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think I’ll change. I still think I’ll be against the whole thing.” When asked, “Have you ever met a Muslim man?” Mary’s “No.” is followed by another question from the filmmaker, “What do you imagine?” and Mary’s direct answer, “I imagine them as being a pack of heathen.” Mohammad, an asylumseeker from Afghanistan, speaks,”I thinking about the Australian community: it is good or not? I saw a lot of time in the television the politics kicking the asylumseeker just like a soccer ball.” We have here two very different people with very different perspectives of the Pontville detention centre and asylum-seekers. This sets the scene for a journey of exploration for both Mary and Mohammad. Exploration of the power of meeting: the grace and curiosity to seek understanding and relational knowledge of the other (different) person. The film’s title captures this, ‘Mary Meets Mohammad’. There is much more could be said but examples here: a.


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The multi-layered ‘Mary’: Mary of Pontville and Mary the mother of Jesus who in going with God’s will, grows in her understanding of the mystery of God’s ways in the world.


The metaphor of generous ‘knitting’: knitted beanies and knitted humanity. I strongly recommend this rich film for conversation in book clubs and church home groups.

For the Christian, and Mary of Pontville is a Christian, the P a r a b le of t he Good Samaritan, (Luke 10:25-37) rings true as we are challenged by Jesus Christ’s, “Go and do likewise”. i.e., ‘be

Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius. Fulton J. Sheen

neighbour’. It is not the lawyer’s question, “Who is my neighbour?” but rather Jesus’ challenge, ‘Go and be neighbour’. In this, Mary does us all a service by her openness and humility as she, along with the Brighton Knitting Group who knit their beanies for charity, now includes the asylum-seekers detained at Pontville in her generosity; a generosity that has been hard won, it has not been without personal cost to her. In speaking with Mary


No 15 April 2014


No 15 April 2014