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FRIDAY On Friday I came to Eva. After school we went to Eva's home. We got ready for training of rhythmic gymnastics. On the training I met a lot of new gymnasts and Eva's trainer. When we finished the training she brought me home. We prepared for Saturday's competition. I went to sleep early in the evening. SATURDAY I woke up early, because Eva had to be in the competition hall at eight'o clock in the morning. She started to warm up. Then she dressed to leotard. She took her ball and started to do things what do not go her. It was her turn to compete on the carpet and she made a really good routine. She got the second place and the silver medal. You can see us on the picture. After competition we went home and to sleep. SUNDAY I woke up late in the morning. We ate breakfast and then we went shopping. In BTC City we found a lot of things to buy, but we didn't buy all of them. We went to Chinese restaurant and ate well. When we came home, Eva had to study and do all of her homework. In the evening we watched some movie and then went to sleep.

The Teddy Bear Project - Eva  

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