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Personal Training & Weight Loss Programs The personal training program that we offer is our flagship program. We are dedicated to helping you achieve real results, and making sure that you are successful in reaching and maintaining your goals. Most people have no idea about all of the different methods of exercise programs floating around out there, so they follow the path the herds take and succumb to feeling lost and intimidated once they walk into many of the large gyms (ie: meat markets) or “fad” workouts. There is, however, another path…we like to think of it as a better path. Our facility is a private studio that features many of the amenities of a large gym minus the intimidating environment, as everyone you see here is just as results driven as you. It may be daunting for you to not know how to get started, but that is where we come in – we will work with you to figure out an ideal program that will help you to get results and fit your budget.

Stop being bored with repetitive workouts and try one of our small group sessions. Our SemiPrivate Personal Training Program is an efficient and fun workout that is much more affordable. Unlike other types of group training, our sessions are kept small so that you don’t feel lost in the back and we can keep an eye on your form better so you are less likely to get hurt. Enjoy the advantages of using an indoor facility with all of the amenities that you could possibly need, avoiding all of the outdoor aggravations like rain-cancellations, bugs, extra sunspots and let’s not forget all the wonderful/creepy onlookers who sometimes love to stare.

Join one of our existing training groups, or you can create your own workout group with your family members and friends. Either way, you are going to have supportive individuals around you, all with similar goals and you will only be instructed by some of the best certified personal trainers Miami has to offer. Receive amazing results, save money, and have a ton of fun!

This class was created by me, Dawn-Marie Dawnson, based on my experience as a physical therapist, to increase strength, core stability and agility with the dynamic movements of a fastpaced, body toning fitness class. In creating the classes, I had three main focuses in mind: (1) proper body mechanics, (2) core development, and (3) muscle symmetry (not to get bulky). I offer a fun, one hour, low-impact and high intensity class. The class combines step aerobics, bands and small weights, to give you a heart pumping, full body workout. Improve your heart health, flexibility, balance, and gain greater muscle strength while you get totally addicted to my intense body sculpting exercises, listening to the hottest music mixes.

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Personal training & weight loss  

Best private fitness studio in Miami that is dedicated to weight loss, fat burning, and muscle toning. Real results.