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Pratt Institute’s School of Continuing and Profes­ sional Studies (SCPS) provides high-quality credit and noncredit courses and programs to the nontraditional student in a variety of subjects for educational advancement, career change, and enrichment. SCPS students obtain the necessary tools to stay ahead in today’s competitive work­ place. Through innovative programs and courses, students expand and sharpen their skill set to advance their career goals. Students come to Pratt from all over the world to engage and master subjects, and strengthen their unique creative voices to become better artists, designers, architects, photographers, writers and, so much more. Courses are offered at our Manhattan location at 144 West 14th Street during fall, spring, and summer term, and on Pratt’s campus in the historic Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn. Please contact us with any questions and we will design the best program for you!

Fall 2018 Monday, August 27–December 21, 2018 Registration opens July 16 Spring 2019 Tuesday, January 22–May 17, 2019 Registration opens December 3, 2018

OUR PROFESSIONAL PORTFOLIO We are dedicated to offering qualified programs and courses at the best value. Whether your interest is in preparing for college or polishing your professional portfolio, our advisers can help you plan your program wisely. CERTIFICATES Branding and Digital Marketing Business Communication for the Creative Professional Digital Design Downtown Revitalization Exhibition Design Fashion New Media Fine Art Floral Art and Design Furniture Design Geographic Information Systems and Design (GIS) Jewelry Design and Marketing Online and Social Media Marketing Perfumery Photography and Video Production Sustainable Design Visual Merchandising Design ART Ceramics Contemplative Studies Film Studies and Production Painting Photography Sculpture DESIGN Adobe Creative Cloud Creative Interiors ARCHITECT URE Downtown Revitalization Certificate

PRATT.EDU/SCPS-FALL2018 855.551.7727


GRADUATE DEGREE PREPARATION Architecture Industrial Design Interior Design

Learn how to design through a new selection of projects, courses and professional development certificates this fall 2018 and spring 2019!

PRECOLLEGE Manhattan Campus: Fall and Spring Courses (weekend courses only, full semester) Brooklyn Campus: Summer (one month only)


SUMMER INTENSIVES Two-week and six-week (noncredit) Four-week (for credit) ST UDY ABROAD PROGRAM March 2019: Luxury Retail Design in Paris April 2019: Street Photography in Cuba SCPS EVENTS SCPS Gallery Exhibitions Design Innovators Guest Speaker Series Info Sessions Perfumery Workshop

Botanical Notecards: Focus on Leaves Develop skills in close observation through short drawing and toning exercises. Discover traditional botanical watercolor techniques and employ loose washes for a more contemporary botanical image. Cards provided by instructor. Mixed Media Surface Design The key to creating dynamic mixed media work is layering. The layering process adds depth, dimension, and detail to your artwork. In this three-hour workshop, you will be introduced to both basic and advanced mixed media surface design. Using gesso, acrylic paint and mediums, ink, and collage, we will be building up a surface step-by-step with techniques that create both actual and visual texture. Pinhole Photography Workshop Using an ultra-small aperture (pinhole) instead of a lens to capture images harks back to the days of making exposures on big glass plates. Often done with simple homemade film cameras, it’s a great medium for people who enjoy building their own tools and working hands-on. This versatile analog process creates unique and often un­ex­ pected results while encouraging a thoughtful and adventurous camera approach. What Makes a Picture Book Tick? Ever wonder what goes into a successful picture book? How are today’s hits similar to the classics— and how do they differ? What three common mistakes should you avoid? Is self-publishing a good option? Have your questions answered by two profes­sionals! An experienced editor and a published author-illustrator explain concepts that are vital to your success, whether you are an author, illustrator, or want to do both.

PRATT.EDU/SCPS-FALL2018 855.551.7727

Urban Sketching Urban sketching is the art of location drawing. This rapidly growing, international movement of artists is united by a passion for drawing on location in the cities, towns, and villages where

they live and travel. We will explore the methods, tech­niques, and benefits of working in this art form. Drawing the world around you from real life brings excitement to your sketches.

BUSINESS Introduction to Creative Careers Discover the creative careers landscape for visual artists and designers in this course. From staff roles to freelancing to launching an LLC, know your career options. Learn how to protect your intel­ lectual property through copyright basics and how to maximize distribution of your work through licensing. Get feedback and advice to improve your résumé.

DESIGN Exhibition Design Certificate Learn how to design an exhibition from concept to installation through this certificate program. Design three-dimensional models of environments intended to shape memorable experiences, integrating storytelling, space, objects, movement, and memories that reflect your ideal client’s world. Explore the exhibition designer’s world, a collab­orative team process integrating industrial design, arch­itec­ture, graphic design, audiovisual, digital media, architecture, lighting design, installation design, content special­ ization, and sustainability. Visual Merchandising Design Certificate Create the design elements that stimulate a consumer’s response in this visual merchandising design certificate program. Develop store and fixture layouts; design point-of-purchase displays and window displays; and create eye-catching vignettes that artistically convey a targeted, mem­or­able message to the customer. Students will design and develop three-dimensional scaled drawings and models of projects that integrate all areas listed above. Special focus is on creating interpretive layouts for a variety of categories and venues including art, furniture, beauty, fashion, jewelry, and food. The certificate course provides a thorough overview of lighting design, materials (sustainable), color, and creative methods for pro­viding an engaging and memor­able experi-­­

ence. Students will present their projects in drawing, photographic, and model form at the end of the semester. Computer Graphics Certificate Introduction to Premiere Pro Edit footage and tell your stories. Learn the aes­the­ tics of video editing by connecting sequences, and how to refine projects by applying color correc­ tions, special effects, and titling. Fashion New Media Certificate Introduction to Event Planning Explore the business of event planning, from basic tools and booking clients to conceptualizing and executing events. Multiple types of clients and events, both personal and corporate, will be illuminated and analyzed, including the expansive industry of weddings. Finish with a final project that includes a comprehensive business plan for an event. Jewelry Design and Marketing Certificate Making Wearable Art: Advanced Jewelry Fabrication This advanced jewelry studio course will expand upon the direct metal fabrication skills with nonfer­rous metals learned at the beginner level. You will explore techniques such as advanced wire work for construction and chain-making, advanced stone setting techniques for cabochon and faceted stones, and simple hollow construction techniques for creating small three-dimensional objects. Students will combine new techniques with foundational skills to create ever more complex jewelry forms. Jewelry Design History and Current Trends The history of jewelry and wearable ornament design is rich with multicultural, socioeconomic, and material usage concepts. Elements of antique and historic jewelry can often be reinter­ preted and have new iterations in other eras. You will examine the various factors that contribute to jewelry design today and how they relate to their historic antecedents. Photography and Video Production Certificate Introduction to Video Production Gain hands-on experience with video production equipment that you can expect to see in the field and the confidence to work in a professional environment. Learn the basics of exposure,

lighting, optics, camera settings, and more. Shoot for an edit and familiarize yourself with the experience of working on a set.

ARCHITECT URE Quality Façade Restorations in Your Downtown Downtowns and Main Street Districts throughout New York City and New York State are filled with wonderful historic buildings. These Main Streets are very special places worth preserving. The unique and special architecture of these existing buildings and the sense of place they help create are perhaps the most critical physical design feature in all our villages and towns. Preservation, restoration rehabilitation, and quality adaptive re-use of these historic buildings on our Main Streets and downtown areas are absolutely critical to the revitalization process. This course will focus on the very important role that historic buildings play in the revitalization of our Main Streets.


ST UDY ABROAD PROGRAM Luxury Retail Design in Paris: March 2019 Join Pratt instructor Régis Péan, founder and Creative Director of omni/form, for a one-week, noncredit, intensive retail design seminar in Paris, France, the capital of luxury, fashion, and beauty. Discover how retail stores are strategically conceived and planned, how a shopping experi­ ence is built and how customer behavior influences design. Analyze how the world of luxury retail is crafted differently than other channels of distri­bu­ tion and how sales figures dictate design tactics. When you aren’t taking part in site visits and interactive workshops, enjoy cultural activities with fellow participants. Street Photography in Cuba: April 2019 Open to all, this program appeals to artists, photographers, photography enthusiasts, and anyone interested in exploring the beauty and culture of Cuba. Spend seven days capturing the neighborhoods and beauty of Havana, Cuba, with master photographer and Pratt instructor Federico Savini.

Drawing for Product Design with Sketchbook Pro Draw digitally with a Wacom tablet using Sketchbook Pro, the highly intuitive drawing software. Learn to set up the tablet, practice using the pressuresensitive pen; and use Sketchbook Pro’s Drawing and Perspective tools; manage your brushes and settings; and create your own brush sets and custom brushes; as well as learn about tablet ergonomics to effectively design innovative products.

PRECOLLEGE PROGRAM AT PRAT T MANHAT TAN September 22–December 1 Creative Writing, Painting and Drawing, Industrial Design, and Interior Design are now being offered for one credit or noncredit. Classes will take place at Pratt Institute’s Manhattan campus with a final exhibition hosted at the Institute’s Brooklyn campus. PreCollege credit tuition rate is at a 38 percent discount of normal Pratt tuition. Earned credits are transferable.

PRATT.EDU/SCPS-FALL2018 855.551.7727


Pratt Institute School of Continuing and Professional Studies 144 West 14th Street, Room 209 New York, NY 10011


Pratt Institute 200 Willoughby Avenue ISC Building, 2nd Floor Brooklyn, NY 11205

August 27 Start of fall term Tel: 855.551.7727 Office Hours Monday–Friday, 10 AM–6 PM Weekends by appointment only

July 16 Fall 2018 registration opens

November 4 Daylight savings time ends December 3 Registration for spring 2019 opens Mid-December Perfumery workshop December 21 End of fall term

WAYS TO REGISTER Online Phone 855.551.7727 In Person Visit our Manhattan office Monday–Friday, 10 AM–6 PM EST Tuition Discounts We proudly provide discounted courses to members of certain organizations and Pratt Institute alumni and groups. International Students Specific programs are available to international students who meet the I-20 requirements of an F1 visa. For advisement, please email

December 24–January 1 Winter break, all Institute closed January 1 New Year’s Day 2019 January 2 All Institute reopens January 22 Start of spring term March 10 Daylight savings time begins May 17 End of spring term

Accessibility Pratt strives to make all programs, services, and activities accessible, and will provide assistance to accommodate any individuals with disabilities. Security personnel, located at booths at 200 Willoughby Avenue and other campus locations, are available for assistance. Additional accessibility resources are available at Classroom Photography by Stockshot Studio, 2017.

Pratt Institute SCPS Fall 2018 Brochure  
Pratt Institute SCPS Fall 2018 Brochure