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igniiting prayer for revival

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New plan unveiled by Celia Bowring

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healing ps officials Hollywood Prayer Network


Global Day of Prayer

. John Kilpatrick .

Cancer my wife, I kept my Tommy Barnett

. RT Kendall



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An official publicalion of the Prayer Farun af lhe Btiisn ls]es an.l lreland

Well, HopeO8 has got off to a great start, and is bound to set the nation

ln closing, lwould like to encourage you to pray for any

alight with prayer and works of service, demonstrating the great

Hope08 projects that you are aware of.

place the Church is in to really help and effect change at every level of

a huge positive outcome to the


Alongside all of the regular updates, this issue of Prayer

Let's all pray that there will be tremendous workthat is being done all over the nation. Blessings

magazine is taking a look at prayer further afield in Hollywood. The Hollywood Prayer Network has been running for quite some time now, providing a great prayer service and encouraging prayer meetings all over the area. We've also got a couple of great healing testimonies this issue, so there's a wealth of articles to help deepen your prayer life.


Prayer in the news

8 Teenager spreading Hope Prayers help young man make a difference in his home village 12 We


can be part of miracle

Tearfund's Peter Grant says act and pray for the poor


14 Praying for our schools

Reach for the stars

Celia Bowring urges everyone to be involved with a new plan

The group that's pray ng for Ho lywood

16 Stand united in prayer Gobal Day of Prayer 2008 18 We all have an influence June Freudenberg says we

should pray for our politicians

20 I kept faith after wife's death


Ir/inister Chris Drury tells how prayer and faith is his strength

Pray for revival

22The benefit of my miracle! Healing causes chaos for Benefits Office computer 27 RT Kendall answers your prayer questions 28 The Zone with Becky Williams 30 The ABC of prayer

How prayer worked n Brownsv lle rev val


Tommy Barnett

31 A life given over... Hymn writer Fanny Crosby

34 What prayer means to Donovan Coetzee

What prayer

means to me

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Apr June Prayer N/agazine 3

Group ls reachlng as'sin city', but cne nncver-nent believes that Hcllywl ll: acrcss the glcbe to pray fcr Tinseltcwn and the people who live thete u' It is often seen

AS THE GLARE of the media sPotlight focuses on Britney Spears, there is a movement that is praying for her and many other

beleaguered stars of Hollywood. While it's easy to criticise the world in which the famous move, the Hollywood Prayer Network believes differently.

As well as those celebrities who are constantly and wearily the focus of the media pack, such as Lindsay Lohan, the quieter stars are not neglected by the Hollywood

Prayer Network. For its members believe prayer can lead to a revival in Tinseltown. The group's mission statement is clear and bold: 'To encaurage and build a movenent of prayer through the international Church, in order to invite God to da a miraculous work in the global entertai nment industry...'

Dubbed 'sin city' and looked upon as a no-go zone for many Christians, members of the network believe they are in the world's most

influential mission f ield. Founding Director Karen Covell said, 'l'm excited to tell people about how God is moving in Hollywood today. We have seen an incredible growth of God planting the desire in people's hearts all over the country to pray for Hollywood, as the world's

their own prayers. They request that every Chr stian outside the

that the love o{ God will be revealed

entertainment ndustry prays for the salvation of non-Christians working

in the midst of fame, wealth and

within it

Prayer Network is a non-denominational Christian prayer ministry for the purpose of for the people, the projects and the Pow-

temptation. The group's mission statement

mately, we want to see a revival in

is clear and bold: 'To encourage and

Hollywood and we believe it must

build a movement of prayer through

begin with prayer

erful influence of the entertainment

the international Church, in order to invite God to do a miraculous work in the global entertainment industry, through touching the hearts of the Christians in media, the people who

wil only happen by facilitating a global


'We believe that by mobilising global prayer we can be a part of God's miraculous work of changing the spiritual climate of Hollywood, from the inside out.' The group prays for Christians Prayer N,4agazrne

know that they need more than just

A Hollywood Prayer Network spokesman said, 'The Hollywood

most influential mission field.'


in Hollywood, that God will protect them in their work place. But the biggest prayer is for Hollywood's non-Christian population,

do not yet know him and the audience around the world.' And the founders of the network

The spokesman added 'Ulti-

'We also believe this

prayer m nistry where Christians acknowledge Hollywood and pray for the people in the entertainment industry. 'Only prayer can lead the Chris-

tian entertainment community into

Apr June 2008 i

out for the stars rC is a perfect nnissicn field, and wants Christians frcm -;nder the spctlight of the rneCia prayer groups, corporations and grants from around the world. Pro{essional violinist and director of Hollywood Connect, N/ichele

The group asks

lor people to pray for stars such as Britney Spears, top, and

Lindsay Lohan,

Suh said it was vital to have Chris-


tians in the entertainment industry. She said 'We need Christians who see Hollywood as a place that is not beyond redemption.' Executive producer and writer Dean Batali added, 'People need

to stop looking at Hollywood saying that it's Sodom and Gomorrah because it simply is not.'

& ffi

ffi ffi ry

Actress Cassi Davis said the more famous she became, the more she wanted a relationship



with God 'At the age of 12 I wanted to be an actress. I formed a relationship with the Lord and the more I fell in

ove with Jesus the more I didn't want to be a star, but I wanted to

'Although many Christians believe that Hollywood is "Sodom and Gomorrah", I see it as a redeemable city, similar to Nineveh,'

be a light.

says Hollywood Prayer Network

Producer Howard Kazanjian said, 'We need more Christians a closer relationship with the Lord and into closer unity with one another. Only prayer can lead more

try and he will only do that if his fol-

non-Christians to commit their lives to Jesus. Only prayer can impact

ask Christians to pray for the people


She added that the network was a grassroots prayer ministry


network which estimates

that there are 5,000 Christians

lowers here will humble themselves

and pray. So HPN was created to in Hollywood.'

Hollywood was birthed in July

led by professionals in Hollywood, and wanted to impact the celebrity


culture through prayer.


Karen explained,'Although many Christians believe that Hollywood is "Sodom and Gomorrah", I see it as a redeemable city, similar to Nineveh.


b,elieve that God is the only

one to change the hearts of the people in the entertainment indus-

'Our goal is to invite God to iree the hearts and minds of media professionals by mobilising global


Iounding director Karen Covell, lelt

the industry. We do not necessarily make Christian films, but put Christians in Hollywood' The network is asking Christians

to support them where possible. One of the ways is by committing to pray for them on a daily or

weekly basis. Karen added, 'Your prayers are the most important gift you can give to us. The prayers are

what invite God to come into our mission field and heal our land and transform hearts.'

prayer for the entertainment indus-

try,' Karen added.

Hollywood Prayer Network


run completely on the prayers and donations of individuals, churches,

lf you would like to support the

network, or would like more details emai l : info@h 2008 Apr-June Prayer




Call tc save r'




clir-nate change Christians of all denominations united recently to pray for political leadership in protecting creation, An ecumenical service was

held at St lVatthew's Church in Westminster where Christians prayed that British and world leaders would act urgently to avert the

dangers posed by climate change to ll'e whole oI creation.

The service was one of a number of events held during the

National Campaign against Climate Change's rally and march. Ann Pettifor, Campaign Di-

rector of Operation Noah, said, DIY global repairs will no longer do. lndividuals cannot limit the

impacts of climate change on the flooded homes of people on the coasts of Bangladesh or the plains around Tewkesbury, or the burnt-out homes of people in California and Greece.

'We need to work together, in community, at an international

level and under government leadership. Britain needs to bring down emissions much further and faster than the Government so far intends.'

Persecuticn leads to a chain reaction A group of Christians tied themselves to railings in Northampton to draw attention to people persecuted for their beliefs. The group, from St N/lary's Church in Far Cotton, tied themselves to the church's railings as part of a worldwide weekend organised by Open Doors, a charity that supports persecuted Christians. They also set up a

tiny'prayer cage' outside the church to give people an idea of the appalling conditions Christians face in captivity Group member Liz Holdsworth said,

'These are people who are imprisoned, beaten and tortured for their faith and it is happening around the world N/any Chris-

bigger than 2m br' 2^ ,',. set up the prayer cage so people co,, .r ':3 rvhat it is like for them and say a pra,:'a. :''e same time.' N/ore than 30 co"-.' :s around the world

ca'. r act v ties to show persec-.::l Christians, solidarity with have recently taken

tians who are held in captiv ty are in cells no

Can Fabio's faith save Football? England football fans have often jokingly

strlct lifestyle and tough tra ning techntques,

turned to prayer in times of crisis. But prayer is no joke to new ltalian man-

could be the answer to Erg and's problems. The 61-year-old is certarnlv not afraid to

ager Fabio Capello A self-professed Christian, Capello unashamedly prays to God. He told an ltalian magazine, 'l am someone who prays twice a day, in the morning

speak his mind.

and evening, wherever I find myself

Controversial Capello known for his

He {amously told lta an reporters he was not ln favour' of abort ofl 3r1,'S because of his faith He also reckons h s 5e ief has helped him overcome pressurecl ir als in hrs suc-

cessful management career to date.

Prayers of repentance n Jersey i

A service has been held to pray for all those affected by the discoveries at a children's home in Jersey recently. Prayers of repentance were said at the church closest to Haut de la Garenne, the children's home in St lVartin where human remains believed to be of a child - were found.

The Rev Canon Dr Peter Wiiliams, who arranged the sei'vice at Gouray Church, said that prayers of 'corporate repentence' were extremely necessary.

The service was attended by Jersey's highest off icials, namely, the lsland's


Prayer lVagaz

ne Apr June 2008

First N/inister the Chief of Po ice and the O;een s represenlative. Canon Williams said, 'We need to repent all the time; there will be prayers that involve repentance, but no prayers that lay the finger of blame on this or that person. It will be corporate repentance.'

The congregation prayed, 'From murder, from sudden death and from dy-

ing unprepared, Good Lord, deliver us.' Canon Williams satd the service pointed people to a 'power beyond themselves', to a God who brings hope in 'desperate' circumstances

Trurnpet Call for bigger venuel N/embers of Nottingham Trumpet Call are ookrng for a new place to meet because they've outgrown the



The group started in 2003 tvtth around B0 people; now more than 100 people meet every month for intercession.

Leader Ruth Busse L said. 'We're

looking for a venue with a capacity of at least 250, plus classrooms, because we want to start a children's Trumpet Call too.'

Australian PM is man of faith Australia's new Prime [Vinister Kevin

Rudd is a committed Christian who prays to God and urges people to

become more like Jesus. The Labour Party chief says, 'The Gospel is both personal and social. And if it's social it therefore has a political dimension as well. It means that the Jesus who talks

about personal salvation is the same Jesus who said, "Did you feed the hungry? Did you clothe the

naked?" We as Christians within a political party are seeking to give

effect to that social dimension as well.'

Rudd also says it's time politicians 'spoke out' on faith issues.

'l've got a responsibility and others of faith within our political tradition have got a responsibility to start speaking out.'

ng space for new prayer podcast N/ aki

One in five people believe that ten minutes with God can change the world, according to a recent survey.

And as a result, the Guildford Boiler

tamu, will also be featured leading prayers.

'Prayer Spaces' podcast will be available to download from i-tunes and

Room, part of the 24-7 Prayer It/ovement, has

Pete Greig, lnternational Director of 24-7

produced 'Prayer Spaces', a free podcast

Prayer, said, 'We're developing the podcast to

containing an inspiring, relevant, ten-minute

help people make a little space for God each day. ln just ten minutes you can get the best

devotional designed to help busy people make space for God each day. The podcast will include a creative blend of scripture readings, reflective questioning, prayers, and music from artists such as lt/att

Redman and Tim Hughes.

The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sen-

contemporary music to help you worship, plus some ancient wisdom from the Bible. 'We all know we should pray more, but 24-7 Prayer Spaces can help you to do that in a way that's easy, enjoyable and relevant to real life.'

Prayer's the

N/emorial for

whole point,

murdered women

by Georgel

A memorial service has been held at St N/atthew's Church, lpswich, for five prostitutes who were killed

The future of Ir/iddlesbrough FC is in safe hands - skipper

in the town in 2006 Prayers for the women

- Gemma

Adams, Tania Nicol, Anneli Alderton, Paula Clennell and Annette Nicholls

- were led by Canon



Opening the service, he said, 'We gather to pray for them, their families, their friends, all whom they love and all who loved them.'

Walking around the world for unity An Australian youth worker is walking around the world in a pilgrimage

of prayer and Christian unity. Sam Clear,28, said, 'The Church is the body of Christ and the body

of Christ is broken. We must pray for unity, and approach unity with humility and reverence.'

George Boateng (left) has revealed that he prays to God

before training. The midfield ace says he is

sensitive to God's presence, and can easily communicate with God on his way to training

each morning.

Boateng, from Ghana, attends church with his wife most Sundays. 'lt wasn't until I was about 17 that I started to understand the teachings of the Bible. At this point I started go-

ing to church to learn more. l'm always aware of the Lord's


'l talk to him throughout the day, wherever I am. I have

no fear because the Lord with me.' 2008 Apr-June Prayer




On fire for Jesus after attending a leading Christian festiva te in his horne village Now his prayers have helped ignite a r- as

AT 14 YEARS OLD, John Lewis that knew something had to change. Having been 'fired uP' at London's Christian festival 'Soul in the City', he knew he wanted to make a difference in his home village of Dinas Powys, near Cardiff in South Wales.

The schoolboy, along with Pal Nathan Davies, didn't have the qualif ications or experience needed

to launch huge outreach projects, so he did the onlY thing he knew how: he prayed to God for divine intervention.

He would meet with his mates every Wednesday night, get on his knees and pray for God to move in the nearby communitY and for the

Hope in Cardifl, Valeand of il:"1:s9.9:j tnrngs to happen in south wales 'lgnite

the Valleys' one


churches in the area to become united.

A few years on, the lads are in awe at what God has done. They started by runnins 'word

and action' evangelism projects in Dinas Powys, based on the model

of 'Soul in the City'. lnitially it was tough, and churches were reluctant to get involved, but through constant prayer and efforts to build relationships with other churches, God began to move. Even though the praying group consisted only of teenagers, they were keen to convey the message that this kind of evangelism was for Christians of all ages.

ln August 2005, the first 'Soul in Dinas' event was held. A week of music events, barbecues, street cleaning, family fun days and sports events was backed by more than

100 volunteers from the area's churches.

John recalls, 'The best thing was people's reactions. People were shocked and we built up some

really good relationships through that. lt went so well first time so we thought - right, let's do it again.' John was 17 by the time the second eventwas held, but in2007 he and his pals felt that God was

biggest thlngs ever to happen

in Soutl- Wa

es We are seeing more

and more churches come on board from all kinds of denominations. We are also seeing yo.rri. groups join us, which is so p easing. lt's as if there's one big army ready to take the land for Jesus. John and the team aim to reach thousands with the Gospel throughout 2008 in Cardiff. ln tr/ay Christians in the UK will be undertaking a'million hours of

kindness' as part of the HopeO8 'high point Through lgnite Hope churches in South Wales will be providing 7,500 of these hours. John is praying for a great harvest of souls throughout 2008 He added, 'We want to bring hope to South Wales, get the young

people inspired and hopefully this

will trigger something oft for the young people to do more in their villages and towns.

'We're expecting big things, and we want to see souls saved in Wales. lt's our job to be the hands and feet of Jesus and to get out

God would use us to bring change, and that he would bring unity to his church. We then realised we couldn't just pray without acting, and starting planning a'Soul in the

there into the community. We are planning the whole thing and it's kind of our job to get everyone fired up. 'lt's certainly an experiencel lt's very chalienging, and is stretching

but in 2002 we felt God telling us

us as young people. But God is bigger than us, and we trust that he has called us to do this lt's a big

to lay down what we'd been do-

mission to us, but to him it's actually

ing. Shortly afterwards, we were approached to be a part of 'lgnite

quite small.'

which we ran in 2005 and 2006. 'We kept praying and praying

Hope', based in Cardiff. 'l now work fulltime on planning Prayer lvlagazine Apr-June 2008

of the

leading them in another direction. He told Prayer [t/agazine, 'We just prayed for our community, that

City' style event for Dinas Powys,


lgnite Hope for Cardiff. This is one

lgnite Hope Executive Director Gary Smilh told Prayer magazine that John and his pals had been a


teenager J hn Lewis was deterr-nined tc rnake a difference assive breakthrough in South Wales as part cf l-lopeO8

ales land of Our Father

real asset to the project's plans. He added, John's a man of God

and a good guy. When I met the young lads they were planning to

a more significant way than he did in the Welsh Revival then I believe younger people will lead the move

of God Part of our mandate is to

do a round-the-world trip, but ihey laid all that down to get involved in the most ridiculous, terrifying God

believe God to raise up the younger generation who will do radical exploits for him.'

adventure. Without them it would not happen.

nity to continue to back lgnite Hope

'But l'm not shocked when

Gary urged the prayer commu-

young people achieve things for

in prayer. 'Without prayer we'd be nowhere. l'd ask all Christians to

Jesus, We've been training guys Iike John for a long time. l'm de-

remember us before God. Prayer is right at the start of what we want.

lighted at the way they've stepped forward. Evan Roberts' team were all under 20. lf God moves again in

*Tofind out more about lgnite Hope, v is

it www. i g n

John Lewrs (left) is helping ignite the fire of Hope over Cardif f this year

'Prayer [riplets is a very

biblical thing, and is one of the best prayer res0urces ever used.' Jane Holloway explains more,


I h o pe

2008 Apr-June Prayer li,4agazine


Step up prayer for Hope HOPEO8 National Prayer Director Jane Holloway says prayer momentum has to be maintained throughout the rest of the year. And she has warned Christians not to'miss God' in the high levels of social action projects being carried out throughout the UK

Jane told Prayer magazine, 'Hope08 is going brilliantly. There are activities taking place in 1,400


geographical locations throughoutthe UK, which is truly remarkable.

'We're seeing communities transformed; the stories we're Jane Holloway (above) is urging

believers lo join the Prayer Tr plets scheme, where three Chrstians come together and seek God wlth

speciiic needs

getting back are great. We're gobsmacked at what God is doing throughout our nation. 'However, we shouldn't slack off

are now available from the Hope08 website, www,, or from

in prayer. We have to be carefulthat

the Hope08 office. She added, 'The Prayer Triplets scheme is running from N/arch to

what we're doing isn't simply good ideas. We must maintain the prayer momentum and not miss God. lt's Christians in Britain and the world keep praying for HopeO8. 'Unless we pray and seek God there is not going to be a change in the spiritual atmosphere of this nation. Prayer is still very much on the front page with regards to Hope08 lf anything, we are stepping up our

September, and we want thousands


'Prayer Triplets is a very biblical thing, and is one of the best prayer resources ever used. lt can

specific needs. Prayer Triplet cards


Prayer N,4agazine

Apr June 2008

We expect big resu ts

It4eanwhile, the Friday Focus initiative that Jane heads up at the

World Prayer Centre will continue to emphasise Hope08 The project

absolulely vital that the PraYing

Jane particularly urged believers to join the Prayer Triplets scheme, where three Christians come together and seek God with

ners for people lr,ho Con't yet know

Jesus. You can take your concerns for somebody rnto aetailed prayer.

of cards supporting this to go all over the country so people are in prayer for their friends.

be adopted by people in any kind of mission and can make us pray intentionally with our prayer part-

encourages Chr st ans to seek God for specific reqLres;s each Friday. Also coming !p are ten days of prayer before lVay s G obai Day of

Ca , scheduled

Prayer and Trumpet

for June 21.

Jane addeci \(lth the HopeO8 leaders attend ng Trrmpet Call, we will make a further prayer push for the final half of 2008 'We also have po ce prayer and parliament prayer coming up, so it's busy times ahead





l-. r =l::-tl


',,iiai,il--l t) I






i:.! i-l


orcE Tl


Easy-u -us@



Whatever else you plan to do for Hope08 make sure you take the Gospel to every home in your area at least twice during the year

0 D



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How we can all be Tearfund began in the late '60s with a challenge to a complacent church that felt that praying, without action, was enough When Tearfund launched its new vision in 2007, it was with a prayer initiative Peter Grant, Tearfund lnternational Directol explores how we can becor-ne people who both pray and act WHAT HAPPENS when we pray for Peace and justice in Darfur or Zimbabwe, or the

nificant. The amount we pray is a measure of our faith that God can change the world. lf we have the

lack of resources. Temptations of higher-paid alternative jobs often beckon, Such leaders need your

release of a political prisoner in China?

habit of praying regularly, even for

partnership in prayer. as you need

small periods, then this can make a huge difference. Prayer is the best


investment that we can make of our

poverty. The facts are perhaps too familiar: one billion people living on under a dollar a day; 30 000 chil-

Firstly, it makes a difference in the world. God has chosen to act through our prayers, to give us a genuine role in his work. This may

take time, but God has Promised that he will hear and answer our prayers. Secondly, it changes us. We need God's love to care about Extract from Peter Grant, 'Poor No lVore', IVlonarch Books,

t8.99, 97B-1-85424-840-4

poor people. We need God's Power to be effective. These come through spending time with him.

The case for praying Overcoming poverty is a battle. We face both spiritual forces and the

deeply entrenched political and economic structures of our socie-

ties, some of which are shaPed by human greed and selfishness. There are many situations where

people and things that we care passionately about, and when we know that needs are urgent. lf people are

to be freed from poverty, then we must devote time to prayer. Prayer allows us to express our passion, our anger and sorrow about the

needs of the world. lt is uniquely powerful because it depends totally on faith. lf God is not there, then it is a waste of time. Prayer is essential if our work is to survive eternally. All

signiticant movements of God have been born out of prayer.

prayer is the most important action

What should you pray for? Pray for Christians in both rich

that we can take. For changes in

and poor countries. Pray that rich

government, or for the conduct of court cases, there is often nothing that we can do physically to influence the outcome. But we can PraY. We are encouraged to PraY for leaders, so let us PraY

for justice and effective governments worldwide. All of us struggle to Pray, and yet we know that our time with God is verY sig-


time on earth. We tend to pray about

Prayer lvlagazine Apr-June 2008

Pray {or all people living


dren dying each day from causes directly related to poverty. How can

you make those numbers real


your heart and in your prayers? A good exercise is to pray for people like you, to imagine people of the

(As your knowledge and prayer for a given situation both grow, you will not only be better informed but will also sense more of the heart and the will of God to guide your prayers. t

Christians will have soft hearts when

they hear of all that is happening in the world. Pray for Christians in the front line of the battle against global poverty. Working for Tearfund brings me into contact with numerous heroic men and women of God all around the world who

are serving poor people, often in very difficult circumstances. [t/any church leaders in poor countries have to struggle against inertia and

same sex, age and family position, but with no power, resources or education. Their desires are probably very similar to your own. For most, their opportunities are not. Think about some of the extreme events they face, and also the daily routine of

struggling to earn a living while dealing with corrupt local officials

art of a mlracle

and landlords. lmagine what it is ike not to have money to buy essentral medicine for your children. Turn those feelings into prayer for people in your priority countries. Pray for elections and for leaders; pray for economic growth; pray for

food security and good harvests, pray against corruption and conflict Pray for God's kingdom to grow on earth; for his justice and his peace. Pray for the church to fulfil its God-given role; for godly Christian leaders in the church and in society Pray for the political prisoners to whom you are writing;

for the authorities of the countries to which you are committed.

As your knowledge and prayer for a given situation both grow, you will not only be better informed but

will also sense more of the heart and the will of God to guide your prayers. Pray for peace, There is a strong


nk between conflict and poverty.

and ask for specific things Keep

As well as the direct effects of war.

in touch with the news to check for


answers, What about letting the


ts investment and dam-

ages the economy. With conflict come human rights abuses Christians have a special ministry as peacemakers, and peace is vital

Bible inform your prayer time? Wait

human rights.

on God and ask him to guide you about what he wants you to pray for. As you read newspapers or watch TV, you can make these a gateway to prayer. You can voice

How to pray

to what you see, hear and think,

How do we move from a situation of not praying to one of praying? lf you are good at research, then find

as well as waiting for more formal prayer times. You can choose at

to achieving poverty reduction and

an immediate prayer as a response

out more about your countries and start to pray regularly on the basis of this information. Ask for a prayer guide f rom your chosen organisation(s) and start to use it daily or weekly Pick out the prayer points from magazines and add them to your prayer list. Have a specific slot to pray for poverty

reduction and justice in your daily prayer time. Keep a prayer diary

least one article to pray for each time you read a newspaper. Email

Pray for the people 1 ving in poverty, such as

these refugees in Darfur. PictLrre. Getly


is a fantastic facilitator for prayer. lf

you can get in contact with people on the front line, then you can pray in real time for their needs in a way

that was impossible for previous generations. Nrlany missionaries have set up restricted groups for people willing to pray for specific situations. Offer yourself to take part in such work.


Apr June Prayer lilagazine 13

A brilliant new cpportunity fcr readers tc get invclved in prayirrg fc

ffiffiu h dfrftfr

ourselves to

OUR AMERICAN FRIENDS are alwaYs quite surprised when we tell them that in the UK Christians have many opportunities to be

invovled in local schools. They're even more surprised to

know there is still a legal requirement for'mainly Christian' religious education and school assemblies. The freedom in many of our schools to pray, study the Bible, organise fellowship groups and

Christian Union weekends away, and hold evangelistic events deeply

impresses our American cousins because the divide between Church and State in the USA makes it very difficult to have much Chris-

tian influence at all in their public

'0ne inner-city secondary school had a serious financial crisis, facing a debt of

schools. The truth is that up untilthe 20th century, most British schools were established and run by Christian churches and charities. From the Ii/iddle Ages onwards, particularly through the Victorian period when evangelicals devoted themselves to reforming society and helPing

assemblies, teach RE, helpwith the Sex and Relationships Education

prayer gr0up

the poor, education was firmly

events, and much more besides.

members were informed about this by a Christian

Christian. Even though over the last three or four decades things

Parents and other individuals can serve as governors, support

prayer and a concern about the young people in our nationl The Schools Prayer Network (SPN) has at its core that vision for 'every school to be a prayedfor school'. SPN was founded by

teacher and

have changed, we still have great

the parent/teacher association, and

It/ichael Philip, a peripatetic music

opportunities to influence what

even help in the classroom. lt/ost

teacher in Glasgow. One school

happens in our schools. N/ost of us have some link with a local school, and we all care about the future of

importantly, they can pray!

where heworked was experiencing serious vandalism, but when children in the Christian Union prayed



they got on their knees. A term later, the shortfall had turned into a


our children. Each week children spend 35 hours in one of 28,000 educational establishments. Christians today have an open

door o{ opportunity to be involved both practically and prayerfully. Local clergy, youth workers and others are often welcomed to lead


Prayer l\,4agazine Apr-June 2008

curriculum, run groups, organise

We don't know how many prayer groups are attached to our schools, but wouldn't it be fantastic if every school became a 'prayedfor school'?

lmagine if hundreds of thousands of individual Christians and

their churches became involved, drawing in staff members, parents, pupils and others with a heart for

about it with him, the problems stopped almost straight away.

Ii/ichael believed that if this could work in one school, then why not with others across the city? As a network of prayer groups grew and eventually grew too large for him to manage Ii/ichael asked




for every school in the country, intr duced by Celia Bowring

ptry for schoo S But you can start to pray for a school straight away, however few you are - at home, on the school ing. Then, as God draws together

openness to your praying for them comes out of having a good rela-

others with a heart for prayer for the

tionship with them, and the bold-

school, a regular time and date can be established The leader will be responsible for organising things if possible, letting the headteacher know about the group and asking for items for prayer. As the group grows others may want to pray for

ness to say, "As Christians we

premises, or in a local church build-

neighbouring schools, too. One inner-city secondary school had a serious financial crisis, facing

a debt of t200 000. The prayer group members were informed about this by a Christian teacher and they got on their knees. A term later the news came back that the local authority had agreed to help,

the bursar had done some skilful budgeting and the shortfall had turned into a surplus. CARE to take it on and spread the vision across the UK. Today almost

2,000 schools are registered.


Scotland, Scripture Union oversees the work. Even if they feel daunted at first,

people soon discover that starting a prayer group is not too difficult and there is help available to keep going. By registering with SPN you receive a newsletter each term and

can link up with others praying for their schools. lf someone asks if a particular school is being prayed for and SPN has a group registered for that school, the regional co-ordinator can put them in touch. lf not, they

are encouraged to start something


He said, 'We pray for staff and

pupils and to support Christians within the schools. A school's

believe prayer is important. Would you like us to pray for you?"

'We've been able actually to go into the staffroom to pray when there's been a tragedy in the life of the school, or pray over the children

during an assembly.

'And prayers are answeredl We've had comments like, "l don't know what happened, but we appointed just the right person to that

post" or "l had peace when you prayed for my wife's illness".'

Perhaps the idea of being a channel of blessing through prayer interests you, and is making you wonder whether God is calling you to be involved.

Another school saw its GCSE

What a difference it would make

exam results improve by 20o/" during the five years a group of teachers were praying about it.

if every school was a prayed-for school, with Christians faithfully asking God to transform the lives of troubled children, strengthen

Groups intercede for individual

families, special events, OFSTED

and encourage teachers and pour out his grace and blessing on the

inspections, interviews and new appointments, security and discipline

activities, relationships and events month by month, year by year!

issues, finances, and education in in fact, anything that af-

fects their schools, They regu arly

It's a wonderful prospect, but we need thousands of Christians in communities all over the UK to

see answers to prayer. David Barker is Assistant Pas-

catch the vision and make it happen. [Vaybe God is challenging

tor of Cheriton Baptist Church in Kent and part of a Churches To-


needs among staff and school


gether Schools Team involved in

*For more information, visit

17 schools and reaching over 7,000 people each year,

call CAREon 0207227 4737.

sch ool s p raye rnetwo rk. o rg. u k


Above: Celia Bowring,

from CARE and the Schools Prayer Network


2008 Apr-June Prayer lr/agazine 15

Excitement is mounting for 200t SEVERALYEARS AGO, Jonathan Oloyede, a con-


vert from lslam, had a number of vivid visions of revival,

NEW LfYEnounr,Ec.rl

renewal and transformation coming to the UK. These included graphic

on Pentecost Sunday at West


pictures of Christians praying together in groups of fives,

Ham Football Club Despite a wet afternoon, nothing could dampen the spirits of the huge



o*?cr,El*C.rnns TI{E KING toaac8 oI'}RA-s*)

fifties, five hundreds and five thousands. Over each grouP

was a light bulb or flame of fire, connected to the next light by some form of cord. As they prayed the Lord's Prayer,

a wave of light and healing

Christians from across greater

began to spread across the nation. Jonathan also saw a vision of a new Wembley Stadium, filled to capacitywith

London and the UK will gather

ing together. The result of these visions was a commitment to prayer for every day of 2007. Throughout the year, hun-



n Practical experience with over 20 churches in local outreach programmes!

'Reach the City'29th June - 6th July is a joint initiative of OAC Ministries (Open Air Compoigners) & OM Lifehope

Tel: 019l 268 4320 Email: 16

Prayer lvlagazine Apr-June 2008


blies of God Elim Pentecostal,

lcthus, the IVethodist Church, the Salvation Army, the Evan-

Christian Victory Group, Glory

Global Day of Prayer move-

House, London Churches Group for Social Action, the World Prayer Centre - and many other regional net-

ment, which began in 2001 in South Africa and involved 200 million people in2OO7.

London is now acting as


the catalyst for a national

Jonathan Oloyede has

intercessory chain, National Canopy of Prayer, which has continued from 2007 to 2008 as a large circle of churches

written to church leaders with

and networks united to prayfor

people to do the same,

their villages, towns, cities and

'N/any private altars are dusty, dry and desolate,' he writes. 'But God is calling all

Birmingham and ftrlanchester, among others.


The event has wide support

from many London churches, tr/Ps and networks, including the Anglican Church, Assem-

this vision with the international

day. Church leaders were unit-

the nation. Areas taking part include Oxford, Cambridge, For registration details contact Norman Moderate:

nation and the world.

ed across London to connect

wilh 2417 prayer every single


Evangelism training

to intercede for the Capital, the

gelical Alliance, Deeper Life Denomination, ACEA, 2417 UK CARE Church of God of Prophecy, the Bible Society, Tearfund, CIC lnternational,

dreds o{ churches engaged

An exciting opportunity for you to participate in a Multi-national team of over 100 led by experienced evangelists.

" Team


This Pentecost Sunday, N/ay 1.1, from 2pm to 6pm, it is anticipated that 30 000

Christians from all cultures and creeds worshipping and pray-


crowd as they worshipped and

London Global Day of Prayer events have developed

greatly over the years. ln 2006,

a'call to prayer', urging them to intensify their prayer lives, and then to inspire and teach God's

men and women, boys and girls to pray; forwhole families, husbands and wives, sons and

daughters, aunts and uncles, fathers and mothers, brothers

over 1,000 people gathered at Westminster. Last year,

and sisters, to join hands

20,000 people came together

to gather in offices, ware-


prayer everywhere. For people


JB's Global Day of Prayer London, writes N/erisa N/aclnnes

Let's stand united n prayer this Pentecost i

houses, pubs, schools, colleges, courtrooms, banks, street corners, restaurants, shops, parks, hotels,

urged to become the answers to their own prayers, and the Church will be sent out from N,4illwallwith a

homes, houses, apartments and

sense of mission and hope.

community centres - everyone.' At lt/illwall Stadium on tt/ay

Worship will be led by the All 11,

Souls Orchestra, Graham Kendrick,

there will be a clarion call to repent-

the Psalm Drummers and Dance Team, Noel Robinson, Dave Bil-

ance and intercession for our nation and world. Prayers will be facilitated

and led by a huge variety of church and national leaders, There will be prayers for child traf{icking, those

caught in the sex trade, for knife and gun crime, for countries around

the world in crisis, church unity, young people, and for the lonely and depressed. Christians will be

borough, Godfrey Birtill, Geraldine Latty, tt/uyiwa, Greenjade, along with a mass children's choir and a choir of 1,000 voices, Church and community leaders in Southwark are excited that tt/ill-

Jesus, said, 'We are excited to be

Above: Thousands packed out West

hosting the GDOP in 2008 and anticipate the very real change it will make. The tr/illwall supporters' chant is "Everybody hates us, we don't care". On It/ay 11, we believe

Ham's Upton Park Stadium at last year's Global Day of Prayer Pic OAndy Colthart

your prayers will put some real care

back into our community.' The vision of GDOP London is

to continue this journey of prayer and unity for mission with ongoing For tickets for

prayer throughout 2008 and into

2009, when it is hoped that the next event will be in a no(h London

wall Stadium is the venue for 2008's

stadium. ln 2010 we aim to see over

Global Day of Prayer London Phil Stokes, Chair of Southwark for

60 000 Christians at Wembley stadium as the entire nation prays! 2008

this year's GD0P London, to be held l/ay 1l,2 6pm, at Millwall Stadium, on

visit gdoplondon com, or call

08456 528500

Apr June Prayer l\,4agazine



Christians r-nust understand that we can have a r-najor influe

It's tlme to act and by prayer than this world dreams o{. lt is through prayer that we, as Christians, can reach into the Palace of Westminster and have a greater influence than we can

Spirit to presence himself in Westminster that he may influence day's


business. The king's heart is in the hand


the power, the position' and 'lt is impossible to find an honest politi-


he turns it wherever he wishes'

cian' are likely replies

word and to speak critically or negatively is destructive. To take

THE QUESTION 'What do you think of the politicans of today?' will, more often than not, bring negative responses. 'They are only in it for the money,

Seldom is there a positive or sympathetic thought for the politician and the challenges they face

in their personal and family life

'Godly members of both houses do

to pray? When it comes to laws that do

N/eanwhile, the media makes us very much aware of the faults and failings of any politician,

more aware that laws that once reflected Godly standards are being eroded. Belatedly we have become more concerned about the laws that have been passed or are under

tempting to pray only for the law to be changed. or not to be passed at all This leaves the situation that



Yet the Houses of Parliament have had a worldwide influence.

The Palace of Westminster houses the debating chambers of the House of Commons and the

par liame ntary

House of Lords and may seem far beyond the influence of most citizens, yet, through prayer, it is Possible to have a powerful influence on politicians and, through them, the Government of the nation. It was Alfred, Lord Tennyson, who said, 'N/ore things are wrought

As Christians, we have become

Previously, we have been guilty

of doing nothing or of failing to pray for our parliament and our politicians

Before praying for our politicians, should we not come to the Lord in repentance that we have


prompted the proposed change For example the Abortion Law of 1967 brought a great outcry and many did pray that it would not be passed.

What would have happened if we had also prayed that the spiritual eyes and ears of the politicians had

been opened to see and under-

ness of our need to pray, [rut has

would bring?

you live. Pray for them according to 1 Timothy 21- 2 fry to imagine what

Prayer l\rlagazine Apr-June 2008

not reflect a godly standard, it

failed to be obedient to his word? Today there is a greater awarerepentance been missing? How should we pray? Begin by praying for the politician that represents the constituency in which


(Prov 21:1) lt is also true that 'we have not. because we do not ask'. Have we been guilty of asking God why some ungodly laws have been passed, yet forgotten or overlooked that we have failed

move on our behalf.

have a voice, and


our anxieties, concerns and desires to the Lord in prayer is constructive and opens the door for the Lord to

of the Lord, like the rivers of water:

while fulfilling a demanding public role on behalf of their constituents.

they do have an nfluence,'says June Freudenberg representative for the Elim Prayer

There is power in the spoken


stand the full result that such a law Perhaps what is beginning to be

understood today through experience as a result of the passing of


the Abortion Law would have been


real sed much earlier. The UK has the highest percentage of teenage pregnancies and the greatest per-

pressures you would experience if you were an N/P. Take a walk in their shoes, so to speak, then you will pray with greater understanding. Pray similarly for the Prime

centage of abortions in Europe. What political party should we pray for? Let us remember that God is not a party member. Testimonies

N/inister Pray for the parliamentary business of the day Ask the Holy

various parties of how God called them to be an IVP, Truly it is 'in the

have been given by members of

nce on the leaders of this nation says June Freudenberg

ptry for po lltlclans multitude of counseliors that there is safety' (Proverbs 11 14)






,'":*i.:l -,rrnl i

Within Westminster, there are a number of Christian groups that meet regularly for fellowship These groups have representatives from different political parties and meet in {ellowship as members of the body of Christ - while their parties oppose each other in the Housel The godly members of both


houses do have a voice, and they do have an influence. Let us pray for them that God will open a way for their influence to be more pow-

erful lt is through them that God can speak into the affairs of this nation.

Praying for government leaders as Paul instructed Timothy is vital. Someone once said, 'We get the government we pray forl' This should challenge us to pray more fervently and consistently, not just when we consider there is a special situation. But prayer alone is not enoughl Prayer never stands alone. David would never have overcome Goliath by prayer alone. David had devel-




oped a lifestyle of prayerful relationship wilh God When tre occasion arose, he was ready to act.

There are times to pray and there are times to act. As we develop our personal and corporate prayer relationship with God, we, too, can have an impact on the situations around us that will be beyond

our natural ability.

A courteous letter to your


changed when the will of the people has been evident. Standing firm for

what one believes in has already

and there will be more. Now is the time to pray and to act. The saying 'Eviltriumphs when good people do

will not pass unnoticed. Public

had a positive impact.

nothing' is well known. lt is equally

non-violent demonstrations will not

Challenges to religious liberty have already been experienced

true that religious liberty will be lost

be overlooked. Laws have been

Christians must pray and get

involved rf we are to have a powerful influence on our politicans

if we Christians do nothing.


Apr June Prayer ltlagazine


His wife died of cancer six rnonths ago, but Chris Drury is deterrnined to fight on The brave dad is now raising the couple's four children alcne, as well as helping to lead his local church The remarkable father has put prayer and trust in God at the centre of his life

We cried together, then we all prayed MANY PEOPLE WOULD struggle to put trust in God when they discover they have cancer. But Chris and Linda DrurY didn't neglect God... instead, they turned

prayed. Our church prayed and fasted and we had one week to

to him in prayer.

decide.' After a week of thought, prayer and contemplation, the couPle said

Until that moment, the couPle could not have been haPPier. With three children and another on the way, the childhood sweethearts were enjoying life.

But the words of a doctor were about to rock their lives, Linda Drury (below) who was prayed lor around lhe world.

we had to choose between Linda's life and the baby's life. 'We went home, shocked. We


what was the start of five Years of emotional heartache, love, joY and tragedy. Chris and his pregnantwifewere left with an impossible choice.

they couldn't make the decision. 'We told God that we weren't in a place to make a decision like

ing him to give up his 1ob and enter full-time church mintstry. He joined Fulwood Free lVethodist Church in Preston in JanuarY 2005, becoming responsible for evangelism in the communitY. He said, 'lt was a new challenge.

Things were looking more positive. They cut the cancer out and at that point the prognosis was that Linda could be completely clear. We lived

that,' said Chris.

'We said we would leave the medical decisions to the doctors and we would make our decisions

could come back'

by faith. We went back a week later

and the doctors said things had changed. They told us that theY could now operate and do chemo during the pregnancy - we were

lump some months earlier but was told not to worry because she was

ln a rare turn of events, Linda gave birth to a perfectly healthy boy

so young.

in the midst of undergoing aggres-

never asked to choose.'

sive chemotherapy.

but always with that shadow that it Such was the faith of the DrurYs,

they even planned an interview with a local newspaper, telling of how they had coped with Linda's torrid time.

Things were also going well in the local church, with members of the community converting to Christ and joining the fellowship on a

monthly basis But in the midst of this spiritual high tragedy was about to come a

couldn't operate on her because

'He was our miracle baby,'

she was pregnant. TheY told us that

Chris says. 'We called him TimothY, which means "to honour God". We

second time.

believed that because of prayer and

returned, although this time it was declared as terminal, Chris knew the situation was out

faith in God, he gave us the child.' Things were looking uP for the young family, with Linda's health improving through theraPY. Life at home, although busy with four

young children, was a joy. Chris meanwhile, working for a good wage at the National Audit Office in London, felt God was ask-



with the sense that she was clear

He said, 'We were told that Linda had an aggressive form of breast cancer. She'd found the

'The doctors told us that theY


Prayer lvlagazine Apr-Jun 2008

ln lVarch 2006, the cancer

of his hands. 'All we could do was trust God and pray. Things got worse and although we prayed for a miracle, we also planned for the worse. 'People asked me how lcoPed. I honestly can say I wouldn't know

hor,v to cope without God, You can't just hug your wife and say it's going

to be all right.

| 'enember one day praying while she was ill in hospital I looked

around the ward and it was as if the grace of God was revealed to me. God said that he loved every

person in that ward as much as my wife, but my wife was prepared

for heaven.

'lt was a bizarre situation.


role as an evangelist rs to prepare people for eternity. But for some reason we try to hang on to people and stop them go ng to eternity.'

Local and worldwide prayer was ongoing for Linda's healing, with people praying and believing for a miracle in four different continents. Prayer continued, as did hope but after a pivotal point in September 2007, the family were certain

God was calling Linda home

Chris recalls 'Timothy had started school and we were so happy. Linda and I looked at each other

and accepted that she was going to die. She never once complained

throughout her illness. After that point we experienced a tangible, supernatural presence of peace. was really quite amazing.


'As a Christian, I believe in heal-

ing. Everyone around us believed

me on Christmas Eve 1990. Who was to know that after 15 years of normal, happy marriage, lwould be holding her hand while she fought for every breath as the cancer took away my soul mate?' And at 1.35pm on Tuesday, October 2 last year, a beautiful Linda

they're sunk. lt's all by the grace and sovereignty of God.' After a month of constant tears, Chris is now trying to get back to living a normal life. Just weeks after Linda's death

he was back preaching at the church, as well as single-handedly raising the children.

slipped into eternity. 'She looked at me, mouthed, "l love you", and simply breathed out. Nothing can prepare you for that. That moment was so painful,

kids to see Linda's body, and they have approached the whole thing with such child-like faith. They said

physically; the tears just don't stop.

that they knew her spirit was

The 3S-year-old said, 'ltookthe

Yet even harder was facing the

for a miracle, and I had seen people

prospect of telling the children they

healed in the past But in my spirit I just had a sense that God wasn't

would never see their mum again. 'We'd obviously prepared the

going to do it 'The last thing I wanted her to do was die. I didn't want to be a single parent who would live alone

kids for what was going to hap-

at her body. 'lt's tough being a parent at the best of times, but even more so when you're on your own. I get up,

pen. I went home, and we all cried

take the kids to school, work full-

together and prayed. We knew it wasn't going to be easy, but we also knewthat bythe grace of God, we could make it. 'l don't know how you can face

time and then pick the kids up from

death without faith. I never got angry with God. I dread to think where

'But the children just get on with

life. lt's scary how quick kids do

were numbered, But the loving hus-

we'd have been without him.

that. They ask all sorts of questions

band had always tried to prepare for life without his true love 'lwas just 13 when Linda, then

'Some people said I should have had more faith for healing,

and are so funny. They ask whether God cooks party food in heaven. Chris also paid tribute to members of his church.

her but it just didn't seem to be his will' Chris and the children knew their days with 37-year-old Linda

16, asked me for a date and so be-

gan what was almost 22 unbroken years together. I asked her to marry

but God never told me she would be healed. I know God is a healer, but if people's healing and salvation depends on my faith, then

Chris Drury with his

children, who put prayer and faith at the centre of their lives.


heaven and they were just looking

with four kids. I asked God to heal


school. l've then got to cook for them, help them with their homework, bath them and put them to bed. Life can be tough.

'l don't know how you can face death without Iaith. I never got angry with God. I dread to think where we'd have been wilhout him.'

'They've showed what church family is all about,' he added. 2008 Apr-Jun Prayer lvlagazine


. ta.









MELVIN BANKS PRAYER CRUSADES 2008. BRITISH SINNERS ARE DRAWN LIKE STEEL TO A [/AGNET. one weekend in the longest tent in Europe 1,000 sinners came to his Prayer-Gospel Mission



DR.DAV]DYONGGI It's nearl1, impossible for unbelievers to hear him and his prayers, and remain the CIIO'PASTOR O}'THE same any more! The presence of God is amazing. Wonderful healings, baptisms in the I,ARGtrST CHURCH IN Holy Spirit. Churches large and tiny are'exploding'in great growth from his revivals. THtr WORI-D. DO YOU WANT REVIVAL? THIS IS IT. THIS IS GOD'S TIMtr.

"I commend Melvin

Banks for many years of marvellous ministry - with words of faith and wonders - God's chosen vessel land at this time."

BRING IN THIS HARVESTING GIFTING. Book this evangelist today for your church. There are still some dates available. Elders / Pastors - fill in the slip at the bottom of advert, post today. Or ring 01249 655712.

Also send your prayer requests urgently to the oItrce. Include your address. Melvin's fantastic books. Tick the boxes below left and send to:



His bestseller:'PRAYEH POWER' ^. Prison doors open-Astounding - mighly miracles. t5.99








OFFICE,44 Monks Way, Chippenham, Wiltshire SN15 3TT



His latest how to have new energy daily. I


would like to donate one book to H. ItL Prison. t5.99




would like a crusade with Melvin Banks.



want a Revival and to experience this miracle ministry in my fellowship.

Church name:


Minister/Elder's name:..............






il 22

Please send me details of all Melvin's other books (tick)

Prayer N,4agazine

Apr June 2008

Small and large churches welcome to apply


send to the above address

Recognise my m)racle! AWOMAN WHO spent sixyears in awheelchair had to demand that her incapacity

and made phone calls, but officials told them the system was unable to

allowance be stopped after she said she had

lous recovery.

recognise an apparently miracu[\,4rs Clarke had been awarded an allowance for li{e and the computerwas not programmed to allow

been healed by prayer.

(right) to h.i;h#i;i,;;'" with

June Clarke when confined

below, husband Stuart

;f,#!il walhing



Benefits officers kept paying June Clarke despite her recovery because they said their computer didn't have'a button for miracles'. lVrs Clarke, 56, from Plymouth, -Devon, slipped on a wet canteen floor at work in January 2000 and

that payment to end while she was still alive.

After six months she saw an official government doctor who registered her as fully fit.

badly damaged her hip, pelvls and

The allowance was stopped and

to repay the

lower spine.

N/rs Clarke was able

For six years she experienced progressive, intense pain and was

t3,500 she had been given. said, 'We would have loved to have used the money for N/r Clarke

unable to continue working or walk more than a few steps. Clarke's husband Stuart, a church pastor, said he prayed every day after the accident for 'God to bring my wife back'.

a good cause, but it wasn't ours to spend. lt can't be often that a Government department gets a


Then last year she was invited to

a Christian conference, where she stood up out of her wheelchair. She said medics were amazed by her recovery, which she puts down to the power of prayer and

patience. Once N/rs Clarke realised

she was healed she contacted the Government's lndustrial lnjury Department to put a stop to her benef its.

But despite her protests the payments continued. lvlr and It/rs Clarke sent ietters

complaint about unwanted cash,' A spokesman from the Department for Work and Pensions said,

'Each case is treated individually When a customer contacts us to say they no longer require to claim

benefits we ask for a letter for security reasons.'

2008 Apr June Prayer lVagazrne 23

Prayer warr icr Jchn Kilpatrick led one of the greatest {n

u can't have revi

THREE MONTHS BEFORE the greatest day of his life, John Kilpatrick laid his keys on the church altar and began to pray to God. He made a spiritual vow to the

Almighty, saying he would be


persistent prayer warrior for the rest

of his life

Describing himself as 'traditional and mainline', he knew something had to change at Brownsville

Assembly of God in Pensacola, Florida.

He recalls the day he offered everything to God in PraYer

'l was a very


mainline man who pastored a large church of 2 000 PeoPle We '0nce you've had your feet under the table of revival, no other

table will ever satisfy you. 0nce you have felt the presence of God

that strong, you

dedicated the church to God in 1991 and I remember thanking God for my family, my children and the church, but I couldn't helP feeling lonely. I should have been so I was nissing thanklul, but I telt "ke something.

can never be the same again. Normal church will not do'

The Lord told me that if I made

the church a House of PraYer, he would pour out his Spirit there The Church today has become a house

them that I would rather have five people down in a tent by the river who wanted to go after God than 5,000 people in a cathedral who

tangible sense of God's presence

didn't want revival. 'l took my keys and laid them on the altar. I gave God everything.



knows when something's about to happen, Some PeoPle began to

symbolically gave him my house, car and church. I told God lwanted him more than anything else.' Just months later, the historic

happen. I initially was disappointed when all those people came out for prayer because I knew we had to pray for them all. I really didn't want

question my hunger for God and

Brownsville Revival began on Fa-

my hunger for revival.

ther's Day, 1995. On that day when visiting evangelist Steve Hill was preaching, a

to help Steve pray.' ln what he can only describe as 'uncontrollable', the power of God

of entertainment, programmes and

preaching. lt isn't known as a house of prayer, 'Prayer starts revival and PraYer sustains revival. We had corporate prayer every SundaY night, and we

didn't realise what was about to break out.

'Satan really fought us



'l called some of mY board members down the office I told


r-n C

Prayer l\,4agazine

APr June 2008

swept through the building. Nothing

could have prepared the church for

what was to follow in the coming

Kilpatrick recalls, 'As Steve preached something began to

touched the pastor's body He felt



oves of God in rnodern tirnes

- the Brownsville revival

lval wlthout prryer' a wind blowing around his legs and says he heard supernatural

people falling to the ground and shaking violently when receiving

table will ever satisfy you. Once you

sounds from heaven, like a mighty rushing wind.


have felt the presence of God that

Kilpatrick says modern-da5r church leaders need to 'wake up'

strong, you can never be the same again. Normalchurch will not do.

o{ God in my life, he says 'l put my hands on Steve's back and felt God really strongly. Steve moved on to pray for more people, but I couldn't.

and get back in the prayer closet. 'You can't have revival without prayer. I was raised in prayer. tt/y

'No building, programme or

For the first time in my life I couldn't control my body '[Vy ankles flipped and my legs went out, lt felt like there was an invisible pillar between my legs. It was the presence and the glory

was a prayerwarrior. I prayed every

of God! 'l hit the floor and couldn't get up for four hours. I could hear everything around me but couldn't move. i wished people could have

'lf you take prayer away from a man of God he's nothing. No matter how much talent and credentials he might have, he's really nothing without prayer power.

heard the sounds I heard. 'lt was as if heaven had come and kissed the earth lt felt like everybody l'd ever loved in my life

'Prayer to me is like breathing.

'l'd never experienced the power

was around me. lt was the most wonderful, warm feeling l'd ever

pastor, who I came under at


single night with him for years. He raised me to pray. 'l saw the benefits of it. We had

some powerful visitations and it changed my life.

people came through the doors.

'Church in His Presence' in Daphne,

The salvation, healing and deliver-

Alabama, where he ministers, is experiencing something powerful.

ance testimonies are countless, with reports still coming in today of rves dramatically changed during the revival. Evangelist Steve stayed on at the church, preaching almost every night for five years Extensive times of ministry followed each service, with thousands

experiencing the power of God in unusual ways. The revival became known for

its physical manifestations, with

England are so ready. 'The Church has gone seekerfriendly and seeker-sensitive, but we are learning that what we really need is the presence of God. 'We don't need more people in

altar calLs made by evangelist Steve Hill.

lnset, Pastor John Kilpatrick during the revival.

the church, we need more of God in the church.'

be up at night after everyone has

proximately two and a half million

Over a five-year period, ap-

talent will satisfy like revival does. When things get so dry, God can spark a major fire. America and

The revival saw thousands of people loin

You always find time. I pray in the morning and I pray at night. I like to gone to bed and I don't often go to bed before 2am.' Kilpatrick, now 5Z has certainly not lost his hunger for a fresh move of God, and the recently planted

experienced, Revival was onl'

under the table of revival, no other

After starting two years ago, he immediately attracted some of the old regulars from Brownsville.

He says, 'l told the Lord that I wanted his presence. The new church is certainly of the same spirit as Brownsville. When people walk in they feel like they're walking into Brownsville. There's a strong

presence here and the worship is incredible.

'Once you've had your feet 2008 Apr-June Prayer l\ilagazine 25

fa 1_1




Thy kingdom come... On Earth as in Heaven oin with 3o,ooo others to worship, celebrate and pray together on Pentecost Sunday


zoo8 at M ittwa tt Footba tt Sta d iu m


. it.

With worship and contributions from At[ Souls Orchestra Graham Kendrick, Godfrey Birti[[, Noe[ Robinson


Geratdine Latty, Dave Bitbrough, Muyiwa, Greenjade

the Psalm Drummers and many more.




Sunday 11th May z I




, 2pffi

Tickets cost

- 5pm, Millwall Stadium, London

f8 (t5 concessions)

from Ticket Hottine: 08455 528500 GeneraI Enquiries: 08455 5z85oo Terms and conditions appty


ptease see our website for


Gtobat Day of Prayer London is a registered charity (No rrzr538)


Should I pruy for healing? ln difficult tirnes, never forget that God is sovereign, says Dr RT Kendall CONTINUING OUR FEATURE, former Westminster Chapel pastor Dr RT Kendall answers those questions about prayeryou've been longing to ask.

ls it ever God's will for us to be sick? lf so, does that make it pointless praying for the sick at times?

Sickness certainly falls into the arena of God's permissive will. lf you ask what the difference is between his permissive will and his purposed will (the former being

what he allows; the latter when he overrules), I don't know, and I don't know anybody who does. But because God is all-powerful,

know what 'too long' means. lf you

he certainly could stop sickness, flooding, terrorism, poverty and all suffering. But unless he rolls up his sleeves to step in -which he will do

at the final judgment


you and


can only go to him on bended knee

and prayfor mercy. Remember, the devil could not lay a finger on Job without God's permission; it was

God himself who instigated the whole scenario, saying to the devil,

'Have you considered my servant Job?' (Job 1). We don't know whether sickness or illness was Paul's 'thorn in the flesh', but both God and Satan had a hand in it (2 Cor. 12'.7). But, no, it isn't pointless

one emotionally unstable



think in

that case one must be guarded. Use your common sense in this area. There are some days when you can set an hour aside to pray, some days 30 minutes, some days even less. But it's good to keep

in mind a definite goal. I think 30 minutes a day is good (an hour or more for a fulllime church leader),

rn, we can only

0o h him on bended knee and pray for mercy

This is such a common problem! I was encouraged a few years ago when I came across a line in one of John Newton's hymns, 'O Lord, can this be prayer?'when he felt so helpless and ineffective in prayer. have also found help by referring


to Psalm 16:8: 'l have set the Lord always before me. Because he is at

speaking', and some people love to hear their own voices when they pray in public. But when it comes to quiet time, alone with God, in these

days of godlessness, secularism,

I don't mean to be unfair, but that question made me laugh! I don't

unless he $eps

always lose concentration when I pray. What should I do? I

manage to reach that goal. I think a public prayer can be

too long. The Pharisees thought they were heard for their 'much


srckness but

but there will be days you don't

Just don't become so preoccupied

Can you pray for too long?

God cou d

are speaking of a very simple soul,

to pray for the sick, so keep prayingl

with a negative situation that you forget God is sovereign.

spending too much time in prayerl

my right hand, I shall not be shaken.'

I don't know if the Psalmist meant he was troubled with concentration

when he said this, but he did say that he 'set'the Lord before him. He pictured the Lord before him since the Lord is at one's right hand. So, if you picture the Lord at your right

terrorism, and powerlessness in the Church, lthink people should worry

to concentrate better. After all, when

more about too much television, sports and food, not that they are

you are directly talking to someone your mind is not likely to wander.

hand asyou pray, you might be able

Have you gol a prayer question

for RT Kendall? Write to Prayer Maoazine,P0 Box 777, Nottingham, NGl1 6ZZ

2008 Apr-June Prayer \Aagazine 27

N/ake the right connection I HAVE A FEW FRIENDS who I sPeak to every single day. When I text them, I don't have to say'Hi' at the beginning of the text. I don't have to ask them what they

did last night, because I ProbablY did it with them. lt's an ongoing conversation.

This is how it's supposed to be with God. But recently I forgot that...

lwas praying fairly regularly, at

Becky Williams

church, with my friends at home group, whenever something went wrong. [t/y 'prayer life' became needs based. lf it wasn't an emergency, I kind of just forgot about it.

Gradually, my prayers became less like a conversation and more like a series of letters. 'Dear God, I know you are good. Please helP my friend... Amen.' I sent off these letters to God whenever the need

arose, but never really exPected

I am and why l'm here, So when

a reply. There came a point when I felt

stopped hanging out with him,

uncomfortable talking to God on mY own. I knew that it wasn't right, that there was more to my faith than this, 'l guess that, after all my stinted attempts at making

conversation with God, all lt took was for me to admit one thing. I need



can't be who I am without him.'

but I didn't really know what to do about it. I figured that I still had the main things in place: lwas trying to

the Bible from time to time. Deep down, though, I knew that lwas missing out. I recalled times in the past when I would alwaYs chat

when I would shut my bedroom door, put on some music and just hang outwith my Father. Where did it go? How did I drift so far awaY? The thing is, I didn't just lose touch with a good friend. God is mY reason for existence. Looking at my Father helps me make sense of who


asked if I could come back. There in church, my jeans damp



with tears, I realised that God had

at times. I couldn't f gure out what was going wrong. Finally, I got desperate enough to do something about it. I went to church determined to make an ef-

follow Jesus' example; lwas looking out for my friends; I even read bits of

to God as lwalked down the street,


started to feel unsure about myself. felt nsecure, even downright scared

God isn't really Becky at all. So


never moved away from me. He was right there, all along, but I was just facing the wrong way. The word

'repent' means 'to turn around'. It's pretty simple really. So I turned around, said 'Hi', and we picked up the conversation again. l'm always amazed at how easily I forget things: that nothing I do could make God love me more;

fort to connect with God some way

that nothing I do could make him

or another. I didn't have to do much. After the {irst two lines of the first song

love me less. I believed that he was

I sat down and burst into tears. guess that, after all my stinted atI

tempts at making conversation with God, all it took was for me to admit one thing. I need him. I can't be who

I am without him. Becky without

annoyed at me for ignoring him, so I was afraid to talk to him because was scared he would tell me off. God is so merciful. He doesn't give us what we deserve. When we say sorry, he says, 'Forget about it!' I

And we start over-Me and God are {t talking again. lt fbels good.

tr. Prayer N/lagazrne

Apr June 2008


[B0nil0r I


At laet, the full honor! and method3 of the Abortion lndu$try are expoeed on this shocking DVD. Never before available, this totally troe DVD will shock and educate you about th6 gruaiome reality of early abortion. Watching this video is not an option - lT'S A DUTY

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ron fl.r ]n0.uEssr

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UCB4ry o

t; i




H0T1I1{E: 0810 24O 3158

lAnr Not rny Father

Not Guilty Anymore

Paul Scanlon (Abundant Life, 17 99)

Aaron Keyes (Kingsway lVusic, 114 99)

This is dynamite, and must be read by every man in the country! Scanlon seizes the nettle of men who replicate their fathers' attitudes

Aaron puts across the truths of the Gospel in the most engaging way, as well as

putting his own stamp on the inspiring

and actions as they have witnessed them while growing up, Every man has to make a conscious effort to 'be himself ', and not follow the pattern seen at home. 'l am not my father' must be translated into positive action; with God's help we can be the man he planned us to be,



cents DVD


Psalm 62,

I Love to Tell the Story lVark Lowry (Alliance fu4usic, 112 99) Considered by some to be the crown prince of 'country' Gospel music, N,4ark

Tales for the Prayer Journey Eve Lockelt (BRf, t799)

has a great voice and does these classic

This is a very enjoyable book covering every

aspect of prayer. lt is full of good ideas to develop prayer times, either alone or with a group lt also has tips on praying with a visual aid which would make this a great resource for Sunday school teachers and youth workers alike. Eve Lockett introduces us to some stories

that are particularly suited to children, but that all ages can learn from. I am certainly looking forward to prayer times from now onl

hymns full justice

The Big Worship VaroLrs !t tr


(Klngsway Musrc,


The likes of Chris Bowater, Kate Simmonds and Paul Oakley join forces to bring you 50 outstanding worship songs on three CDs.

2008 Apr-June Prayer N/agazine 29



'i OV:B

ElinCeC as a baby, Fanny Crosby never let her disability Cetract her frcr-n writing hynnns of Cevcticn tc the LorC


BLIND NEARLY ALL her life through the incompetence of a travelling

quack doctor, Fanny Crosby could have easily lived her life


bitterness, writes David Littlewood.

Oueen of sacred song However, through her faith in God she not only refused to be daunted by her disability but became one of the greatest songwriters in the history of the Christian church. Born in New York in 1820 Fanny's early life was shaped by tragedy Her father, John, died when

a teenager. Hungry for education,


she was overjoyed to be sent to The


lnstitution for the Blind in New York City aged 15, where she spent the

had over 8,000

next 23 years of her life, both as

of her poems

student and teacher.

set to music and more than 100 mil-

With all her apparent devotion to Christ, it is surprising that Fanny

did not actually experience


she was a year old, but before that,

evangelical conversion until

when she was just six weeks old, Fanny was stricken with blindness through a monumental medical error. She had developed a slight cold in her eyes and a country

when she was 31 years old. She attended a revival service held at the John Street N/ethodist Church


celestial light

her, The hot mustard poultices he

Aged 37 Fanny married her long-time sweetheart, Alexander

- who was later found to be unqualified was called in to treat prescribed to be applied to her eyes destroyed the baby s sight completely! Despite this, even as a youngster Fanny refused to be daunted by her disability Her first recorded poem, written when she was only eight years old, shows an indomitable spirit: 'How many blessings enjoy / that other people don t. / To weep and sigh because I m blind, / I cannot and lwon'tl' This theme of rejoicing in God was to be the mainstay of much of Fanny's writings Equipped with a I

brilliant mind, she learned much of the Bible off by heart while still



in New YorK, where she recounted,

'my very soul was flooded with

lion copies of her songs printed.

Fanny's hymns may not have the deep theological convictions of Charles Wesley and lsaac Watts,

but words such as 'Oh, the pure delight of a single hour that before

Thy throne I spend' reveal their author's extraordinary relationship with God telling of her devotion as both worshipper and intercessor, It was the composer and colIector of hymns, Ira Sankey, who

VanAlstyne. They were married for 44 years and Alexander was later

did more than any other single individual to popularise Fanny's songs,

to write the music for some of her poems. He insisted, however, that

The great crowds who thronged the

she continue to use her maiden

songs until they became part of the heritage of that generation.

name which was very well known by then ln 1864, the well-known composer William Bradbury told Fanny she should turn her poeticalabilities towards writing hymns. This began an extraordinarily prolific outpouring of sacred songs from her pen. She produced as many as seven in one day, often losing track of which hymns she herself had actually writ-

tenl During the course of her long

N/oody-Sankey revivals sang her

At age 90, Fanny declared, '[Vy love for the Holy Bible and its sacred truth is stronger and more precious to me at 90 than at



remained active until her death, just

short of her 95th birthday. The minister said at her funeral, 'There must

have been a royal welcome when this queen of sacred song burst the bonds of death and passed into the glories of heaven!'

'Her lirst recorded poern, written when she was

only eight years old, shows an indomitable spirit: "How many blessings


enjoy. / that other

people don'i


To weep and sigh

because l'm blind.


I cannot and






i ff ,fl

.. ,i:





,G 5

'' al"

sF i $r: r ts #

t#'f ,ft





Attractive bungalows (Sleeps 2-6) pool. gardens. glorious panoramic

I !-

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SPANISH PROPERTIES, for sale and rent. Visit www.newlifeproperties. eu (Jacqueline) or

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ts the

communrly. . A O a church wilh community in its heart


273 Xorbury Cres. SW{6 SUilDAYS:

Very Live at 7lam Pastor David Ghapman o20 8689 5{87


Blanca coast. For more details visit our

6 bedroom villa (lake View) quiet neighbourhood. 15mins from attractions/golf/shopping. Warm year round ctimate. Contacl 028427 38 559. Also


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TELEPHONE PRAYER MEETING service.Simple to use telephone conference service for prayer meetings!

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Homely B&B. ln pretty riverside village close lvl6 Junction 34. ldeal North/South Stop over. Tel: Alison 01524 811 408


Christim Oryanisr-

tiom Chrities - Minibuses - Trustees Indemity Bookshops House Buildings & Conlents - Cars All our siuffare conif,ed Chrirtidnt whos? ain is to find vou lhe besr policv for vour needr

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LLANDUDNO. Beth Eden Christian Guest house with superb views overlooking sea and Snowdonia mountains. We welcome individuals,

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& CIRts


X f]ru {,'li {-}i"' $f"ff"5,Xf,V# 20OB

Apr June Prayer Nlagazine 33


ft lf lfr

dl ll Phoenix First Asser-nbly of GcC , Arizona Tonnrny Barnett co-pastors the Dreann Centre in LA tor


chapelwhich cost a lot of money,

CHURCH PIONEER Tommy Barnett has revealed the


is made out of glass. I make sure l'm

secret of his success: prayer.

in there every morning for at least an hour, lt's my time of meditation,

The 70-year-old's Dream Centre

of seeking God

N/ovement has taken America by storm, touching literally thousands of lives each day through social action projects. Not only does it have up to 10,000 people in its weekly church

'There's never been a revival without prayer, so why would th s be any different? You need a praying church, you need a Holy Spirit church, and you need a working chLrrch

are practically unheard of anywhere

'Prayer is so vital. Every good idea I get normally comes when l'm in prayer. l'm not driven to prayer,

N/ass social action programmes

but l'm drawn. lt's like a magnet wrichIcantescapefron

see 30,000 people fed each week;

prostitutes and drug addicts are

is keen to point out the importance

being cared for; buses bring people

of prayer, Running alongside the Dream Centre is a 24-7 House of Prayer, which Tommy is sure to visit every morning before work. He says that without prayer,

to church; Iree medical services are

offered to nearby residents; thousands of children attend Sunday school; and more than 700 people live on campus, most of whom are going through rehab, But despite the hugely practical ministry, which Tommy runs with his

nothing would be accomplished in the ministry 'Prayer is such an important part

son N/latthew in Arizona and LA, he

of my life. We have a huge prayer

been a revlval

without prayer, so why wouLd th s be any

different? You

services, its huge levels o{ outreach in the world.

'There's never

need a praying church, you need a Holy Spir t church ' says Tommy Barnett. left

Tommyr gave huge support to

the prayer rnovement in Britain, backing their passion for combined prayer and mission. He added, 'God wants to send a huge revival to England The things thaL we nave done in America can


be done in Britain.

'The Church just needs to go and win the lost.'


I o Prayer is very important


have to pray about preaching

mel In the words of John Wes- the Gospel and changing the ley, God does nothing except world!

through prayer. However,


Prayer is important; it's vital;

don't pray three hours a day.


it's crucial. lt is my concern that

practise have learned to try the presence of God. have prayer time but am an activist by nature.

Many people pray about things they don't have to pray ho about LrOU said, 'Liol.




say, 'Stop!' We don't

Prayer Nlagazine

Apr June 2008

in making the Church relevant we simply make n ina with all the lights, MUSIC and smoke, but leave out the SCTIOUS im-

portant principles, such prayer



Fitting in prayer

the midst

a busy lifestyle ID not hard. find time to go the gym and keep healthy, SO ir's not difficult to fir prayer, Like said don't pray three hours day, but anybody into any day

half an hour


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World Prayer Centre Birmingham England

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Prayer Magazine 14  

Editor : Carl Brettle

Prayer Magazine 14  

Editor : Carl Brettle