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Gentlemen’s Match

Phudit Sombutsirinun and Kamolchanok Amtade M.5

The PRC and Vajiravugh Rugby Relationship Match Openning Ceremony The Prince Royal’s College and Vajiravudh are the schools that were patronized by King Rama 6, so both school are relatives. On February 4, 2010, there was a friendly match between PRC’s rugby team and Vajiravudh’s rugby team at PRC football field. The purpose of this match was to make a good relationship with each other. This event has been held two times and this match at our school was the third. Although it was a friendly match, the atmosphere at the field was serious. PRC’s rugby team gained an advantage the first time by leading 7-5. The game was tense; each team took turns on offense and defense

repeatly throughout the first half. The first half ended with a draw, 1212. The second half started and difference between these two teams began to show. PRC’s guard line began to break and Vajiravudh’s strategy attacked decisively. The game belonged to Vajiravudh as the easily made points and gained a lot of possessions. The final whistle blown meant that the time was end. Vajiravudh won 27-12. After the match, every player shook one another’s hand. During the game they were rivals but after that they were friends

Japanese Exchange Students visit PRC Piyuda Isarapairoj and Pawadee Isarapairoj M5 Japanese students from Osaka YMCA International High School visited PRC on January 30, 2012. There were 14 exchange students who came to Thailand to learn Thai culture. They spent their time in Chiangmai for three days. One of those days, they came to PRC. In the morning, they attended M.5 student service at the PRC Chapel. Then, they participated in other activities at PRC. Before they came back, PRC arranged a Farewell Party for them at the PRC Auditorium. They showed singing and we showed them Thai dancing.

Japanese exchange students visit Wat Phra Sing


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Premika Machareonsap M.5 Pimpisut Chimjan M.5




The PRC news editorial staff

3 Things Which You Can’t Get Back Good day my beloved readers! As you know this is the last issue of the school year. It is the last issue of the PRC news team of this year too. Thinking that I won’t have the chance to do my job anymore, I immediately think of my teacher’s words: “Three things which you can’t get back when it’s already gone are your words, time, and opportunity.” When I have done something wrong and I know that I can make it better but I can’t go back to the past, I always feel regret. Every time I think of these words, it pushes me to do my best. Thinking back to our life, we might miss things, waste our time or say bad words to others. But everyone can change our own life. Let’s be a new person from now! I want to encourage you to think and to do your best with everything, even just small details. This issue may be the last issue of the PRC newspaper. On behalf of the PRC news team, I would like to thank you all for your advice, comments, and being our supporters. I hope you are pleased with our reporting style and apologize for every mistake we made.

Mr. Geeratipong Puangtong Ms. Piyuda Isarapairoj Ms. Chunapa Vorawan Ms. Pichchapa Thajuang Ms. Pimpisutt Chimjan Mr. Patchara Pongcharoenkul Ms. Muktapa Opastirakul Ms. Andaman Mayakarn Ms. Kamolchanok Amtade Ms. Premika Machareonsap Ms. Sataporn Purasao Ms. Pimchanok Tungthiamsirikul International Editor Mr. Tanakrit Uten Level 123 Editor Ms. Andaman Mayakarn Event Calendar Editor Ms. Chutisa Jinawong Distribution Mr. Jack C. Neale Faculty Advisor Mr. Gregg Mumma Santipab Pack-Print Printer Founded in 2005 by the Gifted English Department, The Prince Royal’s College. Chiang Mai, Thailand. Editor-in-chief Assistant Editor-in-chief Layout & Design Editor Layout & Design Co-Editor News Editor Feature Editor Entertainment Editor Academic Editor Sports Editor Photo Editor

This publication is available by subscription only. To subscibe contact the Office of English Education at 053-242-550 ext. 221

This English publication is a project of the Gifted English Students at The Prince Royal’s College. Articles are written, edited, and proofed by the students. Layout is also done by the students. Therefore, we ask that you overlook some of our mistakes because English is our second language and not our mother tongue’.

Geeratipong Puangthong

The P.R.C. News Editorial Staff

Inspiration Calling “Time Out!” the team about a strategy change, the coach will call for a “Time Out!” This allows the coach to take a player off the field and put a new player on the field. The new player might deliver a strategy change message to the team players at this “Time Out” is when someone time. Again, after a sports “Time Out” there stops what they are doing or what someone will be some sort of strategy change. else is doing and allows a short time to lapse in But why do I think “Time Out” is hopes of changing what has been going on. We important in ones life? Because I have proven often use Time Out for small children and in in my own life how important it is for me to call sports events. “Time Out” on myself. For small In today’s busy and hectic world, a children, when they “Time Out” leads to a quiet time for reflechave been bad or tion, contemplation, and a refocus of what we disobedient we will are really about. A “Time Out” helps us to say it is time for a clear our thought and moves each of us to see “Time Out.” This and feel the ever-presence of God in our lives. means the child will If I turn my thought whole heartedly to our have to stop what infinite God, I begin to feel a true and lasting they are doing and peace. The busy, hectic world I seem to have sit quietly for a few been a part of begins to change--problems fade minutes to think about their behavior or inter- and answers are found. My work, studies, and action with others. After a few minutes of quiet relationships take on a new meaning--I see reflection the child will be allowed to continue them in a new light, in a spiritual light.. with their play activity, generally with a reFrom this new perspective, I now have freshed attitude. a clearer understanding of myself in this infiIn sports, when a coach wants to nite universe. I am able to communicate betchange a team player or send a message to ter with my Father-Mother God because I have

Mr. Jack C. Neale shut the door on the thoughts of the world (Time Out) to refresh myself in my true spiritual identity. Christ Jesus knew the importance of “Time Out” because he often withdrew himself from people to be alone in prayer to his FatherMother God. For Christ Jesus, these “Time Outs” resulted in: •renewed strength--both physical and mental •a clear sense of purpose, direction, and mission •a clearer sense of rightness •a clearer and renewed knowledge and conviction of God’s omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience. By taking “Time Outs” during our busy day of work or study, we can affirm that God is in control of our life and that we are not subject to the news of the day or circumstance around us. We are only subject to God and His goodness in our life. This was proven by Christ Jesus and countless others down through the centuries. I have found “Time Out” to be an essential part of my busy day. So the next time you feel pressured with a demanding schedule or deadline, take a “Time Out” to clear your thought and to re-sync yourself to God and His goodness.



Wat Gate-Fah Ham: The Environmental Protection Area Piyuda Isarapairoj M5 The Prince Royal’s College cooperated with Dara Academy, Wattanothaipayap Chiangmai School, and Chiangmai Christian School to participate in Youth Justice Fah Ham Project. On January 27, 2012, PRC sent M.5/6 and M.5/7 students to Dara Academy to be our school’s representatives. The main purpose of this project was to support the citizens to realize in natural conservation. Another one was to make the youth know more about environment’s laws, especially, the laws which were about rights and respect. Others were to give some knowledge to the juveniles and to make them realize about their town’s problems. “Humans are the most valuable resources,” said Ms.Warawimon Chairat, the movement leader of Wat Gate local community. During the morning, there was a seminar which described Wat Gate – Fah Ham: Learning for Living in an Alterative Environment. There were 5 people who joined in this seminar, Mr. Wisiad Onsri (Chiangmai vice prosecutor), Mr. Samart Suwanrat (the leader of Kon Jai Parn group), Ms. Warawimon Chairat (the leader of Wat Gate local community), Mr. Wichai Kajonprechanon, and Aj. Partsagon Tonawanick. They talked about Fah Ham’s problems, especially, water and nature, and how to live in the present and in the future.

Lower Mathayom Show Work Pawadee Isarapairoj M5

The representatives of the four schools who join in this project Having listened to the seminar, the students were separated into 26 groups to survey the Fah Ham citizen’s opinion. The students asked the people who live in that area about what they think about the tall condominiums in Fah Ham area. “The information from every group could be a bargaining tool for someone to not build tall buildings in Fah Ham,” said Ms. Warawimon.

Goodbye Seniors, Goodbye “Khun” Patchara Pongcharoenkul and Petcharat Pongriyawattana M5

Students are doing the activity at Science Station

M5 and M4 students are singing a song for their seniors

Having studied nearly two semesters, the Lower Mathayom students showed their academic work on January, 27 2012. Due to Academic Day, instead of studying in class, the Lower Mathayom teachers arranged various activities for students all day at the Harris Institute. On this day, many quality works of students in each subject were shown. The students could participate in each station especially playing games. Besides, some classes sold food and drinks which they made. Academic Day is an annual activity. Teachers exhibit excellent work of students. The students can see that work. “The shown work makes me have an inspiration,” said Narvenan Malairuengsakul, M.1 student. “I hope that next year my work will be shown like others,” she added.

On February 6th, the activity ‘Goodbye Seniors’ was held in PRC Gymnasium. This was a farewell party For “Khun” M6 students, all of whom are going to leave PRC. “Goodbye Seniors” is arranged for M5 and M6 students to do activities together. However, this year was a little bit changed because M4 students also joined the party. In the morning, there was a mini concert from M6 and a dance show from M4. Next to the Gymnasium was the string combo’s performance. Students could enjoy their meal and listen to the music during their lunch. Then, the activities continued around 2 pm. M5 and M6 began the break dance and gave everyone a big surprise. After finishing all of the show, M5 and M4 gather around M6 students. They make a circle with M6 in the middle. Both M5 and M4 sang and screamed loudly to M6. This was a congratulations to “Khun”, the senior students of PRC.



New Zealand: Special Chance for PRC Students Only! Piyuda Isarapairoj and Pawadee Isarapiroj M5

The atmosphere at IPC (International Pacific College) Did you know that PRC established partnerships with other schools in New Zealand? From August 22, 2011, to September 3, 2011, PRC Administration visited New Zealand. The PRC LIP (Language Immersion Program) was set up. That means all PRC students can study abroad. LIP was established because of the importance of the English language nowadays. The PRC Administration realized that English is needed for PRC students’ success in the global world. So, they went to New Zealand and built partnerships the schools there. There are currently 5 programs in LIP New Zealand. The programs include a 10-month study abroad from M.1-M.6 students, a summer course, a family junior camp, a short course at IPC (International Pacific College), and a camp for PRC Rugby boys (see page 14 for more details).

Puppy love in kindergarden Thanakan Kanthawanna M.5 Valentine’s Day is coming soon.Many people are going to share their love with each other. The little kids of PRC kindergarden also want to show their love to each other, too. I interviewed some of them about who they are going to give presents to on Valentine’s Day. From my survey, I found out 40 percent of them are going to give presents to their parents. Thirty percent of them are going to give presents to friends. Twenty percent of them are going to give presents to teachers. Ten percent of them are going to give presents to their cousins. “I love my parents as much as my life,” Ninja, A.3/2 student said. “The meaning of love in the kids’ mind is not more than friends, they are too young to know what a girlfriend or boyfriend is,” Aj.Tatsanee said

Credit : Panoramio website

(If you are interested or want more some information, contact PRC Office of International Affairs.) This year, there are 33 PRC students who will join in LIP New Zealand Summer Program. The youngest student is only 10 years old, a P.5 student, and the oldest one is an M.4 student. “LIP is a good project. It makes my dream come true. I’m very excited that I will have a course in New Zealand this summer,” said Thanapon Vachiraprapun (Pong), the M.2 student who will take an eight-week New Zealand study abroad program. “The reasons that I sent Pong to this program are that he wants to study abroad and LIP is a good chance for him,” said Pong’s mother. “I chose to join in LIP because I want to study in New Zealand. I want to learn something new. There are many things in life that I have never known or seen. I will take this chance to open my vision and to also improve my English skills,” added Pong.



Love as Animals Tanakrit Uten M.5

Aj.Pracha Veerawat

Areepar Sunthornpan M.3

Thunphisit Jiemsupakorn M3

Aj. Pracha Veerawat For me, love is something you show to someone. Like dogs, they love their owner. A dog is an honest and tame animal. You can trust them. You can trust your lover.

Build M.3 I think a Pelican is showing you what love is. A pelican is not only dignified but also lovely. It loves their chicks very much. A pelican use their beak to cut itself and feed their chicks. That is what love is, the sacrifice.

Tun M.3 A dog, love is like a dog. I think if you love someone you have to be honest and take care of her. You have to speak with her politely and softly. A dog too, its habit is easy to compare with love not in the bad way, but in the good way.

Fai M.1 I think my love is like a bird. Birds have freedom in the sky. They can fly anywhere they want. Love too; love is freedom and unlimited. You can’t imagine how much the love is.

Aom M.3 Um…. The polar bear is great! It’s a cute but dangerous animal. Sometimes love looks very beautiful and cute. But on the other hand, love is dangerous too. Love can make you cry and hurt yourself.

The newest faculty at CMU Sataporn Purasao M.5 Last year the Faculty of Engineering, Chiang Mai University set up the newest program in the Northern area. This Program provides students to learn theory of engineering, heath science, and science in lecture rooms and laboratories. This Program emphasizes the use of engineering knowledge in medical science applications. Not only collaborating with institutions universities in Thailand but also with universities from many countries such as Columbia University, USA, Kagawa University, Japan, University of New South Wales and Australia.

PRC students who are interested in this Program can download an application form at http:// There are two periods for application to study in this program. First semester by the end of May and second semester by mid-October. Additional required documents are three recommendation letters from supervisor, the statement of purpose in English, GRE (General Test) and TOEFL or IELTS scores. The master’s program is a two years study and the tuition is 50,000 baht per semester. The Ph. D. Program for three years study and the tuition is 55,000 baht per semester.

BioMedical Engeneering Center at CMU



Preparing for Reading Comprehension Andaman Mayakarn M.5

they read slowly. This is the reason why we should know some more techniques how to read faster. First of all, you should scan the story that you read. This makes you know about what’s interesting and important in this story. Then you focus on the sections that you want to understand and remember. The most important method about speed-reading is eye span. Eye span will help you read more than one word at a glance. When your eye span works with the eye blink, it records the information in the brain. This means the shorter your eye span, the less information your brain remembers. While reading you shouldn’t only capture one word but you should capture words, phrases and whole sentences. This means you shouldn’t read word-by-word! You should read the questions and choices before reading a story. This makes Many students, when doing an examination have problems about reading. When the you know what you should focus on when you examination has many reading comprehension read a story. When you read a whole story beparts, the students can’t do it on time because fore reading questions, you may forget information about that story. So you should read the

question before reading the whole story. You should find main idea first. Scan the first and last sentences of each paragraph. You will improve your reading speed and comprehension if you understand about structure in the book. This will help you know which parts of the book is important and to read more carefully. Reading in a proper environment can help you improve your reading speed and reduce your eyestrain. Avoid reading in bed because your mind and body want to relax. You will stay alert if you read in a proper place and sit at a desk instead. You should practice reading comprehension everyday by doing exercises. Many people can improve their reading speed by reading articles that important to them everyday. You can learn to read faster. To become a good reader takes time, concentration and practice. You only need one to start with most all articles. This short article can get you to start to practice, but to become an expert you will need to practice. Never a day without a passage!!!

Wisdom Sport Phudit Sombutsirinun M.5 All of article which Sports Column had written were about sports that use athletes’ power and physical strength. However, this is the last issue and we will introduce another kind of sport that uses wisdom and concentration. This sport is called Go or Othello. Player has to get rid of the opponent’s chess by surrounding them and grasp the most area to win the game. Don Wongyala, M.6 student, is the level 3 Go player and also the Chiangmai Go player too. Our Go player had an inspiration from cartoon and started to play Go when he

was in P.5. He learnt Go from books and then he studied from his teacher. Don said that Go is an amazing game “Go will show that the person’s condition of mind when they play it and you can practice your stillness by playing Go too.” Don won a lot of award but his proudest award is the Champion of Go Goodview. Competition “There were a lot of good players with great experience in that event but I stayed calm and careful in every turn.” The champion also suggested Go’s merit to us too “Go will improve your critical thinking skills and abil-

ity to analyze the situation that you have to cope with.” From Don’s experience that he shared with us showed the benefit of Go.Moreover, Go is easy to play because you can play it in the internet. If you find the activity that gives you both fun and also improve your brain, why don’t you start to play this wisdom game?

Mr.Don Wongyala

Kamolchanok Amtade M.5








From Cacao bean to chocolate!

Only Couples?

Patchara Pongcharoenkul M.5

Pongampai Kornpetch M.5



Pimchanok Tungthiamsirikul M.5




M&M: an Evening of Music and Magic Muktapa Opastirakul M.5 The American Embassy in Thailand in cooperation with the American Consulate in Chiangmai, ACE (The Academy for Education USA) and PRC held “M&M: an Evening of Music and Magic,” on January 27, 2012 at the 100th Harris Institute. This event started with a guitar solo by Emily Elbert, an American teenage award artist. Then there was a special film named “Make Believe”, the best award of documentary film from the LA Film Festival. After that, there was a live magic show by Krystyn Lambert, the world champion teenage magician. She was a real actress in this film. Students and the general public were interested in her so much. “Make Believe” was presented to the teenagers in Chiangmai in order to build their inspiration to find their dreams and to develop their potential. This will help them get ready for the ASEAN Community in the near future.

CARTOON Muktapa Opastirakul M.5

Emily Elbert, An American Teen Age Award Artist

Krystyn Lambert, An American teenage magician

Ganyanat Jammor M5





The Prince Royal’s College Language Immersion Program (LIP)

In 2012, join one of PRC’s Language Immersion Programs to New Zealand. What is LIP? LANGUAGE Foreign students at Central Southland College

The Prince Royal’s College International Affairs Office 117 Kaew Nawarat Rd., Muang Chiang Mai, Thailand 50000 Tel: 053-242-550 ext. 224 or 213

In today’s regional and global world, language is the key that will unlock many doors. The information age requires good language skills in order to effectively communicate and work with people in other countries. The days of learning a language by academic means alone are gone. Students need to learn how to use the language in every-day communication and settings, not just to perform on a written test.


In an effort to enhance our foreign language programs, PRC is taking language learning to a new level with LIP. LIP will allow our students to study by actually spending time in the coun-

try; thus taking students out of the four-walled classroom and immersing them into the classroom without walls. LIP will allow our students to: •Interact with native speakers through daily real-life interaction. •Learning customs & culture. •Exploring new ideas. •Making new friends (networking).


By establishing Partnerships with schools in other countries, PRC can offer our own study abroad experience programs. We look for schools that have similar values to ours. We look for schools that have a high standard of educational excellence. We look for schools that are located in good communities that will offer our students the safest and best immersion opportunity.

THE PRC NEWS february 2011


In 2012, join one of PRC’s Language Immersion Programs to New Zealand. Program 1 – PRC Southland Academic Year • M-1 to M-6 students with school starting in April or July. • 9 month New Zealand study abroad program. • Students will attend school at one of our partner schools in New Zealand; will live with a host family; and will become immersed in New Zealand education, life, and culture. • Enjoy excursions and sight-seeing of New Zealand. Program 2 – PRC Summer Course (8 week.) Program 2 – PRC Summer Course (8 weeks) • P-5 to M-6 students with departure in March. • Attend classes at onf of our parthership schools, immersed in English.Live with a host family. • Enjoy excursions and sight-seeing of New Zealand. • • • • • • • •

The Prince Royal’s College International Affairs Office 117 Kaew Nawarat Rd., Muang Chiang Mai, Thailand 50000 Tel: 053-242-550 ext. 224 or 213

Program 3 – PRC Family Junior Camp (4 weeks) P-1 students with departure in March or April This program in intended for a student and a family mem ber. While the student is in class the parent will be attending special ESL classes to help parents learn how to help their child improve their English. Special excursions and sight-seeing trips in New Zealand. Program 4 – IPC Open campus (3 weeks) M-4 to M-6 students with departure in October. A 3 week academics camp at International Pacific College studying ESL and environmental programs with students from other asian countries. Students will stay in the dorms at IPC. Enjoy excursions and sight-seeing trips in New Zealand.

Program 5 – PRC Rugby Boys Exchange&Training (3 weeks) • M-4 to M-6 rugby boys only with departure in October • Spend 3 weeks partnered with a Southland Boy’s High School rugby player-live with his family, attend classes at his school, practice with the rugby team, and attend training camp at the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Training Center. • Enjoy excursions and sight-seeing of New Zealand.

THE PRC NEWS February 2011


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