Annual Report 2020

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"Thank you so much for coming to the hospital with me. I really appreciate you helping me out and being there for me" -Doula Client

Dear Friend, As 2020 started out, our minds were filled with all kinds of visions for the year and what it may end up looking like. As the news of the corona virus began to take over and everything shut down, our team worked exceptionally hard at figuring out ways to continue to be able to serve our clients during the shutdown. We started working remotely and conducting phone and zoom appointments, group classes, as well as offering material assistance through porch drop offs. Our team is committed to holistic support throughout the entirety of a client’s connection with us, and we weren’t about to allow a pandemic to stop us! Later in 2020, our board made a very exciting decision in fulfilment of a strategic meeting we had a couple of summer’s prior. We made the decision to begin the process of going medical, which means that in the not too distant future, we will be able to offer STI/STD testing and treatment onsite as well as point of care ultrasounds. Heartbeat International has been tracking statistics on pregnancy centres that have gone medical over the last 10 years, and they have found that there has been a significant increase, 60-90% increase, in a decision made for life when the opportunity has been given to see an ultrasound right after discovering that there’s a pregnancy. We are thrilled at the opportunity to expand our services and to be able to support our clients even further. With your help, your support, and your prayers this dream that the PRC-Brant has had for over 10 years, will finally become a reality. It is because of you that the PRCBrant has been able to offer support to those in our community for almost 28 years! We are so grateful for your partnership with us and we can’t wait to see all that God is going to do in the future of this ministry and for this community. Although the words ‘thank you’ seem incredibly inadequate, we are nevertheless, filled with deep gratitude for all of you! Many Blessings,

Julie Bonany Executive Director, PRC Brant



OUR MISSION Pregnancy & Resource Centre of Brantford/Brant County equips, empowers and encourages healthy life affirming choices.

OUR VISION The Pregnancy & Resource Centre of Brant seeks to serve our community by promoting the sanctity of human life, building a community of restoration, encouraging whole families, and leading broken people to Jesus.

We consider it a joy to be serving the community for the last 28 years and meeting the needs of men and women facing an unplanned pregnancy and related concerns.

LEADERSHIP Dave Ellis (Chair), Karen Knor (Vice-Chair), Gary Dendekker (Treasurer)

This year we have seen God’s provision in ways we never would have imagined. Our supporters have definitely come through in obedience by continuing to give us the mandate to continue to serve those in crisis, to assist parents in their new adventures, and to save lives through education and awareness. Our recent partnership with Pregnancy Care Canada has been very encouraging, and they are a trusted resource as we move to a medical focus of care. Dave Ellis I am very excited to sit on the board of the Fundraiser Gala committee. This committee is made up of some amazing staff who have great ideas and wisdom. We had to go online this year with our gala which brought a whole new world of challenges, but God gifted us with just the right people for this event to be pulled off with great success. Karen Knor This past year, 2020, has proven to be a challenging year for every organization and individual. Yet, in the face of all these difficulties God has proven to be faithful again. We are thankful for the financial support and prayers that we received. Gary Dendekker







CHURCHES helped changed lives by partnering with us in 2020

I consider it a great honour to support the work of the Centre. The blessing of PRC is that through their ministry local churches can make a stand not just to fight an issue, but to show practical, Christ-centered care and witness regarding what God’s word teaches about physical and eternal life. Supporting PRC with our prayers, donations and encouragement is a great way through which we can shine the light of Christ in our community.”




1323 131 15 46 24 89 88 58 104

Total Clients Served New Clients New Male Clients Pregnancy Tests Babies Born Clients who received options counselling Clients who received Childbirth Education Clients who received Parenting Education Clients who heard about God and received prayer ANNUAL REPORT 2020



I really didn't have good role models growing up, but now I feel equipped to be a good father moving forward thanks to the centre. - Active parenting attendee Our Active parenting class quickly became one of our busiest programs at the centre when Family and Children Services began referring their clients to complete it. This program equips clients to have healthy relationships with their children and learn parenting skills. ANNUAL REPORT 2020



I completed the prenatal course at the PRC Brant. My experience during this time has been one filled with joy, love and gratefulness. Thank you. - Pre Natal attendee Pre Natal classes are offered to expecting mothers to educate them about changes their body will go through during birth and after. Clients learn about breastfeeding, labour & delivery, and other practical topics. ANNUAL REPORT 2020



I turned to drugs, I tried medication, I saw several mental health professionals. But nothing helped. Nothing brought me the peace this study [ post abortive healing ] did. - Surrendering the Secret attendee

Surrendering the Secret is a post abortive healing journey that we offer to clients who experienced an abortion to process the grief and walk in freedom.




Growing Hearts has been such an essential part of my life for the last four years that I can't even imagine how I managed without them. I will always cherish every memory I've made and will always love its members and leaders. Thank you Growing Hearts for helping this mom survive. - Growing Hearts attendee

Growing Hearts is our weekly mom to mom peer group. Moms get time to connect with one another, take a break from parenting while enjoying a cup of coffee and snacks, art and crafts while exploring big faith questions.



Current Assets $255,336 Captial Assets $452,830 Total Assets $708,166 Current Liabilities $41,975 Longterm Liabilities $303,075 Unrestricted Net Assets $363,116

Independent Auditors Review for the period ending Dec 31, 2020

The services of the centre are absolutely essential and vital in our community that is more valuable than many of us realize. I see the centre is providing care, support and resources for those who need it the most, in situations where their options are often very limited. I am thankful for the beautiful facility and the great work the staff are doing and I choose to stand behind them with prayer, support and financial resources. I am proud to be a partner of the Pregnancy and Resource Centre Brant" MIKE BECKENDAM, PRESIDENT, THE MOVING BOX

"Planted in the house of the Lord, they thrive in the courts of our God" PSALM 92:13 HOLMAN CHRISTIAN STANDARD BIBLE


It is the PRC's hope that in 2021 we can raise a minimum of half of our fundraising goal for going medical. As it will take approximately $80,000 to start up, we'd love to raise a minimum of $40,000 this year. We'd love for those who own businesses to consider becoming monthly donors as well as individuals to consider becoming a part of this life saving work.


A Nurse Practitioner hired Trades offer their abilities in renovating the centre for our medical needs New donors partner with us Abortion vulnerable clients receive our services Women who experienced an abortion to come for a healing journey and receive freedom



PRAY FOR Options clients, that minds would be changed and lives would be saved Strength for the staff as we meet with and support clients through this unprecedented time. Truth around abortion to be revealed. Grandparents raising their grandchildren and the many challenges that brings. Clients working with FACS, trying to get their children back Clients in abusive relationships Moms to make healthy friendships and have good support in the wider community. Churches to continue to support mothers who need it. Clients salvation

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Having volunteered at the PRC for many years, I have come to really appreciate the heartfelt desire of the staff to see each client that comes through the door receive the counsel, love, empathy and care that the individual is looking for. It truly is a rewarding place to volunteer". -Klaske, Volunteer at PRC

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