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Don’t Forget to put on the full armor Ephesians 6:10-17

A Note From Editor, For many of us missionary work doesn’t extend beyond what is comfortable for us. Most mission programs in churches and ministries only focus on the limited amount of duties in order to call themselves missionaries. They conduct regular meetings that resemble mock bible studies but never putting those studies into action. Other still collect a articles of clothing and non-perishable foods to be given to local food banks. Then there are other whom feel that visiting a few of the sick and shut-in covers there mission projects for the year. However, we must ask ourselves truthfully is this comparable to the Great Commission in which the bible calls His disciples. Are we truly sharing the gospel with the lost? Don’t think that these works of charities are worthless rather, ask yourselves is there more that we can do in our missionary endeavors. Here are some questions to ponder. • • • • • • • • • •

What is the Great Commission? Where should the work be performed? Are we doing what Jesus called us to do? Do we effectively get involved with Missionary work abroad? Have we set aside funds dedicated to the work of missions? Have we connected with a foundation to assist abroad? Can we do more domestically? Are we ministering to the needs of those in our communities? What is the purpose of our mission program? What would Jesus Say about our mission work?

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, Because He has anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor. He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, To set at liberty those who are oppressed, to preach the acceptable year of the Lord.”( Luke 4:18-19) One of my favorite scriptures in the bible was also my first sermon over 10 years ago. The reason it struck me is because of the word “but” Christ was speaking to the disciples when they ask Him a question. “Lord, will the You at this time restore the kingdom to Israel?” Christ kindly responded, “It is not for you to know the times or the season which the Father put in His own authority.” (But) here it comes. But You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem (at home), and in Judea (the community) and Samaria (abroad) and to the end of the earth (Worldwide). Acts 1:8

As Christian we must look at the work of missions as a whole. The Commission, purpose and locale of the mission work to be done by believers. We are His disciples and we must act and perform as Christ did. We must not grow weary but rather gain strength and boldness in the Word of God that we may reach the ends of the earth with the message and work of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Outpouring of the Spirit- Let us pray for a mighty outpouring of the Spirit to assist us in reaching the goals that God has set forth for the Body of Christ. We are called unto His purpose to do the Will of God. (Acts 2:1-4) Provision-Let us intercede on behalf of those whom are in need of provision that God would bless them with Divine provision in their time of need. Let us be mindful that there are many around the world that live on less than a dime a day. Yet in the midst they continue to praise God for His mighty intervention on their behalf. (Isa 58:7) Healing- Let us pray without ceasing for the eradication of Malaria. Every believers has knows that God can heal the real question is do you believe that God can use as instrument in the healing of those battling malaria and AIDS. Do you believe? (Jeremiah 17:14 , Isaiah 53:5) Becoming an Instrument for God- Let us pray that God will use our finances, gifts and talents for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Many of us live on more than we need other have more than they can handle and still some believe that God doesn’t have a plan for their lives. Seek God that His plan will be revealed to you for the purpose of the Kingdom of God. (Exodus 3:7-10) Fresh Water- Let us pray that God will restore health to the water supply throughout the regions of Africa, India and Haiti. Our Father, has control over the seas and we must seek God to heal the waters that they may drink. Many years ago a man named Elisha believed that God would heal the waters and still to this day the water remains purified. Let us be in one accord and pray for fresh water. (2Kings 2:19-22) Territory- Let us pray that God will expand the territory leading us to un-reached people groups throughout the nation. Assisting us with the gifts, talents and finances to go out and preach the gospel, feeding and healing those whom have not yet heard the gospel. (Hebrew 11:9) Serve- Let us pray for a servants hearts in all that we do for the Lord. As believers we should walk , love and serve in the Kingdom of God.). In this verse it states that

we as believers are required to walk in all His ways and to serve Your God with all your mind, heart and with your entire being. (Deut 10:10-15

This Week…. We are Traveling to Ghana………….. Off we Go!!! Mr. Sunshine and His Pal Mr. Suitcase are off again. This time they are traveling to Ghana, Africa to meet their friends at Amenoboag About Ghana: Ethnic Groups- Akan, Dagomba, Ashanti, Akwapim, Krobo, Ewe, and Ga Main Export :Cocoa Capital Accra Reverend Sunshine and Mr. Suitcase was met at the airport by Calvin The Monkey Calvin: It is so good to have u all here in Ghana. Rev. Sunshine: What will be doing today Calvin Calvin: Today we are going to the village to learn about dying fabric The women make designs in the cloth and sun bake them to create a design Rev Sunshine: WoW! That’s great Mr. Suitcase; Wait I must get a postcard to send to the girls and boys back home Rev Sunshine: That’s right we don’t want to forget to send them a postcard of our adventures Calvin: Mr. Suitcase what will you be doing with the kids Mr. Suitcase: Well I will be telling stories with the Gtories about Jesus Calvin: Great they will love that Next Week find out what Reverend Sunshine and Mr. Suitcase did in Ghana Coming Soon….. Meet Rev Sunshine and his pal Mr. Suitcase Contributors: Angela Griffith as Mr. Suitcase

Lila Robinson as Rev Sunshine

A godly man that follows Christ must take his place in his household. There are three positions a godly man must take. However, before we can even touch these principles we must uncover and define what is a godly man? • • •

A man who prays daily Seeks God alone for answers Reads God’s Word daily

If a man of God is consistent in doing these things everything else will fall into place. You don’t need a prayer cloth or seek some great evangelistic Houdini-just walk in the ways of God. Now that we have clarified what is a godly man we can move onto the the topic of this weeks headline. “The King, The Prophet and The Priest”. We are going to break down these principles of a godly man within his household as well as for his life. The King • Ruler of His house through Christ Whom is the Head and the King of Kings • Be A Follower of Jesus Christ • Love Your wife as Christ loves the Church (Ephesians 5:25,28-29) The Prophet • •

A man that seeks God through Prayer and Gods Word Speaks blessing over his family and those of his household

The Priest • Prays over his family • Tithes accordingly on behalf of his household • Worships daily These are some key principles to ponder as a man of God. This is a daily walk with the Lord that you must possess in order to keep harmony and be in accordance with God’s Holy Word. As a man thinketh so is He. I know God Will—Do we Believe He CAN.

Gary Robinson

I ran to the with tears in my eyes I shouted, I yelled, I screamed and I cried. My

were heavy and my path was not clear

I called to the

by doubted HE could hear.

I stumbled: I fell and laid my head by the I had no

and didn’t know why.

I brought my knees to my chest as the I felt sorrow, I felt

lapped at my feet.

and felt utter defeat.

Then a called to me and first I felt fear. He said, “child I told you I am always very near, Your doubt keeps you

and stunts your growing faith”

“You told me you would give me your to them in vain”

, But you hold on

“Now truly let go, let me heal your “Let me give your mind , it’s was my from the start Give me all of you as you have given this earth, and feel My


in your

At first I felt fear, then shame as He spoke to me Fear went away quickly as I gazed out at the Sea. I felt His presence and I could no longer hide.


He finally opened my eyes and in that moment

I had my

By the Composed and Written by Kayla Finley

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