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San Diego Home Remodeling Contractors Precision West Builders of San Diego, California offer our client's total and complete building services required to design and fabricate any job: This includes, Residential Second Story Additions, Single Story Expansions, Room Additions, Complete Ground-up New Custom Home Construction, Renovations and/or Remodeling. For those who are planning to build or renovate a home within San Diego County, Precision West Builders is your contractor of choice.

Excellence Within Budget

Our firm has enjoyed steady growth year after year as a direct result of our absolute commitment to excellence and offering the most competitive prices available. We will never settle for second best, Precision is a custom home builder who insists upon perfection for a fair and honest price that's truly affordable. Unlike most contractors who simply follow a blueprint and build a house, Precision West Builders go above and beyond to create the home of your dreams. Our attention to detail, unparalleled service, and quality craftsmanship allows us to deliver a home that we consistently stake our reputation on.

Precision West Builders of San Diego, California The Team at Precision West Builders

At Precision West Builders we compile a complete team of friendly, professional, in-house and licensed specialty sub-contractors to efficiently complete each step of your construction project on time, within budget with the highest level of craftsmanship and finish. Our team has built hundreds of new custom homes and major remodels throughout the San Diego region and our unrivaled industry expertise and commitment to excellence is what our company is built upon.

Our Services Precision West Builders is a full service contractor and we offer a complete compliment of construction services which include the following Complete design/built capabilities, employing computer design and floor plan layouts. Full plan submittal and permit processing. Fixed price bid and cost plus job contracts, depending on client's desire. Fixed payment schedule based upon percentage of completion. Complete project management. Detailed project scheduling and completion timelines to help the customer track their job step by step. List of preferred vendors and contractor pricing. Commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

New Construction

Should you be considering building a totally new Home or Light Commercial building, Precision West will tailor our services to meet your specific requirements. We can include design support, preliminary budgeting, resource and logistics planning, scope management, project scheduling, project administration, and supervision. No matter which route you choose, we at Precision West Builders always ensure excellence of quality and 100% total customer satisfaction.

Room Additions

Adding a room to your existing home has multiple benefits and if properly done, vastly improves the quality of your family's life plus, greatly enhance the marketability and value of your home. However, a major Room Addition can be complicated for anyone other than an experienced professional and can open up a can of worms if not done properly.

Interior and Exterior Renovations

The Precision West Team has over 15 years of design and building experience combined, with an exceptionally strong sense of design aesthetics, we can create the perfect solution for your renovation. From whole-house restorations to a second-story addition, we can provide the total package, from preliminary design to total completion of the project.

Building a Custom Home Step-By-Step The building process of a custom home, room addition, second story or even a simple renovation can be a daunting process. The complexity of the process can give people significant cause to want to understand what they are getting into before they commit to such an unknown. For example an average home has over 35,000 individual parts, to complete requires between 85 and 120 suppliers and contractors, and usually requires, in some cases, up to 5,000 on-site man-hours to complete construction of a new custom home. Building a house requires carefully planning, scheduling and coordinating material deliveries and subcontractors. House construction is a step-by-step process, in which each step is dependent upon the prior steps having been correctly completed. A defect at any stage can cause problems with every step that follows. With all this being said, the simplest way to understand the overall process is to divide the total process into smaller individual parts. In an attempt to break-down the construction process, let us start with the main elements that are linked together in various ways.

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Precision West Builders of San Diego, California offer our client's total and complete building services required to design and fabricate an...