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13th October

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RESTORED Prayer renews marriage 1 6 years

We tal k to Pete



Man U an d Man City ag ree o n prayer


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The three hours of summer we had this year are now over, and our prayers

have been focused towards the fami-

lies and businesses affected by the flooding that occurred around parts of England With over 600 locations in Britain now planning to undertake substan-

tial social action projects through

SUBSCRIPT1ONS & ORDERS Tel:0115 921 7280 Email : Write to: New Life Publishing, PO Box 777, Nottingham NG11 6ZZ,UK

Hope 08, it's interesting to see such widespread need arise as the Church prepares one of the biggest combined outreach inilialives ever. Church has always been the best

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mechanism for meeting long-term social needs, and this will be firmly


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Prayer Magazine is published by Prayer in Action, a ministry af 'An Open Door into your Heart', charity number 1040311, a member of the Evangelical Alliance.

around his farm, praying for a harvest to come, in spite of bad weather that caused crops to fail all around. His book, 'Faith like Potatoes',

is just what the rural communities

need to inspire us to pray more for farms and farmers across this family of nations. We really enjoy your feedback and would love to hear some of your suggestions. Drop me a line by email: eid

itor@prayermagazi ne. net


demonstrated next year. One such prayer I mission movement is 24-7, in this issue we've got a great Q&A session with Pete Greig, its founder. Also this issue is the unusual

story of Angus Buchan the South


Prayer in the news

14 Our City stands United How prayer brings together Man Utd and tt/an City


15 Great year ahead As the year of prayer ends

we look towards Hope 08 18 'The

The views expressed in this magazine may not necessarily be the views ot Prayer in Action or An Open Door into your Heart.

African farmer who got his hands dirty sticking them into the ground


Call'to save lives

Young people in America are joining together in prayer

Restored Prayer renews

marriage after 6 years apart

21 London's turning to God The day every borough united


22 We plough the fields... The farmer who reaped what he sowed - literally!


24For crying out loud! We look at how to keep your church prayer meetings alive

Pete Greig We ta k to the founder ot 2417 Prayer

27 RT Kendall answers your prayer questions


NEW&,LIFE P{J}}LtSiltN{;

An afficiai poblicatian af the Prayer Association al the Btitsh lsies and lreland

28 The Zone with Becky Williams 30 The ABC of prayer


32 A life given over Revivalist Jonathan Edwards

True prayer is a lifestyle

34 What prayer means to John O'Brien

Ken Gotl exp a ns a

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OclDec Prayer l\,4agazine





Celia Deakin knew her rnarriage wculd be restored even tho-gh her ex-husband haC been gone for 16 years anC had rer-narried lVatthew lVurra,, sooke to the couple A COUPLE WHO reunited after 16 years apart believe their marriage was restored by prayer. N/ike Deakin walked out on wife Celia nine years into their marriage in 1983. lt/ike, now 55, went on to marry again, turned his back on God and practically lost contact with their two young children. But Celia fervently

the shelves in August.

Celia lives in amazement that her prayers were answered, while tt/ike is still coming to terms with

Spirit began to move in N/ike's life A series of strange coincidences'

come to that place where I know God has forgiven me. Our first marriage was for us, but the second one is for God.

and supported me.'

It/ike's salvation and the restoration

Celia, now 59, added, I love lVike and have no bitterness towards him. He's an amazing man.

Celia's dream came true in 2002, when the couple repeated their vows, pledging that their second marriage would be better and more honourable to God than the first one. Now the couple have put their

'tt/y wife is not just my best friend

but also a partner. She has been


respect and look up to him for who

he is. I knew when he came back that God had really changed him. The Bible says what seems impossible to man is possible to God



has certainly proved that here.'

Although upset and angry at ti/ike's sudden departure, Celia never gave up hope that he would

gave up his backslidden lifestyle, and gave h s life back to God. This drdn t change his marital

situat on. though, and although hed splt up wth his fianc6e, remarrying Ceira certainly wasn't on the agenda even though contact between the two began to increase over the next couple of years,

Said N/ ke We talked on the phone several times a day, but thought t was all over, and there was no way of going back there. I

'l went to see a man called Ken

Gott preach and the Holy Spirit floored me. God began to use me

mightily at work; I saw people saved, healed and delivered.'

new-found anointing, and went to visit him one day, Out of the blue came the topic of marriage.

the Lord told me that our marriage

me that he was not interested n us

it in

'l prayed every day for a long time. Each time It/ike came to my memory lwould ask God to fulfil his word and his promise over us.' Oct Dec 2007

led him to Crr st an homes while he

was workrng and n 1997 he finally

'Not long after lVike left, we began to pray for him in a church prayer meeting; we held a week of prayer and fasting. lt was then

God's hands; there was so Iittle that I could do. l'm notthe world's best prayer warrior, but God gave me a promise and, more importantly, the gift of faith.

Prayer Ir,4agazine


Celia was amazed at N/ike's


would be restored. I had to leave



that we're married again, but I have

friends continued to ask God for

ex-husband returned, radically converted to Christianity and became ready to remarry his first love.

live a rece ious. selfish life.

e Celia and her pals remained fa thf u to God the Holy

faithful to me for years, and I thank God for how she has stuck by me

ln an amazing testimony of persistent prayer, Celia's cries to heaven were answered when her

N4eanwh le N/ike a workaholic who chrrned out 70 hours' work a week r^,'asn t nterested in Celia his children or God, and continued to

God's mercy and grace. He said, 'l'm still gobsmacked

believed God had told her that he would return, and clung onto that promise for more than 15 years. Even when Ir/ike divorced his second wife and entered into another relationship, Celia and her

of their marriage.

Celia and Mike on their Iirst wedding day in 1974

story into print: their testimony hit

She recalled 'N/ike had shown being together, that we were happy

just being friends But I knew


was close to happening. He said should move to his area and get a job there, but I said that would only I

happen if we got married again. We both kind of suddenly agreed - that was August 2001 - and we were married in April 20021 We had

a fully Christian engagement, and



ra e S f I


Together again: Celia and Mike on their second wedding day,

2002 Below: the couple share their testimony in their book, 'To Have and to Hold'


didn't have sex until we wed.




so special.' About 300 attended the second wedding, at Talbot Street Christian Centre in Nottingham Said Celia, 'lt was amazing to remarry. [t/y son was thrilled; although my daughter was dubious at first, she's fine now.

l'm so happy, our relationship


deeper and better than before.' The couple hope the launch of their book is the start of opportunities to share their testimony. Celia said, 'l'd heard from God, and knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that we would get remarried.


also knew

that God would take us to the nations to tell our story and to minister healing and restoration to a broken and hurting world.' 2007 Oct-Dec Prayer l\riagazine 5

Logging on to seek God's face An organisation is a lowing Christians to seek the Iace of God and pray over the

hundreds had registered to become members.


man James Burden said,

Scripture Union has signed up to popular online social networking website Facebook, and launched rts own Praylive page. The interactive applica-

tion allows members to choose their own focus for prayer, share prayer with friends, and see a constantly updated'prayer cloud' of issues people are The shooting of Rhys Jones has led to a ca I for prayer and action

praying about Within 24 hours of being

Scripture Union spokes-

We want

to encourage

communities to form and grow in new and exciting

ways. Facebook was the deal oiarform for Praylive because t overcomes the solitary nature of an online ex stence and allows people to pray ur th each other, pray

for each other and encourage each other. PrayLive has the poten-

tia to sho,,v what Christians ac'c ss B.irarr are praying

Action call after shooting

uploaded, PrayLive was being used as a focus for

for ard to capture the mood

A call for prayer and action

question what we as individuals

prayer for the family of Rhys

cont nuously.'

across the UK has been made by Christian media group Pre-

could possibly do to alter the

Jones, the 11-year-old Liverpool boy shot dead while

a Facebook account, which

mier following another fatal

desperate state of affairs surrounding knife and gun crime

playing with his friends in Au-

can be accessed free online


in the UK.

gust. Days after its launch,

at vrwiv facebook,com.

The apparently random shooting of 11-year-old Rhys Jones in Liverpool in August

Premier has been in close con-

has further exposed a culture of violent gangs glorifying a life

Police Association, the Peace

of crime.

Alliance and the Home Office to look at how we can tackle this problem together. We will find

times such as this one, it is easy to become despondent and

ire r prayer instantly and Us

rg P'aylive requires

'For many months now, sultation with the lVetropolitan Police, the lt/etropolitan Black

Peter Kerridge, Premier's Chief Executive, said, 'ln dark


solutions to this dire situation through action and prayer.'

Fast fcr Burr-na crisis A day of prayer and fasting has been he d for the crisis in Burma, ln September, Christian So darity Worldwide and Burma Campaign UK called for Christians to take action following terrifying reports

Reports claimed 100 people had been arrested and almost all leading pro-democracy activists have been detained, and may be sentenced to up to 20 years in jail

Car-npaign launched in run up tc Olynnpics Christians have started a year-long prayer

Open Doors USA. As part of a new cam-

campaign for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing. While the Chinese government threw

paign, participants began praying for at least one minute at 8pm Beijing time (8 am EDT) and will continue to pray every

huge festivals to celebrate the countdown,

day until next summer.

devoted believers were on their knees

The hope is to change the sp ritual

praying for persecuted Christians in China

state of China, improve religious f reedom and free imprisoned Christian ieaders.

and for a spiritual revival in the country. 'The Beijing Olympics is only one year away; so we need to blanket Chinese believers right now with our prayers,' urged

Dr Carl lr/oeller, President and CEO of


Prayer l\,4agazine

Oct Dec 2007

Earlier this year, N/oeller said the Beijing Olympics presents 'an awesome opportunity for believers in the West to

unite in prayer, not only for our fellow

Christ ans but for the communist government of China to grant religious f reedom to a I worshippers, especially house church


'lt's also an opportunity to pray for those dedicated Christians who are being persecuted.' Believers who participate in the campaign will receive a monthly prayer email

calendar and also a daily email brief to update them on the situation in China and offer specific prayer requests,

Focus is on bid to end lraq violence Churches around the world are being invited to sign up to a new initiative to pray for an end to the violence in lraq.

London based has been established in partnership with prayer leaders from various nations, including Christians living in the It/iddle East. Each church is asked to commit to praying at least three minutes a week for

the violence to end in lraq. The prayer focus is on ten most fh9 violent cities of Iraq, including the nine

districts of Baghdad. Churches can sign up to pray for one of these cities or districts.

The website also contains background information on lraq and related lraqprayerorgwantschurchestosignuptoprayfortheendof sceneslrkeths naBaghdadmarket

Prayers for victirns of d isasters

anniversary marked by the words of archbishop Di ana

The Church of England published

Pope Benedict has prayed

two prayers at the end of August

for victims of two major

to mark 10 years since the passing of Diana, Princess of Wales.

tragedies affecting different parts of theworld during the

The prayers, written by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr

summer months.

He prayed for victims of the Asian floods, which killed thousands, and for

Rowan Williams, were used at the a:



more than 60 people killed by forest fires in Greece.

'ln these days, some geographic regions have been devastated by serious

disasters,' said the Pope. Without directly blaming

arsonists for the fires, the Pope said it was 'impossible not to be worried about the irresponsible behaviour of some that puts the safety of people at risk. ljoin those who censure such criminal actions and invite all to pray for the victims of these


details to help churches pray.

memorial service at the Guards Chapel on August 31,the anniversary of the Princess' death in a car

Remembered in prayer: Drana, Princess of Wales

accident in Paris in 1997. Part of the prayer reads, 'God our Father, we remember before

j y as captives are freed

you Diana, Princess of Wales, and offer you our gratitude for all the memories of her that we treasure still. Her vulnerability and her willingness to reach out to the

excluded and forgotten touched us all; her generosity gave hope and joy to many. tr/ay she rest in peace where sorrow and pain are banished, and may the everlasting light of your merciful love

shine upon her; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.'

Event 'a success'

Nineteen South Korean church workers freed from captivity in Afghanistan are back home - great news for the thousands around the world praying for their release, Of the 23 Koreans snatched by the Taleban on July 19, two were murdered and two were freed earlier. One of the hostages, Suh lt/yung-hwa, was quoted as saying, 'While kidnapped, all I could think about was

A prayer movement for London has been

staying alive.'

committed to 2417 prayer, and others said they would mention London more in their church prayer meetings.

Christians throughout the world were praying for their release,

hailed a success after more than 2,000 hours of continuous prayer. A Year for London' has seen hundreds

of churches across the capital come together to pray for the well-being of the city. Several London churches have now


Oct Dec Prayer lt4agaz



The 24-T prayer mcvement has spread to nnore than a thi each month Founding leader Peter GreiE spcke tc exc k_l

Ptryl ng non-stop around the clock HOW DID THE24-7 prayer movement begin? PG: lt started by accident! We knew God was calling us to pray and we were really poor at it. We started in a single prayer room at our church in Chichester in 1999. People came to pray and there was a strong sense of the presence of God and miracles started to happen.

Non-Christians would show up and feelthe presence of God. Now there are prayer rooms in more than a third of the earth's nations, right across the denominations from Belgium to Brazil. Pete Greig (below) is one of the {ounding leaders of 24-Z

Why is 24-7 prayer so


Prayer. His new

book, 'God on I\/ute', is published by Survivor

PG: Heaven does it. The book of Hebrews says that Jesus lives to

intercede, and Romans says that the Holy Spirit prays for us through groanings that can't be uttered. Heaven isin a24-7 prayer meeting, and we are called to join in with it.

you spend in prayer?

ls 24-7 prayer a specific calling, or should everyone do it?

with God. When we stop verbally


talking to God or when we close the pages of our Bible, that shouldn't mean that our time with God is over.

PG: Every Christian is called to be

lf we watched the news on TV and

a priest, which means we need to bridge the gap between God and people. We speak to God for the

then went and prayed, we could

people and we speakfor God to the people, meaning we communicate his word. lt is our calling to bridge that gap between heaven and humanity by living lives of prayer. Paul said that we should pray continually (1 Thessalonians 5:17).

PG: No one is as surprised as me as

to how well it has done! lf someone had come to me in 1999 and said

that with no money, no business plan or no resources we would see


this I would

have laughed at them. God is mobilising people to pray and that is much blgger than lhe 24-7 prayer movement, God is moving globally and we are just surfing that wave.

How many hours a day do Prayer l\/agazine Oct-Dec 2007

practising the presence of God also try to have a fixed time in the

day when I consciously spend time

How shocked are you by the impact 24-7 prayer has had?


PG: I try to spend 24 hours a day

spend one hour on each item. We need to learn to pray while watching the news and pray in real time.

Many Christians struggle to pray. What advice would you give them?

PG: Shamelessly make prayer enjoyable Over the last 40 years, enormous resources have been put into worship, such as good


equipment, good music and the production of CDs but nowhere near as much has been put into prayer. The Bible speaks more about prayer than it does about worship, Different people pray rn different ways and we should never try to impose our style of prayer onto others. We must look at the different forms of prayer, such as interces-

sion, worship and meditation and be as diverse as we possibly can be. I remember being in a prayer room when an older person came

thirC of the world and its website get S tw rn il licn hits lusively Prayer M agazine abcut its gr win g rrn pact I

Tle 24 7 prayer rnovement has grown

from a single night

and day prayer room



to an international, i




nte rd


nom i nati



Christian movement, commrtted to prayer, mrss on and justice throughout the wor









in and prayed in silence for one hour, and they were followed by a group of people in their 20s, some of whom had blond spiky hair. They

put on an Abba track and went around shouting 'Hallelujah!' to it. I think God enjoys both of these approaches to prayer. We need to be as different as we can so our

I be a success and the Bible is full of lament Two-thirds of the book of Psalms is lament. Prayer rooms are places where miracles happen, but also places where people come

to leave their burdens. lt's an ideal




environment to pray with others

Who are your prayer heroes? PG: There are so many. One has to be Hudson Taylor, I named my


prayers are not boring for God and for us.

What are the best success

stories ol24-7 prayer? PG: lt s always encouraging when people come to know Jesus through 24-7 prayer rooms, and that seems to be happening quite often Even unanswered prayer can 2007

Oct Dec Prayer N,4agazrne g


eldest son Hudson after him because he inspired me so much. He aimed to 'move man through God

by prayer alone'. To this very day the missions agency he founded is funded through prayer alone, without human appeals. Another time he said, 'The sun has never risen upon China without findinq me at prayer.' lt's vital that we get the peop e who are good at praying

engag ng with the lost, and those who are evangelists praying. We're all called to the poor, we're al called to the m ssion, and we're all called to prayer Hudson Taylor models that beautifully

Craze that is sweep ng UK I

THOUSANDS OF CHRISTIANS of all ages are praying around the clock as part of the new 2417 craze sweeping through Britain. Some churches have committed to permanenl24lT prayer, while others have certain weeks where Ihe 24/7


movement is rapidly becoming a success,

especially among young people

members of their congregation are constantly seeking God, Numbers are falling at many traditional church prayer meet ngs in Britain, but this new move of God appears to be proving popular, particularly among young people. Tim Harrold has organised 2417 prayer in Thurrock, Essex, for the last five years. He says the response

has been'overwhelming'.

'At our church you might see 207" come to a normal prayer meeting, but with 2417 prayer, we see an 80% turnout 2417 prayer was originally a student thing, but we have seen a mixture of people

Great Britain? PG The Lord

is definitely calling the

Church to pray, N/ore than 200 million people f rom 203 nations joined in the recent Global Day of Prayer. Who would have thought that would ever have happened? That scale of

great no matter how it is done, so

and an answer lo tnose prayers

prayer has never happened before in world history. A great outpouring is

m a big backer of 2417 prayer. Lots

on the verge of happening. The very

of prayer is going on in Oldham, but

fact that it happened is an answer

it s hard to get people to come out

to prayer in itself . One day the discip es came to Jesus and envied his

of their houses. We have qu te an e derly congregation and some of

them won


eave their homes. We will do some form of 2417 prayer' Teenager James Boyes has attended various 2417 prayer houses

in Britain The 19-year-old said

prayer life They asked him how to pray. Church leaders and all Christians need to approach prayer with

humility and accept that they find prayer hard. When we come to that place the Lord will truly help us.

'2417 prayer is great! l've been sev-

eral times and there is an incredible

atmosphere in the rooms. lt seems easy to pray, not like at home where there are lots of distractions.' At Braniel tVethodist and Presbyterian Church in Belfast, the Rev Karen Spence has been pleased with the response from her relatively

Has the traditional prayer meeting had its day?

PG, I don't think so we need more prayerl lf three lad es are meeting once a week and sitting on plastic chairs and praying then I'm sure God I kes that and unless

West is planning a 24-hour prayer

people's imaginations This is the

it's legalistic, they shouldn't stop it. I don t want to kill prayer meetings I want to see every church praying We need to realise prayer

day at Oldham Citadel. He says the

first time we've done it.'

can be fun.

attend from all denominations.'

Salvation Army captain N/ick


How would you assess the prayer life of the Church of

spiritual atmosphere in the town is good, but getting people to come to pray is not easy. 'l think prayer is I


elderly congregation. She told Prayer lr/agazine,'2417 is a fantastic idea and it opens up

Prayer lr,4agazine Oct-Dec 2007







books on preyer have helped countless

individuals devel:p a more powerfutr prayer life and strengthell their mosr

1i t l:()li (jr 'flt J'otrr a AaJ

significant reladonships.

In response ro Xerters frnm couples seeking lrelp fbr a rr<;ublect marrtage, Storrnie takes an unflinciring lock ar the signi&cant

Her ,rf

issues threatening marriages today, heartGtrt guidance offers rhe hope

healirrg and resroration to couples facing a seemingtry broken relationship. To couples





seeking tc safeguard their marriage for the future, Srormiet pracrical advice and timeless wisdom will help them discover the key to protecting their rnarriage both

nowand always"

PRorecrrNG YouR RtrarroNsn I p So Ir W'rrr Lnsr a Lrrelrtr-r

Chaplains at rival football tearns are as one in their c

ty stands

UI A VICAR lS asking God to shine his light over lVanchester City FC. Club chaplain Rev Chris Howitz hopes to make good use of the City of N/anchester Stadium's prayer

room by seeking the face of God Below: City of I\/anch ester

Stadium and the Rev Chris Howitz. i


0pposite page: the Rev John Boyers, chaplain at 0ld Trafford


before home matches.

l'll try and pop rn for most

'lt's not overly used at the mo-

City s players and staff, includ-

ment, but l'm not there all the time so it's hard to assess who actually goes in there. lt's something lwant

Sven Goran-Erikkson, can certainly

to encourage, though Rev Howitz is enjoying his role

as club chaplain, which he has done for the last two seasons. One of the challenges is that the

ing new manager, ex-England boss

count on Rev Howitz's prayers this season, particularly if results aren't going their way, ln the 0 defeat to Chelsea last season, the tension got too strong


for Rev Howitz; he couldn't resist

games', he says. 'N/y prayer is that God will be glorified and all Christian players will show God in a great

prayer room is for use by those of all faiths

way when they're on the field N/anchester City is believed to be the only c ub in the Premiersh p with a prayer room and Rev How-

the prayer room too,' Rev Howitz

sneaking down to the prayer room for some time with God. He recalls, 'l just couldn't watch the Chelsea game so I decided to

told Prayer N/agazine. He said former chap ain Tony



itz of St Clement's in IVanchester hopes it will become more popular among players and staff.

'There's a N/uslim guy who uses

Porter put a picture of Jesus Christ in the room but this s taken down at times because the tVuslim faith doesn't allow images of prophets.

go and pray. The tenslon was fright-

ng so I thought

I'd go down and

pray for a draw. Not that it worked -we lost 1 0!'

Despite admitting that he has prayed for on-the-field success, Rev Howitz reckons God is more concerned about players' attitudes and morals rather than which team is top of the table

'Football results can af fect people's thinking and the proud do need to be brought down. l'm praying more for people's hearts than results, and that Christians will honour and respect God. 'Some of the chanting from the fans is vulgar and contains bad language, so I also pray this will stop I

often imagine what it would be like if all those people were cheering for Jesus ln a sense the football

result does not matter when you start thinking like that But despite the tough atmosphere and stereotypical lives that footballers live, Rev Howitz is confident that God can move, 'There are Christian staff at the

club and players have asked me


Prayer lr,4agazine

Oct Dec 2007


onvrction to pray for those in the 'beautif ul garne'

n te




for prayer, I always tell them that Left: Rev John Boyers, chap ain at 0ld Trafford and

l'm praying for them, particularly if they're injured. l've not seen anyone miraculously healed yet, but I let people know that l'm praying and supporting them. I pray the club does well and that, in doing well, it will not lead to pride. I pray for opportunities to shine a light

National Director of SC0RE For more information, vis t www. scorec hap lai ncy

for Jesus Christ and to be there for

everyone at the club.'

'You can ccunt cn rny prayers,' says The Rev The world's biggest football club can count on Rev John Boyers' prayers this season.

The Rev'

to see people in hospital when they're

helped the charity and its work.

preparing for an operation I sensitively tell them that I will pray for them, and ask them i{ they want me to pray then or

'Qulte slgn ficant developments have occurred since we started sending out the bulletin, and we put that down to the power of prayer.' John says prayer is 'vital' for every



chester United

as he is dubbed at lVan-

- prays

for staff at the club,

whether they would prefer me to pray when

and even somet mes sits in an Old Trafford

l'm back in the office.'

stand to pray Although he doesn't believe in praying {or on-the-field success, 'The Rev' frequently prays for those in need, and names those with particular respon-

John, chaplain at O d Trafford since 1992, is National Director of SCORE, a sports chaplaincy charity launched 15

throughout Britain to pray for SCORE.

years ago. lt supports 150 chaplains in all

need to pray for people at our clubs and

sibilities in his time wlth God 'l've prayed for piayers and staff all

kinds of sports throughout the UK.

although we don't pray for success, most of us do pray that God will biess the club,

through my sports chaplaincy 1fe. lf I go

SCORE Prayer Bulletin has undoubtedly

He says the launch of the monthly

sports chaplain, and urged Christians 'lt/ost chaplains recognise lhat we

the staff and supporters.'

2007 Oct-Dec Prayer N,4agazine


i*'r- or.r.r vt0!a-5e5, *or^>ng 4


3 .i: . .*' js :r

Hope 2008 is supporting churches across the UK in a year of activities, to communicate the Gospel through both words and actions. Churches are being encouraged to:





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Throughout 2008, in each monthly issue, NEW LIFE will report on HOPE projects throughout the UK, bringing the Gospel message of Jesus Christ to readers. We can even produce a special version of the newspaper, featuring a page or more of your own news.

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As 2007 -li.le year of


ends, we lock tcwards Hcpe 0B



HISTORIC CHURCHES WILL be used for prayer meetings to see in the New Year and the launch of Hope OB,

The events will end 'The Year of Preparation' for 2007 and begin Hope 08 a mass community action drive involving thousands of Christians throughout Britain One of the big profile new year events is at York [Vinster, where one of the senior Hope 08 leadership team, Andy Hawthorne,




guest speaker. Andy, who heads up The lVessage in N/anchester, believes Christians need to 'stop partying' at New Year, and start praying.

He added, 'God seems to respond when people do sacrificial prayer. We don't have to pray into the night butwe want to show God that this means something to us,

is being planned in Watford by

Year's Eve; there are plans for simi-

Hope 08 leader and Soul Survivor chief N/ike Pilivachi He says a story

lar meetings at Hereford Cathedral

and Peterborough Cathedral

from Britain's revivalists George Whitfield and John Wesley ago

David Currie, one of Scotland Hope 0B's co-ordinators, hoped a

and that we need him use Hope 08

inspired him

to impact our nation. We'll spill out on to the streets of York midway through the nlght and launch Hope 081 Anything that

Whi e the rest of the corntry v/as suirp ng g n these mer \"'r'ere <nock ng on tie coor of heaven

deal could be struck to pray on New Year's Eve at Glasgow Cathedral.

mobilises more prayer has got to be

What hum lity to have such a bur den for the nation that these men

good. Every revival has prayer and all prayer must have action - this

would do that. I want to do the

is perfect.'

Leicester Cathedral is another historic church being used for a

Andy is pleased several initiatives are being held in historic


Hope 08 prayer event on New

He sa d other events are likely to take place throughout Scotland.

'lt's tremendous that people from all denominations can come together and pray. This is such a priority. Prayer is at the back of every revival, and faithful folk who




{*""6 I ell;4

York l\/lnster, where, which will host a Hope 0B new year event

spend time to seek the face of God will surely be rewarded.'

churches. 'l'm looking forward to preaching at York N/inster, There's some-

thing about these old places of worship that makes me want to go into them, and there's a real sense of God's presence there,Churches all over Britain are doing it, and some churches and cities have been praying constantly for Hope 08 throughout this year,'

Another large prayer meeting 2007

Oct Dec Prayer Nlagaz ne


l-low scrapping traditiona lp raYer meetings has

Seeking God's face whenever we want A

PASTOR WHO scrapped his formal


meetings says the prayer life of his church has never been better. Ken Gott, of N/etro Church ln-

ternational in Newcastle, opened a 24-7 House of Prayer in nearby Sunderland last ltrlarch, opting to scrap traditional prayer meetings Ken Gott, of lVetro Church, which has opened a 24 7 House ol Prayer

don't have &ry -

over hectic Christmas and New

prayer,' says Ken

Year periods. tt/ost of the church's

'We have aever seen the intensity o' orar e' 'd .\ e a'e seeing now. lt's not lrst from the usual prayer warr ors or the F re School students, but it s f rom everyone, 'l can see that members of the congregat on aTe n there for hours, and you can airnrays te I when peo-

600-strong congregation make


through the doors several times each week. Ken and wife Lois

- well known

and allow his congregation to seek the face of God whenever

for leading the Sunderland Refresh-

they want.

now has a 'spirit of prayer',

Prayer has never stopped, and

ing in the 1990s

- believe

the church

'l get asked when the prayer



Prayer N,4agazine Oct-Dec 2007

on and I say we

at least two people have prayed in the building ever since, including

meetings are

p e are pray



tst s64 2

have a spirit of


led to a r-nuch better prayer life in cne church Special corporate prayer meet-

ings are still held occasionally, but most of the church's prayer is done by individuals clocking into the House of Prayer for a sh ft cr their knees.

N/any climb into the cn'srte 'prayer booths' - smal c osets allowing private time wrth God -while others opt to pray rn groups and with friends

Ken says vvhen the 'spirit of prayer' comes upon a person, they begin tc model the prayer life of Jesus Chrrst.

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Jesus, and Jesus Christ is the model of all prayer, When Jesus left he said that he would send the Holy Spirit to continue his earthly ministry

through men and women. 'lf we look at the life of Jesus, everything he did was wrapped in prayer. His prayer life outweighed

anything else he did even performing miracles and healing the sick. He spent more time praying than anything else.


Why then does the Church do the opposite? Our activities


l,*!' .!G


outweigh the prayer closet and our agendas and programmes appear

more important than seeking the


E !G


face of God' Ken believes the change in the

church has been incredible, and visitors have travelled throughout Britain to see the phenomenon.

'Before, it was an average praying church People knew they had to pray and we had prayer meetings

church without the spirit of prayer


it has been proved.

but the passion wasn't comparable

'But if we're going to shake

to now. Some people are in there

nations, we can only do it through

five hours a day, and others come


yourself to prayer. lf you draw near to God then he will draw near to you. It starts as a discipline and sometimes you won't feel great sensations, but you just keep doing it.

lVain image: Students lrom The Fire School, which is based at

in before or afterworkto pray. We're

'The disciples asked Jesus to

'lf you do 20 press-ups a day it's

the 24-7 House

amazed at how well it has worked and l've have not had a single negative comment.' Only this kind of intense, passionate prayer will see the nation

teach them to pray. They saw in him a lifestyle of prayer they wanted.

not always enjoyable. But you keep

'Prayer is not something that comes naturally, so we have to be taught. The disciples recognised that the Lord's power came from his life of prayer. You have to give

becomes a habit and the habit

the intensity of prayer al lvletro Church doesn't just come Irom such meelings.

changed, says Ken. 'l know you can have a mega

doing it and doing it. The discipline becomes a lifestyle. 'When the spirit of prayer comes upon you, your life will never be the same again.' 2007

of Prayer. But

Pictures by Coiln Faulkner

Ocl Dec Prayer l,/tagazine


-ta '"ffi.

e:": -w.


arnny cf young 4



up in the middle of a cinema to preach.

member of The Call in a poster cam pai

g n

abolition of the slave



the ending of abort on " The cinema

the Holy Spirit began to stir his

was in silence Nobody left they just let me pray I m crazy enough


But American intercessor Lou

He recalls, 'l was so stirred by

Wilberforce, this great man and

film that mocked God, and proceeded to jump up from his seat to share Jesus with the shocked

You did it all those years ago, can

audience. The second occasion, however,

abortion, above

was more recent. Earlier this year, he was watching 'Amazing Grace' a film mark-

ing the 200th anniversary of the


An^erica believe they can abcl sh abortion thrcugh QraYer, fasting and large reviva Qatnerings l-le scoke tc Matihew M urray

Engle has done it twice, The first time, as a young convert 30 years ago, Lou watched a

to abolish

Prayer N,4agazine


The Cal l'to savel

THEREAREN'T MANY men who have stood

A young


Oct Dec 2007

parliamentarian, that at the end of the movie I felt the Lord was saying.

you do it today?' 'l was on the front row, so stood

up and turned around and held a prayer meeting. I shouted, God, pray that you would end the slave trade of abortion in America and raise up a Wilberforce candidate in 2007 who will be instrumental in I

to believe that God made Amazing Grace just for me to rnspire me to

pray against abortron, I need to think like that because Jesus really does think l'm special' Lou isn t your typical preacher.

His down-to-earth lifestyle makes him a rarity among big-name

speakers today, and he spends most of his time with youngsters across America, crying out to God for a great revival. He is best known as president



The Call', an organisation that

faith. I believe that God is bigger

mobilises huge prayer and fasting

than these powers and if we attack them through assaulted prayer then they will come falling down. I believe that abortion is going to be ended

gatherings across America. The Cali has proved popular since its launch in 2000, and millions have gathered to repent {or their nation and to ask God for a fresh outpour-

in America and if it doesn't in my generation then the next generation

ing of the Holy Spirit


Lou also heads up the muchpublicised 'Bound4Life', a movement dedicated to praying, fasting and protesting against abortion. Lou and his troops have set

rp a House of Prayer room


Washington DC, where constant prayer is offered to God for abortion, A prayer stand has also been launched outside the Supreme Court in the capital, and Bound4Life representatives are there most days praying and protesting that abortlon would end. The radicals put red tape over their mouths with the word 'Life'

written on it, choosing to silently pray to represent the unborn child who has no voice. Says Lou, 'We've been outside the Supreme Court almost every day for two and a half years, con-

tinually praying that God would bring down unrighteous judges and

raise up righteous judges.

VES 'We believe



was God's wisdom


It has been prophesied that



one day lose his

life for the case of abor-

tion. But being a martyr doesn't scare him. 'One of my rep-

resentatives was preaching on Bound4life

and a woman came to h m after the meeting.

'She said she'd never

heard of Lou Engle until that day but a few years

ago had a dream where she was looking at justice movements in a school. She and her students had studied how slavery had ended, and were then discussing how a man named Lou Engle was instrumental in the ending of abortion in America. He was no longer a ive, but his movement had spawned all over the world 'l've never rea y asp red to be a

generation and I have often sensed that it could happen in my own life What a great way to gol' Lou says prayer should never

be a ritual, and says it's vital that Christians don't get legalistic when approaching God. He adds, 'l wouldn't say that

martyr, but we have had prophetic words sayirg that we are preparing a generation of martyrs. We're not

l'm a great pray-er. What happens with me is that I praywhat is already being groaned inside of me. When

just targeting abortion but we want

God ignites a passion in my heart pray where that passion is burning, That's what makes prayer a joy I do it with music, in my car or when I'm reading a book,'

to rise up Houses of Prayer in N/uslim strongholds. We want to take our intercession in the centre of the

plagues, God is preparing a martyr


Lou Eng e, above, during a gathering in

America. The gatheri ngs usual y attract massive crowds, below

Pictures by Ryan Harmening

to be silent on behalf of the children who themselves are silent and have no voice We call it the Si ent Siege of the Supreme Court. lt's silent intercession. lt's not angry, not raging against the government.'

Lou has wept for hours over abortion, and believes it's time the Church began to rise against such spiritual giants',

'For years the Church hasn't be ieved that God is bigger than g ants. Giants such as abortion and pornography are meant to


but the Church hasn't had the

2007 Oct-Dec Prayer N/agazine 19

F-luge crcwd packs stadiur-n t MORE THAN 100,000 people packed a football stadium to pray for repentance and the srns of Ane"ica Tie Ca Nas:- . : ,'. as -: : t7-7-07 as a symbo of sever ce rg

a covenant number in the Bible. people Thousandsof Participants were chal enged to cramintoprayfor renpnt and renew their covenant the sins ot Amer ca dur ng The Nashvi



with God, while fasting and praying on the field.


Call headed by


intercessor Lou Engle, started

repent of sins n Anrerica

2000, when moTe iha" ja a a : a gathered a: .-:'\:..:'z i.''-

not shocked that so many people attended it shocked me in 2000


when 400,000 came.


-::.:- lC .: '..s. ::ay ald t": '.'o -. S. a'e.ents

ia,"3 s nce been he d throughout the world.

Lou says, 'When there's no remedy or hope for a nation, God has an answer - which is to blow the

Lou sat back and began to listen. But the woman's words weren



what he expected to hear.

speakers were and who the worship teams were. We only told them that it was a fast, not a festival. lt was supernatural.

'We are in a whole season of

trumpet in Zion and call a fast and

prayer and fasting across the world.

gather people The promise is that

This new generation is a John the Baptist generation, which will fast

God would pour out his spirit. l'm


Day Lou trie tc pull a 'fast' cne! Lou Engle became excited. A woman he knew said she had dreamt ab,out him. and was about to release a word f rom God into his life Anticipating a thrilling prophecy,

We didn't tell them who the

He thought his secret snack the previ-

ous night would go unnoticed, and was embarrassed that this woman knew he'd broken his devotion to God 'l suddenly received a fresh motivation to fast', he chuckles, Looking back, Lou says he learned a les-

and pray. God is raising up forerunners for the return of Jesus Christ' At the Nashville event, people travelled from all parts of America to seek the face of God. Topics targeted were abortion, homosexuality, pornography and the general state of America, A book written by one of Lou's heroes, the late Englishman Derek

Prince, was distributed at the

'l'm very disappointed with you Lou,

son about the importance of fasting. I didn t


she said. 'You were supposed to be fastlng.

want anyone to know that I was breaking a

but last night in my dream I saw you eating yoghurt and chips' Lou's jaw dropped.

fast lt showed me how important fastlng

Around 70 000 copies of Shaplng History through Prayer and Fast-


Prayer lVagazrne Oct-Dec 2007

You are moving angels when you fast.'


ing'were handed out.


*tli.*Fr ir :,:;j :tl


Edffi cn S t urnln I






RESIDENTS FROTV every London borough turned out



cal government.

participants boldly declared the

Christians gathered throughout the capital and followed Paul's com-

need for a 'new London'. Their statement read, 'We, the representatives of the people of

'lt was such a miracle


people from all of the 33 London boroughs prayed together at the same time. We saw God's favour,

raise a canopy of prayer over London and to enthrone Jesus Christ as lVayor of London. Before God and his holy angels, we do hereby solemnly agree to continue to pray and work for the transformation of our city under the Canopy of Prayer,

there was a real sense of God's

We agree that the New London will

resentation f rom


ifferent churches.

This is not the end and there are certainly bigger things planned ' At 9am, the intercessors met to pray for God's blessing on the

second anniversary of the London bombings. Between 11 and

40am, they sought God on local issues such as gun crime. prostitution and racial hatred, 11

before repenting for the sin that is taking place in their . bo ro u g h s







.?,fr.*.ii..:i+ {$X1t1:P{.-.

?+ilE:i# 5:$iiit+i*


God from the London Boroughs and the City, have gathered to

particularlywith the authorities, and presence and blessing. 'There was unity, and even in small groups there was often a rep-


politicians were among those named in other prayers. This prepared the way for noon, when the

authority (1 Timothy 2:1-2). Organiser Terry Diggines, of the Canopy of Prayer movement, said the event'had to be from God'



Schools, social programmes, and

on1107 to pray for their lo-

mand, to pray for kings and those in






be founded on the Word of God, the leading of the Holy Spirit, the presence of Christ and the authority of the Father' ln the Brent district, an impressive 50 Christians from all denominations attended to pray

A spokesman said, 'We had booked a committee room seating 18 in Brent Town Hall but over 50 came, People came from Church of England, tr/ethodists and Pentecostals, lt was a very powerf ul time and

someone said they felt the tangible presence of God. We feel it was a signif icant breakthrough day.'

ln Enfield, a diverse group with people from different denominations and backgrounds met, They described it as a 'refreshing and

powerful testimony to lift their voices together in worship, prayer and declaration'. ln Southwark, 150 people were involved in a praise march. Partici-

pants included the deputy mayor. They stopped at noon to make the prayer declaration, At the City Hall, six people knelt at noon to pray for London mayor

Ken Livingstone, and others even gathered on a bus on the N/25 motorway to pray for the city A spokesman for the Westminster group said there was a 'great spiritual atmosphere'. He added, 'l believe that something strategic was accomplished in the spiritual realm and God is going to honour the faith of his people'

People from every borough of London joined to pray for

lheir councils on 07107107,

including a diverse group from Enfield, above

We plough the fie lds


Against all advice, South African farr-ner Angus Buchan fcilcwed God,s specific directicn tc plant a crcp of potatces - and reaped the rewards! 'TO HELL WITH the drought warnings and the fear and the worry! We are not listening to the lies of the devil. We are listening to the promises of Godl






lVy audience looked at me in stunned silence. They had come to Durban in September lg97 for the


Peace Gathering hosted by Shalom N/inistries, and they knew weather

as only farmers can: they knew could make or break them.



El Nino comes around every three to seven years, A warm current of water in the Eastern Pacific 'But you've never planted potatoes before You've got no experience. You've got no

rrrrgation Ihe blggest droughl history is on the way Don t do itl


triggers unusual weather conditions around the world, bringing


need a specific direction from you now.' Sure enough, the conviction

torrential rain in some places and extended periods of drought in others Southern Africa in particular.

persuaded, though it was near the end of the planting season, and

came into my heart: I was to plant

knew it was diff icult to f ind the seed

ten hectares of potaloes OK Lord

You actually plant potatoes to get potatoes, and what we eventually

papers, TV and radio seemed to talk about nothing else Even the

::s.:'.-: s:::t ::.:.::s .-:-: s aSC tl: ex:ra:er: Ser !',^e:-t _tCL

believe that I was serious. 'This year we are going to plant

potatoesl We're going to plant all our lands with mealies [maize], dry beans and potatoes. We are going

Monarch, ISBN 16.99. To order this book, please call

0800 121 BB30


termination to be ieve God r,vhatever

.olli n! tr:- -:r :l:..1:-r :: .:'_. ::r:,:.^



plant matze you only put down about 350 to 400 kilos of fertiliser per hectare, but potatoes need at


seed potatoes went into those ten hectares of ground.

We planted up the rest of the

ing potatoes is a big investment it

isn't when you're being cautious It/y neighbourinq farmers were horrified. 'Listen, Angus,' said one 'l've heard you're planning to put in

potatoes Please don't do


it ll be

biggest drought in history is on the way Don't do itl' I couldn't be

Prayer l\,4agazine Oct*Dec

aic vie saw that shoots had already begun to grow, Still we bought up everything we could find and we planted it all Six lorry-loads of

farm too, with the mealies and the dry beans, but it was the potatoes

mean the loss of my entire farm. prayed earnestly: 'Guide me, Lord.


them up rhe seed potatoes fell out,

to keep blight at bay costs around t500 Add in the cost of labour and you begin to understand that plant-

isn't really God's will. l'm in real trouble this time. lf lwas wrong, it could


wondered if I was belng rash. 'lf this

found wasn't the best. The bags weTe so rotten that when we picked

least a tonne. The spray programme

the finish of you 'l have to do it I replied 'l have to do what God has told me to. 'But you've never planted potatoes belore You've got no experience, You've got no irrigation. The

to trust God for our needsl'

That night as I drove home

s7B 1-85424-740-7,

said I was filled with de-


The audience in front of me knew that, They knew I was a farmer, too, so they could hardly

Extract from'Farth Like Potatoes', 2006,


correspondingly worse. The ner^is-

they advised. 'Keep your outlay to a minimum. Plant only the crops you know will grow.'



:ie cos: lt .,as a

'Don't plant expensive crops,'


ll do

That year all the signs were that El Nino was the strongest for 50 years. and the drought would be

Agricultural Union had succumbed to the current fears

\i r,i r\ t i




that concerned us most they represented such a big invest_ ment. Potatoes need a lot of water, because they are g0 per cent water themselves, and that drought was a real test of my faith. Sometjmes it would begin to rain, and our spirits

would rise; then it would stop, and the devil would accuse me. 'you've

got yourself in real trouble now! Where is the money going to come from thjs year?' He never missed an

opportunity to taunt me. Normally, in a drought year, farmers plant with minimum fertiliser, minimum

cost, minimum everything. And of course, they get only a minimum return, The Lord says, 'Whoever sows sparingly will also reap spar ingly and whoever sows generously will also reap generously' (2 Corinthians 9.6) N/y friends. fellow believers and local farmers, knew a lot about po-

tatoes, and they came over every day to check on the crop. Did we baby those potatoes! We sprayed

of land. I was back to relying on God, and he never let us down. Every time the land looked too dry, would connect the pipes and switch


been scared off from planting them.

There was a general shortage, so we had no trouble selling our miracle polaloes al a good price,

them the Rolls-Royce treatment.

on the sprays - and down would come the rain, so I had to switch

Everyone looked on in amazement,

off the water and apologise to

but we were trusting God. Ir/eanwhile, Christians all over

Godl That happened over and over again. the Lord watched over those plants every inch of the way.

the folk wanted to know how the

It was the first time I had ever grown potatoes, so I wasn't quite

them and put them in a bag When I finished preaching, I took them out and put them on the table This is

them, we kept them clean, we gave

the country had heard about my crop and were praying for it. I wondered if I should make a few contingency plans. I had no irrigation

sure what to expect. However, when

There's a care home for the elderly near my farm, and I often speak there. Every time I visited that year, crops were faring. One day I dug up

some really big potatoes, washed

equipment so I asked a local farmer

we began harvesting, the exports

what Jesus has done,' I said.

to lend me a couple of pipes to attach to my borehole. to give me a

told me that I had a bumper crop Those potatoes were the best in the country. ln fact, they were just

Evangelical preacher Peter N/arshall once said that we need faith like potatoes' plain, simple,

about the only ones in the country,

real faith thal will sustain us in our everyday lives.

chance of getting some extra water. He gave me 12 sprays not nearly enough to get around ten hectares

because most other farmers had

Left: Angus with

some of his mrracu lous

potato crop. Picture used with perm ssion from Nlonarch books,

www.lionhudson. com/mo narch


School Of Christ

I N T E R N AT ! O N A t

INTERNATIONAL PENTECOSTAL BIBLE SCHOOL Thc School olChrist International has changed and afl-ected lives in over 130 nations over the lasL 1.1 years. The course, as taught by Pastor B.H. Clendennen (ordained AoG fbr over 50 years), is a 4-wcck rcsidcntial coursc u,ith options lor part timc attcndancc. run in the European basc


ir W

more inlbrmation u,

for the School of Christ International, in Mungret College, Limerick, Ireland. Stuclcnt accommodation is available in the Collcge. For 4 weeks stuclcnts arc shut-in in an enr ironrrent of Teaching, Praycr ancl Fasting. The messirge ol the School olChrist is onc of

Restoring the Message of Pentecost

Forthcoming Course dates: Four weeks commencing October 1"t,2007 Four weeks commencing February 4th,2008 Admittance is by successful application. For more information contact: Free information pack upon request Visit our International Website:

A I?LACI| 2007 Oct-Dec Prayer N/agazine 23

WORSHIP lS THE key to any good prayer

Pastcr Peter Cav lcud tcg er at p

meeting. And when the manifest presence of Jesus visits us, that is when we seem to have

our most powerful prayer meetings. Once we have worshipped, we encourage one another to begin praying; either to an agenda that we have outlined vocally beforehand, or one that is on view on the screen or whiteboard to aid the memory.

ln addition to the usual approach of just one person leading the praying (while others listen and say Amen') we have everyone all praying out loud together. This is perhaps not common in

out [:glt"y}l"' meetings much praying

maKe prayer

more interactive.

iay;d3i:;i'"' Peter



lf intercession can be described as

do this are:

'breaking down walls', thefiithe more people who put their shoulders to the work, the better. We

O lt makes the prayer meeting

more quickly fill the heavenly bowl

much more interactive People ar-

with our petitions and there is a

rive at the venue knowing that they

sense that we have done it together

the British lsles, but the reasons we


O lt gets more praying done.

have come to do a job of work,

as a team.

rather than just to meet friends or to listen to others pravins This also helps to make the number of people

O Although everyone praying to-

who turn out to pray irrelevant to the

gether is by definition noisier, order can still be maintained and people guided to 'the next thing' through

meeting's success. There are no

the leader using some amplifica-

long and awkward silences.

tion. We always encourage people to pray with the same volume and intensity as they would use to sing.

O lt enables the shy or more reserved Christians to prayfor as long as the confident and mature ones.

The more introvert believer might otherwise have left allthe praying to the outgoing or vocal people. This has been happening for years.


It amazes me that we sing loud but pray in whispers and mutters!

O Finally, this approabh enables a Iittle privacytoo. Callme proud, but I pray things alone that I would not

pray in others'company. lf everyone is praying then, in theory, only God

is doing the listening. This takes the 'performance element' away from prayer and, therefore, makes

'Why we mustdc It's a big ask to get teenagers to pray, but it's something that needs

putting back on the map, says youth leader Paul Reid.

He explains, 'Young people want to know how to pray, not why they should do it. 'They don't necessarily need to know the theology of prayer, although that is important at some stage.

'This generation needs to experience the power of prayer,' says


Prayer lrlagazine Oct-Dec 2007

,.I D\CPB^


tvanna ex arns v/e s ho uld pray cut S


a Ch rChES

rl i




tr d

it more genuine. That can only be a good thing lf you have never had a the believers praying together rn your prayer meeting brefore, let me en

courage you to give it a try. For

some, it takes a little getting used to at first, but I believe it s a he pf u and more product ve way to lead the trme of prayer.

do scrnething to get teenagers praying raul, who works for Assemblies of

ln a flat way is a blg

God's Youth Alive He reckons youth prayer meet-

'Every young person loves to talk abort their schoo and fam ily, so pray abort things that they

rgs should be creative, d fferent, and should involve matters that ..

oung people can relate to. 'We shouldn't have long stints


praying for the same thing

endgers are used [o beirg com- un cated to in a modern way with :e lnternet and TV. For them to come to church and

::e expected to communicate well

ask I reckon.

themselves are involved with. 'lf anyone's going to change a school t will be a pupil rather than a teacher. A pupil has the loudest vorce at

a schoo so let's encourage them to pray.' Paul is also on the leadership team at Audaclous, a youth event

held each year where thousands gather. He says prayer has become

'part of the DNA of the event. 'Prayer is a f undamental part of everything we do.

Paul added, 'l'm not one of these people who thinks that if you don't have a prayer meeting before the main meeting then God won't

Young people want to know how to pray and why they shou d do it, says youth eader Pau Reid

be there,

'Prayer is not for a chosen few

but we involve everyone in our prayer, like we do worship.' 2007

Oct Dec Prayer N,4agazine 25



When ure ngre asked


tffilie eare


I0 diG.

lffi;','**'* FFryffi*











W ,,,






Sleepi ng with the enemy? Beware! The devil will expoit any tiredness, says Dr RT Kendall lN A NEW Prayer li/agazine

feature, Bible teacher and former Westminster Chapel pastor Dr


Kendall answers

those prayer questions we've all been longing to ask. I

always fall asleep when I pray.

ls it the devil distracting me, or is it just natural tiredness?

It is both. We've all done this, so don't be too hard on yourself. As for the devil, of course he will exploit

any tiredness. As William Cowper put it, 'Satan trembles when he sees

the weakest saint upon his knees.' I would only ask: are you kneeling, sitting or lying in bed when

this happens? lf you only pray when you are lying in bed, you can certainly expect to fail asleep when you pray! You might consider sitting or kneeling to see if this makes a

listened'. Also John 9:31: 'We know

to pray 30 minutes a day. This

that God does not listen to sinners' - the way Jews perceived things in those days. But God is gracious, and often comes to the rescue of the most

shocked not a few, including one elderly deacon who said, 'Thirty minutes? I don't know what to say

difference, Finally, when do you normally pray? Some of us are nocturnal; others (like me) are'morning peo-

unworthy people. God knows our frame and remembers that we are

ple'. I need a sip or two of tea or

unworthy- as with Jacob and David God has answered the prayers of

cofJee before I expect to do serious

praying; lwould be a dead loss if I prayed only at night. So if you are serious about praying, I would lov-

dust (Psalm 103:14). God's chosen instruments have included the most

the most unlikely people

after five minutes!'

prayer when you are less

likely to be tired

Even my wife Louise thought I was being a bit hard. But I stuck to my guns. It/y dad (a layman) was encour-

aged by his pastor to pray 30 minutes a day. He did it faithfully - that is the way I was brought up.

- including

ln 1995 Louise was significantly

me. What I know is this: we have no

touched by the Holy Spirit (l talk

likely to be tired,

warrant to believe God will hear us when we live in sin. 'For the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man will have great power' (James 5:16).

Does God answer my prayers if l'm living a sinful life?

But God so often demonstrates his great grace with those that you and I might be tempted to judge.

about this in my books 'The anointing' and 'ln pursuit of His Glory'). After that moment she began praying one to two hours a day - and still does.

ingly ask you to make every effort to find the time when you are less

[/ake every eflort to find the time for

The average church leader in the UK and USA spends four minutes a

day in prayer, and people wonder

Good question! The answer is not so simple as you might think. Of course, Psalm 66:18 comes to mind: 'lf I had cherished iniquity in my heart, the Lord would not have

How long would you advise that I pray each day?

why the Church is powerless.

There will be no praying in

When I first came to Westminster

heaven. You won't regret the time you spent with God when you face

Chapel I asked every member

him at the judgment seat of Christ. 2007 Oct*Dec Prayer

Have you got a prayer question

Ior RT Kendall? Write to Prayer lt/agazine,P0 Box 777, Nottingham, NG11 6ZZ

Magazine 27

It cou

d be you

rn \f,8 \JL/ cn

listen for an an


WHAT ARE YOU praying for? Obviously, it's

good to talk to God, But there's more to prayer than just having a chat. alv,rays

God wants us to be involved in his action plan for our world.

That's why Jesus, his heart breaking for lost and confused people, said, 'What a huge harvest!

How few workers! On your knees and pray for harvest hands!' (lr/atthew 9:37-38). He's looking at a world in need,

and asking us to do something about it. He wants us to ask God to release more people to be his hands and feet, to help people come to know him.

So we can ask God to send more workers, and then sit down 'God plans to blow your mind with the way he answers y0ur prayers... be

warned, it might be you,' says Becky Williams

to our Sunday lunch, and knowthat

God is on his way to answering that prayer Right? Well, kinda But what would happen if God

decided to answer that prayer by sending you? It's good to chat with God, and it's good to ask him to move in the situations we see around us. But what also happens is that prayer changes us. When we pray

that's fine. l'm here, at your service, ready for action.'

with our hearts open, we're saying, 'God, please do something about

Sounds big, huh? Let's scale it down. There's an old ladywho lives

this And if you want to use me,

alone in a house on your street. You

pray for her: 'Father, help her not to the

be lonely. Give her people to talk to. Let her know that you care.' Now, that's a good prayer, prob-

ably in line with what God wants for this lady But if your unspoken 'by the way' is 'But don't send me, Lord, her house smells weird', then something's not right, The point is, God doesn't want you just to be a pray-er who sits and

watches it

happel His plan is to

include you, involve you, and blow your mind with the ways he answers your prayers.

So when you pray, be listening for an answer. And when you pray, be open. God might want to shape you through it. He might just askyou

to be the answer to your prayer.


Prayer lt4agazrne Oct-Dec 2007



Capital Appeal Manager Salary: Circa t25-30K Hours: Full time


VERY GOD Available online from:

Bridge Street Church has existed in the centre of Leeds and has served the local community for nearly 100 years. Our community work includes Kids Clubs, Youth Clubs, and a lt/other & Toddler Club. We run holiday clubs for local youngsters and luncheon clubs for senior citizens. We provide a counselling service and support people with debt problems. We also work with people involved in drug misuse.

An exciting opportunity has arisen for us to relocate to

www.godf or text your order + address to:

6,1 603


premises in the city centre which will enable us to expand and extend our present services to the local community. We are looking for an experienced individual to lead a capital appeal to raise up to f4m to enable us to complete the first phase of our project. This post provides a wonderful opportunity for a successful and experienced fundraiser to join our highly motivated team. The successful candidate will have a proven record of raising significant sums of money and be a skilled negotiator and communicator. This will be a high profile role as a representative of Bridge Street Church.




For an application pack, please contact Karen Stevenson (HR

Coordinator) on 01 13 2437916 or Email karen.stevenson@ Our address is: Bridge Street Church,


Bridge Street, Leeds, LS2 7QZ.


www. bridgestreetch urch. org

Closing date for applications: Monday 1Sth October 2007


Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed week commencing 22th October 2007

Life with Lucas Jeff Lucas (CWR, t7 99) lf the title sounds familiar to you, it is possi-



bly because the contents have been taken directly from the daily readings of January-December 2005 entitled 'Lucas on Life Everyday'. This does not detract from the format and content of this very acceptable book. Here, in one volume, is the complete series, undated, which means you can begin reading at any time of the year and follow the themes, every two months, in an unbroken sequence. Subjects covered include 'Walking with God Every Day'.


Above All Worship Various (lntegrity Provideni, tl2 ee) This release picks up some of the best-loved songs birthed out of various moves of God in the recent past Wellworth a listen.

A Celtic Prayer ous (Kingsway lVlusic, r12 99)


This is an instrumental CD of Celticstyled music, based on the famous prayer of St Patrick. Hauntingly beautif ul.

l-iow to be Heard in l'leaven Eddie Smith (Bethany House, 19 99) The strapline, 'lt/oving from need-driven to God-centred prayer' sums up this book perfectly, Packed with practical advice on how to revamp your prayer life, this is not to IlI


Very God Godfrey Birtill (Whitefield,



Heavily involved in prophetic worship, this double-disc album shows one of the UK's finest worship leaders at his best.

be missed. 2007

Oct Dec Prayer lVlagazine 29

The ABC of prryer a

REPENTANCE IS GOD'S word to us, Without repentance, there can be no forgiveness of sin. Repentance is a prerequisite to enjoying fellowship with God. It is also a necessity to achieve


fellowship with one another. lf have sinned against someone


else in thought, word or deed, then

relationship is interrupted. Repentance (by both parties - the violator and the victim) is necessary before relationships can be restored Why


Take issues of seek

does the victim need to repent? Because so often the hurt and pain

caused by the violator produce in the victim feelings of hatred, antagonism, fear and resentment,

the legacy of historic sin that has

sometimes leading to revenge.

blighted relationships between nations Whether those are recent

Those too are sins,

of us understand these principles at the personal level I\,4ost

Brian Mills

But God also speaks his word of is an

executive member of the lnternational Prayer Council and has served at the forefront of prayer mobilisation

rnitiatives for the ast three decades. He co founded lnterprayer, an organisation interested in d

eve I opi ng

community transformation around the world, and also enc0urages prayer at the Ashburnham Prayer Centre tn Kent.

repentance to corporate entities. ln the letters to the seven churches of Asia, God's word repeatedly is 'repent' This was because they were

all guilty. Sometimes the repent-

of repentance and reconclliation

volved. Over many years others and I were involved in acts of contrition and prayer, leading to reconciliation

our offence against God and others be dealt with?

in Northern lreiand. The principal church leaders from lreland and

have occurred between interces-

sors representing the nations

England have also apologised


is for identificational


That's where identificational repentance occurs, when someone 'stands in the gap' on behalf of their group, city, denomination or nation, to confess and repent of the sin. ln recent years, prayer leaders and prayer teams. concerned and praying for the healing of nations,

have been seeking to deal with


nations, and before God. There are issues that apply to this nation. such as the antagonism between the English and lrish, both currenl and pasl. [r,4any occasrons

ance that is necessary does occur - that is, by everyone getting on their knees and saying, 'we have sinned, please forgive us'. But if that doesn't occur, how can sin be forgiven and cleansed and

en masse

www.interprayer.con www.

history, sin that has caused ongoing resentment, leading to revenge, needs to be dealt with between the

Prayer N4agazrne Oct-Dec





is for Jesus at prayer

Why did Jesus spend hours


prayer? Surely he had an unbroken relationship with the One he termed

'Your Father and my Father'? The Gospel writer Luke records 12 occasions wher Jesus is praying or is teaching about prayer. Sometimes that praying was heard or noticed by others But at other times Jesus was by himself . Prayer was his constant means of communication with his Father in heavenl Heaven was open to him at his

baptism (Luke 3:21), and thereafter Jesus had an open heaven in prayer After that he was led for 40

days of fasting and prayer into the desert, where he was tempted by

each other's cathedrals

the devil (Luke 4:1-2) Once, he took

When we start to take these issues seriously, do our research,

Peter, James and John with him on

seek God for the right time and occasion to do something, then the door will open for identificational

to a mountain to pray (Luke 9 2936) At that time he met wrth God, heard his voice and became 'trans-

- not just once,

figured' (literally metamorphosed), as his face and garments shone

but on multiple occasions before

with a bright light He also met

Christians and non-Christians. For a f uller treatment of these kind of is-

and talked with lr/oses and Elijah Although both of them had lived on earth many hundreds of years

repentance to occur

sues, write to me, c/o the Editor, for a copy of 'Sins of the Fathers'

previously, here they appeared

sometimes join together as

come'the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ' (Revelation

one in prayer!

11:15). lt also envisages a time

The climax of Jesus' prayer was in the Garden of Gethse-

when all peoples in Christ will be caught up to meet him and to be with him for ever. But this is not the kingdom

with Jesus. Heaven and earth

mane (see Luke 22:39-46) The three were with h ^l agair

but for Jesus th s time his praying was intrmate. onely and all-consuming Being in anguish he prayed more earnestly, and his sweat was like drops of blood falling to

God wants his kingdom to come on earth


so that as in

heaven, his will is done here like it is there. Wow, what a

Kingdom prayer is made

was travailing in prayer

earth where his kingdom is not yet to be seen. li/any of us are looking for increased prayer for 'kingdom values' to be expressed in everyday

experienced. Then, on the Cross, he prayed the greatest prayer the world has known. 'Father, forgive them', and then

We are a leading Christian pub produce some of the most in our sector, including

company and blications

e. We and

for the establishing of Christ's

but a



in advance of the Cross was being fought We say that he


Career Opport

Christ asked us to pray about.

the ground The spiritual battle

travail that none of us has ever



kingdom in those places on


f negotiable

will be bursting with enthusiasm, full of great ideas and capable of managing our staff and freelance writers to ensure deadlines are met, You should have experience of producing glittering copy and taking writers' work and improving it where necessary within deadline. You

the experience of Jesus, both

- in us as individuals, and in the places where we work and live. So prayer that takes place

the ecstasy and the agony that

in schools and for schools is

An understanding of Christian media is not necessary, but

prayer can be. We also see the

to be encouraged. ln some

is desirable.

compassion of Jesus so that even as he was experiencing great pain on the Cross, he still prayed for the people

cities and towns, Christians have been good at making prayer happen for politicians

This is a permanent position, currently on a paft-time

and the political process - in localtown and city halls. There


handed himself over to God.

And so we see, through


responsible for his murder. That's grace, How did Jesus pray? Hebrews 5:7 tells us that 'He offered up prayers and petitions with loud cries

held in Parliament in London. When you go shopping, do you ever think to pray that kind

and tears'. What about now?

of kingdom prayer?

are regular meetings for prayer

Well, he is still praying, and has

Let s turn our prayers in-

been for over 2,000 years (see

side out. lnstead of being

Romans 8:34, Hebrews 7:25)l lsn't that awesome?

preoccupied merely with what goes on in our churches, let's


be more concerned for what goes on in the world around


is for Kinodom



You will develop a strategy to grow circulation and adverlising revenues for a raft of publications marketed to the UK Christian Church. Responsibilities include:

O improving circulation and advertising sales for our publications


leading our telesales team

O e-marketing, direct mail, exhibitions etc.

us. God wants us to be praying

O managing departmental budget

sa d we are to pray 'your king-

everywhere, and for everyone, 'Your kingdom come, Yourwill

O working with external companies and freelancers on

dom come, your will be done

be done'.

Jesus, in the


Lord's prayer,

on earth as it is in Heaven'.

We know his kingdom is not o' th,s world. lt is an everlasting kingdom. Biblical prophecy envisages a time when all things will be gathered together when the kingdoms of this world will be-

Let's turn our journeys or our times out walking into prayer. And if we see evidence

of Satan's kingdom



additional print and design contracts



a permanent position, on a full-time basis

Do you feel ready to take on an exciting new challenge as part of the country's best Christian publishers?

crime, violence, or witchcraft

To apply for either position, please write with CV to:

- there and then, let's pray for

lYr PeterWreford, Managing Direclor, New Life Publishing Co, PO 3ox777, Nottingham, NGI I 6ZZ.

God's kingdom and its values to be more in evidence.

Or email 2007 Oct-Dec Prayer lt/agazine 31

Revivalist urged respo NS AMONG THE LEADERS of the revival that gripped America in the mid-eighteenth century, Jonathan Edwards is probably the best

burning in my heart; an ardour of

of Northampton, New England. Two

my soul.'

years later, following the death of

This experientialsense of God's

Stoddard, he succeeded his grand-

presence and the moving of the

father as pastor of the church at the

known, writes David Littlewood.

Holy Spirit within him were to remain

age of just 25.

Born in October 1703, in the

with him throughout his life and min-

frontier town of East Windsor, he was one of eleven children. The great concern of the young Jonath-

istry, and made him amply qualified

The ministry of Jonathan Edwards was characterised by his

to analyse what he later called, The

outstanding preaching, fed by

distinguishing marks.of the Spirit of

an's mind was the being of God

God' in revival.

long hours of study. Rising at four in the morning he would study for

- not just knowing about God, but knowing and experiencing God at

qualifications with distinction, [Vr

Having passed theological

13 hours a day,

making notes on all

first hand. Christianity, he believed, must be more than mere religious J0naInan t0war0s was characterised observances; rather, an individual experience of the heart responding !y"1'"t^9:ltllidly preacnrng, re0 Dy long hours of sludy. to the promptings of the Spirit.

Edwards moved to New Haven in 1724. There he met a highly spiritual young lady called Sarah

sorts of scraps of paper. On fine days he would ride his horse for relaxation, making notes of his thoughts and pinning them

Pierrepont, the daughter of a New Haven minister. The couple were

to his coat. lt is said that when he arrived back with papers pinned

When as a boy he came to a

wed in 1727.Shorlly before his marriage, Edwards received the call to assist his grandfather, the famous Solomon Stoddard at the pastorate

all over his coat, Sarah would


realisation of salvation in Chrisi, he

wrote, 'The sense I had of divine things would... kindle up a sweet

Wcrds of wisdor-'n frcrn EdwarCs 'Grace is but glory begun, and glory is but grace perfected.'

our infinitely glorious and gracious Friend expressing his mind to us by his word, that we may know

'The happiness of the creature consists in rejoicing in God, by which also


God is magnified and

the excellence, the greatness or duration of the happiness of heaven by the most artful composition of words would be


'Sincere friendship towards God, in allwho believe him to be properly an intelligent, willing being, does most apparently, directly, and strongly incline to prayer; and it no

as [the] brightness of a 'To pretend to describe

but to darken and cloud it; to talk of raptures and ecstasies, joy and singing, is but to set forth very

strongly to desire to have

Prayer lVagazine Oct-Dec 2007

jewel, held in the sun's beams, is a participation or derivation of the sun.' '

Every Christian family

ought to be as it were a little church, consecrated to Christ, and wholly influenced and governed


by his rules. And family education and order are some of the chief means

'As God delights in his

of grace.'

less disposes the heart


own beauty, he must necessarily delight in the creature's holiness which is a conformity to and participation of it, as truly

unpin him and arrange the notes in order!

ln spite of these long hours of study, It/r Edwards always found time for his large family of eleven children. The Puritans felt that a happy home was one of the truest proofs of Christianity, and in this respect, the Edwards' home was outstanding. Sarah and Jonathan's children adored their parents and the family produced a remarkable progeny,

among them presidents of eight colleges, about 100 college professors, more than 100 lawyers, 60 physicians, 30 judges, 80 holders of important public office, 25 officers in the army and navy, and innumerable clergymen and missionaries! During his time at Northampton,

Edwards twice saw revival; the latter, in 1740, was known as'The Great Awakening', a time when it is estimated that 50,000 out of a population of 250,000 people were converted. lt was in 1741 in the town




pe to Spirit s promp t n ,

of Enfield that Edwards preached one of his most famous sermons, 'Sinners in the hands of an angry

invitation to Stocksbridge, to be a missionary to the native Americans. It was here he produced some of his



ln 1757 Edwards was invited to

Extraordinary scenes ensued. There were outcries and faintings, with people literally holding on to the pillars of the church because they feared being sucked into hell. It is thought that around 500 people

become President of Princeton College, New'Jersey. Sadly, however, his presidencywas short lived as he died from a smallpoxvaccination in lVarch 1758. ' ln the words of R G Turnbull,

were converted that night. Sadly, despite his success, Edwards' church fell out with him over his stand for what he believed were biblical values; he was dismissed from the pastorate in 1750.

Edwards was someone who lived

'by the highest standards; a dis-

17 Burton Road Poole Dorset BH13 6DT

claimed the full counsel of God.'


To place your advert, tel: 0115 921 7280




Primrose Cottage. Self catering. Well equipped. Sleeps 5/6. 2 double bedrooms and single bedroom. Cot and high chair if needed. 10 minutes walk on level ground to the town centre. For further details contact Steve Jones 41768 774 463 (cEs3)

J o nathan Edwards (left)

of the Gospel... and a man who pro-

Peaceful retreat house, close to sea, set in attractive gardens. Comfortable bedrooms, home-cooked food, three lounges, heated swimming pool. Guided retreats/spiritual direction available. Suitable for groups.


must be content to travel uphill, lhough it be hard and tiresome, and contrary lo the natural bias of our Ilesh'

intelligent and passionate preacher



'The way to Heaven is ascending; we

ciplined and dedicated pastor; an

ln 1751, Edwards accepted an


inest theological works.

Over 450,000 of our tracts are used each year, why don't you have them too? From just f,4


; Speak to Colin Baker. Southampton (023) 8078 3820. Nationwide delivery. Established in 1

977. (co3o)


0845 330 6745 for your free catatogue


or email:




testimonies. Visit powerhousemiracles (ER66)

CHRflSTflAN 112D Fofttand Rd London 5E25


LONDON, HAMMERSMITH Nice B&8. Comfortable, central, quiet family home. Direct line to all attrac-

tions, airports/ Eurostar. Double/ twin t50pn. Single !36pn. Children's


reductions. Tel: 020 7385 4904 www. (EH35)

User friendly course material. Tutor assessed. West Sussex

Bible Correspondence College telephone Peter 01293 520288, website:www. studytheword. org. SAMPLES ON REQUEST

crime, drugs, drunkenness and Christ denying religions? lf you are not, then join with those who are praying consisl ently for God to pour out His Spirit on this land, raise up preachers who will declare the whole truth of God, and bring this nation back to Him. Urgently contact: The lnterceders 01 633 680403 (FC8o)




#i r



PRESENT STATE OF BRITAIN polluted with swearing, immorality,



firHrilfi rxr$s





Quality chairs



Compare our prices Floor plans available free of charge

Contact: Angela Gorton Tel/fax:01745 859223 Ivlob; 07970 661135 E: uk W:

ENJOY A SECOND INGOME, new career challenge or pension top-up with established UK company. Flexible hours. For free information call 08000 40 79 81 (24hrs) or www.income-opportunity. info




THE FIRST WORD that comes to mind when I talk about

area of worry. Jesus says in the

prayer is breathing.

Bible Do nol worry', and I think that developing my friendship with him

r,t$ikl0g 'W!hir.4,.$â&#x201A;Źatre company some time ago when came across a woman who was mad on prayerl At every opportu-

has made the cares of the world a lot smaller in my life. lt's not that suddenly they're all gone or anything, but now I can just bring the

nity she got, she would talk to God about everything. And she would tell others that they should as well At first I guess I thought that

Lord into it

on my mind, it has brecome second

she was overreacting a little bit, that perhaps she was a little bit ambitious trying to pray about

nature to say 'Lord l'm struggling, l'm desperate here, please help me to know what to do.'

God becoming

everything. But the more I thought about it, the more I realised that my

But this is more than just a

still talk to him

prayer time lt's not like I just say that in the morning and then get on with

father and l'm his son.'







So practically, now, when l'm

'l haven't had

in trouble, rather than letting it play

breathing. Now, when I wake up

mental time was either empty or rubbish or pretty non-existent, so I started to develop a relationship

in the morning, the first thing in my

head is the Lord, the first things on my lips are his praises. So now,


with the Lord. As I started to do this, I realised that prayer was measured in my life by how much I loved the Lord. So

talkto God about everything. Prayer

when I only loved him a little bit,

l'm going along, as l'm spending time with friends. I have begun to bring God into everything that I do. This obviously brings many

has become everything. Nothing is

too big or too small for God. Prayer is in everything I do. As


would only talk to him a little bit. But as I allowed myself to fall more and more in love with the Lord, I realised

that I just wanted to talk to him

benefits, but I think that one of the biggest for me, has been in the

That's why it has become like

saved, I didn't really have a

problem with like a lather to me. So now, I as if he's my

my day. I haven't had a real father

and so, when I got saved at 15, didn't really have a problem with God becoming like a father to me. So now, I still talk to him as if he's I

my father and I'm his son. The Bible talks about how even though we sin, we know howto give good gifts to our children and so find it really easy to ask God for the good gifts that he promises He is I

my father and I trust him.

E Stoke-on-Trert, wh ch supports the wc.k of the body of Christ Prayer is aboul four main llrings lor me. anc God. But prayer goes ceyord just ballre rag:ng in the narion. Prayer,s the They range lrom extremely oersona, my personal experience o' God Prayer only way lnal we can rearry gel sluck nlo tomorecollectrve. lbelrevelhat prayer rscorporateaswel'. lLisaboul morethan tha.bai le Wew,l o.llywinlhcsprrirua. can be incredrbly inirmate out I am also jusl me on my own expressing my rela- ballle in this natior when we pray I am convinced thal lhe battle raging in this tionship witir my father: it rncludes tre convinced rhalthe oriy chance we nave

nation can 6;rly be won lhrougn


Prayer is all about my relationship

with a father God who loves me.

intimate. I can fully knovv that he loves Jesus to die


experience. lt is all about


Prayer lt4agazine Oct-Dec 2007


We need to seek God together,




rest of the family. I need to with the iamily of God


ally and that to realise that prayer


real father and so, when I got



win this battle is to pray

Bul even while the battle still rages, I think that to be usrng prayer as ol declaration. We declaring the glcry of have to propheticaliy

we need a means

tc be God.


Jesus as Lord and ce{ebrale his rule in our nation in prayer.


B*E*'through with




YOUR PRICES Tel: 01 15 921

Web: this form



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] ]


would like to order

copies for


Regular quarterly order? f i,ou tick th

box, copies wi i be sent automatically upof publ catron with an nvoice enclosed. You can amend your regular order at any t me s





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Please charge my Visa


Prayer /\ agazine is pub ished quartery: ]anuary to A4arch, Aprll to lune, luly to September, and October to December. Orders and subscr ptions will start wrth the current ssue uniess otherwise stated. Ail pr ces nc ude P&P with n the UK. Non lJ o,d- p6o.p oi J,. .. fel p.rre.

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lf the reglstered address of the cardho der is different Jrom the delivery address, piease state thrs on a separate piece o{ paper

,:me: ':JTCSS

Tel: .. Email















togethCr for

,a, a$ffi ffil


at the heart,of the natipp. *e


World Prayer Centre Bi/mingham England

ir\ow vi!,l4ar,{o">"5 t a*lzS

Prayer Magazine 12  

Editor : Carl Brettle

Prayer Magazine 12  

Editor : Carl Brettle