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MoBicast Ð multi-tasking WitH Precast concrete CMA producer member, Mobicast, has once again demonstrated its versatility in the production of diverse precast concrete products. The southern Cape producer recently completed two very different fasttrack projects simultaneously. These involved the casting of the 300 concrete weight collars for Mossel Bay’s new desalination plant and supplying 7 000m² of concrete block paving (CBP) for the parking lot of the newly extended knysna Mall.

Precast concrete collars, manufactured by Mobicast and installed at the new desalination plant in Mossel Bay.

Mobicast’s new cobble stone pavers seen here at the new Knysna Mall parking lot.

stone paver with a very smooth “natural

Mobicast managing director, Chris

Van Zyl said steel reinforcing on the col-

van Zyl, says the projects represent two

lars was complex and the real challenge was

contrasting sides of the precast concrete

maintaining concrete cover during casting.

“The development work on the cobble

market, the artistic and architectural

“ T h e f inish e d p r o du c t r e quir e d a

stones took a considerable amount of

versus highly technical civil engineering.

stone” finish.

tolerance of 0 – 3mm on the collars’ inner

lead time; for instance we had to make

“However, the common factor linking

radii. Mobicast used self-compacting

up special moulds and this placed our

the two projects were extremely tight

concrete which was poured very carefully

production facility under tremendous

pr o duc tion sche dules. B o th se ts o f

to achieve the desired quality. Despite this

pressure. To meet our deadlines, we placed

pr oducts wer e manuf actur ed at our

the project was completed well within the

our cobble stone production plant on a

modern production facility at great Brak

required schedule.”

24-7 basis and used steam curing as well.

Approximately half the knysna Mall

This enabled the moulds to be stripped

parking area was paved with Smartstone’s

every six hours. needles to say, the

The concrete weight collars weighed be-

50mm Paduan paver (Mobicast is

project was completed on time at very

tween 1,3 and 2,7 tons each and were pro-

SmartStone’s franchisee in the Southern

high quality standards.”

duced to a strength rating of 40MPa, which

Cape); and the other half was covered with

is suitable for extreme marine conditions.

a new Mobicast 150 x 150 x 73mm cobble

River, situated between george and Mossel Bay,” said van Zyl.

for further enquiries call 044 874 2268 or see www.mobicast.co.za.


BosUn aDDs tWo neW toPPing coLoURs to Paving range

are carefully sourced and graded, and this

one of the most memorable South African

equipment allows us to not only produce

Blended colours, which vary from paver

advertising slogans of all time is: “it’s not

unique colours, but also facilitates some

to paver and create a uniquely random,

inside, it’s onnnnn top”.

of the smoothest dry-cast concrete pav-

organic effect, comprise:

Bosun CEo,David Wertheim Aymes, c oncur s, his c omp any ha v ing

ing finishes available,” explains Wertheim Aymes.

yields products that not only comply with, but in most instances exceed, current SABS specifications.” The Bosun CBP now boasts 10 colours.

• Autumn • Multi

released two new topping

“We consider our CBP

• Sahara

colour s to its ex tensi ve

topping to be a r eal market

• Granite

r a ng e o f c o n c r e t e b l o c k

di f f er entiator. We have spent

pavers (CBP).

• Marble

many years testing and developing

Dubbed granite and Marble, the

our pr oducts in or der to f ind the

Solid colours comprise:

colours were launched after extensive

per f ect topping mi x tur es and will

• Grey

testing. Considerably lighter

continue doing so. Apart from

• Black

than the other blended

the obvious aesthetic benefits,

• Tan

colours in the Bosun r a n g e, t h e y a r e m a d e with imported cement in a state-of-the-art blending facility. “our german block manuf acturing

our toppings also offer superior abrasive resistance.

• Brown • Red or terracotta

“However, this does not mean our uncoloured, rough concrete finish pavers are neglected. our aggregates

Visit www.bosun.co.za for more details or phone 011 310 1176.


Profile for Concrete Manufacturers Association (CMA)

Precast May 2011  

Quality Cast in Concrete The Official Magazine of the Concrete Manufacturers Association

Precast May 2011  

Quality Cast in Concrete The Official Magazine of the Concrete Manufacturers Association

Profile for precast

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