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2 years Regional Women Program planned at 21st RWC meeting in Hong Kong

The RWC of WSCF Asia Pacific met from March 17th to 20th, 2013 at the WSCF AP Regional Office, Hong Kong. The six members of RWC approved by the Regional Committee Meeting of AP are :Ms. Heidi Boulter (SCM Aotearoa (New Zealand)) - Pacific, Ms. Masophy Kengoo (SCM India, ) – South Asia, Ms. Pan Mo Mo Chit(SCM Myanmar) – South East Asia, Ms. Leni Valeriano (SCM Philippines) – Global ExCo, Ms. Chung Hiu Fan (SCM Hong Kong)- Member at large of Standing Committee and Ms. Nina Nayoan (SCM Indonesia) – Regional Women’s Coordinator. The meeting was attended by five members of RWC and Ms. Bronwyn Crowe (SCM Australia) - invitee as WSCF Global Vice chair and former member of RWC.

The roles of the RWC are to make plans for the Regional Women’s Program (RWP) for the next quadrennium, to evaluate the program and the work being done from the last two years, to coordinate development on women’s work from the regional to the national movements and drawing up specific plans for program implementation. During the RWC the members discussed on the women’s issues, challenges concerned by national movement, SWOT analysis on the regional women’s program, and some recommendations and strategies for upcoming Regional Women’s Program. Dr. Hope Antone, an Asian Feminist theologian, currently working with the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia also facilitated a session on developing tool and framework for re-reading the Bible from feminist perspective. After a review and evaluation of the ongoing women’s program and women’s concern in national and regional level, the committee have come up with the following recommendations to the national movements: Appoint national women’s officer /coordinators in every national movements and consciously create budget for women’s programmes to strengthen women’s program for women empowerment; Encourage senior friends to support the women’s program, and create space for sharing women’s stories, experiences and their unheard voices; Support women to prepare, write and present reports on women’s concern based on their national context and personal struggles. Following are the highlights of the Action plans for the year 2013-2014 1. Women Doing Theology & Writing Workshop : This writing workshop is aimed for developing a module/guide book on women doing theology to enable and guide the SCM women leaders to organize women doing theology in their SCMs. This workshop will take place by end of July 2013. 2. Joint Women’s Program (JWP): The JWP intended to strengthen the national women’s programme in SCMs is planned to focus on women’s issue in national context. The proposed SCMs to have the JWP are SCM East Timor and SCM Nepal in 2013. 3. 16 Day Activism Campaign on Violence against Women : Resource material on women’s rights and violence free society will be prepared by RWC for national movement to engage in this campaign. 4. Sub regional women’s programs in 2014 : Two sub regional women’s programs will be held in SCM Myanmar for South East Asia and Aotearoa (New Zealand) for Pacific. These programs are planned to address the specific women’s issue of each sub-regional context.

Asian Feminist move forward ...... A message from Co-ordinating Team Meeting of Asian Women Resource Center (AWRC CTM) The CTM was held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia from February 24th through March 4th 2013. Around 9 women members coming from Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, India and four local staff from Indonesia attended the meeting. The Coordinating Team is the policy making body of the AWRC, and is responsible for coordinating, oversight of the affairs of the organization, planning and appointing necessary committees. WSCF Asia Pacific is affiliated and co-opted member of this body, since the inception of AWRC in 1988, embracing its aims to articulate Asian Women Feminist Theology and forming an international community of young Asian women to engage in feminist theology. The regional women’s coordinator of the WSCF AP is the official

member of the CT, and Ms. Nina Nayoan attended this CT meeting. Some highlights of the decisions made during this CTM were way forward on the Development of Asian Feminist Theology (DAFT) project, membership review (which included the issue of ownership, types of membership, increasing fee of membership); organizational review ranging from reformulating its vision, mission, organizational life & direction to prioritize programmatic areas. WSCF Asia Pacific through the Regional Women Program (RWP) has been continuously engaging in empowering women particularly young women to theologically reflect their experiences and critically analyse the surrounding realities that are oppressive which is enabling the women to find ways of transformation towards liberation. While doing this we acknowledge the mutual accompaniments by AWRC members network by being agents of knowledge and empowerment to one another.

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Regional Women Program of WSCF AP  

The WSCF AP women envision to: seek for self-liberation and transformation; build an inclusive non-violent community, break the...

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