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S afety Ru les to Con sid er for Water Wel l Drillers

Did You Know? Well drilling companies install casings or liners in wells to prevent the walls of the well from collapsing, and to minimize the chance of contaminants from entering the well pipe.

Safety is the major concern and top priority for any water well drilling business. A successful water drilling project is the one that is done without causing any injury to the people involved in the project. Here are a few safety tips to be followed during water well drilling projects.

Look Up

Before setting up the water well drilling equipment, look up to figure out that there were clear spaces to activate your machinery. Also ensure that there are no power line obstacles while raising the pump rig tower to avoid any accidents.

Head and Ear Protection Wear a hard cap over your head to avoid hitting any large metal pipe while fixing or connecting pipes. Also, wear ear plugs and be alert for any hazards or sounds indicating a potential concern.

Pack for Protection

Familiarize yourself with drill equipment and pack work boots to properly cover your feet against any injuries. Avoid carrying anything loose that could get caught in moving parts of the well drilling equipment while working.

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Safety Measures to Be Followed by Water Well Drillers  
Safety Measures to Be Followed by Water Well Drillers  

Read this write up now to find the important safety rules to be followed by a water well driller while performing a drilling process to avoi...