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PRAYER TASK FORCE The Prayer Task Force primary focus is always to pray for the lost, needy and those who are seeking the Word of God. We are diligent to the task of praying for the needs of those domestically and globally. As we pray in one voice, one heart with one spirit then we can be focused upon the primary mission Jesus Christ. Sunday- Sacrifice let us pray that our mind will be focused on those who continually sacrifice their lives for the sake of others and the gospel. Monday- Remember- let us be reminded of those whom have been slaughtered. There are many who died never hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ during apartheid, Rwanda genocide, Ghana, chad, Somalia, Congo, Haiti and Uganda. Tuesday-Missionaries Let us be mindful of the missionaries who are serving in dangerous areas willing to go in spite of the risks. So many of us fear to go even into our communities but let us not forget those who are in areas where danger is a reality. Wednesday- Laborers Let us pray for laborers for the harvest. For there are so many even today who have not heard the gospel who are dying of disease, war and elements beyond. We need more laborers. Ask the Lord if this is your reasonable service. Thursday- Families of Missionaries- Let us pray and uplift the families of missionaries, ministers and teachers of the gospel that God will continue to guide, protect and provide for them. Friday- Medical Missionaries- Let us pray that God will provide the needed equipment, medicines, and assistance they need to provide medical care to those in need in war torn countries, and abroad that they may be enabled with the opportunity to share the Gospel Saturday- Missionaries Churches- Let us pray for more mission-focused churches.

MISSIONARIES ON THE BATTLEFIELD.... Cooke Ministries... Building the community for a better future An interdenominational outreach ministries working in the Athens community

This month focus is on community ministries that are impacting local communities in the surrounding tricounty areas. The following ministries work to challenge, encourage and motivate individuals to transform their lives. Cooke Ministries is working diligently to provide resources for the youth, women, and families. The program is designed to achieve excellence in well-being. The community center is focused on providing resources that will impact lives positively. However, we are attempting to reach the community to utilize the facilities, resources and programs that are available to the community. Cooke ministries is an interdenominational that resides in the heart of Athens, TN. The building was originally a church that served the small community in which it had began to deteriorate. However, the United Methodist Church stepped in to revive the building and has since then renovated the building upstairs and downstairs. The building has been re-fitted with dedicated outlets for our gospel night every Friday Night at 7:00pm. The center also has a feeding ministries that feeds the community free of charge every Monday and Fridays at noon. The center also host Spirit Alive Ministries that host community Vacation Bible School, GED and educational tutoring for the adults and youth alike. The center also provides family programs such as monthly puppet theater , Dinner and a Movie, Mentoring, College Prep and so much more. Cooke Ministries has been on the battlefield to serve the community and will continue to reach out and work with those whom are in need and others seeking assistance in various areas of their lives. For so many centers throughout the United States it has become difficult to capture the attention of the communities in which they serve. What I have realized is that we must begin to change the mind set of the community to have a desire to openly receive the blessings that have been poured into their communities. For others it is the lack of knowledge and understanding that prevents them from utilizing the community centers within their areas. Cooke Ministries has begun an aggressive outreach in partnership with several ministers, pastors and organizations in the area to inform them of the various resources available within the community. One Saturday each month is dedicated to individuals and volunteer-Aid-workers to walk the community door to door to inform residence of the available programs. The center is open to everyone Roy Rogers, Director of Cooke Ministries in Athens TN commented. We have a strong desire for the community. We are asking for the communities support in developing the center to meet the needs of the current community in Athens TN. For more information about Spirit Alive Ministries, Grace and Mercy and other programs please stop by Monday's Friday's and Saturday's at noon. The building is located at 714 Walter Street Athens, TN 37303

SPIRIT ALIVE MINISTRIES Our ministry is dedicated to providing resources, support services, mentoring and assistance to women from all backgrounds. Spirit Alive is dedicated to assisting women struggling with drug addiction, depression, abortion, suicide, emotional stress, homelessness, marital issues, abuse, prison prostitution and hopelessness. Our program is a biblically based program that works with others to help them gain their lives back through Jesus Christ.

NEED HELP? WE ARE HERE Every 3rd Saturday of each month we will be at Cooke Ministries in Athens, TN we will have free soup and bible study along with ministers available to assist individuals through Christ. For more information or to schedule an appointment on an alternative day please feel free to contact Minister Lila Robinson at 423-336-9940 or email us at Hours: 1st Saturday-Black Gospel Jubilee, 5:00pm- 8:00pm Light Refreshments, 2nd Saturday 12:00pm-2:00pm – Free Clothing Distribution,Medical Screening,Tutoring 3rd Saturday's Puppet Theater or Dinner and Movie (TBA each month)


~Kayla’s Corner for the Prayer Task Force~ Scripture: Philippians 4:13: I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.


doubt that needed a NIV translation. It’s simple…anything that you feel is impossible is ALWAYS possible for God. Today I struggle with temptation. Some of the kind you probably would detest me for, but it is my struggle. Temptation is the biggest struggle for Christians my age. There is so much going on out there, when you’re older and you’ve lived your life it’s only natural to calm down and try something new. Some people retire, some find God. Man, but when you’re young and you seek God; the battle is an uphill one, no holding back. There are the parties, the sex, the drugs, and the fun! Wow, nothing seems more enticing than when it is off limits. That guy looks a little sexier today, that shot of Remy is just one hand movement away. Everything is monumental, your friends are going to the best parties, someone finally figured out how to gate crash at an Alist only celebrity function. The internet porn is so easy to access just a few keystrokes and you’re there. Technology at your finger tips that you will give you access to the best secular music, movies, and anything else that can corrupt your mind. In her book, Messages to Young People, Ellen G. White says that “Satan leads people to think that because they have felt a rapture of feeling they are converted. But their experience does not change. Their actions are the same as before. Their lives show no good fruit. They pray often and long, and are constantly referring to the feelings they had at such and such a time. But they do not live the new life. They are deceived (White, 2002). This passage stands out to me most because once you give yourself over to Christ; there is an immediate expectation that life is going to change. You have to clutch on and hold tight, endure the hard times with a faith that stands the test of time. Things will not always work out the way you expect it but if it is God’s will there is no need to worry. In the meantime we need to have the full armor on and pray with a fervent, sincere heart. Pray for change, acceptance, and peace and pray for God’s plan to be revealed. Whether it’s temptation, sorrow, anger, a need to say thank you, pray. If you stay in constant communion with God then your mind, heart, and intentions will turn away from sin. Pray. Further in this issue is positive thinking. Many people think that sin is so easy to overcome but they never change the thoughts that lead them to this temptation. Don’t take for granted the power of “positive thinking” and prayer. Out of abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, therefore be mindful of your thoughts. So many times our generation falters because our minds are boggled with so much of what we see in the media and our thoughts toward is. Is it really cool to be in the club or in the church? At 27 years old I can honestly say that as an adult I have never stepped foot in the club but there aren’t times that I don’t wonder what all the hype is about. Trying to think positive in such a negative world can present its challenges but if you hold fast to God’s word and study it daily you can see a breakthrough, no doubt. I urge people to start thinking positive. Start changing everything negative into a positive. I recently got my car reposed and although I should be embarrassed to say it out loud, I’m not! Why? Because I saw a great blessing in that situation, but at first I was angry, bitter and resentful. My car was taken AFTER I made the payment the told me would bring my account current. Then the company had the nerve to tell me “yes, we made a mistake but it will cost you almost $3000 to get the car back because it is already in motion”. What?!? Oh yes, I had my fit but then I started thinking positively. My husband and I were burdened by that car not month after month. Every six months something would happen to that car and we’d spend hundreds or thousands to get it fixed. When we went to trade it in it wasn’t even worth it and we would have obtained an upside down loan. Meaning we would have paid more for a newer car owing much more than we would have if we would have just gotten a new loan. Now my point is, I cursed that car, I prayed for that car to be driven off the side of the road day after day. I was so mad at us for getting a van we

didn’t even like! God took that car from me to relieve me of my burdens, we got a good tax return and were able to buy a new car and we are looking for a second car. So when we only had one broken-down van now we will have two nice cars without a car payment. Extra money in our pocket every month and opportunities to do things we weren’t able to do before. Glory to God! When I changed my thinking and looked at this like a blessing and release from a burden that I had placed upon my daily it turned into such a great situation. My point? Positive thinking can take you a long way family, prayer and trust in God can feed your family, improve your financial situation, and give you happiness and peace you never thought possible. It can heal depression, repair marriages and help you find the freedom from sin that you have been searching for. Positive thinking is nothing more than an opportunity to hold fast to God’s word and truly believe with all your heart that things will be okay. In turn you will minister to others in a way that you never thought was possible. If your friend, neighbor, co-worker or family member is watching go through all the trials with the strength of God, in peace and true positivity how can they not want that for themselves. You can lead someone to God just by thinking positive because nothing but words of comfort and peace will come out of your mouth and then you can truly show the true Glory of God, which is all he is asking of us anyway. Give him the Glory family. Peace & Love, Kayla Reference: White, E. G. (2002). True Conversion. In E. G. White, Messages to Young People (pp. 71-74). Review & Herald.

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photography by: Tonya Renee ( CHANTE THOMAS-HOOD

An In- Depth Interview with Chante Thomas-Hood author of This young superstar is more than your average writer. She is an aggressive and talented business woman. A mother and wife. She has travailed against the odds and the status quo of life. Her gutsy attitude and charming personality has placed Chante Thomas-Hood on the top of the who's who in America. Anyone who talks to Mrs. Hood will find out very quickly that she is the picture of what God has intended us all to become. She lives a life dedicated to life more abundantly. She is a risk taker and confident in all her endeavors. For this young woman fear is not a part of her vocabulary. This savvy entrepreneur embraces every facet of life. Spirit Alive Magazine's Editor In Chief Lila Robinson had an opportunity to speak with Mrs. Thomas-Hood about her exciting book titled “Adalia� This is what Chante Thomas-Hood had to say

Spirit Alive: Why write this book? And why now? Hood- I wanted to get the message out there to women that they can also overcome the circumstances in their lives. As for as the story itself, I feel all ages will be able to identify with the character in this book. This is a very important story that deals with faith, courage and knowing that you (women) are not alone. Through our trials as the character depicts we will and can discover ourselves in the midst of the storm. Spirit Alive: Where do you draw your inspiration for writing? Hood: I have always loved writing. It has always been a talent of mine I use it to express my talent, feeling and experiences.. Spirit Alive: How does faith and the character collide with one another in this story? Hood- The character like so many of us struggles with her faith. She waivers in her walk as she seeks to challenge life. Many times, we as Christians believer we are doing the right thing. However, as life often reminds us relying upon our own decisions without God can be very dangerous. It is a reminder that we need to stop and ask God for guidance as we struggle to grow spiritually in our faith. In the story as she struggles she answers a questions we all have in the back of our

minds How do I keep my faith when life is going against us. Spirit Alive- What do you hope the readers will gain from reading your book titled “Adalia�? Hood- Definitely, hope and love. Faith is an important thing in life. Our circumstances will not improve without first pleasing God. We as people need to have some form of hope and a measure of faith to keep on going. I believe as long as someone has hope, their lives can and will change. The love relationships in this book is to help others heal from the brokenness of relationships and know that you can let your heart love again. Don't give up on other or on yourselves. Spirit Alive: What do you think makes your book unique? Or rather something women of all ages would find an interesting read. Hood: The book covers a collaboration of life events. It does not focus on only one situation, or relationship. It combines various facets of life that forms the character and shapes her as life does. Through her family, relationship and surrounding events. We could say life happens in this story as the character travels the long road, a journey to discover her life. The ups and down times when you can laugh, cry and trust in God's protection for your life. Spirit Alive; How long did it take this book to come into fruition? Hood: It took about 8-9 months of drafts, rewrites and finally the finished product. Spirit Alive: Many of our readers are going to ask this, So I will do it for them. Who is Chante Thomas-Hood Hood: I am a woman of God first and foremost. However, I am also a wife and mother to a handsome young man. I have been married for 4 years in July, 2011. Previously I attended school in Alabama where I obtained my degree in Business Marketing. I was in the air force in TX last stationed in Alabama. I had a blossoming career as a model. This help me to launch two small businesses a modeling and photography agency. Howver as far as my age I have experienced several different lifetimes. God has brought me so far. Even having a family. I feel like it has allowed me to grow into the woman I am now. The shut down came with the pregnancy this was another God moment. I made the choice to be home with my precious child. After the first years of his life I wanted to be there however, I wanted to use my talents as well. So I began to write. I have a wonderful life. My story is not over yet. I am an outdoor person. I don't feel like I am the stereotypical person of my age. I love to fish. I love being a role model. Spirit Alive; Can you share some inspiring words for our young women who may be reading this article? Hood: I would love to. I have several pearls for them to hold onto the first being Never, Never Give Up. Secondly, Do not stop believing in the good of others. Finally, but not least trust God.


FEATURED BOOK OF THE MONTH A venture throughout the battles of life, bring moments of triumph in this captivating story of faith, hope, and love. Adalia, a young woman who has found herself caught in a whirlwind of obstacles learns that through the trials and tribulations who and what her source is in the face of adversity. As her faith is shaken through endless encounters, she is uncertain of what the future holds. Chante Thomas-Hood brilliantly depicts the collision of life’s intricate lines of fate with the affliction of human nature. Adalia is at best a refreshing story that will inspire and show the amazing reward at the end of the journey. Chante Thomas-Hood was born in Plattsburgh, New York and raised in Niceville, Florida s a jewel to the literary world. She is a freelance writer, online editor, recognized member of the National Writers Association and blogger. Her passion for writing started in grade school after being honored by the Florida Legislature, for excellence achieved on Florida Writes. She has developed her love for writing over the years by publishing article content for Yahoo in addition to being an online ebook author. Her latest project is a compilation of poetry co-authored with her husband that will be released next year. Despite her interest as an author, she is a woman of God that draws inspiration from her loving and supporting family.

Get the Soundtrack : Adalia by songwriter/musicians Wayne Hall look for it soon on iTunes "Download it free by going to The book is scheduled to be released in March 2011. For more information about the author or information on how to get your copy Today feel free to contact Spirit Alive Network at


Excerpts from: “Adalia� by Chante Thomas-Hood. Order it today. You can also download the soundtrack on itunes Song written by Wayne Hall Introduction Sometimes it is not easy to see what is around you if something is too close to your face. After taking a step back one can realize what truly is important and what is not of importance. Being in love is something that used to be extremely relative to me until finding my soul mate and experiencing the birth of my daughter. My name is Adalia and at twenty seven years of age, I have known what it is like to be in an unhappy marriage, to be in a successful marriage, to have success, setbacks, and to experience God like never before. Throughout the years spent in my first marriage I suffered from severe emotional damage and abuse. Even though things were great from the beginning, our marriage quickly turned into endless turmoil. As the love that held us together quickly disappeared, it was like living life without oxygen. As I begin to look for answers with each new circumstance, I quickly turned to God and he ultimately led me to my soul mate. As I transitioned to my new life with my husband and renewing my walk with God, I began to discover what it meant to have faith, hope, and love. Throughout our journey together as a married couple there have been twists and turns along the way however this allowed for me to see life through spiritual eyes. My life with my soul mate has been fulfilling in every imaginable way and each new experience has led us to grow individually and together. As we have faced challenges and triumphs we have been able to use our story as a testimony to others that we have met along the way. My soul mate has not only helped me to reunite my passions and dreams, but has helped me achieve many successes. As I set out to achieve my personal goal of starting my marketing firm this ultimately opened doors to new heights and challenges. As both of our careers peaked, my husband and I quickly found ourselves in a whirlwind of setbacks. Our comfy life came to an abrupt halt forcing us to leave everything behind and dive into the unknown. In addition, I would soon find out that we would be expecting a daughter which presented new questions that there were no answers for. The feelings of frustration, anguish, and despair left me once again questioning God as my faith hung in the balance as we attempted to sort things out. Not knowing where our next meal was coming from or if there would be a roof over our heads, all contributed to my emotional decline and took me to a place I did not want to be. As I battled for my life throughout my pregnancy, the feelings of desolation soon set it on my husband. With several obstacles in front of us the blessings arrived in abundance, and through that I realized my story was meant to be heard.

EVERY MAN STANDING IN HIS PLACE THIS MONTH: SET THE CAPTIVES FREE Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your path straight.

Our ancestors marched the grounds and sacrificed their lives for the freedom of this generation. I have found in our homes and our churches we have become stagnate in continuing the progress that our ancestors began. We have not many any advancements towards education, entrepreneurship, spirituality and love towards one another. In the homes parents have lost control of their children who today, have no respect for the elders. In today's society the parents find entertainment in providing games, xbox, Wii and other activities to occupy their children rather than taking charge in developing their minds. All the while the parents zone out on cable television. Over 50% of men have vacated their homes and abandoned their children and the others are laying waste in a prison. As men I feel we need to return to the basics. We need to return , one thing our ancestors had was spirituality and love for one another. They took care of each other without shame or gossip but with love. It is time we take the challenge and return back to the church, return to God. If every man took the Word of God to heart as King David once had done. We could all become men after God's own heart. One thing our ancestors held dear was the words of Solomon “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths. (Proverbs 3:5,6). The other is something we as men should follow and pass down to our children. “Listen, my sons, to a father's instruction pay attention and gain understanding I give you sound learning, so do not forsake my teaching. When I was a boy in my father's house, still tender , and an only child of my mother he taught me and said Lay hold of my words with all your heart; keep my commands and you will live” (Proverbs 4:1-6)



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We march! We march! For our rights to be human! We march! We march! To save our children.. Yes we march all the day long to be treated as human. To be able to speak and hold close to our heart the declaration of independence. These words have disappeared from our current society. Many of our children have no clue about the history in which we have inherited. Many cannot call out the names of their ancestors. Unbutu.. Calling out the names to put ourselves in the flow of time, continually connected. Gone are the days when we were all called Auntie and Uncle. We have lost a piece of history that our children have no knowledge. We have failed to remember what was lost and what has been gained. We take for granted the opportunities that lay before us. We are slothful in seeking out our dreams because we have not remembered the sacrifice. Millions were beaten, hung, imprisoned and fought so that we may be considered human beings and not mere property. Our children are mindless to the ties that bind them. They cannot look into the eyes of the great speakers of old who spoke about dreams, equality, education. Many are unaware of what it took for us to be able to legally learn. Instead, we prowl the night with our pants hung low. What would our ancestors say to us today. Why! Have I laid down my life, suffered and lost that you may spend your days watching the wind blow and yet your lips cannot speak proper English. Our children today grumble about work, but they know nothing about hard labor that paved the way for them to be able to walk into a restaurant without fear. We must NEVER FORGET! What they have done. We must pass this heritage of strength, vision and hope unto them. We must remind them that Black History was for then and for Now that we may NEVER FORGET! Those who laid down their lives. Hundreds martyred and stood in our place that we may be able to push towards a life worth living. Never Forget to tell our children. Do not let the educators stop talking about it, let the parents never forget to share it. Do not let our elders pass without giving us the truth. Let us remember How we won the right to be human and through the strength of forgiveness we are able to be FREE. Unbuntu... Reconciliation! FREEDOM!


S. Sudan ministry, April 8-23, 2011 These are ministry, rather than vision trips. If your gifting is teaching (any grouping), evangelism, preaching, or service, among many others, we’ll arrange your ministry. Do you have skills in microeconomic development? We welcome medical personnel and can set up medical clinics according to your specialty and interests. Ask the Lord if this is the time, and this is your trip. The trip fee is $2,100 plus round-trip airfare to Entebbe, Uganda, visas, immunizations and outfitting. The Team minimum is 6 persons, and the cutoff date to join is January 4, 2011. See our website for details and application.

India ministry, July 16-29, 2011

This second partnership with an excellent Indian minister will focus upon ministry to youth, seminars for Christian workers and their wives and medical service, as personnel join our team. RMNI is jointly offering this trip with SIM (Serving in Mission) and Searchlight Global Ministries. The trip fee is $2,100 plus roundtrip airfare to Nagpur, India, visa, immunizations and outfitting. The Team minimum is 15 persons, and the cutoff date to join is June 11. Haiti ministry, 2011

Serving in Haiti after the quake. Fondesch Haiti has been working to re-establish the economic and educational infrastructure of Haiti.

Aunty Kim’s Kids Foundation-2011 Ghana, Africa Aunty Kim's Kids Foundation is now accepting application for 2011 Mission Trip to Ghana, Africa. The program is seeking carpenters, pastors, youth ministers, counselors, layperson, leaders, health care providers and teachers to help with building the orphanages in Ghana.

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For a contribution of $30.00 a month You will receive our monthly gift basket filled with (2)fragrant bath soaps, (1)bath gel (1)bath soap, (1)face cream (1)foot cream You can also make a one-time contribution to our mission program in any amount or in the amount above and receive our gift packages We also have African Clothing from Ghana, India and our Monthly African Attire Club... $35.00 per month.... you can receive a full outfit ‌.. One Size usually fits all. Special sizes also available... Gospel T-Shirts are also available for $10.00 per month. With so many ways to support missions and receive wonderful gifts you could spread the gospel Around the World. For more information on Cali Products you can contact us at

J udith Gayle-Wright Profile

God has sprinkled gems from His kingdom throughout the nations of the world, particularly in a small Island nestled in the Caribbean. Judith Gayle is one of those unmistakable treasure which was hewn out of Jamaica’s local secular music industry and a career in cabaret at some of Jamaica’s most exclusive resorts. At the peak of her secular music pursuits as back ground vocalist for Jamaican Artistes such as Richie Stephens, Lady Saw and Beres Hammond, and operating a flourishing business, God poured His amazing grace which she responded to by surrendering her life, its ambitions and its accomplishments. Like any diamond in the rough, Judith’s early years as a young Christian brought seemingly unbearable serving of loss, heartache, despair, fear, pain, struggle and suffering. Having been stripped of everything and isolated in misery, she experienced brokenness in God who taught her to smile again. Now the Two (2) time Marlin Award Nominee and winner of the Jamaica’s Mega Jamz award for best female artiste 2009 stands a secure woman, a shining beacon to thousands that have been inspired, challenged and changed by her testimony of God’s mercy, forgiveness, love and power and is currently pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Theology and Pastoral Studies. Her message of righteousness, uncompromising purity, resilient hope and unrelenting faith in God is evident in the many songs that have saved souls, revived worshippers and encouraged many, not only in Jamaica, but internationally, in Canada, the U.S.A., England, the Caribbean and various other countries. Judith has produced three anointed and versatile Gospel albums with each subsequent album being better with amazing songs, musical diversity and vocal dexterity. These divinely inspired albums: The Sun Shines Again and Broken to be Blessed, gave us those unforgettable songs: Anchor Holds, Jesus is Alive,

Emmanuel, Sun Will Shine Again, Upon this rock and Praise His name, on her latest project, Designed to Worship, as a testimony to a life completely and unashamedly dedicated to worshiping the ultimate lover, God. Judith’s passion for God is unquestionable, both on and off stage. To experience her in ministry is to come face to face with anointing, holy boldness, laughter and yes, those captivating Holy Ghost dance moves which makes her so unique. Indeed, she is a gem in the kingdom, a gift that shines like a beacon for many. Not only is she hilarious, intelligent and anointed, she is a remarkable songwriter, composer, ordained evangelist and astute business woman. Throughout the Gospel music industry Judith has teamed up with other artiste such as D.J Nicholas and graces Jamaica’s most recognized Gospel shows and events across the Island. Judith has shared stage with international artistes such as; Alvin Slaughter, Rev. Jackie McCullough,

Marilyn Hickey, Ron Kenoly, Bill Winston, Bishop Roderick R. Ceasar, Donnie McClurkin,

Cece Winans and many others. She continues to be a mentor and an example of integrity and character with one aim, to give God the glory in life and song. Be aware! Her worship is contagious!

BOOKINGS & DISTRIBUTION Locally: 876-470-5062, 441-4422 Internationally: 416-625-2625 or 905-846-0608 E-mail: Website:

SUPPORT MISSIONS By purchasing one of our monthly gift baskets filled with

handcrafted Bath and Body Products.. for a contribution of $20.00 a month you will receive a wonderful package filled with 3. handcrafted fragrant bath soap- the fragrance of the month (2) Bath Gel (1) Bath Lotions (1) face cream

For a contribution of $30.00 a month You will receive our monthly gift basket filled with (2)fragrant bath soaps, (1)bath gel (1)bath soap, (1)face cream (1)foot cream You can also make a one-time contribution to our mission program in any amount or in the amount above and receive our gift packages We also have African Clothing from Ghana, India and our Monthly African Attire Club... $35.00 per month.... you can receive a full outfit ‌.. One Size usually fits all. Special sizes also available... Gospel T-Shirts are also available for $10.00 per month. With so many ways to support missions and receive wonderful gifts you could spread the gospel Around the World. For more information on Cali Products you can contact us at

MISSION STUDY GUIDE STEPPING OUT ON FAITH One thing missionaries understand it is faith. So often we as missionaries are called out onto the field by a charge or command of God. Missionaries usually have no funds or support from their home churches, local organizations or other venues. It is by faith that they go. However, we as Christians need to really grab hold of that in our own lives. We need to understand that to walk in faith means there is no evidence of the circumstances coming to pass. It is a tricky thing with faith. Because there is no evidence of your dreams, no evidence of your calling except that which is in your heart. The smallest pebble of faith can accomplish great things. Jesus spoke about this when he stated if we had faith as small as a mustard seed. It doesn't take much faith to leap off into your dreams for serving God or reaching the goals that have been laid before you. As for the seasoned Believer we must walk the talk. We cannot collapse everytime something doesn't go our way. I am reminded of a story a missionary once shared with me. They were scheduled to be in a comfortable safe portion of the mission field in a remote area. Confident that God would not send them somewhere dangerous. As the evening approached they were met with a militia army that had surrounded them. They began firing their guns randomly into the air and into the village. It seemed this would never pass. As they laid their exposed, cold, tired one of the children began to sing an old hymnal “Precious Lord� suddenly, everyone lying on the ground began to sing along with the child. Each moment the song gain an octave. After what seemed a lifetime. A soldier approached, at the time I didn't realized he was the general. Of course, he picked me. He grabbed me by the shirt pulling me to my feet. Why are you all singing! You are going to die! The child once again answered with song. I sing because I am happy! How can you be happy? I am going to see Jesus soon, real soon. The general was so confused he ordered the militia to give the water and food and they left the village. This is unspeakable faith that we as believers should hold close to our heart. This young child of faith saved an entire village and foreign missionaries in the middle of a war zone. How Amazing Faith Can Be. Whenever, we feel like we are struggling with our faith remember all we need is just a little faith and God will do the rest.


The rainy season started as usual in Sindhi, one of the four provinces of Pakistan. Sindh is encircled by the Thar Desert, Kirthar Mountains and by the Arabian Sea and lies between two monsoons; one from the Indian Ocean, and the other from the Himalayan Mountains. The region’s scanty rainfall is rewarded by inundation of Indus River twice a year. Jason Kaiser is a Christian farmer living from generations peacefully amongst predominantly Muslim brethren. His village, called Begna is in Sindh’s Thatta district. Fatima, Jason’s wife is a very God fearing and a devout Christian and has imbibed that quality to their four children, all daughters, from the fourteen year old Zarine to the youngest, three year old Jasmine. They live in a mud and a brick house, which had been built sixty years back by Jason’s grandfather. As the temperatures often rise above 46 C in summer and fall below 2C in winter the house is built to weather both the extremes. The rains particularly on July 29, 2010, were so severe that it inundated most of the village and for the first time in his life, entered his house. The flow was so rapid that as they rushed out of the house, the water was upto knee level and when they reached the safe confines of the Government school it was shoulder high. Wet and shivering, they all sat huddled in a corner. Jason held Jasmine to his chest for warmth as he was

worried because her lips were turning blue from the extreme cold. He knew that the frail girl should have an immediate change of clothes for her to survive and he prayed hard the entire night for it. It was dawn when he opened his eyes and saw Fatima starring at him with concern. “I was praying for some dry clothes for Jasmine.” “Only a miracle can help us.” said Fatima and exclaimed, “What’s that bright light?” Looking out, Jason said, “It’s a Jeep.” A truck followed the Jeep, which stopped in front of the school, and out stepped a frail old woman. “It’s the Nun,” exclaimed Nazima, a school teacher who was sitting a little distance away, with awe. “It is Dr. Ruth, Mother Teresa of Pakistan,” whispered the headman of the village, as he suddenly recognized her and getting up, welcomed her. “I have brought some hot food, milk for the children and dry clothes,” said Ruth in her soft well modulated voice, “If you can send one after another, my team will distribute it as per their needs.” Ruth Pfau, born in Leipzig was barely seventeen when she risked her life to cross the border from East into West Germany. She walked two days and nights and was spotted by a Russian and a German soldier. She every time recollects that moment. “The German soldier told the Russian he would deposit me at the detention camp and walked with me a few paces ahead. Then pointing in one direction, he whispered, “There lies the West.” She became a doctor and joined the Daughters of Heart of Mary order, which was founded during the French revolution. She started her journey to work in India and enroute visa problems forced her to break her journey in Karachi. There she visited a lepers’ colony. The living conditions were dreadful with the sewage waters overflowing. The sewer rats feasted on the limbs of patients who were unable to feel the rat bites. Some were living in caves and crawling like animals. That was in 1960. Dr. Ruth Pfau’s makeshift clinic soon became a two storied hospital, the Marie Adelaide Leprosy Center, with branches all over Pakistan. Now 81 years old, and walking with a stick, she had spent nearly half a century caring for some of the country’s poorest and the most detested people. Well fed, wearing a blue printed beautiful frock Jasmine smiled and cuddled towards her father. “Now we only need a house to stay.” “We’ll pray for it,” said Fatima as she closed her eyes for prayer. The very next day Dr. Ruth came along with a convoy of trucks loaded with prefabricated houses. In no time the houses were unloaded, assembled and by evening the entire village was accommodated. Lying on a warm soft bed and starring at the plastic ceiling, Jason said to himself, “Now if we could only have some oilseeds and mustard to plant in our fields.” And after sometime, he took courage and whispered to himself, “I’ll pray for it.” The very next day Dr. Ruth came with oilseed and mustard. Never in his life, was Jason so stunned, that he took courage and walking upto Dr.Ruth, asked her, “Do you talk to God daily?” Dr.Ruth smiled. Seeing her smile, he said, “I prayed when we were in the school, wet and shivering, for dry clothes. I was

afraid that my Jasmine would die of cold if she does not have a change of clothes. The very next day you brought dry clothes and food. We wanted a house and the next day you built one. I prayed for oil seeds and mustard and you give that to me. Doctor Sahib, do you talk to God daily?” “I am in His service and am His servant,” replied Dr. Ruth softly with a slow smile which spread across her wrinkled face, “The Bible says, “Whatsoever you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.” Seeing Jasmine holding her father’s hand tightly, Dr. Ruth beckoned her. “What’s your name, child?" “Jasmine” “You have such beautiful hair.” Jasmine giggled, as Dr. Ruth ruffled her hair and patted her back. Bending down she kissed her and waving at everyone turned and walked away with a slight limp.

CSW launches campaign at Egypt Day of Prayer 31/01/2011 Christian Solidarity Worldwide launched its campaign for religious freedom for Egyptian Christians at a day of prayer held at St Mary’s Church in London on 29 January. The No Way Out campaign will run throughout 2011. The Egypt Day of Prayer took place as streets of towns and cities across Egypt were rocked by protests against the government of President Hosni Mubarak, who has been in power for 29 years. In his opening

remarks, Bishop Angaelos, head of the Coptic Church in the UK, reflected on the current political upheaval and urged prayer for every Egyptian citizen, including the protesters, the security forces, the army and the President. Bishop Angaelos also spoke about the resilience of the Egyptian Church, and prayed for Egyptian Christians to be able to practise their faith without persecution or marginalisation. Sectarian violence against Christians in Egypt has escalated in recent years, with 53 reported incidents since 2008. This year opened with the bombing of a Coptic church in Alexandria on New Year’s Eve, in which 23 people were killed and 80 were injured. In addition, Egypt is one of the few countries in the world which stipulates that a person’s religion must be indicated on their identity card, and no convert from Islam has ever been able to change their religious designation on their card. Christian converts face daily discrimination, including arbitrary arrest, loss of employment and marriage restrictions. The No Way Out campaign seeks to bring about proactive measures to prevent sectarian violence against Egyptian Christians, the right for Egyptians to change their religion on official records and protection for those who pursue this right, and the upholding of article 40 of the Egyptian constitution, ensuring that Christians enjoy “..equal public rights and duties without discrimination due to race, ethnic origin, language, religion or creed.” CSW will be publishing a groundbreaking report on sectarian violence in Egypt in the second quarter of 2011, which will be launched in the UK and EU parliaments. The campaign pack can be downloaded from . There is also a petition seeking 50,000 signatures and calling for the Egyptian government to address the root causes of sectarian violence. CSW’s Chief Executive Mervyn Thomas said, “The timing of the Egypt Day of Prayer was significant, coming at what is clearly a crucial time in the nation’s history. It was indeed a privilege to be able to stand and pray in solidarity with Egyptian Christians at this time. CSW is committed to continue to offer support, prayer and solidarity until Egyptian Christians receive and enjoy their full rights as citizens, and the nation’s religious minorities are able to practice their respective faiths without fear of discrimination or harassment.”

For further information or to arrange interviews please contact Kiri Kankhwende, Press Officer at Christian Solidarity Worldwide on +44 (0)20 8329 0045 / +44 (0) 78 2332 9663, email or visit CSW is the UK’s leading human rights advocacy organisation specialising in religious freedom, working on behalf of those persecuted for their Christian beliefs and promoting religious liberty for all. Notes to Editors: 1. Photographs of the Egypt Day of Prayer are available from the CSW Press Office. 2. For more information on CSW’s No Way Out campaign, visit:

First-ever biography of Burma’s dictator launched in European Parliament following human rights hearing 29/09/2010 Nirj Deva MEP, Conservative MEP forCHRISTIAN South-East England, will host the WORLDWIDE launch of the first-ever biography SOLIDARITY of Burma’s dictator Senior General Than Shwe, by CSW’s East Asia specialist Benedict Rogers, at the European Parliament on 30 September. Benedict Rogers will give evidence of the Burmese military regime’s crimes against humanity at a hearing on Burma by the European Parliament Sub-Committee on Human Rights ahead of the book launch. His book, Than Shwe: Unmasking Burma’s Tyrant, tells the story of one of the world’s most brutal dictators, and of the suffering of the people of Burma under his rule. Drawing on his own personal travels to Burma and its borders, and on interviews with Burmese defectors and international diplomats, Benedict Rogers explores the life of Than Shwe, his developing nuclear programme, links with North Korea, arms

sales from China, the new capital, Naypyidaw, his skills in psychological warfare and his belief in astrology, and the war crimes and crimes against humanity perpetrated by Than Shwe’s regime. Than Shwe: Unmasking Burma’s Tyrant is published by Silkworm Books and was first launched at the Foreign Correspondents Club in Bangkok on 1 July. The UK launch was hosted by the Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow at Speaker’s House in the Houses of Parliament on 14 July. Former Czech President Vaclav Havel wrote the foreword. Nirj Deva MEP, Vice-Chairman of the European Parliament’s Development Committee and a member of the Sub-Committee on Human Rights, said, “I am delighted to sponsor this book launch as an important opportunity to draw to the attention of the European Parliament, once again, the plight of the people of Burma suffering so much under Than Shwe’s brutal rule. Than Shwe is one of the worst dictators in the world, presiding over a regime that is perpetrating crimes against humanity. This book documents Than Shwe’s crimes vividly and powerfully, and is a valuable contribution to the case for a UN Commission of Inquiry to investigate Burma’s war crimes and crimes against humanity. The time for action on Burma is long overdue, and I hope by hosting this event I will help motivate others in the EU and beyond to support the people of Burma in their struggle to end impunity and win their freedom.” Benedict Rogers said, “I wrote this book in order once again to turn the spotlight on Than Shwe’s brutal regime in Burma and help the world understand the nature of this tyrant. I hope that in some way this will be a contribution towards galvanising international opinion for the establishment of a UN commission of inquiry to investigate the regime’s war crimes and crimes against humanity.”

For further information, to arrange interviews or to register interest in the press viewing, please contact Kiri Kankhwende, Press Officer at Christian Solidarity Worldwide on +44 (0)20 8329 0045 / +44 (0) 78 2332 9663, email or visit CSW is a human rights organisation which specialises in religious freedom, works on behalf of those persecuted for their Christian beliefs and promotes religious liberty for all. NOTES TO EDITORS 1. For further information about the book, please see

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