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Pre Employment Background Check | The Screening Group The Screening Group pre employment background check packages come with everything you need to complete a detailed employment screening and it provides different types background screening services and solutions to support safe workplaces.

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Previous employment verification helps the organization to know more about the candidate & his/her work experience, behavior and complete track record. This report helps management to choose skilled person for the growth of their organization. Education and degree verification is to know the qualification, skills and genuineness academic record of the persona that you are going to hire. The Screening Group offers verification from primary to university level of education and we make sure to provide the honest report without hiding anything.

Motor Vehicle reports and Social Security Number trace is to identify where the candidate is currently living and is there any name changes from your resume and verify license when it is issued, whether it is currently valid or not. Read more at:

Pre Employment Screening Process – TSG  

Pre employment background check services by The Screening Group. Find everything you want to know about pre-employment background screening...

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