! Simply put, church planting was not on the radar of this 22 year-old who loved people and wanted to be radical for God. To me, church planting seemed kind of like the Christian version of the movie “Grumpy Old Men”! Thankfully, the Holy Spirit was louder than my ignorance and I realized that a year in cross-cultural ministry with experienced missionaries was a good next step for me. That year revolutionized the way I saw missions, the world, myself, and yes—church planting! Who knew that church planting— helping start new churches through creative evangelism, intentional discipleship and leadership development—would

Katie has been on staff at a church in Fullerton, CA for the last five years while pursuing her Masters of Divinity at Biola University. We have partnered with Katie over the years as she served with ReachGlobal in various capacities and now joins the Madrid City Team with ReachGlobal in Spain. She hopes to join the team in October of this year and focus on establishing new churches through evangelism and leadership development among young adults and professionals. If you would like to receive her e-mail updates or contact her for any reason, you can do so at: or 714.213.1423.

Living Hope Pitesti—News from our Sister-Church in Romania (Cont’d) program, as we have a summer break. We invited the parents to celebrate with us in the church. The kids were evidently part of our family, part of our life, and the parents gladly enjoyed and accepted that. We also have been meeting for soccer practice twice per week the boys. We’ve been able to build more relationships with them as we practice soccer and speak about God. We have a short break during the hot part of summer, but we want to start in September again. Please pray for us as we hope to develop this more.





Healthy Living: Are You Nuts? for Nutrition ...Linda Kozicky, RN, Parish Nurse

Sunflower seeds, flaxseed, sesame, pumpkin, walnuts,

Available year round, nuts and seeds are best stored in an air-

almonds, peanuts, cashews, brazil-nuts, hazelnuts,

tight container in the refrigerator for 3 months or in the freezer

macadamia, pecans, pine nuts. These crunchy seeds and nuts

for up to 6 months. Avoid the salted or roasted in oil

are a power house of nutrition. They provide long lasting

varieties. Purchase almonds, brazil nuts, hazelnuts, pecans , pine

energy and can help curb hunger pangs while maintaining

nuts and walnuts unroasted. Cashews, macadamias, peanuts and

stable blood sugar levels. They are by far the better snack

pistachios should be dry roasted. Flax seed needs to be ground

choice than the bag of chips, candy-bar or other choices

before serving. Grinding brings out more bio available nutrients.

when you need something quick. A superior portable snack

You can use a coffee grinder, but remember to clean it well

to eat before or after any activity.

before and after grinding seeds. I think it might be best to buy a variety in small amounts. Nuts and seeds can go stale and rancid

Nuts and seeds are sometimes the forgotten fruit that we

fairly quickly if not eaten soon or stored properly.

need to include in our healthy eating plan. Yes, they are a fruit. Just one handful (1/3 cup) a day provides a very rich

Five servings per week. That’s all you need. A handful =1/3 cup.

source of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Yes, nuts and

Any variety of nuts and seeds can be added to yogurt, hot cereal,

seeds are high in calories, but their omega 3 (fatty acids) fats

cold cereal, salads, or combined to make a great snack anytime.

help reduce heart disease and the risk of strokes. They have

Take along for a quick pick me up when you go on your hike,

no cholesterol, are very low sodium (if you purchase the

walk, bike ride, camping, backpacking, golfing, gardening, or

unsalted), and are low in carbohydrates.

shopping trip. Enjoy!


See bulletins for weekly updates/changes to this calendar TU


7:00 pm Beauty for Ashes



9:30 am Women’s Summer Bible Study



7:00 pm Worship Team Rehearsal



10:00 am Worship Service 6:00 pm CruX at the Johnsons



7:00 pm Beauty for Ashes 7:00 pm Elder Board Meeting



9:30 am Women’s Summer Bible Study



7:00 pm Worship Team Rehearsal 7:30 pm Web Team Meeting





7:00 pm Beauty for Ashes



9:30 am Women’s Summer Bible Study














7:00 pm Beauty for Ashes



9:30 am Women’s Summer Bible Study 6:00 pm CruX at the Johnsons



7:00 pm Worship Team Rehearsal



10:00 am Worship Service



7:00 pm Beauty for Ashes



9:30 am Women’s Summer Bible Study

8:45 am Special Event with VEFC Missionaries, Paul & Karin Thomas 10:00 am Worship Service: Guest Speaker, Paul Thomas

ALL-CHURCH FAMILY CAMPING TRIP 10:00 am Worship Service: Puppet Ministry—Sunday School Rocks

Sunday School Rocks!


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Valley Free Newsletter - August 2011  
Valley Free Newsletter - August 2011  

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