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Jus Being Real Gospel Show was founded by Gary Robinson in 1996. His show the Jus Being Real Gospel Show was nominated for a GMA award in 1990. Since then, Mr. Robinson has produced his #1 CD Pray! Pray! Available at CD

Our Purpose The Purpose of the New Gospel Artist Network is to provide an outlet for upcoming new artist to feature their music and promote their work. The Jus Being Real Gospel Artist Network will give you (the new artist) a place to breath and develop your art. Our network of specialist will assist you in marketing, promotion, interviews, public relations and the creation and development of your musical gifts. We firmly believe in providing an outlet where New Artist such as yourself can receive top-notch promotion without the high cost. We desire to help you advance in your music career. WHY JOIN Are you TIRED of being REJECTED, PAYING TOO MUCH MONEY... Then this is the Network for you. We will get you everything you need in order to promote your musical gifts to the World

MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS One on One Interviews with Host Lila Robinson Music Production Videos for your Songs Marketing and Promotion on our Website Video E-Blast of Your New Hit Song Get Featured in Spirit Alive Magazine and Jus Being Real Gospel Magazine There's More Plus

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How did you get started in the music business? I got started in my local church. As a kid I was very active in my city as a band leader and arranger. I spent a lot time touring and traveling the east Coast with internationally acclaimed songwriter Becky White (Hosanna,Wilmington Chester mass choir) the Wright family(archive Gospel and Rodney Raines, whose platform allowed me to meet and eventually tour and travel with John P. Kee as his minister of music keyboard/organist and arranger. When did you know that you were called to minister in song? I’ve known a long time, but shied away from it because I had played for great singers and didn’t consider number myself among them. In 1996, I applied for my 1 st full time Minister of Music Job at New Light Missionary Baptist Church in Greensboro, NC. I was attending UNCG at the time and a lot of the great singers from New Light had migrated to another local ministry in the city. Understanding my dilemma, Rev. Brown reassured me that I had what it took to carry out the job and basically told me “ I was it”. (Contact Dr. Cardes Brown 336-362-3259 for a quote)

When did you launch your career? I officially launched my ministry as an artist July 19, 2010 However, now that I look back, I’ve been preparing for a career in music ministry as an artist all my life. Where is your hometown? Fayetteville,NC. Most people associate it with Fort Bragg and Pope Airforce Base, but it’s where I got my start. Many artists launch their career and after a while fade from the scene from discouragement. How do you keep from being discouraged? It is tough at times, and it can be overwhelming. I avoid discouragement by focusing on small tasks and documenting victories along the way. I’d like to take a quick moment to thank my wife, Shamra Kelly, my manager, Freda Hendley, and my Attorney, Reginald Eskridge. I’d also like to give a shout to Phillip Carter, Troy Sneed, and Jeremy Wright for helping me keep things in perspective. What artists have influenced you the most? As a singer -Donny Hathaway and Stevie Wonder. As a writer- James Taylor, Israel Houghton, and Musiq Soulchild, As a producer - Quincy Jones , David Foster and Tommy Simms and As a performer- R Kelly, Harvey Watkins, and John P. Kee. For young artists currently attempting to get into the business what advice would you have for them? Four things: 1.Learn the business. 2.Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready when opportunity knocks. 3. Have a coachable attitude. 4. Bloom where you’re planted. Let's talk about your faith. How do you stay focused on God ? I spend a lot of time listening to what God wants to say to me. (Not always asking for something.) I also make sure I’m plugged in at

my local church, Word of God Fellowship Church in Raleigh, NC. My pastor, Bishop Frank Summerfield presents the gospel at a doctoral level. Every week he challenges me in the word to be accountable as paid staff member as well as a husband and father.

How important is worship to God?Worship is important to God because He so desperately wants us to have a true encounter with Him. Romans 12:1 compels us to present out bodies as a living sacrifice as our reasonable service. The operative word here is service. God wants the world to know His love and compassion. In today’s society it is more common to serve ourselves than our fellow brother or sister. He changes us so we can change the world. All things considered, God doesn’t need our worship but we sure do need his presence. How important is worship to the Body of Christ? Worship is extremely important to the body of Christ. I always like to talk about what I call the 3R’s of corporate/congregational worship. If we as worship leaders/artists are to be effective in our presentation of the Gospel through music, we must make sure our time of ministry is Relevant, Relational, and Refreshing. I wish I had time to really expound on this, but if any of your readers want to get the full teaching just have them contact me. I would love to come present in a workshop setting. It’s an entire teaching on worship from a forthcoming book. How important is prayer in the life of a Christian Musician and Why? Prayer is important in the life of a musician because it gives us the opportunity to talk to God and spend time in his presence. For me, prayer time is a time of listening to God for clarity and direction. I am also intentional about praying for my spiritual leaders as well as for fellow musicians and singers. When I focus on what I think I need or don’t have, I tend to forget how grateful I should be for the blessings God has already given me- So, I am always careful to give thanks during my prayer time Can you tell us about your salvation experience with the Lord? Sure, I grew up Holiness, so you know pretty much everything was a sin. I came up in the way(Smiling)So as a kid I found myself in more than a few” prayer lines” I was saved at a young age, grew up in church playing various instruments, and was baptized at age 16. As I grew older, I really began to understand that Salvation has already been paid for and that it’s a gift that was freely given to me that can’t be taken away. Even today when I have dumb days and decide to take a side road, the father patiently awaits my return so he can again lavish me with his love.

As a musician how do you stay focused on your music? It’s very difficult during the writing and production phase because I’m such a people person. I must admit I start to crave musical and human interaction after being locked in a studio with the music. So what's next in your career? I look forward to the release of my debut solo record entitled Real Life…Real Worship. I’m taking acting and modeling classes and recently received some call backs from some auditions. We’ll see what happens. It is a very exciting time for me. What are your goals for the upcoming year? I’m currently pursuing a few instrument endorsements with Nord Pianos and Diversi Organs. Both of these products sound great and are superior instruments. I am having a blast creating my sound with them. I hope to release my project in the second half of 2011 Once the project (or single) is released I plan to tour extensively in the US and abroad.


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Answer Me! Lord.... Calling All Men Our Campaign... No MAN Left Behind.... EVERY MAN STANDING IN HIS PLACE Many times we as Christians don't think we are suppose to have hard times, bad luck or trials. The enemy is out to get us. He will come to attack you finances, household, employment anything he can use to bring you down to the muck. Sometimes in our lives it seems like nothing is going right. Isn't it the truth. For instance, when your light bill is more than your mortgage and they don't want to work with you on the payments and they are threating to turn off your lights. Then they have the nerve to increase the rates at the same time. Now talk about some hard times, bad luck and trials. So now what? What else could possibly happen? You go to work and the enemy attacks you in the image of your supervisor. Life just keep getting lower and lower. So what do we do as men, do we take the high road or the heavenly road? This is why we need to study to show ourselves approved unto the Lord. We need to have the scriptures in our heart. These can be scriptures of encouragement to help you get through. So many men do not really sit down and study the Word of God. This can be very dangerous to a man of God. We need to stand firm in the Word. However, if we do not study it how can we stand in the Storm. The bible says we will have troubles, but it also says that God will answer the prayer of a righteous man. However, the righteous man must be in prayer, studying and meditating on the Word in order to get out of Hard times, bad luck and trials. As men of God we need a new tactic, a new game plan. Learning to become humble is very difficult for us as men. Back in the day, I would get angry and be ready to fight. Today, when I get angry I am ready to get on the battlefield for my Lord. Whenever, I am going through that is when we as men should pray. A great example of this is King David, he knew how to pray against the enemy. His life is a great example for us as men to follow. Whenever, his enemies rose up against him David would call out to the Lord. Don't let me enemy put me to shame. (Psalms 31:1-2) and (Psalms 18:40). These are powerful scriptures in warfare.. We must know how to battle the enemy at the gates. We cannot take the high road. Understand that Hard Times, Bad Luck and Trials will come but if you are prepared and know that the enemy seeks your life then you will be able to fight and conquer him. “I have called upon You, For You will hear me, O God; Incline your ear to me and hear my prayer� (Psalms 17:6)


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Urban Gospel Puppet Productions URBAN PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP

About Us The Urban Performance Arts Workshop is located in Athen, TN and was created by Lila and Gary Robinson. Their goal is to inspire youth in disadvantage communities to express themselves in a positive, powerful and uplifting environment. What We Do The Urban Performance Arts Workshop provides artist venues such as modern litugal dance, stomp praise, youth jazz express, maritial arts from One Heart Dojo that inspires children to enhance their confidence. Puppet Show with Calvin, Dramatic Theatre Presentations and artistic design arts and more.

Where 714 Walter Street Athens, TN

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