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How to Adopt Your City by Lloyd Turner, Ph.D. PrayForNewark PrayForNewark

“After this the Lord appointed seventy-two others and sent them two by two ahead of him to every town and place where he was about to go.” — Luke 10:1 (NIV)

Changing the spiritual climate in Newark--one street at a time.

Background on prayfornewark

God Has a Purpose for Your City

In 1666 Newark’s Founders established the city to be “As nearly as possible a Kingdom of God on earth.” How to Adopt Your City

“Build up! Build up the highway! . . .You will be called Sought After, the City No Longer Deserted.” -- Isaiah 62:10,12 “Take this message to the leaders of Newark.” -- Lloyd’s prayer journal, 2007.

Our invitation to come to Newark How to Adopt Your City


Vision and benefits

Vision and Objective Vision (Five – Seven years) : That every person who lives, works, worships or studies in Newark will be prayed for by name with positive, blessing prayers in Jesus’ name (Prayer Evangelism), and that they will know who is praying for them. Objective: To help to provide prayer support for a sustainable model of prayer and evangelism for the city of Newark.

How to Adopt Your City

Benefits of Street Adoption Street Adoption uses Prayer Evangelism to usher the Spirit of Adoption into your city. This approach offers the following benefits: ‰

Infuses hope as God responds to situations that appear hopeless.


Touches the heart of God to provide people and resources the city needs.


Empowers the people of God to take back what has been stolen by the enemy and sets people free.


Helps change the spiritual climate by inviting God and His Kingdom into the present situation.

More than 1000 intercessors have signed a declaration in different communities. form to pray for a specific Newark street every day. ‰ Unifies the body of Christ to focus on God’s mission ‰

Links together Kingdom-minded people who live

for your city. How to Adopt Your City

Newark led the nation in homicide reduction Homicides stopped for 43 days!

No homicides occurred in Newark between January 15 and February 26, 2008 – the longest murder-free period since 1963. A researcher from Columbia University calculated the likelihood of this happening at less than 1 in 100,000 for a city that averaged 100 homicides a year.

The Newark Homicide Squad had no new cases during this period!

How to Adopt Your City

Newark ended 2008 with a record drop in homicides

Newark Homicides, 2002-2008

What happened in 2008





33% reduction in homicides










33% of streets were adopted

40 20

Was this a coincidence?

0 2002






How to Adopt Your City


Principles of operation

The Strategic Operations Team decided to accelerate the adoption process by dividing the city into 21 neighborhoods. How to Adopt Your City

The Cohesive Core Team agreed that: 1. Anyone living inside or outside of Newark can be a Street Adopter. 2. The initiative is a Christian initiative, but a person does not need to be a Christian in order to adopt a street. 3. PrayForNewark will be under the umbrella of the Strategic Operations Council, which sponsors the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Urban Convocation. Dr. Bernard Wilks is the leader of this Council. 4. PrayForNewark will hold quarterly Team Meetings to encourage participation and feedback from Street Adopters. 5. The initial goal of PrayForNewark was to ensure that each street in Newark was adopted for daily prayer by at least one person. Goals will be updated yearly. 6. Street Adopters are asked to pray for their street for one year. They are encouraged to continue praying for their street(s) at the end of this period. 7. Street Adopters may be contacted to announce prayer meetings but not for political, commercial, or other secular purposes.

7 Guiding Principles of the Team How to Adopt Your City

America’s first ‘100% adopted city’

A tracking report was developed to monitor monthly progress by Neighborhood/Captain. How to Adopt Your City

We reached 100% on November 7, 2009 — during Harvest Evangelism’s International Conference in Honolulu! How to Adopt Your City

Historical precedent: the third Great Awakening Street Adoption and Prayer Evangelism began in NYC in the 1850’s

In New York in 1856-57, 2000 volunteers set up a citywide ‘systematic visitation’ program to care for the poor and needy. How to Adopt Your City

“Going my rounds in the performance of my duty one day, as I was walking along the streets, the idea was suggested to my mind that an hour of prayer, from twelve to one o’clock, would be beneficial to business men, who usually in great numbers take that hour for rest and refreshment.”

Jeremiah Lanphier’s ‘Noon-Prayer’ meetings quickly spread across the U.S. and brought more than 1 million people to Christ during the next 2 years. How to Adopt Your City

U.S. and global street adoption initiatives U.S. Street Adoption Initiatives City/Region

Status of Initiative

New York, NJ

Resurgence of prayerwalking initiatives under Pastor Roger McPhail—2000 to present; block adoption initiatives proposed in 4th quarter 2009

Newark, NJ

Launched initiative in 1st quarter 2008

Austin, TX

Launched initiative in 2nd quarter 2009

Ft. Myers/Lee County, FL

Launched initiative in 3rd quarter 2009

San Antonio

Launched initiative in 3rd quarter 2009

Torrence, CA

Launched initiative in 4th quarter 2009

Plainfield, NJ

Launched initiative in 4th quarter 2009

Philadelphia, PA

Launched initiative in 4th quarter 2009

Jacksonville, FL

Initiative proposed in 4th quarter 2009

International Street Adoption Initiatives City/Nation

Status of Initiative

Adrogue, Argentina

Every household prayer initiative was launched during the 1980’s.

Resistencia, Argentina

Launched initiative in 4th quarter 2007

Drakenstein, South Africa

Launched initiative in 1st quarter 2009


Launched initiative in 1st quarter 2010

Phuket, Thailand

Launched initiative in 1st quarter 2010

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Launched initiative in 1st quarter 2010

Brisbane/Redland/Sydney, AU

Launched initiative in 2nd quarter 2010

PrayForNewark is a coalition of Dominion Fellowship Ministries, World ImpactNewark, The Caring Network Volunteer Services, and transformational ministries throughout the Newark area. For further information contact us: Email: Website : © PrayForNewark 2010

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