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January - May 2012




O v e r v i e w UPCOMING EVENTS  Staff retreat to Sihanouk Ville in June.  Team from Boston will be visiting towards the end of June.  Team from Australia will be visiting at the end of July.  We will be doing some training at Legacy of Hope International on the end of August.

The last 5 months have been a time of growth for Precious Women. We have gained new staff members, held Women’s Fellowship parties, undergone log-frame training, conducted home visits, worked with partner organizations to provide vocational training, counseling and aftercare and received our first bookings with

Precious Bride. We hosted a YWAM volunteer team and we received a generous donation from the Bicycle Project. We hold to our vision of providing hope to women exploited in the KBB’s and are passionate about women living in freedom, wholeness and dignity.

Vision Statement: To see  all  exploited  women  who  work  at  KBB  in  Cambodia  live  with  dignity,  equality  and hope. 

Mission Statement: To


environment free  from  trafficking  exploitation 



 God would provide staff who are a good fit


 Training for women will go smoothly



of hope,  healing  and 

 Finances for the next few years

 Effective, outreach

a n d

women with  the  tools 

 Lida’s Pregnancy would go smoothly

 Staff Retreat would be a time of refreshing & fun


Staff News Our staff have been working hard and are doing well. We are pleased that three people have joined our staff this year. Irene Keller has been with us since January and is the Director’s

Assistant, Vicky Simpson joined us in April and is our Social Media and Communications officer Officer, as well as teaching English to some of the staff and Keav Thy has just joined us as a janitor.

Friday Night Outreach Every other Friday night, an outreach team goes to beer gardens and karaoke bars in Phnom Penh to meet women working there, establish and build relationships and share the love of God. Where possible, the team also shares what we do as a ministry and explains the services we offer as well as our reasons for

offering them. During one of our outreaches in February we met a young widowed mother who had left her daughter with family in the province while she earned money in a beer garden. She was often forced to sleep with men but did it knowing her daughter was safe. However, she found out

R a d i o

“Health care for women, Women abuse, Counseling, The power of love and Choosing a job you love were some of the topics discussed.”

Our weekly radio broadcasts feature a speaker who shares their thoughts, wisdom and ideas on a given topic, encouraging discussion and also providing the opportunity for women who may not have heard of us or be able to come to us to phone in anonymously with questions or requests. So far this year, the broadcast has covered 8 topics:  Health Care for Women  Women Abuse  The Importance of Counseling  The Power of Love  Obstacles for Women Working in the “Night Work Industry”

that her daughter was being sexually abused and so bought her to Phnom Penh and sought our help. Both mother and daughter are now in a safe place. The mother is currently attending beauty training and her daughter is going to school. We are trusting God for restoration in their lives.

B r o a d c a s t


Choosing a Job You Love  The Prevention of Women Abuse  Ideas to Help Women Find Jobs The response has been positive and we have received 108 calls and 228 miscalls since January. After the topic; “Obstacles for women working in the “Night Work industry” we received a call from a woman in Phnom Penh who works in a beer garden in the city. She shared some of her pain, saying how hard it was and that she often got sick from all the beer she was pressurized to drink, with no breaks for food. She was frequently subjected

to sexual harassment by male patrons and sometimes slept with men she met there for money. She said kind men would pay her the agreed sum afterwards but cruel men would refuse to pay and would then verbally abuse her. She hated the work but felt trapped in it by her responsibility to feed her family. She wanted to encourage other women working in these establishments to do what they could to protect themselves from harassment and abuse. Her reality is what motivates us to keep reaching out to women like her, offering hope, love and alternative choices.

W o m e n ’ s So far, we have held five parties this year, including holding an event to celebrate Women’s Rights Day. During the Women’s Day celebration we printed and distributed 100 Precious Women TShirts to women from a

F e l l o w s h i p

variety of Beer Gardens and Karaoke Bars. Of the other 4 parties, 2 were organized by the Peer to Peer Team and the last one was a collaborative effort between the staff and a

P a r t y

visiting YWAM Team. The aim has been to provide a space of fun, love and good food and have been thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. In total, about 64 women and 5 men have attended these parties.

International Women’s Event

We received a donation of 100 t-shirts from Love146 and put together a pack including a t-shirt, note of encouragement and information about Precious Women. Over 15 local volunteers joined us and we went out in teams to the various KBB’s. The women and managers of the KBB’s were very

surprised to see us and some women commented that they didn’t know what their rights were and had never been treated as valuable before. Many lives were touched that night as wo men realized they had not been forgotten and that there were people who genuinely cared for them and wanted to help them. One of the women said, “Today is my day and I feel very special because of all of you!

At the same day ”Lida was also invited to speak to 500 ladies at a women’s conference. The women had come from all over Cambodia and it was inspiring and encouraging to see so many women coming together to celebrate and affirm their value and rights. One of the women we’ve been helping with gave a testimony of the transformation she’s had since coming to know Jesus and it was a great reminder to all of us of God’s saving power.

Church Awareness “The local church is the hope of the world”- Bill Hybels.

God has mandated the church to stand up for truth and justice and to defend the rights of the oppressed. We aim to educate churches about the issues as well as give them tools to get involved. We have spoke at Living Faith Church and New Life Fellowship and On 30 March, we held a training day for church members and equipped the attendees with the use of a manual we developed called, “Love as a Catalyst of Transformation for Night

Workers.” Half of them were registered to be experience with the outreach team at that night and they were open their big eyes with the situation of unrespected, so alcoholic and listened to the story of the woman that forcing themselves for this choice. The attendees was encouraging to share the experiences with church leaders to see if church able to gathering team to reach out to these women. They really need to be experience with God’ Loves.

“The support of families is a very important contributing factor to women making good decisions.�

C o u n s e l i n g & The Social Work and Peer to Peer Department have visited 5 women at their homes in the province in the past 5 months. These visits have been largely successful, with the parents agreeing to support their daughters as they work towards getting training in their

H o m e

been receiving financial support and this year the Bicycle Project donated us 6 more bicycles, so that women undergoing training can get around more easily. Once training is completed we will help the women to find employment as well as a suitable and safe place of residence.

The Butterfly Home was started to provide a safe and empowering setting, on a temporary basis, for women undergoing vocational training. It currently houses 1 women, with 2 others having recently left as they found full time jobs. During their time in the home the women living there have

P r e c i o u s

Some Westerners have also used our services for the experience of having their makeup, hair and nails done traditionally and trying on a Khmer wedding dress. Our salon is open daily and is receiving a growing number of customers wanting their hair,

V i s i t s

area of interest , thus enabling them to find work that is fulfilling and dignifying. The support of families is a very important contributing factor to women making good decisions, particularly in terms of following through, persevering and achieving their goals.

B u t t e r f l y

Precious Bride has provided services for 3 weddings since March, as well as for one engagement.

H o m e

B r i d e

nails, makeup or all 3 done.

Contact Us

Seng Solida Founder/Director Ph: (+855) 12 90 24 89

Newsletter Jan - May 2012  

A look at some of the accomplishments and developments in Precious Women between January and May 2012

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