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S PIRI T A LI VE M I NI STRI ES What’s Inside: • • • • • • •

S P I RI T AL I V E N E W S ! Spirit Alive Ministries is glad to announce our official launch of Spirit Alive Magazine & affiliated ministries in the Spirit Alive Network. First of all the Spirit Alive Family would like to extend our deepest gratitude to those of you who have supported us this past year. Without our Lord, Jesus Christ and our faithful readers would not be able to make this possible

“Thank You! From the Spirit Alive Network Family” So we would just like to say again, Thank You!. Spirit Alive would like to announce the launch of a few of our ministries. These ministries are dedicated to Transforming Lives through the gospel and lending a hand to those in need. Our hope is that through the various ministries we will be able to provide education, housing, job training, community resources, counseling, and other services while spreading the Word of God and saving souls! So please stay tuned to the official launch of Spirit Alive coming January 2012!

JUS BEI NG REAL GOSPEL SHOW As you know the Jus Being Real Gospel show is a unique one! We love spreading the gospel through music and videos that shout from the

December 5, 2011

Spirit Alive News! Jus Being Real Gospel Show Arise! Sisters of Fire YourGirlPower! No Bounds Ministries Advertising with Spirit Alive Magazine!

Heavens that Jesus is Lord and our Savior! The Jus Being Real Gospel show provides the latest music, new Christian artists , and hosts a daily praise and worship segment. So stay tuned to listen to all the great music out there. It is important to praise God through song and sing of His great love. This show is hosted by Gary Robinson, author of the upcoming book, “Every Man Standing In His Place” and writer for the “Every Man Standing In His Place articles in Spirit Alive Magazine. Mr. Robinson focuses on helping creating men “After God’s Own Heart” so stay tuned, listen and get your groove on to praise and worship songs that will surely have you wanting to get up and dance like David danced!

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ARI SE! ARISE! For women is a brand new addition to the Spirit Alive Network. We will be official launching in January 2012. ARISE! For Women is a radio show that will air every Tuesday Evening on BlogTalk Radio at 9 pm EST. We will discuss topics with our host Lila Robinson that will help transform the lives of women all around. These topics will be relevant to today’s Business Christian Woman and will feature discussions on business networking, marketing, promoting and launching a business. For more information check out the website Seminars and workshops will be held by host Lila Robinson and various guests who are entrepreneurs, marketing gurus and motivational speakers. Stay Tuned and please subscribe to the BlogTalk Radio show.




Sisters of Fire is dedicated to young girls and women, by helping transform your lives! Join Sisters of Fire discussion groups on FaceBook, Check out the the SOF page on starting January 2, 2012 for events, workshops, and bible studies dedicated to transforming the way you think, the way you live, and the way you do your thang! Look for upcoming articles in Spirit Alive Magazine, shows on BlogTalk Radio and the the Sisters of Fire Blog! Walk with Christ always and everything will come to you is our motto! So make sure to look at the excited things coming up in 2012! You can see updates on or email for more information!

YOUR GIRL! POWER You want to know how you are so stagnate in your walk, why the blessings are not raining down, or why you are not achieving your best and living to your full potential. Find out how you can change this by checking out Your Girl! Power with Dawniel Winningham! Ms. Dawniel can show you how to get it while the getting is good. Check out her book series

called You Girl! Power, you can also find Girl! Power on FaceBook and Twitter so look for more updates in Spirit Alive Magazine and discover how we are Empowering Women to Power the World!

NO BOUNDS MI NISTRI ES Reverend Shirleen Johnson-Cook is the founder of No Bounds Outreach Ministries. She is a licensed and ordained Evangelist, and she has been "building congregations without walls" for the over 14 years. Her ministry has been a four-fold outreach ministry from its conception, because evangelism has always been her passion. Reverend Cook's mission statement says it all. She believes that no park is too far, no convalescent hospital is too hopeless, no shelter is too shameful, and that no prison, or rehab is without redemption. No Bounds Ministries is dedicated to helping those in need. How often do we reach out to the homeless and desloate? No Bounds Ministries has NO BOUNDS! Touching lives where no man or woman has ever gone before. Find out how you can help in 2012 by staying up to date with the No Bounds Ministries news. You can check us out at to find out how you can be a part of this dynamic ministry.

AD V E R T I S E I N S P I RI T AL I V E MAG AZI NE! You have a business, book or ministry you want to get known. Advertise with Spirit Alive, low rates and lots of social media hook up! We can help you get known and spread the gospel to the very ends of this world. Shed light in the darkness and bring life to your ministry! Contact Lila Robinson for more information. Email Mrs. Robinson at or by phone 423.336.9940 for pricing information! Merry Christmas to you from Spirit Alive Magazine and don’t forget to subscribe!

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December 2011 Newsletter

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