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Precision Hawk Precison Hawk provides the capability to gather actionable, extremely high-resolution remote sensing data through the most easy-to-use, low-cost and reliable unmanned aircraft available today. The unmanned aircraft system, a small robotic plane, can collect extremely high-resolution remote sensing data with a minimum of effort and will provide invaluable, realtime data for such applications as land surveying, agriculture, security, forestry, chemical, and field conditions.

UAV HawkEye Lancaster The new UAV model, the HawkEye Lancaster Mark III, has a fully integrated sensor suite and an autonomous fixed-wing platform weighing three pounds and measuring three feet nose to tail. The platform allows users to toss the platform, wait for it to come back and have the data transfer to a preferred software location. The sensors allow for the collection of data on anything from plant research to crop production and protection and also account for the current weather conditions, the company said.

UAV And Data Services Affordable, robust UAV and data services will drive accessibility to this new technology that has the potential to solve problems in a number of important areas,� said Bob Young, founder of Red Hat. “I love businesses that allow others to innovate, and now companies, individuals and universities will have the ability to monetize their intellectual property in a whole new way. The company has developed strong strategic relationships in the research, agriculture, geology and infrastructure spaces. The current partnership with Indiana University will assist with research and data collection for the university’s Department of Geology. The easy to use, cost effective and extremely accurate nature of the platform makes PrecisionHawk an ideal investment in a state where UAVs have the potential to make a large impact in coming years

About Sensors

Our sensor platform has an open standard allowing researchers and corporations the opportunity to integrate their desired sensor type. We are also aggressively in development of new sensors, which include improvements on our current sensor types as well as new sensor types such as Ground Penetrating Radar. We make it simple to plan your flights with our Intelligent Sensor-Specific Flight Planning Sensor. Choose your survey boundries, the sensor, your required ground resolution or altitutde, and your flight plan is done. The flight plan detects the sensor and triggers optimial overlap so your data is reliable and complete. There is no sensor configuation needed, just plug them in and fly.

Industries Served • PrecisionHawk's data collection philosophy resonates with our customers, partners and researchers in a variety of industries and fields. Our planes have flown along cliffs on the north shore of Lake Superior (launched from a boat and landing in the lake), over water courses and ecological preserves and for researchers at -25 deg C ( -13 deg F), as well as imaging crops and livestock in farms. • Whether you are looking to build 3D models of aggregate pits, monitor the environment around mines and development sites, or survey storm damage and catalog passable highways, we'd love to talk about your needs and how we can help get you the information that is critical for you.

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News on precision hawk  

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