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Daily quotes by 101MotivationalQuotes – Music Quotes, Short quotes, Sweet quotes Music quotes – Purest form of art is Music. The music makes you feel happy when you are alone and sad. Singing and listening to the music is such an excellent thing. The word will automatically ring true when a singer truly feels it by heart and experience what the music is all about. All the happy movements always come with every single word of the music. Music makes you remember the happy movements of life. Everyone in the whole world has a power to reduce distress and somehow they also listen music to overcome their sadness. Some people in this world listen and sing music when they are happy and some do when they are unhappy and sad. The music affects a lot depending on the situation and feeling of listening the music. If you listen to the music in negative manner i.e. with past sad movements it bring unhappiness on your face and if you listen in positive happy manner you will definitely smile for a long. Short quotes – Think different, think today is the first day of your life and you want each and every movement of life to be happy. Short quotes provide you the basic and normal things of which we see in our daily routine. Life is the sum of all your choices. We don’t even know what we want from our life. Learn from each and every movement we do in daily life. Concentrate on the activities around you. Every morning when you wake up just make your goals for the day and keep work on them. QWhat is more important in our life duties or happiness? Some says happiness while some says both. But in my opinion if we go for happiness it will stay for a short period in our life because creator create everything in such a balancing way that the no one can get happiness for every time. I will go for my duties first as it will give me more happiness and forever smile so that i can handle any problem in my life. Sweet quotes – If you are falling in love with someone and want some sweet quotes we will definitely help you out. You’re all saved up wishes start coming out when you Love someone. When you are love by someone it gives you strength and when you love someone deeply it gives you courage, but remember love waits for one thing in life and that one thing is a right movement.

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