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Welcome to lssue 11 of Prayer maga-

What is very clear with all this


prayer is that transformation cannot

The last quarter has seen a great Trumpet Call, Prayer Week and the Global Day of Prayer. The latter, held on Pentecost Sunday, saw an estimated 500 million Christians from 203 nations praying together. We've got some great reports and

be far away.

testimonies of what happened in the UK during these events We've also got a greal focus on what God is doing through prayer

in Nottingham and what Jane Holloway feels about the future of prayer gatherings.

Transformation occurs when God

visits a society and brings positivb

change; crime reduces, as does abuse of all kinds, and people have an overwhelming sense of God's presence in their everyday life. I for one fully believe that it is both possible and achievable to believe

for an engagement in transformed societies in our.nation today. Let's keep on prayingl Every blessing,

I was in Tunbridge Wells during

m ffi

Prayer Week, and had the privilege of

connecting with several pastors in the region, to encourage and inspire the church to pray and see a transforma-

"l:ffi l*ig

tion in the town.


Global Day of Prayer All the news from Upton Park


Newsdesk 8 Trumpet Call Vl report 11 Big drive for Hope 08


12 Prayq gatherings Jane Holloway looks at the future of these events


14 Prayer Works The prayer network that is seeing major growth

Godfrey Birtill On the sp ritual shlft that

followed Prayer Week

16 Suzette Hattingh Why worship is prayer


18 Rising profile of prayer Christian leaders tell us why the spotlight is on prayer

Chris Bowater

22 Seeking God during despair Paul lt/lercy on life's low points

Worship leader explains when rt's best to pray

24 Postcode prayer John Simons on his UK tour effielicalalliansf


NEWU#LIFE I prrsLtsrtrNG An afficial publication ol the Prayer Assaciatian ol the British lsles and lreland

27 Books & music reviews 28 More than words in the air The Zone with Becky Williams 30 The ABC of prayer Brian ti/ills looks at Halloween 32 A life given over... Rees Howells


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can't exist witnout prayer in my lfe

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Jul Sept Prayer lvlagazine 3

Chrlstlans unlte n I


churches came together in the nation's cap

nothing for humanity unless someone asks

tal. To have around

20 000 bel evers gathered together

him, then the thousands who gathered to pray

in West Ham stadium praying and

at this year's Global Day of Prayer impacted

holding hands the black church,

seismically on London and the world.

the white church the cultural mixes,

the histor cal churches, the newer

Over 20,000 Christians from in and around the capital braved the cold and wet to pray 'Your Kingdom come, your will be done'- the theme of this year's GDOP at West Patti Boulaye


iiiflBffi,fifl[i:, during the event at Upton Park

streams E

opera vers on of The Lord's Prayer, told Prayer lVagazine,' Prayer works

The four-hour ecumenical prayer

extravaganza that celebrated Pen-

tecost united Christians from all

mother-tongue prayers in the sta-

denominations in praying for transformation across the city, the thou-

dium in so many languages like Portuguese and Chinese. lt was a true Pentecost Sunday!' Dr Jonathan Oloyede, a Pente-

costal minister and the brainchild behind the event, told Prayer lt/aga-

with Roman Catholics from my local

zine that the future was bright for the

chapel, lwas sitting next to brothers and sisters from Africa and finished by singing, "How great is our God"

church in London. 'The prayers for the world, being joined up with 250-300 million, those amounts of prayers all going all over the world cannot but effect change in our generation and in the

Another said, 'l had the most amazing time. lt was just so wonderful being with all those people

nificant sign of the future and the future is the k ngdom of God, the Church work ng together as the

Patti Bou aye, who sang an

on \Aay 27th

with Japanese ladies!'

I be ieve all that is a sig-

Body of Chrlst

Ham stadium in London's East End

sands of churches and the world, One participant said, 'lfelt lwas in heaven. lf this is what heaven will look like, itwill be wonderful. I came


nations of the world.'

praying with one mind. There were

He said it was significant that

miracles. ln our most troubled times, if we get on our knees and pray, something w happen This is going to have a great, great impact

simply because it s a global day of prayer. Everyone's here for one reason.'

Popular worship writer and leader Tim Hughes, along with [\zlark Beswick and Dave Bilbrough, kicked off the event with 'How Great

thou Art' and the hit song 'Here I am to Worship' lvlark Beswick led worship with

the song 'We want to see Jesus lifted high which was accompanied by a procession of children around

Thousands join together to fill venues Thousands of Christians at different venues across Britain joined together for the Global Day of Prayer in lVay,

'Shine Jesus Shine', told Pra,:' lVagazine, 'lt's one of the :=s

..". i.*f";tr*.*

Ham's football stadium, where more than 18,000 attended, other prayer events were to pray in cathedrals, churches, community

do The'o -: -' 1' ' of issues we face ' -o == - -: ,', - ) believe in prayer nee: .r ;a.-:r and lhings we can

To coincide with the main event at West

held at 31 other locations. Christians met

the stadium waving flags Worship leader Graham Kendrick, who led with his classic song




'U.,iu \literurn ..'nt.:

centres-, football stadiums and city centres throughout the UK A total of 16 events were held in Northern lreland UK Co-ordinator for the Global Day of


Prayer Jane Holloway said, The Global Day


y'j,,t It tl? 5r



of Prayer has probably been one of the largest Christian prayer gatherings across the worid. mare C/eraiis vis/l \N\hw

.'.: .: i'r. Whenra.-:' :ogether, it's

prayforthesoc e:, ever Christrans

a very impor.a-. .^ ng. l',4r


p ans to

who revealed

ease a new Christmas album aoded that the event was 13

not a qu ck fix. 'lt's not big events that make a difference but individual


Prayer lr/agazine Jul-Sept 2007

( \

obal prryer dry


The crowd at West Ham's Upton Park

% \:,


ground get involved in the Global Day


of Prayer

I a

! www. g I a b a I d ayo


w w w. g I o b

Ip r aye r. c o n

al d ay alp ray e r. c o. u k


Christians serving God through the

church they're part of,' Chairman of the GDOP London Steering Group, Bishop of Barking the Rt Rev David Hawkins, together with Pastor Oloyede, drew an en-

thusiastic shout and hallelujahs from the crowd with their words of welcome: 'Brothers and sisters in Christ, we give you a big Pentecostal welcome to East London.' The word 'Father' was flashed on to screens in scores of languages while the crowd said the Lord's Prayer in their mother tongues.

Bishop Hawkins said, 'God


creator of the universe, but he also longs for a personal intimate relationship with each of us, He encour-

ages us to call God our Father. He delights in us being like children in our relationship with him. He encouraged people to get

'First tirne l've seen anything like it!' Dave


from Birmingham, a

radio presenler on Choice FN/: 'lt was wonderful. lt's

lhe first tirre I've been lo anything like this. lfind it awesome. What I like about this is it's bringing a

big weallh of the Chrislian corrmunily together. Whr:n you lrear that some paslors decicjeri to close their churches and come here. lhat's amazing N,4arva

Carnpbell, a techni-

cian lrom Forest Gate in easl London: 'lt was very exciting as iI was a global thing The unity, everyone

involved in events such as Stop the

singing together and all

Traffik, and city-wide initiatives such

the dif ferent languages







DJ Dave P

Student Torie

Marva Campbell

makes a lot of difference.'

Barking: 'Today was a really great blessing for the

Liang. 23. and Alan, 23,


students from south London. lt was great, lt was

our first time at such an event. lt was amazing. We used to be Bucldhisls and now we are Christians.'

Torie, 16, a student from Bermondsey, south London: 'll was really good. I

ve never been lo anything

like this before. lt was good

to see people dancing and

Niroshiln, a p:aslor fronr

prayer really working.'







as Soul in the City. 2007 Jul-Sept Prayer lVlagazine 5

I Britney thanks fans f r QraYers Pop star Britney Spears has said

to continually inspire others and

she wants her fans to know that their prayers have helped her dur-

look to the higher power. You are all in my prayers.'

ing her difficult time.

The pop princess recently performed her first public con-

She has left a short message

for her fans on her website that

certs in nearly three years.

states, 'l am so blessed that you care enough about me to be concerned, and will continue to live in

Her musical comeback follows a turbulent time in which

this brighter state with all of you by

my side during this trying time.' Spears added, 'We are allthe lights of the world and we all need

She's on song Serbian singer tr/arija Serifovic won this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki with a song entitled 'Prayer'.

she divorced husband Kevin Federline, had a series of runins with the paparazzi, shaved her head bald, and checked into Pop star Britney Spears who has

drug rehab.

ci:' -::':!

bv prayers for her

Blau and Bush should have taken time to pray

But despite the title, It/arija says the song doesn't have a

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr

with George Bush' Dr Williams

She told Eurovision TV, 'l am

Rowan Williams has said that US President George W Bush and British Prime lt4inister Tony Blair might

a religious person, I am a Chris-

have come to a different conclusion

added that had the leaders prayed together, they might not necessarily have received the answer they wanted. 'Praying doesn't mean you

tian. But, the song itself doesn't

on whether to invade lraq if they had

religious meaning.

have a religious meaning.' Dr Fowan Williams


taken the time to pray together. ln an interviewwith BBC's Newsnight Dr Williams was questioned on whether Blair had been right in not praying with Bush in the run-up to the invasion of lraq,

He answered, 'l am sure he should have prayed and I think perhaps he should have prayed

get the answer you want. lt doesn't mean you get the answer the other person wants either.' Blair is an Anglican who often attends N/ass with his Catholic wife Cherie Blair, while Bush is a born-agarn Christian who credits his return to Christ to the influence of renowned US evangelist Billy Graham.

Pocket book to give guidance The N/ethodist Church is planning to release a new book to help people who want to pray but find

compiled by the Rev N/ichaela Youngson, li/ethodist Secretary for Pastoral Care and Spirituality arc

it difficult

brings together prayers f rom aro-^o

Research has found Ihat7Z% ol

Britons pray at some point



though they may not believe in God

and yet many people struggle with prayer.

Now the tVethodist Church wants to encourage people to turn to prayer in every situation with its

new publication, 'Prayer rn Your Pocket'. The booklet has been


Prayer lr/agazine Jul-Sept 2007

rhe world and closer to



'Prayer is for everyone cLrt so Prayer many of us struggle wrth in Your Pocket" has prayers for


times of distress. t mes of abundance and need, and times of joy,'

said Rev Youngson. The 16-page booklet is a followup to 'Peace in Your Pocket', which

was distributed

Last year.

UK on its knees in bid to find missing N/adeleine

Service held to pray for end to rise in violence

The abduct on of a four-year-

Schoolchildren, church leaders,

old girl at her holiday flat in Portugal has forced the UK to its knees in prayer for her

police and councillors were among many people from South London who joined together for a prayer



day about gun and knife crime


Prayer vigils and events were arranged across Eng-

the capital.

land following the disap-

believed.that Christians must'stand



Organisers of the prayer day


in the

gap' and begin to pray follow-

Leicestershire girl tt/adeleine

ing escalating reports of gun- and


knife-related murders.

N/adeleine's parents,

The service was organised by Rev Les lsaac, the brains behind


Gerry and Kate, have visibly

demonstrated their faith in

the Street Pastors initiative that was launched to combat street crime.


He said, 'Everyone has been

They were filmed visiting

Portugal's most holy site

Prayer vlg

I l/adele

ne lr/cCann s parents attend church rn Portuga

Madeleine's safe return were said at many prayer events,

were packed with people

Reports describe N/rs N/cCann as long being a devout Christian, who has found great strength in her

and many non-Christians

has made people aware

have attended church in the hope that God would perform

that life can be so delicate ln desperate times like this,

a miracle.

faith following the abduction.

Alistair Cole, Chairman of the Elim Prayer Network,

people turn to God.' l\rladeleine was snatched



and have attended

lVass on several occasions,

However, IVr lt/cCann is said to have renewed his faith during the tragedy.

ln England, prayers for

deeply concerned about the number

of killings thai have taken place in

the famous lv4arian shrine of

likened the situation to when Princess Diana died, when many of the nation's churches

He said, 'The situation

from her holiday apartment in N/ay while her parents were dining in a nearby restaurant,

Worldwi e vrgr I for EBC journalist

as a result of shootings, stabbings or gang fighting.

'One of the ways in which the Church can respond to this crisis is by asking for God's guidance.'

'Unbroken chain' of fasting in lead up to Pentecost

The safe release of BBC correspondent Alan Johnston has been made a matter for prayer

The organisers of the Global Day of Prayer London have announced that throughout the month of tt/ay intercessors formed an 'unbroken

in services around the world since he was abducted in Gaza in April

chain' of prayer and fasting leading up to Pentecost.

His parents made an emotional plea to his

'The fasting was totally hidden from public view, but impacted the visible logistical planning and systems necessary to have a divinely successful Global Day of Prayer in

captors. ln an open letter, which he read out to the media, Alan's father Graham Johnston said, 'You have family. Please think about what this is doing to my family. Please 1et my son go now, today.

And to Alan he said, 'So many people worldwide are all hoping and praying for your release.'

Seized: BBC correspondent Alan Johnston

2007 among young people, whether

l\rleanwhile, Archbishop of York John Sentamu said his heart had been heavy since he learned N/r Johnston had disappeared, and he organised a prayer vigil for his safe return.

London,' said event organisers. On Pentecost Sunday, 27 May 2007, tens of thousands of Christians from all denominations gath-

ered at West Ham United FC to worship and pray for the capital. O Christians unite in global prayer day...Pages4&5 2007 Jul-Sept Prayer lvlagazine 7

Thous and S ENV S ioned a Vision of a new building for the Wor ld Prayer Cen lan described the building

THE VISION BEHIND a major new building project for the World Prayer Centre was shared for the first time at a gathering of thousands attending Trumpet Call Vl.

in the centre, and a 4,O0O-seater

prayer auditorium, the building will house'continent' rooms. ln its circular shape, it will allow the flags of every nation to be placed at the

On 19th l,rlay 2007, Project Director lan Cole and his colleagues stood shoulder to shoulder on the stage at the NEC to open up their Project director lan Cole speaks to those gathered at Trumpet Call Vl, where the vision orthe World Prayer Centre was shared

dreams to the enthusiastic crowd, lan was quick to stress that the occasion was a'holy moment' and his emotion was evrdent. Whilst he

has made no secret of the Wor d


Prayer Centre pians, this was its first

public presentation, He began by talking about the time that God gave him the vision while on a camping holiday in 1992

He was reading from Nehemiah and the end of lsaiah when he felt God stir something in his heart concerning prayer towers As God was speaking to hlm he began to write down and draw ali that God

right latitude around the ground floor corrldor which will be known

as rhe boulevard of nations'. The vis on goes beyond prayer as u/e see it today catering for fami-

was sayrng to hrm

ao:.. :-3 ,',a'a

Prayer Centre

lan sai.' fc-rr- cornerstones: prayer missron and social action; the b ess ng and encouragement of family life; and helping marginal-

lies with a creche and associated facilities, as well as housing fitness rooms and a swimming pool. lt will

include 86 private prayer rooms, as well as larger auditoriums. A mission school has been included in the plans, which also allow room

ised people. These values were to be built in to the very fabric of the

for a hotel and 1,OO0-seater theatre.


Perhaps the most striking feature is

However, his vision was far more

than metaphorical, He saw what ca^ o'y be desc'bed as a v'sion of a buildlng that


n due course,

house the Wor d P'aye' Cerre.

the 'River of Life', which has been specifically designed to flow out from under the globe. When lan first had the vision for the World Prayer Centre it was even

Leaders urge crowd to believe for rnore than before 'Releasing faith' was the theme at the most recent Trumpet Call event.


Trumpet Call Vl saw the leaders 'encouraging the audience to believe for more than ever before. lan Cole started the daywith a rousintercessors that they were representa-

'pray believing prayers' throughout the day to be part of bringing that answer to the UK.

lan prayed that the every member of the audience would receive gifts of


Prayer l\,4agazine Jul-Sept 2007

culture, lan exhorted the congregation to place all their trust in God. N/entioning the apostle Paul's teaching, he said that 'we are miracles of grace' and can fully rely on God for everything. The session ended in prayer, as the audience broke into groups and prayed for each other, before turning their at-

ing address. He told the assembled tives of a nation that is 'morally and spiritually bankrupt', in which Jesus is the only answer. He exhorted them to


elaborate detail. With a huge globe

tention to the nation, and asking God to

faith from the Holy Spirit, and coupled this with a prayer for a new realisation of just how powerful God is. He continued by talking about the

declared that 'there is so much more that God has for these nations'.

famous NewTestament prayer, 'ldo believe, help me overcome my unbelief!' Talking about the political 'multifaith'

Lloyd Cooke, a leader of the Heartland prayer network, said, 'We are the people that we've been waiting for'.

release faith throughout the UK. Faith was evident in the room, as lan

as the Trumpet sounds :ntre is unveiled tc the pub ic for the first tir-ne 'i a,


more radical than it sounds now. This was marked by the way that he

was laughed at initially. ln 1996, lan and his wife Pauline took a sabbati-

cai and travelled round the world, visiting all the places where prayer

was happening, Having visited these international prayer movements, lan felt that 'God wanted to plant a stake in the heart of England lt was this that prompted him to 'set out in faith' in 1997.


Centre grow in prominence, along with prayer around the globe ln his mind's eye he sees people coming from all across the globe to a building that as yet has not been built Along the way, even though the promise was given 15 years

ago, when that promise crosses God s timing, the resources for the land and the building will be released. lf

anything lan's faith has grown.


Jeremy called lan out of the blue, mentioning only that he was a friend of a {riend and wanted to help. Jeremy wanted to help lan translate his vision from a few

scraps of paper 'into bricks and mortar'. His practical skills have come in helpful already, with the production of plans. Jeremy feels that the World Prayer Centre 'will be a building that speaks of the glory of God

He set up a new charity to focus

At one conference where he shared

The building will a so be envi-

his heart, one of the conference

ronmental y responsible, actually being carbon negative. But Jeremy rs not merely concerned with the pract ca ities of the building; rather,

At first these relect ons were a huge knockback to lan who had been full of faith after - s e'c Jrsion abroad. Yet now, lan can te I how 'faith shows the eye of the mind what the eye of the body cannot see'. For lan this has led to a journey that has seen the World Prayer

delegates came up to him and said, God told me to tellyou, "lf man can

build Disneyworld, then lcan build the World Prayer Centre",' lan has clearly seen God's hand at work in this whole journey of farth

one major part of this has been the setting up of divine appo ntments.

It was this that brought Jeremy Blake, a top architect and devout Christian, across lan's path.

Trumpet Cal Vl, which was held at the NEC in Birm ing ham

Photos O f8 lnlinity/ World Prayer Centre 2007 w ww. wo r I d p ray

on the v sion. but was met with a less than supportive response from those who had not shared his journey to this point

Il4embers of the gatherlng during

e r. a




he is convinced that it will be a place

where people will change the spirit rea m'. Ultimately he wants to help

build a place that will 'motivate, inspire, communicate and facilitate'. lan told the captivated audience that God is continually speaking to the organisation.

2007 Jul-Sept Prayer

Magazine 9




Splrl t s lncreaslng


Worship leader notices shift after 'best' Prayer Week ever ONE OF BRITAIN'S foremost worship leaders believes there is a'shifting' in the spiritual

life of the nation following the success of N/ay's Prayer Week, writes lttlatthew lr/lurray. Godfrey Birtill led worship and intercession for the eight-day Prayer Week tour, which, after being launched at Trumpet Call Vl Godfrey Birtill leads in Birmingham, visited Lancaster, a worship session. Belfast' Glasgow' Leicester' Betel He says his'eyes were opened'after Birmingham, Gloucester and LonPraver week



don. lt f inished at the Global Day of Prayer event in Edinburgh Godfrey who has backed Prayer Week for the last four years, said

#, !: a'




the Christians who attended the meetings 'caught the passion for

tivity throughout Britain. We started

it's so vital that we keep praying for

Prayer Week at the NEC and there

our nation.'

intercession and worship'. He told Prayer magazine, 'l've done it for a few years now and we sense a real shift in the season of glory encounters. 'There was a real sense of God's presence at every place we

were a few thousand people there. All o{ the other places were packed

Graham Geddis Pastor of lchthus Woolwich Community Church

too, although l've never been one

that hosted the London event,

{or counting numbers, lt's all about

added, 'lt was excellent, We did it last year and had about 70 people turn up. but this year the numbers

went to, and people were gathering

to pray for these islands. lt s very im-

together to pray for their cities and their areas. 'Our eyes are being opened and


there's a new passion for Jesus

want to see the UK healed - it's so important that God's people come together and pray.'


Godfrey who is based at New Life Church in Lincoln, says this

people's hearts.

We went

wth no set agenda

other than to seek God. r,vorshrp and prayer without seizingl lt's

back to the Scripture in Chronicles we must seek the face of God. We

At the Belfast event, Godfrey

year's was the best Prayer Week he

said there was a report of someone

has been part of. 'There's an ncrease of God-ac-

were touched by the Holy Spirit

being healed, while many others IVargaret Clarke, secretary for Transformations lreland, said about

200 people were in attendance at

the Ulster Temple Elim Church for the Belfast Prayer Week event. She added 'We had a wonder-

ful time and when Godfrey comes we always seem to hit the mark when it comes to prayer. There was a great response from the people,


Prayer l,,4agazine Jul-Sept 2007

doubled The building we were in couldn't

have taken much more. Over


churches were represented and the feedback l've been getting has been fantastic Next year it will hopefully be doubled again.' Prayer Week has grown f rom the

grassroots upwards, starting seven years ago in North Wales with just two churches and now encompassing thousands of churches n the and into 80 nations. Its organisers urge Crr siians to prayer-walk, do prayer- ieachtng,


hold prayer surger es and offer to pray for people t:roughout the week, They hoce the movement will bring denominatrons together to pray and see lives and communities changed by the power of God

Organisation launches rnajcr awarcness carnpaign

lg drlve for Hope HOPE 08 lS launching a multimedia programme to raise

tion is to mobrlise 100 000 young

awareness of next year's initiative -that aims to help Christians reach the lost - and boost involvement with young people.

people acToss the nation.

Cyberspace, print media and a series of live events are being employed to engage a wide range of people with the programme.

an area on 'N/ySpace'. Described as a'virtual community' which will span the globe, Hope's tt/ySpace presence is aimed at attracting interest from young people, who will be encouraged to serve their

The three-pronged assault on





e a,i$t c5

ln order to do this, they have not only created a website but also

the public consciousness includes a printed 'howlo' manual on community transformation, a website with 'underground appeal', aimed

engaging church members. The newly launched website is part of the youth arm of Hope,

local community.

at the youth of the nation, and a

called'Hope Revolution'.

five-date tour of the country.

The printed manual is a 160-

Gavin Calver of Youth for Christ is extremely positive about the im-

This is a continuation of the 'Soul Survivor Tour 2007' and will visit

page booklet in which socialaction

pact that Hope Revolution can have

specialists 'explore the theology

on the nation.

publicity drive is



The tour will offer people the presented by'Soul Survivor' leader N/ike Pilavachi He said, 'Through

'We need to capture their imaginations, and empower and encourage them to see what a huge


difference they can make.'

The manual comes hot on the heels of other resources available

Young people will be encouraged to text 'hope' to 83010, then

from the Hope 0B website, such as

they will be directed to the new

postcards and booklets aimed at

website. The aim of 'Hope Revolu-


It/lanchester, Glasgow, Birmingham,

viral movement of young people who want to have a significant impact for Jesus. Young people have the enthusiasm and energy

will be chapters which will cover a range of topics and will deal with both theological and practical is-


Cardiff and Belfast in October.

The Hope 0B team aims to enable Christian activists to have

to transform the nation.

British GT Championship

ive-date live tour.

chance to hear the vision of Hope 08

Throughout the book, there

Hector Lester, who is competing in this year's

The final part of Hope 0B's latest

He said, 'Hope Revolution is a

the manual.

across: Hope 08's logo on the Ferrar of

www hape

and possibilities behind Hope 08'.

'hope in their hands' by producing

Gettin0 the message

representing Jesus in words and deeds, we can see lives transformed

and bring lasting change.'

2007 Jul-Sept Prayer lvlagazine


We rea


Gatherings are picking


ARE WE BECOMING lazy when it comes to prayer gatherings, or are attendances rising? Jane

Holloway, National Prayer Director for the World Prayer Centre, spoke to Prayer magazine. How do you view the present

state of prayer gatherings in the UK? Are they well

pockets where God is doing an incredible thing right

JH: There are so many of

across the generations.

these initiatives and prayer gatherings that it's impossible to know, but from the reports that we're getting in, and from

What is the future for prayer gatherings in the UK?

certainly the year of prayer is gaining in momentum. There


are more and more people


gathering, although some are big and some are small.

Available online from:

www.godf or text your order + address to:

61 603

state, but there are wonderful


the leaders that I link with,


The prayer life of the British Church is still not in a good

JH:We've seen a huge stride forward in the last 15 years and even greater depths in the last four or five years. We do not know what the Holy

Spirit is doing and one can only assume that God is go-

Do you agree that the prayer

ing to continue to mobilise us

life of Britain is the best it's

been in years? lt must be encouraging to see people praying for national issues

until he stops feeling there's a need to seek his face. The future is totally in the Lord's hands - this is not a man-

like never before.

made organisation, it is totally

JH: God is mobilising many people to pray, and really

inspired by the Holy Spirit. The Global Day of Prayer vision has three more years to run, and there's been about

challenging many Christians in all walks of life that prayer needs to be a lot more central.

30 or so events this year. We also have the Olympics com-

But we are a million miles away from prayer being a

ing to England in 2012 and the Christian witness at that

lifestyle that we do as easy as

will be huge.

breathing, which is howprayer


Prayer lr/agazine Jul-Sept 2007

How can you attract more people to prayer gather-

is growing fastest such as Af-


rica, Asia and South America.



is expressed in the parts of the world where the Church

N/any churches across our nation do not have a prayer

JH: You can't! The only way that people come to prayer

meeting or a prayer event.

events is through the leading

are movrng forward rnor-nenturn, says World Prayer Centre's Jane Holloway should be gathering together to seek his face and to pray about issues that are national, local and relevant. Corporate prayer events are'very important. lt's great when

churches come together in a bor-

ough, a community, because it gives us a i6al sense of togetherness and that we're part of a family. The individual prayers of one

person are just as important as a million people praying, but the early Church loved to meet together and they drewtheir inspiration from

the Jewish nation from where we have come. lt's in our DNA to be together. ln England we have quite an individualistic culture, so we find it harder than Christians in nations like Africa or Asia.

Which churches are most responsive in terms of attendance of prayer events?

'The only way that

people come to prayer events is through the leading of the Holy Spirit. This only happens when people make prayer a priority.'

Jane Holloway, pictured left

JH: The good thing about the prayer

movement happens when people make prayer a priority and choose not to do something, like not going to a football game, of the Holy Spirit. This only

watching TV, etc. These are the kinds of decisions that all of us have


that it's unlabelled. No

talking to God on their own?

one wears a badge so you don't know where they're from. I workwith

JH: As individuals we should have a relationship that is alive with our Father in heaven, but the family of God should meet together. We

Christians from all denominations, so as far as l'm aware this prayer movement is happening across all kinds of churches.


rld p raye r. arg.u k

www.can a pyofpruye




to make. Therefore, the only way of attracting people is for the events to be so initiated by the Spirit of God that actually people then respond to come and gatherto meetwith God. They will then leave so encouraged

that they will continue to live their lives as a believing Christian. lt's when God gathers his Kingdom.

Why are prayer events so impor-

tant? ls there anything wrong with churches or individuals 2007Jul-Sept PrayerMagazine 13

A p"ayer network set up in Nottinghar-n is seeing great g rowth af God


Nottingham to

its city to Christ, raised a flag proclaiming Jesus Christ is King' at Nottingham Castle, and has taken the city in prayer.

Ruth. The 6,O00-strong crowd was joined by the city dignitaries for the

But this has not been an overnight matter, explains Ruth Bussell, who currently serves as the advi-

the team raised a f lag that declared

sory head of the network.

She said, 'The Notts PraYer Raising the



i:ll,::[1]i" Prayer

the Notts

I:,'"Ytj[?]::1 Jesus King' a Tlag 0ecraflng



significant meeting.' Later the same year, Ruth and Jesus Christ is King on the f agpole

at Nottingham castle. This was particularly significant

Network began in 1978 when a few

given the local history. Ruth later had a vision of Jesus in full battle

ladies met together to pray. We were

gear as the commander of heaven's

joined by a missionary rrom the Congo, and God began to speak to the us, sivins us a number or

armies on the hill at Nottingham

promises from the Bible.' ln about 1985, as more people started to join the prayer meetings, God began to reveal to Ruth and

the rest of those praying 'a very implicit strategy for the city'. Also at this time, a number of church leaders joined and partnered with the network. 'The network organised a coronation service to give the city of

Castle, ready to take the city

God told the network that he would raise up his government, The journey has not all been plain

sailing however. As Ruth says, 'There have been many setbacks and lessons to learn in this, Yet it is evident that God is really working in Nottingham as a result of the prayer in this network,

and in the rest of the city' The Notts Prayer Network is not about simply asking God to take the





r r - llt h





Temple l






re infurmatirn T

W ,l m 14

Prayer l\,4agazine

Jul Sept 2007



tt E E


after raising a flag cn the city's castle Ceclaring Jesus is King'

PRAYER WORKS city. Over the years, it has prayed into various areas of city life, and partnered with various organisations, providing prayer support for

Trumpet Call is another minis-

try with roots in the Notts Prayer Network The vision is to prepare the way

Nottingham getting excited about prayer, a greater national effect for the network, and yet all this is merely scratching the surface of all

them, and standing with them as they seek to make an active dif-

of the Lord and 'march with him in triumphal procession to establish

that God is doing.

ference in the city. These can vary from other prayer networks to more social action projects. ln particular, they regularly pray for the Jericho

his Kingdom. lt is this vision that prompted Ruth and the team to hold that coronation service and

seeing great favour and growth at the moment. The growing prayer

road project which works with prostitutes in Nottingham's redlight district, and The lt/alt Cross, a Christian caf6 bar. The Notts Prayer Network was heavily involved in the establishment of another network, the Heart-

declare Jesus as lord over the city of Nottingham.

She said, 'The network has

momentum in the nation is nowhere more evident than Nottingham. Ruth also revealed that the next generation of leadership is begin-

seen many answers to prayer over

ning to rise up and own the network,

the years. There is a sizeable list of

answered prayers, which includes

claiming that her role is becoming increasi ngly advisory.

petitions for finance, along with more spiritual requests that have

bigger than just Nottingham. Rather

vision to stand together with others

been granted.' She talks about healing rooms

in the area around Nottingham,

that have been set up in Not-

which now extends 'From Wales to

tingham, prison chaplains being

the Wash'.

employed, more young people

land network, which came out of the

The Notts Prayer Network is


Ruth Bussell, advrsory head of the

Notts Prayer Network www.prayeLnetwark org uk

She added, 'The next stage is than focusing on the city, the Notts network now has the joy of joining others who are doing their part to

help bring into being God's Kingdom plan for our nation'. 2007

Jul Sept Prayer lVagazine


siders the two eler nents of praise that cannot be separated

Do not forget that worshlp IS prryer I

wellwith my soul'. Why? Because Christ paid for us!

power in it. Five times a day all over lndonesia and other nations where

Only you and I are able to

they practise their faith the speakers blurt out their song in prayer.


involve heaven into our prayers because of the Blood! lt cost Jesus his life to give us that right. So when you and I start worshipping God and start praying and mixing worship with prayer then we start understanding what the word of the Lord says in Psalm 149, 'With the high praises of God in my mouth

and the two-edged sword in my hand', These two cannot be separated. But we separate them - we

make worship a few songs, and then we sit down and preach or we sit down and pray. But worship and prayer are so intertwined we must not separate them. I wish I could take you all to the mission field. I would show you the

House of Prayer of the It/uslims they sing their prayers five times a day They fill the land with their

ging because

The Buddhists sing their songs,

but you and l, whom Jesus paid for, say it's not our culture to do it.

- it's God's! God never intended for us to have a few worship songwriters. You and I need to get into that place where we sing in

You're right

the Spirit, where we are prophetic songwriters in the Spirit, touching the Spirit realm with our worship and song so we allow heaven to invade Earth.

lf you are embarrassed then go and sing in the field - the Spirit world won't noticel I might not be a vocalist but I can be a worshipper. I can go into my bedroom, to a field or my car and impact the Spirit world, I don't care if Satan hears that l'm off key. The power is not in

ln the Old Testament we see that music played a large part of the prayers, Why don't we see it in the New Testament? Because it

was a lifestylel Singing 'How great is our God' prayer is by worship! lt's interces-

sion by song! I have found that prayer with worship sometimes brings us into that refreshment. Why are intercessors so burnt out?

Why does it become such a hard work? Why do they become so dry? I always say that depression comes out of an empty life. lt's so important that we worship Jesus,

I ihank God for the wonderful musicians that we have in our day and age. I find some of that music and I put it on and eventually don't even know what they sing I might follow their melody but I totally let the Spirit

but the


;',, *



Suzette, pictured opposite, was speaking at prayer

seminars at the Assemblies of God be:one Conference

held earlier this year. www.voic ei nlh

e c


Question time: clockwise from top left, Chris Easton, Alistair Cole, Andy Hawthorne, Roy Crowne and Paul Weaver




The rlslng prof e f ptryer n publ C I

We talk to Christian leaders about an increase in secular interest NATIONAL NEWSPAPERS AND TV are covering the topic of prayer like never before. We spoke to Alistair Cole (Chairman of Elim Prayer Network), Roy Crowne (Youth for Christ), PaulWeaver (AoG General Superintendent), Andy Hawthorne

(The N/essage Trust, It/anchester), and Chris Easton (youth

Kingdom of God. Situations like that of tt/adeleiine lr/cCann and other national issues are great evidence of the powers of darkness at work. The main weapon the Church has is intercessory prayer.

and student pastor of Anglican church St Nic's, Nottingham),

RC: As Christians we don't just

about what is going on...

think about ourselves and our own needs; we also focus on the needs of others Biblically we are called to pray for nations and for national

How would you sum up the

prayer, particularly the



prayer levels of our nation?

AH: We have a long way to go, AC: There is a rising tide at the moment. lt's small beginnings but there is definitely a rise. Ivlore and more people are realising that prayer

but things are looking up. There's a real sense of momentum at the

eaders, so it's very important that we do this This is very critical for the well-being of the country. PW: A nation's true standing before

is the only answer to a desperate nation. There's a long way to go,

of God moving in our nation.

God is determined by its morality.

and we shouldn't kid ourselves. We

CE: They're pretty moderate. l've

Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach. The Bible directs

still need a massive re-education to take place at local church level regarding prayer, and we need to

seen powerful prayer, and it's not the same in this country. When I

understand that prayer and mission are vitally linked together.

RC: People seem to be recognising that prayer actually makes a difference and are turning to God in times of crisis. lt seems more public recently and the media is certainly picking up on the amount o{ prayer, which is very good for our nation,

PW: ln general I believe it's weak, but an increasing group of Chris-

was growing up, people wanted to pray and we would see the prayer meetings packed out. These days, people seem to come to what they

nations and lor

national leaders, so it's very important that we do this,'

Roy Crowne Below:

norrent. which is encouraging - without prayer, there's no chance

been to Africa a few times and

'Biblically we are called to pray for


Prime It/inister Gordon Brown

us to pray for the leaders of our nation because prayer changes people and their actions. Christians need to pray outside of their personal needs, because this widens their outlook to a global one, which

conforms to God's.

want to. They want to see how much

they can get out of God. However, the black churches in Britain seem to be setting the example in Britain when it comes to prayer.

It's all too easy for Christians to become consumed in their own lives. Why should we take time to pray for national issues?

tians are becoming a credible army

of intercessors. IMany of the black churches in our nation are strong on

AC:As Christians we have the task of proclaiming and advancing the 2007 Ju1-Sept Prayer l\,4agazine 19

AH: ln my private devotions

and me. We need to realise that this

RC: I think Ihe 24-7 prayer movement as a whole is doing great. It's probably a seasonal thing, but l've been to a few of them in this country, and they're proving to be a great success. They benefit not only the people who attend them, but also those who are organising

nation needs Jesus Christ, and the

them. Many different denominations

only way that will happen is through

serious intercession.

are getting involved with them too, which is pleasing.

CE: It's a commandment. We need to pray Jor those in authority. Our

PW: The more people pray, the more answers they see to their

country is in a mess and the only way that will change is through

prayers. Answers to prayer inspire

PW: I don't think you can convince by argument, but you can make a strong impression by letting them

prayer. 24-7 prayer hubs should increase on this premise, but we have to remember that prayer can

know you are praying for them. lf you can get to know them personally, you can ask if there are areas

be very hard work and fatigue can

that you could pray about for them.

dissipate desire.

This brings relationship and specific

AH:.24-7 prayer is the biggest youth

areas of prayer more than can be measured examples might be

movement in the world. lt's operating in over 60 nations and is run on a

Nebuchadnezzar, lhe f iery f urnace, and Daniel and the lions' den.

being set up by a particular organisation; rather, they're springing up all over the world. God is touching people's hearts in response to a tremendous prophecy given 20

shoestring. God's hand is obviously upon it so I know the future is bright. There are two keys to every revival: youth and sacri{icial prayer. 24-7

AH: The only way that prayer works is through the power of the Holy

prayer is the best demonstration

is the most pointless thing in the

years ago when someone said that

of these that is currently operating.

world. We need to bombard heaven

CE: The whole 24-7 prayer move-

so much that politicians know that when crime rates drop and com-


- Adoration, Confessing, Thanksgiving and Supplication - as a method in my time of reflection with God. lt's so regularly use ACTS

easy to become small-minded and

to think that it's all about me, me

prayer to God.

What is the future lor 24-7 prayer hubs in Britain? AC: There's a great future ahead. One of the good things about 24-7 prayer is that the hubs are not just

It/etropolitan Police Chiel Constable Sir lan Blair is backing projects like Hope 08. Some police chiefs claim prayer is helping to reduce crime

beacons of light would appear all across the darkness of the UK and that they would be prayer groups. I

think that the 24-7


ayer movement

ment is great and is really effecting young adults. Prayer doesn't always have to come out of the Church,

is certainly a part of this.

but it can be from young people who know they need to pray. God is raising up a real army of prayer warriors. How can we convince

politicians and people of influence that prayer works?


i&r "rt

AC: Christians in prayer must actually make a difference in their local environment. There are a lot o{ examples of where prayer and socral action have combined to see a real transformation in local towns. There are stories where the police have even testrfied ol a drop in crime, so even they can't argue with what God is doing. There are numerous cases

like this throughout the UK


Prayer N,4agaz



Sept 2007

RC: This is a tricky one and is the

mystery of prayer. lf we stopped praying, we would soon see the difference over a land or a nation.

Politicians probably doubt that prayer makes a difference, but it's

all a matter of faith. As believers, we believe that prayer and faith are very important, but it's hard to get this over to someone who doesn't have any faith.


Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit, prayer

munities are changed, it wasn't just the good ideas of the Church that did it, but also through the powerful prayers of the army of God. CE: Only through testimony when people look at Uganda and other cities and nations around the world, they will realise that prayer has

brought about the change. We also need to be good at Christian activity, which is a must alongside prayer.

What is your denomination/ organisation doing in terms of prayer?

AC: We have a national prayer network at Eiim and have 12,000 prayer parlners who receive our quarterly prayer bulletin They pray for Elim issues, as well as


"M 5-




ti I




t national and local concerns. We

AH: We are part of the current 'un-

have prayer representation meeting

broken prayer for lVanchester' that is going on. Every month we meet for a whole day of prayer, and each

in Parliament, and we also have a prayer network in schools and a grandparents prayer network that organises prayer between generations. Finally, we teach and preach


at conferences and churches

day we meet every morning for prayer as a team. We are upping our prayer levels constantly and we are believing that through this year's fervent prayers, God will do great things next year.

throughout the UK.

Issues such as the disappearance of Madeleine lt/cCann and the killings ol teenagers in London have led to a rise in public prayer vigils


Through the

media, churchgoers were asked to pray for the hit-and-run driver who killed four-year-old

0livia Donachie

RC: At Youth for Christ we encour-

age accountable prayer triplets

CE: I can't speak on behalf of the

throughout our 62 centres. These

Anglican denomination, but our church is starting to teach a lot more about prayer. We strongly feel that prayer shouldn't just be

people will be accountable to each other and pray for each other. AIso

we meet together regularly for

the individual centres pray every

meetings and have days of prayer for the movement and the nation. We also bring everyone together

day, I'm sure.

once a week for united prayer and

something done from the front of the church, but it should be a very

PW:We hold annualdays of prayer with the leaders of our churches.

important part of the lifestyle of every Christian.

2007 Jul-Sept Prayer l,ltagazine 21

Seekl ng God from very depths f e t

Retired r-ninister Paul Mercy on prayer al the lowest tir"nes JONAH'S MOST AMAZING prayer catches allthe principles of believing prayer, although in this instance to an extreme degree. ln a situation where all seemed

When we lind

despair in our lives, we could

find a new realm of faith, similar to that which Jonah


lost, and to human sense and reason there was no hope, Jonah's faith discovered another realm, another kingdom, a heavenly kingdom. He reached those heavenly

Paul said that God allowed these situations so that we stop

Jonah's faith stood the test. The turning point was when Jonah

places in which the apostle Paul says we sit - the sphere of things unseen and eternal.

fish swallowed him after apparently

Jonah's faith draws on these things. They include the precious promises God has made in his word. You may have no evidence

sinking to the bottom of the sea to the roots of the mountain; seaweed would have been wrapped around

caused him to pray. Before this he was asleep, but now he turned to God in a new way.

his head. Jonah describes how'the


in fact, the

earth beneath barred me in for ever'

conf ident was he of the answer that

situation may point the other waY - but you must accept your Crea-

(Jonah 2:6).

tor's word as being true.

it would have been bad enough, but God had done it! The hand of God had allowed this to happen because of Jonah's rebellion against

he praised God before the answer came. He praised from the belly of the great fish. Paul and Silas sang in prison, not afterthey got out. Jonah's situation was even greater than singing in prison - he was praising

God's word, and this obviously

from the depths of the sea and from

makes the situation so much worse.

the inside of the fish. When you praise after deliver-


no reason for hope, Abraham kePt hoping (Romans 4:18). To human reason it was impossible, yet at 99 and 90 respectively, Abraham and his wife Sarah went on to have a

multitude of descendants, numberless as the stars in the sky and the sand on the seashore. The Bible says that 'God has spoken, you hear and your soul lives'.

It's that great battle between sense and faith that we must win if we are to prevail in prayer. We have to flee the realm


holy and that you are wholly sinful, you really are in a place {or God to meet with you.

said, 'lwill look again towards your holy temple' (2.4). AI the start of

Abraham was in exactly the same situation; when there was

Paul Mercy

you really knowthat God is infinitely

and look to heavenly places where we are seated with Christ Jesus, where all things are possible.

relying on ourselves, and learn to rely only on God, God who raises the dead (2 Corinthians 1:9). I can't think of a more impossible situation than that of Jonah. He was thrown into the raging sea; a great

in your circumstances

Retired minister

of human possibility and reason

Prayer lr/agazine Jul-Sept 2007


this had been a mere accident

It was in these dire circumstances that Jonah's faith actually arose. However tossed about and afflicted we may be, we still should pray. Even if we feel we have been disobedient to God, we must pray.

ln fact, the more difficult the circumstance, the more need there is to pray. When every prop is taken away and there is nowhere else to turn, we must pray; when we reach rock bottom we must put our faith

into the everlasting arms of God. When you come to a place when

his prayer, he talks to the Lord 'his' God he hadn't lost his relation-


ship with God even though he'd run away! Again,


was the situation that

Jonah didn't turn to God in vain

his prayers were answered. So

ance, there's always an element of human relief in it, but when you praise God in the middle of your troubles, it is truly by faith. After Jonah had prayed and praised, the miracle came from the Lord and the Lord alone. He ordered the fish to spit Jonah out onto the beach. It shows that whatever the circumstance and no matter how dire the situation is, if you put your faith in God then he will never failto hear

your cry and meet your needs.



frnT toa.3t


t,*d w$*,cho*t o* fwfuil^,^l E


-.iuc[wdi ng the wucb [oa ed Ps 4'Ti1e t^or) ts vwy l1e1$erd,' Ps rzr'I tfr *yeyes to thehi[[t' and Ps 49 l-orb yrwt7owr s*wc{seb we a.r,* kv*w we.,



...wlata wanle{u/way fui,fr*t h lna{ MB WorcesLerlsrye rt ias fre/fe|

me {ocws ia rny qwiet


]w oxfor}


rtawntrng{y heautifwl AS Deuolt

t- 4 t<





wli c. c,ril,t, \ *uttutr* sawrytes av&we}


ffseu ther e.*vu,n iyanb xnif


me- r mbn



2007 Jul-Sept Prayer l\,4agazine 23

Ptrylng the postco WHEN ARCHBISHOP GEORGE CAREY asked Canon John Simons to go on a factfinding tour of Asia, he came backwith much more than a new gimmick or two. Bowled over by the widespread passionate intercession he witnessed, John brought home a new determination to see the nation changed through prayer. But John's interest had been born much earlier...

So during the 1990s my wife and I gradually visited each ol the 124 postcode areas, from Scilly to Shetland, and across England, Scotland, Wales and lreland, the Channel lsles and lsle of lr/an. We

churches in the 13 south-western postcode areas, inviting them to come together to take part in one local week of interdenominational

have prayer-walked in towns, cities

prayer in each year (to pray for their

and villages, and rnet with local

immediate locality, their nearest

prayer leaders where possible.

city, their region and the nation). Some 850 churches (or Churches Together groups) have taken part

Our perception has been that we were just being obedientrto a

John, is it true that you've been to every postcode area

confirmed, but unfolding, prayer

in Britain?

commission. lt was vbry low profile.

JS: lt is, but for a good reason!

When did your commitment to prayer change?


1989 I was given a prophetic word

through Pastor Jack Hayford, at the Church on the Way in LA. He told me God would entrust me with a future responsibility that could not be fulfilted from a desk or filing cabinet. He knelt and laid his hands on my feet and prayed in terms of Joshua 1 and 14 ('the land on which your feet have walked will become an inheritance').

lnitially, 85 Bristol churches took part; we then wrote each year to all

JS: ln 1991 I was sent to Asia by Archbishop George Carey (then

so far, mainly in the south-west, Overall, there has been a modest measure of participation within 83 of lhe 124 postcode areas - a village here, a city there.

Tell us more about the lnternet PrayerHub you're developing.

our localbishop in Somerset)to see

what the Church of England could learn from the rapidly growing Asian churches. I spent several months in Korea, China, Thailand, tMalaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore. I saw much that was inspiring

and admirable, but not culturally transferable to the UK. However, the stunning difference was the commitment to prayer. I saw Christians in great numbers, filling large auditoria, in passionate intercession for their nations.

On my return to Bristol, with encouragement from many, I formed

JS: In 2001, I was asked by lnterprayer's Brian lt/ills whether Crosswinds Prayer Trust could investigate the technical practicalities involved

in harnessing the lnternet for the exchange of confidential prayer information within the nation and across international borders with high security. This original request

was not one I had any technical competence io fulfil. However, God soon answered prayer. First, I discovered that a good Christian friend in Singapore shared

our concern to harness the lnter-

the Crosswinds PrayerTrust, the pur-

net for the secure communication

pose of which has been to mobilise a canopy of 52-week, cross-denominational prayer across 'his lsles'.

of prayer needs. I was surprised to find that, among his business interests, he part-owned a major software development company,

How did this venture go?

operation from ecclesiastical geog-

run by Asian Christians. He offered to develop the PrayerHub with us, for initial use in the UK, then Asia and elsewhere. This would be a gift

JS: The postcode grid 'rescued'the


Prayer N,4agazine Jul-Sept 2007

raphy (Anglican parishes, tVethodist

to the Church in the UK. Eventually,

Circuits, etc.) and facilitated united fellowship in prayer, in the spirit of 'one church, many congregations'

technology to be made available to the church in third world nations without charge, if it proves

in each community.


he wants the

the 1990s lvisited each 124 postcode Scilly to England Scotland, Wales and lreland, the Channel Isles and lsle of [Van'

will make possible a national (or even international) 'Google for Prayer'- or (to change the analogy) a'Clapham Junction' for extensive prayertrafficwithin his lsles' (www

in 1985, but, praise God, is going strong in 2007, despite various other mal'ignant setbacks. God is good, amid the manifold mysteries of sufferinE.

Any Christian organisation will

be able to use it, as a safe national access portal under their

How would you appraise the Anglican Church at present?

be locally maintained, but nationally

JS: lt depends where you look. First one needs the perspective


that the Church of England is only a

own name. Prayer information will

small part of the worldwide Anglican

What answers to prayer have you seen in your own life?

am still wearing conspicuous L-plates

when it comes to prayer. My deep conviction is that, although prayer is not everything, most ol lhe changes we long to see in our land are unlikely to come about unless more prayer is

undergirding them.'

Secondly, a gifted friend in Somerset became so excited by

tion is that, although prayer is not

with other denominations, some

everything, most of the changes we

attitudes and practices are as rebel-

the project that he left his secular iob by faith (despite having a wife and three young children to suPport) to become UK operations

long to see in our land are unlikely to come about unless more prayer is undergirding them. The prayer

lious and unfaithful as any hostile reporter could aim to depict. But where Christians are trusting the God of the Scriptures and

movement in 'his lsles' in recent years is a real encouragement,

depending on his Spirit I have

been a precarious faith-venture to keep bills paid, expenses covered, and food on the table. lVost British Christians seem to find it inexplicable that prayer mobilisation incurs

giving promise of greater changes

ily as well as towards the several

parts of God's amazing rainbow

costs! We need to travelto Singapore

churches and other organisations I have served over the years. Our daughter (who is married to


from time to time, and lengthy Skype conferences help to keep the Asian and UK team in touch. The Crosswinds team have also been much involved in designing and developing the software for Prayer-Alert (see www. prayer-alert.

net), for the Prayer Association of the British lsles and lreland, training the compilation team and helping with weekly proofreading.

The lnternet PrayerHub will be

completed by the Singaporean team in mid-2007, and, after trials, should become functional later this year. The design has been rigor-

ously appraised by competent software engineers. We hope it will prove to be a key tool to facilltate prayer communication as HoPe 08 (and the years beyond) approach. ln simple terms, the PrayerHub



wearing conspicuous L-plates when it comes to prayer. Ivly deep convic-

director for the PrayerHub. This has


ln Asia, Africa and Latin

there are many millions of Anglican believers who are faithful to Scripture and dependent on renewal in the Holy Spirit. But in the West, as

JS: Well, like most of us I am still

'Like most of us


Prayer Magazine Jul-Sept 2007

ahead. ln personal terms, lam grateful for God's kindness in our own fam-

a minister) had severe lt/E for seven

years, and became confined to a wheelchair and was certified disa-

learnt over many decades to value differing forms of worship and witness. We do not need to exaggerate or trade caricatures of the different

For myself, I do not believe that God in his grace and patience has given up on the Anglican Church, despite its many flaws, There are many wonderf ully exciting Anglican

bled. During this period, she lost five

churches in the UK and God has

babies at various stages. Then, amid the 'Torontor days of Holy Spirit renewal, she had a profound experience of God's healing touch, and was able to push her wheelchair out to the car park after

been pleased to birth such benefits as the Alpha course in that set-

a meeting. However, by the next day she was as ill as before. Soon after, she was prayed for again, and then showed steady improvement for the next 21 days, at the end of which she walked halfway up a Welsh mountain. She now has four children and leads a very full family life amid much Christian service. Also, my wife was given a short prognosis for an untreatable cancer

ting, to the blessing of the Church universal. I

prefer to be just a Christian (i.e

cross-denominational), but the C of E is where God has called me, As

long as the Captain stays on the bridge, I shall stay on board - even though some of the crew are mutinous towards his truth. N,4eanwhile, how much we all need each other,

as the light grows brighter, even while the darkness thickensl

Show respect and feil God When is the best trme to pray? Worship leader Chris Bowater gives his thoughts ALL OF THE GREAT MEN of God who I read about had what they called their'meeting place'with God, I don't have to be legalistic about meeting my wife I want to meet her as often as I can. I fully believe that God isn't going to hold a ham-

For some it's a chair, for others it's a room and for others it's a place

out in the countryside. ln the recent movie 'Amazing Grace', William Wilberforce is shown sitting under

mer over our heads while looking at his watch and saying, 'Oh no, you

a tree when he talks to God.

lf you were going to see the

missed it againl' l'm a big believer that God just loves it when we take the time and the space to meet with him heart to heart, whether it's morning, noon or night. lt's not just a discipline case,

Queen of England you would make

an appointment, you wouldn't just

turn up and knock on the door. Though we have confidence to come with access to the presence of God, I don't believe we should ever turn that into irreverence. We should always come to God with great respect and fear. There's enough in the Bible to tell us to start a day with God, and there's enough in the Bible to tell us to end a day with God, so the question is, when is the best time

to pray? The key is to not be legalistic.

but it's a desire case, Discipline

tinually then time doesn't come into

without desire is only half a story. There are times when I go with-


out much sleep because lwillwake

I drive my car and {ind myself communing with God. There's very rarely a moment when God

up at 4,30am when everything is still

thoughts are not in my heart.

and it will become a meeting place

Prayer is so crucial. I miss

with God. lt's so important to find the quiet place, There's so much diversity with

meeting with the Lord if my busyness crowds into my life. But I also sense that God says, 'l miss being

God I also believe in praying

with you.' lt's a friendship thing, a

continually. lf we are praying con-

lover thing,

'l drive my car and f ind myself commuting with God.'

Chris Bowater, pictured above

All of the Above

Strategic Prayer Eddie Smith and lVichaei (Belhany House, t7 99)



Subtitled applying the power of targeted prayer', this book is very practical in its outlook. lt is designed to enable readers to unlock the power of prayer in their own lives, lt is far f rom a theological discussion of prayer methods. With an application section at the end of each chapter, this is a book that will practically

Hillsong United (Authentic, 114 99) This is Hillsong United's first studio offering. Whilst the album doesn't have the initial impact it is easy to expect, it shines long term, with many tracks quickly becoming 'old favourites'. The best thing about the

album is that it makes worship easy. Definitely an album to use in your quiet times.

give you keys to pray more effectively.

What you always wanted to know f<rfr(" about prayer but were afra d to ask lan Ooffey (CWn,



A little book that deals with big issues. Too short to look at every question that arises concerning prayer, this book is still worth reading as rt handles extremely well the issues

that it does deal with. lt provides biblically grounded answers to widespread questions, and is sure to help anybody that has ever wondered about prayer.

Holding Nothing Back Tim Hughes (Survivor,



Tim Hughes' latest album suffers because many of the tracks have already been released on other albums such as Soul Survivor 2006. Nonetheless,

this album includes some cracking tracks and is sure to aid your devotional time.

2007 Apr-Jun Prayer Magazine 27

HAVE YOU EVER HAD THIS FEELING? sation with a certain someone, but you really

messed up, swallowing your pride and saying Sorry'. But you know what, God won't shout. And just like any friendship,

don't want to. Something difficult needs to be

when something is in the way, it's so

dealt with, so you put it off and put it off.

much better to deal with it straight off. Say sorry, get it over with, and

You knowyou need to have a certain conver-

Don't be alraid to have that chat with God. He won't shout at you - he loves you! 'The Lord is merciful and gracious; He is slow to get angry and

full ol unfailing love' (Psalm 103:8, NLT).

The worst thing is when you know you have to make yourself

make way for the relationship to be

small in front of a friend; you have to say'Sorry'. So you keep pretending everything is fine between you, skirting the issue with small-talk. Or maybe you just avoid the person, because if you don't talk to them they won't have the chance to ask

And to counter all those stupid things we sometimes believe about the way God thinks of us, here are some true things.

you those awkward questions. Ever

had that? Ever had that with God? Sometimes you can spend days, months even, avoiding 'that chat'. You think

that if you give him a chance to speak, he might shout at you. Or maybe you're just not fond of the

idea of facing God, muddy and


God loves us. He makes it blatantly clear, through the Bible, through our lives, through Jesus. His love never stops. 'Unfailing', he calls it. 'The Lord is merciful and gracious; He is slow to get angry and full of unfailing love' (Psalm


103:8, NLT) no matter what we have done, or not done; no matter if we ask his opinion on our choice of breakfast cereal or if we haven't spoken to him for a month.

God likes us. Sometimes this is the hardest one to accept, but it's true. God loves to hang out with us,

loves to hear us, and he likes us, just as we are.


God doesn't like it when things get between him and us. Check out the Old Testament for stories about

the lsraelites learning this the hard way, and deciding to learn from

=*i:: 28

Prayer l\,4agazine Ju l-Sept 2007

their mistakes. Repentance (turning

back to God) is the first, and often

the hardest step, in getting back into a relationship that's free from awkwardness, shame and guilt. Here's anotherway I like to avoid having 'that chat'with God. lt's a bit weird... ready? I pray. That's right. I prayfor myfriends when they have exams, I prayfor my church leaders, I prayforfriends going through tough times. As long as I keep it from getting too personal, it works.

Butyou knowwhat? l'm kidding mysel{. lt doesn't work. lt merely keeps things manageable. But I don't want my relationship with

with a God who listens, who loves us, and who is powerful to transform any situation. I don't want to be half-hearted when l'm praying about a situation that needs a miracle, or for my nation. lf l'm not willing to open up my

God to be manageable. I want it to be mind-blowing, life-giving. And I

don't want my praying to happen out of guilt. I want to pray out of a connection with God that is clear and fast, like an SIVB Broadband connection. I know that prayer is powerful, that it works, that it's not just words hanging in the air. lt's a connection

whole heart to God, if l'm keeping parts of my heart out of bounds, then I can't pray whole-heartedly. You might be under the impression that people who pray are a dying breed. Or maybe you're excited about the way that more

knows us, loves us, and longs to answer our prayers. When we bring him our mess-ups, when we turn to him and give him our whole hearts, he will start to give us his heart. We'll

start praying prayers that are right at the top of his 'to do' list. We'll find ourselves in a good place with our good Father and greatest friend, and we'll be part of a massive movement of prayer that is impacting people's lives all over the world, minute by minute. Don't hold God at arm's length.

people seem to be joining together to get serious about prayer these

He won't shout at you, He doesn't throw stones. He invites us to join

days, in a Global Day of Prayer, or Ihe 24-7 prayer community, or your

him, and it would be stupid to give that one a miss.

own youth group. But all of this, boiled down, laid bare, comes to a conversation with a God who

I know that prayer is powerful, that it

works, that it's not just words hanging in the air. lt's a connection with a God who lislens, who loves us, and who is powerlul to transform any situation. I don't want to be

halthearted when I'm praying about a situation that needs a miracle, or lor my nation. ll l'm not willing to open up my whole heart to God, if l'm keeping parts of my heart out of bounds, then I can't pray whole-heartedly.

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2007 Jul-Sept Prayer

lr/agazine 29

The ABC of prryer 'HALLOWEEN' MEANS All Hallows Even'; 'hallow' meaning 'to set apart a person or thing for sacred use', or'to hold sacred and reverence as holy'. All Saints' Day, celebrated

the day after, remembers those regarded as 'sanctified', or set apart as holy.

purposes and intend evil. lf you do this, go prepared - with adequate knowledge on what and who you may be up against, and with your

quiet rural locations, others (like the World Prayer Centre) are in

spiritual armour (see Ephesians 6)

premises for dedicated prayer, with a similar vision - to enhance the prayer life of their members and to encourage greater engagement

in place.

This is not a game. Satan is

a real being, who gxercises


creasingly evil influences through H is for Halloween Halloween has been taken over by witches and witchcraft; to them it is the high festival day of the satanic calendar's year. Dressing up as witches, doing 'trick or treat' or carving evil faces on pumpkins can be dangerous. The EAs'Doorways to Dangers'

booklet that described Halloween as by far the most evil 'attaction' on offer to a gullible public led to quesAn Anglican

clergyman discovered that up to 90% of teenage

schoolchildren in his area had dabbled in some {orm of witchcraft, and that Halloween was the

most common enlry point,

tions being asked in Parliament, and headteachers throughout the

tive Halloween parties' for children, in which games and activities major

rounding community.

Scan your local newspapers a month beforehand, and find out where and when Halloween and witchcraft events are taking place. Then, in prayer, we as Christians can ask God to bind the evil Pow-

provide a boost to their prayer life, and churches and individuals could be encouraged to visit the centres to discover more. Prayer events that

and to shun every form of evil.

are better org'anised on behalf of a

Throughout the history of Christian-

the vision to establish houses of - communities in Lindisfarne and lona, for example, and monasteries and convents as places oJ


to spend more time in meditation and prayer.

Today's houses of prayer are places for personal retreats; places

where small groups can spend prolonged time together in prayer; places for local Christians to come together to pray about issues of common concern; and places for

seminars on different aspects of prayer. They're not intended to be

these events.

bolt-holes from daily pressures, but

enough to pray on site


say, at a

local 'high place', which may be used by those who serve Satan's Prayer lr/agazine Jul-Sept 2007

touch with current developments

centres might visit local churches to

ers that may be unleashed through

Some Christians are bold


and with urgent needs across the

Whatever we do on Halloween, let's use the occasion to glorify God

ity in the British lsles, there have been some famous expressions

against evil influences in the sur-

ldeally, these houses can become resource centres on prayer for local churches. They can keep

their friends.

children in his area had dabbled in some {orm of witchcraft, and that

So how do we redeem All Hallows Even? Some churches put on

to which they invite their friends.

world. Smdl teams from the various

H is for Houses of Prayer for AllNations

Halloween was the most common entry point.

with the needs of the world. Some individuals have turned a room in their own home into a prayer room - for both personal use and a place

on positive factors to enable them to be a blessing to and to pray for

country being instructed not to encourage Halloween in their schools. An Anglican clergyman discovered that up to 90% of teenage school-

an evening of prayer on the day, stressing holiness and praying


networks of followers. Ensure that holiness of life is practised arnong those sharing in your prayer vigils, and that prayer for cleansing has preceded what you do. Some churches put on 'alterna-

city centres. Some churches have set aside a room or rooms in their

instead places to begin engaging more productively with the needs of the wider community.

Some houses of prayer are


larger region can be spearheaded by these centres, gathering Chris-

tians together from a variety of denominational backgrounds. At the centre where I am based, we hold a monthly prayer day for the region and another for the persecuted Church in lVluslim nations. We

hold seminars on topics of current interest, and visit different churches in the area to provide teaching and to lead prayer walks. A group of leaders from these various communities meet together from time to time to share vision, pray for each other and encourage one another to keep going. Do try to visit such a house of prayer, and enhance your spiritual life and understanding of prayer.

H is for the hour that changes the world When Jesus was praying in the

garden of Gethsemane, he said to his disciples, 'Are you asleep? Could you not keep watch for one hour? Watch and pray that you will not fall into temptation.'

wander when we try to pray for any length of time; we don't know what to pray about; we grow weary and fall asleep - particularly if we close our eyesl

Some Christians have inter-

One of the most creative means

preted this to mean that their prayer


meetings should be of one hour's duration! l'rn glad that God is not legalistic like that.

one hour (as a starter, not as a limiting factor), is 'The hour that changes

Of course, the disciples did not

have discovered to help us pray for

the world', a concept developed by

Dick Eastman, outstanding prayer leader and leader of 'Every Home

realise the significance of the time or season that Jesus was passing

for Christ'. He suggests splitting an

through, nor of his need at that

hour into five-minute segments, and

moment for genuine fellowship in

then focusing on a dif{erent topic in


each segment. A Scripture reading for each segment helps you to pray with the word of God. Another idea is to use music to helpyou praise God. Howabout us-

Neither were they experienced

pray-ers. When Jesu's took the same disciples with him to pray on what we know as the ltzlount of Transfiguration, they did the same thing - they fell asleep on the jobl

With all that was going on, I still wonder how they managed not to keep awakel Ir/ost of us need a spur to pray. We easily get distracted; our minds

not try five minutes every hour for twelve hours in a day? You could still use the five-minute slots as sug-

gested, and then go on to develop your own approach. This might help you become regular in prayer and to make prayer a lifestyle.


is a

callto pray at

noon every day - a set time to stop and pray. The Billy Graham Association used to encourage people

involved in their missions to stop at noon daily to pray for different aspects of the upcoming mission. They used a red dot on watches as reminders. These days we can set our own digital watches or mobile phones to bleep at a specified time, to remind us to pray.

ing the daily newspaper or TV news

lf you want to pray for world mission, why not draw up a list of

to heLp pray about current issues? lt

seven concerns and pray for each

might transform a boring hour into an exhilarating experience of prayer

of them on the same day each week? Doing this at noon would

and being in God's presence. lf you find it difficult regularly to set aside an hour to pray, why

bring you to the Throne of Grace at the same time as others - at least in your time zonel


Brian Mills

is an

executive member of the lnternational Prayer Council and has served al the forefront ol prayer mobiJisation lnitiatives lor the last lhree decades, He cofounded lnterprayer, an organisation interesled in developing community translormation around the world, and also enc0urages prayer at the Ashburnham Prayer Centre in Kent. www.interprayer.con

Jul-Sept Prayer Magazine




REES HOWEI-LS WAS a man of little worldly fame, yet through the bestselling book, 'Rees Howells

- lntercessor', his life story is known

to millions, writes David Littlewood. Howells was born in the mining village of Brynamman, South Wales. His grandparents were converted in the famous 1859 realthough religious knew nothing of the new birth Things changed when, aged 22, he

vival, but Rees



moved toAmericato join his cousin, Evan Lewis.

Rees got a job in a tin mine, making good money but his life was turned upside down when

ance to the Gospel and he unreservedly yielded his life to Christ.

With a new set of ambitions, of Wales, arriving home in 1904,

in 1915 God dropped a bombshell by calling Rees and his wife to work

the year of the great Welsh revival. The deep sense of the presence

in Gazaland, South Africa. Here, they experienced a mighty revival

of God left a lasting impression


on him; he quickly gave himself to discipling the many converts left by

in Wales in 1904. And when the

Rees leftAmerica for his homeland

the revival. Experiencing revival brought a new sense of hunger for God in his own life. ln 1906 he attended the famous Llandrindod Wells convention, and received such a powerful

prospect so alarmed him that he

B'elow: Derwen Fawr House, Bible College

moved to N/artin's Ferry, about 100 miles away. Then, at the age of 23, Rees was

of Wales

stiuck down with a near fatal dose of typhoid fever. The nearness of

All pictures courtesy

death made him fear for his eternal welfare, Having recovered, hewent

of the Bible College of Wales

to live in Pennsylvania, where a converted Jew, N/laurice Reuben,

wasconducting an evangelistic campaign. Reuben's testimony and preaching broke Howells' resist-




infilling of the Holy Spirit that he returned a new man. Then came a series of experiences and testings that prepared him as one of the great prayer warriors of the 20th century. As a result,

A favourite phrase was 'the gained position of intercession' - the place of power and victory for whatever one was praying for, One particular area of victory God led Howells into was divine healing;

he saw several cases of sickness healed in answer to fervent prayer.


Prayer N/lagazine Jul-Sept 2007

one of them would see revival

- and

they did

After five years of incredible fruitfulness, the Howells returned home in 1920 to follow Rees' buryoung people for the mission field and the ministry. ln 1923, during a visit to N/lumbles, near Swansea, God pointed out a mansion called 'Glynderwen' as the place, and after a series of miracles, the college was

At the beginning of 1935, How-

prayed through to salvation as he learned the art of the intercessor.


directors of the mission asked Rees

to visit every one of the 43 mission stations, he promised that every

opened in 1924.

some notorious characters were


greater even than they had seen

den to start a Bible College to train

one day Evan asked him if he was 'born again', Although Rees was a regular churchgoer, he had never heard of the new birth. ln fact, the Right: Rees Howells and his wife, Hannah

ln 1910, Rees married; and after period a of training, he entered the Congregational ministry. However,

ells had a new burden to pray for world missions. With the rise of Hitler and IVussolini, Rees and his team of intercessors were called to 'stand in the gap' in prayer, They believed as prayer warriors they were to have no more claim on their lives,

time or possessions than


they had

been drafted into the forces. ln 1937, Howells and his group experienced a visitation of the Spirit and for three weeks lost all sense of time as they were taken up in intercession. This prepared them for the

battles ahead, as they interceded for Britain during the dark days of World War ll. Throughout the war, Rees and his company - of ten up to 100 people - interceded every


mo rl al to founder day from 7pm to midnight. And that

after a full day's workl They were sustained by the power of the Holy Spirit; only eternity will reveal their part in the conflict for freedom. ln February 1950, Rees Howells died aged 71. His last whispered words were 'Victory! Hallelujah!

Throughout the war, Rees and his company - often up to 1 00 people

The Bible College of Wales

interceded every day from 7pm to midnight. And that

(whose graduates include the evan-

gelist Reinhard Bonnke) stands as Rees Howells' earthly memorial. However, eternity alone will reveal the effect this remarkable intercessor had on spiritual life in the twentieth century.

after a full day's workl

Left: Bees Howells with his wif e, Hannah, and son, Samuel


,.:) .l

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2007 Jul-Sept Prayer

lr/agazine 33

an F

without it. I can't lead Faithworks without


people doing what God wants, and we can only hope to do that if we ask him what he wants, We


giving God the chance to get a

have to pray and ask God what he

finish every day and keep myself centred on the purposes of God.

word in edgeways.

wants us to do and then listen for

Prayer is a vital ingredient in my life,

to write instead of speak. lf you find

We want to do what God wants,

without which I can't do anything. N/y life is completely based on prayer. Not on a time in the morning dedicated to talking to the ceiling,

speaking out is a problem then why not try writing? lt might promPt a

It is the

way that I start every day,

but to prayer. I know that God hears

prayer and that prayer is powerful. But I think that we also need to supplement this with social action. We are the answer to our own prayers, whether we like to admit it or not.

I have found that when I pray, God will give me what I need, but not necessarily what I want. lt's uP to him how he answers my prayerst I have also found that prayer changes me. I don't think that it necessarily changes my surroundings, but it changes my perspective. Ithinkthat everybody should get into the habit of praying. Get into the

habit, but don't treat it as a chore! It's easy to be ritualistic, but you should treat prayer as a conversation with God. After all, that is what it is! We need these conversations to

be part of our everyday existence. Ivly life is based on prayer. I need these conversations to function properly, yet we so often neglect this practice. I also think that when we pray, we should spend at least as much time listening as we do talking. It's really easy to flood a prayer time with our requests without ever


Prayer Magazine Jul-SePt 2007


have found that it can also helP

the answer.

new release in prayer. You can read

rather than just make ourselves feel good by helping a few people out. We're not doing these works

scripture as prayer. There are just so many ways to prayl There are thousands of ways

to salve our conscience, we're doing it for God. lf we're going to do it for God then we have to get him

to prayl Don

involved, and the best way to do this


think of prayer as just

traditional talking to God, because

there are so many ways to


Find yours.

is through prayer.

Prayer is completely vital to the

organisation. We can't function without the prayers of the people

The organisation that I lead Faithworks, is built on prayer, lt is more than 'just' a social action

we depend on prayer support from

organisat on. lt s about more than simply doing good deeds The Bible talks about faith and

how vital prayer is to a Christian ex-

works and we need to combine

involved in running Faithworks, and

those outside of the organisation. We need to realise again just istence. For me, prayer is essential, I can't exist properly without it.

'l have found that when I pray. God will give me what I need, but not necessari I y

what I want.'



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Prayer Magazine 11  

Editor : Carl Brettle

Prayer Magazine 11  

Editor : Carl Brettle