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The Pope’stoNew Home Privileged have served ! with the Daughters of Charity Alan Gauci’s story (part 2)

Pope Francis I with the Daughters of Charity

In 2013, Pope Francis I made the decision to live with the Daughters of Charity at St Martha House in the Vatican City. The virtues of humility, simplicity and charity which the Daughters of Charity strive to live by are the virtues which the world has seen Pope Francis promote by word and action. The Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul were founded by St Vincent de Paul and St Louise de Marillac in 1633 in France. Their charism is based on serving Christ in those living in poverty. They have been at St Martha House (known also as Casa Santa Marta or Domus Sanctae Marthae) since 1884 when Pope Leo XIII requested that the Daughters of Charity come to the Vatican to care for the sick during the cholera epidemic. Since the epidemic never reached the city of Rome, the Vatican Hospital remained empty. In 1887, on his jubilee as a priest, Pope Leo XIII gave the hospital to the Daughters of Charity to be used as a place of hospitality for St. Vincent de Paul (patron saint of charitable societies) and St. Louise de Marillac (patron saint of social workers), pilgrims of more modest incomes. It was called founders of the Daughters of Charity,


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