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Website Design Client Questionnaire Form Client: Ian Malin

Date:_August 29, 2010


Business Description Briefly described your business in regards to the services and/or products you currently offer. is designed to be the revenue generating arm of its sister site ( -- currently under development). is a parenting resource for Hong Kong and Asia and attempts to organize and simplify the motherhood experience for new moms in Hong Kong. The blog is designed to generate users who will then be given the option to visit and take advantage of special shopping offers, as outlined below. Note, hkyummymummy is not within the scope of this project. We will be focusing only on here


Website Goals Briefly described the goals you want to accomplish with this website. (Example: promote services, sell products, increase sales, advertising campaign, etc.) We would like to enable Group buying, flash sales, private sales, and e-commerce to run in parallel to the site that will drive the userbase. In theory, the items we feature from will eventually be available for sale on In addition, we will be offering deals to our users using similar models to the sites listed below in #3.


Competitors List your competitors (locally and/or national) and specify their website address if available. Business Name

Website Address 4.

Design Concept Briefly described what you envision for your website. I envision a prominently displayed feature item upon page landing. In addition, there should be the ability to display other promotions. If this is a flash sale based upon a certain time frame, there should be a countdown clock. If the promotion is based upon reaching a minimum number of buyers, then there should be a counter showing how many people have signed up and how many more are required before the deal “tips� or activates. -1-

As we discussed on skype, at some point we are going to want to go down the plain vanilla retail option (based off the magento platform). There should be an easy to navigate option to reach the shopyummy store.


Website Examples Provide a list of websites that contain elements that impress you. Website Address

Notes – I like the look and feel and design of this site – I like the fluid way in which the menus drop down to reveal the various sub categories. I like how that de-clutters the web site. I also like their heavy use of images and I’d like to be able to use images of my products or vendors in a similar fashion.


Color/Emotional Preferences Please select the main colors you would like to use for your website. You will not be limited to the colors you select. (Please select 1 or more colours, or none if you want we to assist). COLOURS – Shades of…. A) B) C) D) E) F) G) H) I) J)


Blue Green (mint) Red Yellow Purple (lavender) Orange Black White Grey Other

Emotions/Mood/Style Please select the style and emotions you would like to execute. A) B) C) D) E) F) G) H) I) J) K) L) M) N)

Rich Urban/Chic Active Quiet Progressive Youthful Cutural Natural/Earthy Fresh Alluring Dreamy Resolute Luxurious Other I very much enjoy the look and feel of



Tones/Tints Please select the overall website appearance you would like to use. (Select none if you want we to assist) O) P) Q) R) S) T)


Intense Hues Light/ Muted Hues Natural Cool Warm Dark

Miscellaneous Notes Please provide any additional information that you feel would be helpful for the development of your website. For the newsletter, I would like to have full facebook connect integration. Also, I want the ability to be able to share any of the deals or products with facebook/twitter/email with one click.

9) List similar site in functionality See competitor list 10) Number of pages?



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