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The Mystery of Vocation Privileged to have served ! Alan Gauci’s story (part 2) Ruth Lasseter is from Indiana, USA. She has a passion to share with others the mystery of love and the marvels of the living and true God. Previously, Ruth wrote material for a series of History textbooks, now in use in parochial schools and widely used among Catholic home schooled children. She also worked for The Canticle, a quarterly magazine for Catholic women. Recently Ruth was in Malta for several months and spent a significant amount of time with the SDC, learning about it and assisting with its apostolate. First Trip to Malta When the Year of Faith opened on Advent Sunday, 1 December, 2012, I had just returned from a week in Malta to my home in northern Indiana. Yet, I knew little about St. George

Preca and nothing about the Society which he founded in 1907. Nor did the Latin acronym of M.U.S.E.U.M. convey the deep longing, springing from the founder’s heart, that God’s presence be known and preserved: Magister Utinam Sequatur Evangelium Universus Mundus (“Divine Teacher may the whole world follow the Gospel”). This had been my first trip to Malta. I went for the Episcopal Ordination of Monsignor Charles J. Scicluna, whom I had not met previously. The week brought many significant and surprising events, both public and private. The most surprising of all happened as my plane flew away from Malta on the day after the ordination, and I had a silent cri de coeur of my own. What could have evoked this strange sense of bereavement? Of interior severance from… I knew not

Mass of Episcopal Ordination of Most Reverend Charles J. Scicluna


Let us teach the young in the school of the fear of the Lord. Pope St Clement I

Ruth Lesseter and Dr Chris Godfrey at Our Lady of Damascus Greek-Catholic Church in Valetta, Malta. St George Preca had a special devotion to the image of Our Lady of Damascus

what? Why the tears, which I hid by turning my face to the window and gazing at the islands below? I was totally bewildered by the irrational thought that some essential but unknown thing had been left behind, down there in Malta. “See, I make all things new” Throughout a long and full life, I have been pursued, in the psalmist’s words, by Goodness and Mercy. I was always busy, never bored, and usually as “happy as a tornado in a trailer park,” (as Tow Mater says in the Pixar movie “Cars”). I had worked closely with my late husband in every area of life for our 42 years together: raising six children, opening our


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