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Evangelists Believing for the Nationto be Changed in 2020


One Simple Change that Restored My Relationship with God


Where Does Transformation Begin in Our Communities




Rebuild. Restore. Renew.


Wartime Miracles and a National Scandal


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The Persecution in China Intensifies


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Awakening the Generations in the Nations

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From the editor... The start of the year is a time when people stop and assess life and set goals for the coming year. In recent conversations, God has been speaking to many people and ministries about a time of reset. I encourage you to set time aside, be still and know that He is God, and ask the Lord if there are changes you may need to make in your life in 2019. “Look, I am making everything new! Write it down because these words are true and can be trusted” Revelation 21:5 You can now also get Prayer Magazine digitally by visiting or you can receive 6 issues of the magazine delivered to your door for less than £20 a year. Find out more information at www. If you have any stories of what God is doing in your life, ministry, church or community, we’d love to hear your answers to prayer. Email your story to editor@ I hope that this issue will bless you. Natasha Ruddock - Editor @mrsruddock 4

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1 Jan: New Year's Day Sunrise prayer relay 12 Jan: Prayershift Gathering 18-25 Jan: Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 23-26 Jan: World Generation Gathering, Indonesia 31 Jan - 2 Feb: Catch the Glory 2019 9 Feb: Prayershift Gathering 11 - 13 Mar: Rebuild Restore Renew Conference

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evangelists ‘believing for the nation to be changed̕ in 2020 Written by ADVANCE 2020 Over the past decade, thousands of churches have stepped out of their comfort zones to get involved in local communities. Foodbanks, winter night shelters, community chaplaincies, Street Pastors and many more practical initiatives have put faith into action. In the last couple of years, the Talking Jesus research has given fresh confidence in taking on the challenge to put faith into words. Seeds of the Gospel have been sown. Now, ministries and denominations are sensing that it is time for harvest. In October 2018, evangelists from across the UK gathered at Lambeth Palace and committed to work together to release a new generation to multiply the evangelist’s gifting and bring fresh hope to the country in the next two years. The unique gathering of 100 evangelists and ministry leaders agreed to lead a major evangelistic thrust in 2020, and to multiply the gift of evangelist through mentoring and accountability

groups. HOPE is one of the partners promoting Advance 2020. Evangelist and executive director of HOPE, Roy Crowne says, ‘We want to multiply the gift of evangelist to proclaim Christ to 500,000 young people in 2020. Together, as we pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit through mission together in words and action, recommissioning the gift of the evangelist, we are believing for the nation to be changed significantly as God reaps a harvest that year.’ Advance 2020 encourages churches in villages, towns and cities to work together to arrange evangelistic events in large-scale venues as well as in local churches. ‘Arise, shine, for your light has come…’ the words of Isaiah 60 had inspired Andy Hawthorne with the vision to start Advance 2020, he said. ‘God was saying “step out in faith and do some big reaping events again”. But he said, ‘I also felt the Lord say “And you aren’t going to be the main evangelist”. For 25 years I’ve been the front guy for

The Message, but I strongly felt the Lord say “You need to release younger evangelists”. I’ve gathered 12 younger guys around me and invested in them, believed in them, and we have wrestled together on what Gospel we preach to produce disciples, with a high level of accountability to each other.’ Andy’s Advance group meets regularly and uses a WhatsApp group to share stories, pray for each other and keep in touch. As he has road-tested the mentoring vision with his group, Andy says the 12 have seen thousands respond to Christ at events across Europe on a regular basis. ‘It feels like the most significant thing I’ve ever done in my lifetime … I’ve seen thousands more people come to Christ.’ There are now dozens of Advance groups – men and women’s groups – with hundreds of evangelists taking part to spur one another on. The

Advance 2020 vision is to multiply the groups, mentoring younger evangelists, sharpening each other’s message, whether they preach from a stage or share Christ in one-to-one conversations. Evangelists are being invited to work together, starting their own Advance groups and bringing them to the Advance 2020 Summit on 12th October 2019 at Bethel Convention Centre, Birmingham, where 2,000 evangelists are to be recommissioned for a ‘reaping year’ in 2020. In the run-up to the event, one hundred 11-18 year olds will also be mentored and trained. Advance 2020 is a partnership between the Church of England, the Evangelical Alliance, HOPE, the Luis Palau Association, The Message Trust, the Redeemed Christian Church of God UK, Church Army, CVM, Light, Pais GB, and Fusion.

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If your church would be interested in assembling a team to climb Africa's highest mountain please get in touch...

DOES GOD WANT US TO RSVP? THE WALL by GREGORY SMITH When Jesus gives us an answered prayer we have three options on what to do in that moment. Firstly, we can ignore it. Secondly, we can celebrate and then move on. Thirdly, we can choose to respond to God and His gift to us. We believe that every answered prayer is an invitation from God for us to RSVP. Recognise Firstly, let’s recognise when God has answered our prayers. It’s a good idea to write down your prayer requests and petitions to remember them. Some people write them in a notebook, or you can even use an app like PrayerMate or the Bethel Increase App. Let’s not allow God’s blessings to 10

fly past without us noticing, but instead keep our requests on our mind and stop to recognise when the answers arrive. Steward What does stewarding an answered prayer look like? Part of it is capturing the moment; the way you felt; how it impacted you; what the answer taught you about God’s relationship with you. Also capture it accurately, when God moves it doesn’t need to be exaggerated! As you collect all the details they will become important for you. Take time to reflect and meditate on what God has done. Some of that is giving thanks immediately, but the

danger is we can miss the opportunity to delve into the answered prayer and properly consider what God has done. Let’s ponder what God has taught us through the journey of calling out to Him and getting an answer, rather than only focusing on the blessing of the result. Voice We can best steward our gift of answered prayer by keeping it with us everywhere we go and showing it off: ‘let the one who boasts boast in the Lord’ (1 Corinthians 1:31). Let’s tell our friends and families about God’s blessings. Talking about what He has done for us increases faith and changes the spiritual atmosphere for the prayer to be answered again. Power is released as we speak of what God has done! It would be great if as a nation we could rediscover the gift of storytelling. Instead of conversations about Brexit or Love Island, let’s share stories about what God has done in our lives, the old and the new. Prophesy Revelation 19:10 tells us that ‘the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy’. We believe that when we tell a story of answered prayer we are actually prophesying that God can do it again. We tell the story so that our answered prayers are not just hidden away once in a generation but are repeated over and over for loads of people to encounter the God who answers. So next time you have the joy of receiving an answered prayer from God remember to RSVP! Gregory Smith is part of the team at The Wall - 11



Have you ever felt stuck in your faith? For over a year, that’s where I was with my relationship with God. I wondered where the intimacy had went. I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t seem to read the Bible and pray on a regular basis. That was when God helped me to make one simple change. It’s so simple that it’s easy to dismiss. But this small change restored my relationship with God in a powerful way. The Morning Rhythm That change was establishing what I call a ‘morning rhythm’. Also known as a morning routine. Put simply, it’s a series of actions you do every morning to build habits through consistency. It’s a simple concept with powerful potential.

If you’re anything like me, your ‘morning brain’ is not very good at making decisions that align with your spiritual goals. That’s where the ‘morning rhythm’ comes in. You don’t have to think or make decisions when you wake up. You just get into the flow of actions you’ve already decided are best for you each morning. For example, the two biggest priorities for me each morning are: 1. Quality time in prayer 2. Quality time in God’s Word These are the two most important things I’ll do each day. A morning rhythm helps to make sure these happen every morning. When I decided I was going to wake up early and spend my first hour the same way every day, that's when things


changed for me. I was never a big fan of structure in my faith. However, I've come to see it as a powerful tool in bringing about changes we desire. The Freedom of Structure As a creative person, I resist structure. I always felt that structure would limit my creativity. It felt confining. It would prevent me from being able to ‘follow the Spirit’. Perhaps you can relate to these feelings? My perspective on this changed after a mentor challenged me on my resistance to structure. He asked me to consider the way a tree grows. Without any structure, a tree would never reach the heights needed to bear fruit and provide shade. A tree has structure but it also bends with the wind. It has the ability to adapt and grows around obstacles. A tree has structure but it’s not rigid. The same can be said of our lives. The key is making sure your structure submits


to God’s Spirit. That’s when it has the potential to support life and creativity. Without any structure, a tree would never reach the heights needed to bear fruit and provide shade. The same can be said of our lives. Believe it or not—structure has helped me to spend more time with God and create more artwork. It's also helped me live out my Christian values much more effortlessly. Find Your Rhythm As I’ve looked into the lives of people who made a great difference in the world, almost all of them had some sort of morning rhythm. Even Jesus would wake up while it was still dark to spend time with the Father. There is something incredibly powerful about this simple practice. I hope my story encourages you to implement your own 'morning rhythm'. To leverage the power of structure to do the things you most want to do.

where does transformation The definition of restoration is: the act of restoring or state of being restored, as to a former or original condition, or place. The replacement or giving back of something lost or stolen. Something restored, replaced, or reconstructed. I lead a charity called ROC, Redeeming Our Communities. Interestingly people often call us Restoring Our Communities by mistake! I suppose the ideas are very similar. Restoration is at the heart of the Christian Gospel. Our world is being restored as the Kingdom advances, to how God intended it to be. In the fullness of time there will be no more tears, no death, or mourning, or pain! (Revelation 21:4).


In Christ, God offers each one of us the opportunity to be restored. We are reconstructed. Born again. The old passes away and all things become new.

One of the most powerful ministries we have been involved in is restorative justice. This is a model which focuses on the rehabilitation of offenders through reconciliation with victims and the community at large. Restorative justice brings those harmed by crime or conflict and those responsible for the harm into communication, enabling everyone affected by a particular incident to play a part in repairing the harm and finding a positive way forward. We saw real breakthrough in the

begin in our communities? lives of seven young people recently when they, along with their parents, attended a face-to-face restorative justice meeting with staff from a bakery shop. The youngsters were part of a larger group identified by CCTV as having been involved in a burglary and the handling of stolen goods worth ÂŁ200. Items including drinks, cakes and sweets had been consumed and thrown about the service yard at the rear of the premises. Some of the young people had previously been in to the shop to apologise, having felt embarrassed

Written by Debra Green about what they had done, whilst others had avoided going back. The ‘lightbulb moment’ in the meeting was when the young people recognised the risk they had caused to the staff and the implications for them if the matter had been pursued by prosecution rather than through restorative justice. They took the opportunity to apologise to the two staff members for the damage and agreed not to do it again at any of the premises in the shopping precinct where the bakery is located. The young people also took part in a local litter pick arranged by the Youth Offending Service.


In feedback gathered since, one of the young people now “realises how easy it is to go down the wrong track.” Another said that going through the process was a “good way of correcting ways of thinking and doing things, and a good way of reconnecting with community.” One delighted parent commented that “I thought the process was very successful especially for the age group” and that the “volunteers did a great job with a good outcome.” It’s so rewarding to see this sort of reconciliation taking place. Individuals are restored but whole communities also see the benefit. Our volunteers are trained in specific techniques to facilitate this kind of restoration. Of course, the people have to be willing to change, but we often see a breakthrough when the face-to-face meetings take place. These examples are incomplete though. Real lasting restoration can only take place when people embrace a relationship with the Creator. Christians are called to point people towards God who has the power to fully restore them. Matthew 5:16 says ‘let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father in heaven’. We are called to be visible, not hidden. As I am travelling around the UK sharing 18

with communities about being safer, kinder places, I often get asked ‘where does transformation begin?’ The answer for me is simple. It starts with prayer. In prayer we hear the heartbeat of God for our communities and through prayer, we are equipped to be the instruments of healing and reconciliation. Isaiah 58 puts it like this ‘Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and will raise up the age-old foundations; you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings!’ Frank and I wrote a book on prayer in 2005, City-changing prayer - based on our experience of seeing what God did through prayer in our home city of Manchester. I am so blessed to see how God has used our book to inspire more community-focused prayer around the UK and beyond. Earlier this year, I felt a nudge to write another book - Mountain Moving Prayer, which will be published in March 2019. I have recently joined the leadership team of the Christian festival Spring Harvest. It’s so encouraging that in 2019 Spring Harvest are taking the theme of prayer, Unlimited when you pray. I remain convinced that restoration comes when we pray and then when we follow up our prayers with action.

Debra Green OBE, Founder and CEO of ROC.




Written by



What do you see?

us to ‘see’ something of what he is At this time of year, we naturally reflect doing, personally, locally, nationally and on what’s been, and look ahead to globally. what is to come. God often asks us to Reset. It’s time: look up, to see, to behold, to take note To go deeper in our intimacy and of what he is doing, saying or showing identity with God. and then to record that. I’m writing To rediscover that he first loved us. what I see, gathering what others are sensing for the new season ahead. To remember our first love. Reset. I believe God is calling us to go deeper in intimacy and identity. We’ve gone wide in impact and influence, but there’s a new season with a new strategy. God began to speak to me about this many months ago. At first, I thought it was a personal and local message. I have been amazed as I’ve seen God speaking similarly across the body of Christ. God is trying to get our attention and cause


To live out the best and first commands to love God and love others. To make the most of prayer. To listen to and overflow with the Spirit. How do we do this? Reset: Review Look again at how you are living for, and with, Christ. Busyness does not

equal fruitfulness; the goal is not fruitfulness but abiding. John 15:5 ‘I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. How are you abiding and listening to God? He will add as we remain. No more striving. As we abide, he prunes, shapes, grows fruitfulness in and through us. Reset: Refresh We are called to encounter God. As we do, he renews our identity. We are beloved, significant, accepted, secure, chosen, valued. Encounter requires participation and not passivity. One thing I ask from the Lord, this only do I seek, that I may dwell in the house of

the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the Lord and to seek him in his temple. Psalm 27:4 Take time to gaze, to be, to seek, to dwell with him. Turn your attention to him. Invite the Spirit to refresh. What needs to change to prioritise this? Reset: Realign Activity and purpose come from identity and intimacy. Knowing who we are and knowing whose we are. God sees our hard work, endurance and integrity but perhaps we’ve forgotten why we do what we do and who we get to do this with! Revelation 2:4-5 But here is something I hold against you. You have turned away from the love you had at first. Think about how far 23

you have fallen! Turn away from your sins. Do the things you did at first. Activity and programmes are not wrong but for maximum kingdom impact and influence they have to overflow from a place of abiding. As we Reset and do the things we did at first, we rediscover love. We then realign in partnership with God in his mission because we know we are loved, we love God and can’t help but love others. What do you need to lay down or pick up to realign? May we let go of the things that hold us back and keep us contained. Let’s attack apathy, cancel condemnation, doubt our doubts and with the Spirits help and power, face fear. What does reset look like in your life and the things God has given you to steward? What do you see? 24

Sarah was born in Wales and became a follower of Jesus at 13. She currently serves as one of the Pastors of Elim Life Church, a multi-site church in North Birmingham. Sarah also leads LiftUp, Elim’s national ministry for prayer. She loves to inspire people to passionate and personal prayer, prophecy and

intercession. She believes that anything is possible when we hear the voice of God and say yes!

When Israel became a nation state on 14th May 1948, it really was a case of the impossible becoming reality. It was also the cornerstone prophetic event of our age, and had been foretold over and over by the Old Testament prophets. The Jews are the only ancient people group to survive to modern times. Yet paradoxically, they are the most persecuted people in history. Despite the murderous threats of their enemies, Israel continues to thrive. Is God involved, and is the story of Israel and the Jewish people really a miracle? As the nation celebrates its 70th anniversary, it's time to explore the evidence... and to decide for yourself.

Available from

the persecution in

In recent months the Chinese government has markedly increased the pressure on Christians throughout the country. We received an unconfirmed report from a long-term China missionary stating that 314 house church Christians have been killed in recent months, and hundreds more are missing. Most house church leaders have gone into hiding and have disconnected their phones and other devices because of the incredible surveillance capabilities of the state.

Thousands of house churches (which are considered illegal in China) have been closed. Reflecting the actions of Mao's Red Guards in the 1960s, religious symbols such as crosses and Scripture posters have been torn down and replaced by flags of China or portraits of President Xi Jinping. Some congregations have been ordered to sing the national anthem or other patriotic songs at the start of their services. Others have been ordered to install government facialrecognition surveillance cameras inside their worship halls, and those that have refused to comply have been forced to shut down. Landlords who rent buildings to Christians are being heavily fined by the 26

government, with new laws allowing fines of between 20,000 to 200,000 Yuan (almost US$30,000). This has created a climate of fear and suspicion, and thousands of fellowships have been forced out of the premises they were renting. On the streets, the police have the power to stop and search anyone they wish and to check their phones and other devices for content they deem a threat to society. These threats may include the presence of a Bible app or visits to Christian websites, or any communication considered unpatriotic. The most severe persecution is occurring in the vast Xinjiang region in northwest China. In recent years a promising church movement had emerged among the Uyghur, Kazakh and Kirghiz people groups, but most of the church leaders have been arrested and taken to concentration camps in the desert. Reputable news organizations estimate at least one million people are being detained and tortured in those camps right now. Many suburbs in cities like Urumqi, Hami and Kashgar are now depopulated and countless buildings have been boarded up. Although this initiative was designed to target Muslims in border areas, almost all Uygur and Kazakh church leaders have also been taken away.

china intensifies

The government doesn't care whether someone is a Muslim or Christian. It's all the same to them. Let’s continue to pray for a change of policy by the Chinese government that will permit religious freedom. Pray for the encouragement and strengthening of our brothers and sisters in Christ and that the Lord will use the persecution of His people to greatly expand the ministry of the Church and the turning to Christ even more huge numbers of this most populous nation. Visit for further information. 27


God appreciates people who pray fervently for other people facing trials. Why does God command intercessory andhad how us to do Iprayer, recently a does weekHe fullwant of meetings -it?one night we were making plans

In the His greatest trial, Jesus for a midst new of deeper unity movement prayed fervently.The What would youat have in Birmingham. next, I was an prayed about when facing and Evangelical Alliance event torture in London death? It’s fascinating to seetowhat and it was a great privilege hearwas the on Jesus’ mind as He prayed, Together not only President of British Churches for Himself but for His Pastor Agu (Luke speak22:41-42), of his passion for disciples and for revival, and the EAus: reiterate their passion for of into Jesus. following “As the Yougospel sent Me theThe world, I also night I was at a wonderful gathering have sent them into the world. And for for Manchester. One ofthey the theirprayer sakes in I sanctify Myself, that speakers was clear, “Prayer prepares also may be sanctified by the truth. the ground for revival.” Others spoke of “I do not of pray for inthese alone, but the stirring prayer and for their city also for those who will believe in Mea and across the nation. 2018 has been through their word; that they all may year of God putting kindling on the fire be prayer! one, as In You, Father, in Me, and of 2019, he is are going to blow I in You; that also may be one in powerfully on they that kindling. Us, that the world may believe that You So, great17:18-21). things in 2019. From sentexpect Me” (John the 11th-13th March 2019, World Prayer Jesus did not just focus inward, but by Centre are holding their annual National His words and His prayers (John 13-17) Prayer Conference at Swanwick, showed that He wanted love and joy Derbyshire. I can tell you about our and peace and patience and all the fruit of God’s Spirit for His followers. He knew that His trial would be their trial. He knew that when He, the good Shepherd, was struck, “the sheep will be scattered” (Mark 14:27). He prayed for them—and us—out of love and deep concern.


wonderful speakers and the leaders but I would rather give centre stage to the word of God. Our theme is from Isaiah 61 - Rebuild, Restore, Renew - it is a prophetic word for our time.

There are some key themes in the passage we want to pursue and pray into together: God anoints us for his holy calling and purpose. His heart is for the poor, the oppressed and broken - we miss this at our peril. It includes but goes well beyond social action - he desires to radically change lives that many will become ‘oaks of righteousness’ - people of great strength in Christ More than that, these new Christian ‘Oaks’ are the ones who rebuild, restore and renew. Jesus fulfils this prophecy when He


declares that “The Kingdom of heaven has come amongst you”. Let us see His kingdom - heavens rule on earth, transform our nations. When we planned the date of this conference we were excited that it was so close to the date when the UK leaves Europe. We will all have different convictions about the politics and the economics but none of us can argue that this is a massive shift for our nation. We believe we will rediscover our call as a Mother nation, a gospelsending people. But, we also believe that it’s not all about Brexit and if we become transfixed on Brexit we miss a vital issue. Jeremiah 6 says we stand at a crossroads and we must choose the ancient ways. This is the broader and urgent issue for our nation. Sin is rising, our teenagers are being drawn into gangs and addiction, and they are suffering unprecedented levels of loneliness and mental health issues. Isaiah cries out for the poor, broken and oppressed and their lot has deteriorated sharply in 21st century Britain. Christians are making a huge impact in many areas of society but the gospel is being increasingly marginalised. Our National Prayer Conference is a reset time. We need to reset: Our prayer vision with renewed passion and expectation. Our walk with Jesus to have a deeper intimacy. We want to hear

Written by Steve Botham from him, understand his heart and worship him. Our call – ‘Lord, use me as you change our nation’.

Our understanding as we share what is going on nationally and globally. Our call to watch and pray for our village, town and city which needs active watchers, and committed prayer people. We would love you to come and be with us for an inspiring time and a very welcoming event. But we would love it more if all Prayer Magazines readers looked with us at Isaiah 61 and ask God to move powerfully and send a double portion of blessing. Steve Botham is the Director of the World Prayer Centre in Birmingham. Find out more details about the Rebuild. Restore. Renew. conference on 29

Wartime Miracles Part one


and a National Scandal The World War II testimonies of six of the most senior figures including Eisenhower, Churchill and leading military officers, reveal God’s protection of the Nation in response to prayer and faithfulness. If they could see the state of the Nation today, what might they wish us to know? Read part one in this issue and part two in our next issue. There is an old story of two spiders, one the mother and the other her son. The story goes that mother spider made a lovely home in her web and she suspended this web from a single strand hanging from a tree branch far above. One day, her son paid a visit. As he surveyed her home he noticed this single strand seemingly ascending into empty space. Thinking it useless he cut it and to his horror the whole web fell and was destroyed.

know why”, or “Granny read her bible every day. How boring that must have been!” They might occasionally add “We have no interest in anything like that, being religious is a waste of time.” It is this kind of attitude which has led many people today to cut the thread of faith in God which supported previous generations and now to their horror the whole structure of our “I sometimes have a society has collapsed in myriad of social and feeling of interference. amoral problems. That I want to stress thread, that faith in God; that. I have a feeling that Hope in Him, that sometimes that some Eternal Light which could never be extinguished, Guiding Hand has interfered. I have a is precisely what kept feeling that we have previous generations going, through war and a Guardian because bloodshed. Today’s we have a great Cause generation has largely and we shall have that dismissed this faith Guardian so long as as being unimportant we serve that Cause and we see the ruinous results all around. faithfully.” It is often said that the past is like another country with regard to belief and behavior, and I am reminded of this truth time and again as I study the attitudes of those who experienced wartime. As a minister for over thirty years I have immersed myself in researching wartime events from both World Wars. I have personally talked to those who served in the trenches during the First World War, and I have talked to

Winston Churchill

THE THREAD OF FAITH The spiritual lesson behind this story is very simple. Many people today look back upon the wartime generation and regard their faithful belief in Almighty God as something really strange and peculiar. As a minister I have often heard comments like “Oh Granny and Grandad went to church every Sunday. I don’t


numerous ex-service personnel from the Second World War. It has been a unique privilege to have been able to do this and I can say with total conviction that an underlying faith in Almighty God was absolutely integral to keeping people in this country strong and keeping them going. They believed that God was real and in turn they witnessed profound examples of God being at work in this world of chaos which men have made. DUNKIRK & DIVINE INTERVENTION An example of just how strong and how widespread this belief in God really was, can be seen in the response of people, when King George VI called for a National Prayer Day at the time of the Dunkirk crisis. In May 1940 when France had fallen and the British Army was trapped at Dunkirk where they were to be annihilated, King George 6th called for a National Day of Prayer to plead for Divine intervention. So widespread and so deep was faith in God that literally millions of people flocked into churches to pray. The special service held in Westminster Abbey was so inundated that there is a famous photograph showing a queue a quarter of a mile long as people desperately tried to get in to


pray. That’s how important and how widespread faith was in that generation. They knew God was real and they knew He could be petitioned through heartfelt prayer. Immediately after that Day of Prayer a great calm suddenly descended on the English Channel, the like of which hadn’t been seen for a generation, enabling hundreds of tiny boats to sail across and rescue 335,000 soldiers. History shows that the faith of that generation was regularly rewarded. Only those who study the events of the Second World War can fully appreciate just how close we came to losing the war and losing our freedom. The facts show that at numerous crisis points when it seemed all was lost, the people of this nation witnessed God’s Hand at work, changing what should have been the natural outcome of an event into a deliverance. MORE THAN HUMAN PLANNING Recently I came across an article written by no less than the head of the British and American Planning Staff, the body responsible for planning D-Day and the liberation of Europe. He was in the unique position of knowing fully what was happening on the war front. His name was Lt General Sir Frederick Morgan and he wrote this article two years after the end of the war, as he looked back on events. These are his words: “Miracles still happen. How many of them have we not seen enacted before our eyes in these past few years? There was Dunkirk and its flat calm sea. Who plans that? We saw no way out barring a miracle. Then came the

miracle. Two years later, the British and American military convoy was sailing in order to land in North Africa. All the enemy submarines were on the lookout. A breath-taking moment came when a U-boat caught sight of the tall ship of one convoy. The rest of the convoy was obscured by a squall that appeared to be travelling along with our ships providing cover. The result was that the Nazi observer thought that what he saw was merely worthy of routine report. Then just as General Patton was due to land on the Casablanca beaches open to the full Atlantic swell, at the very moment it seemed inevitable that the whole affair must be called off, the wind changed from on-shore to off-shore and let the small craft land successfully. There was surely more than human planning here too. Then there was the miracle of D-Day in 1944 with a last-minute change in the weather. The history of other theatres of war tell of many similar happenings.” When you read the reflections of those who were in authority, individuals who

had direct knowledge as to what really happened behind the scenes during the War, they all describe the same thing. An overwhelming sense of Divine Intervention at critical moments. WE HAVE A GUARDIAN Wartime Prime Minister, Winston Churchill is another example. He like Morgan knew everything that was going on. Towards the end of 1942 as the tide turned in the War he wrote, “I sometimes have a feeling of interference. I want to stress that. I have a feeling sometimes that some Guiding Hand has interfered. I have a feeling that we have a Guardian because we have a great Cause and we shall have that Guardian so long as we serve that Cause faithfully.” Read the second part of Wartime miracles and a national scandal in our next issue. Source - Pastor John of Strengthen the Faithful: strengthenthefaithful@gmail. com) 33

FAMINE CRISIS IN YEMEN The UN says Yemen is facing the world's worst famine in 100 years if the war continues “Half the population of war-torn Yemen 14 million people - are facing "pre-famine conditions", the UN has warned… Medics say the number of deaths linked to food-related factors is rising. Yemen has been devastated by a conflict that escalated in 2015, when a Saudi-led coalition intervened after the rebel Houthi movement seized control of much of the west of the country and forced President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi to flee abroad. At least 6,660 civilians have been killed and 10,560 injured in the war, according to the UN. The fighting and a partial blockade by the coalition 34

have also left 22 million people in need of humanitarian aid, created the world's largest food security emergency, and led to a cholera outbreak that has affected 1.1 million people… Every day, 130 children under 5 were dying from extreme hunger & disease in Yemen at the end of last year. Nearly 50,000 children during the course of a year. Let’s pray for an end to the hostilities and the economic crisis in Yemen, for the return of peace to this longsuffering nation, and especially for the provision of food and other essential resources needed so desperately right now. Source: IPC Connect

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Last July 2016 in Ilsan, South Korea, we witnessed a spiritual “UPRISING (United Prayer Rising)” where generations from across nations converged to fast, to pray, and to believe God for the reversal of the trends of attacks happening globally among the youth today, and to see the birthing of new, youth-led prayer and mission movements. On its last day, at the Nuri Peace Park, DMZ (the border between North and South Korea), the youth contended for the reunification of Korea, and we continue to witness today the hope of it becoming so alive! After the UPRISING in Korea, young people have owned the vision, and have taken the zeal for united prayer to their respective regions and nations. The “waves” have rolled out; there is now UPRISING Philippines, UPRISING South Africa, UPRISING Mongolia, UPRISING Bolivia, UPRISING Malaysia, UPRISING Europe, UPRISING Canada, UPRISING Chile, UPRISING Mexico, and UPRISING California. On January 23-26, 2019 in Jakarta, Indonesia, we are calling for another global UPRISING. But due to the sensitivity of the word “uprising,” this one will be called “WORLD GENERATION GATHERING: GLOBAL UPR.” The theme will be, “Receiving the Moravian Lampstand: Prayer + Missions,” and we are envisioning to bring together a projected estimate of 4,000 youth and young adult leaders for a 3-day destiny-engaging convergence which will be held at the ICC-MGK in North Jakarta, and an estimate of 10,000 for the Solemn Assembly which 37

will be held at the Stadium Area in Senayan. Like the first global gathering in Korea, we believe that this will awaken the young “David’s” to fight against their generation’s “Goliaths,” and against the injustices in the nations. It will provoke them to wake up and do something. And we believe that the greatest injustice today remains to be this: that JESUS is not worshipped in the nations. We know that only Jesus can bring true justice. So, the UPRISING will not just be a call for the youth to gather in prayer, but it will be a call to battle from a place of extravagant worship and united prayer as we launch a global generation to a global harvest, all unto the hastening of the return of the Desired of nations: Jesus Christ! We will also be locking arms with Indonesia as she is being released to her destiny at this hour. We will join her in contending for the ancient doors to open up, as we believe that it will be the key for the other ancient gates in 38

the nations to open too, toward taking the gospel back to Jerusalem, and preparing the church to welcome the King of glory (Psalm 24:7-10)! The Moravians once cried, “may the Lamb who was slain receive the due reward of His suffering.” In the spirit of the Moravians, we long to see the Church prepared for His coming again. It is our prayer that this gathering in Indonesia in January will be catalytic in awakening a generation in the nations to have a deep longing for Jesus’ return, and thus, align their lives unto that. God is releasing a new wave of the Jesus Movement, of the Azusa Street Revival, of the Wales Revival, of the Moravian Revival on steroids… another great awakening is being sparked! This is the Psalm 24 generation that God has been waiting for. We hope you can join us in catalysing these waves of youth-led global prayer and mission movements at the UPRISING, and together, let us labour for the Lamb to receive His inheritance in the nations.

Hopes for 2019 My hopes for 2019 are as follows:I Hope the UK will be stable after whatever kind of Brexit we have. I Hope my Family will become Christians. I Hope I’ll have less sickness this year. I Hope I can be the best Christian I can be. I Hope I will stand up for the vulnerable. I Hope I will pray for the Lost. I Hope I read my Bible everyday. I Hope I make it to Church each Sunday. I Hope I can bless someone without them knowing it. I Hope there is more money than month left after payday. I Hope I can be the best friend I can to the people I know. I Hope I am more selfless than selfish. I Hope my walk with God grows deeper. I Hope I know Jesus a little better by the end of 2019. All in all, these are Just Hopes. The biggest Hope I have is that I would complete the year, DOING most of what I have hoped for.

Carl Brettle


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Prayer Magazine 32  

In this edition :- Evangelists believing for the Nation to be changed in 2020 By Advance 2020 One simple change that retired by Relati...

Prayer Magazine 32  

In this edition :- Evangelists believing for the Nation to be changed in 2020 By Advance 2020 One simple change that retired by Relati...