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I toda s digital o ld, the s ope of the e-commerce industry is vast and fast-growing. Be it home-made foods or books, sports accessories or clothes, electronics or computer software, there is nothing that cannot be bought online. In such a competitive world of digital marketing, one company that has managed to create its mark in the digital world is Sapna Online. Whether you want to assume that it is because of the exclusive range of books it offers or the amazing collection of audio ooks ou a a ail f o the , hethe it s thei 4-layer foolproof packaging or the expert advice they offer to their clientele, this is one company that is growing and expanding at jet speed.

 Initially established by Mr. Deepak Shah and Mr. Paresh Shah in the year 2001  Sapna Online was one of the first brands to enter the market at a time when the e-commerce industry had not yet struck its ho d ith the shoppe s minds  With its upfront and bold approach, it managed to penetrate the idea of online shopping in the minds of consumers and brought about a change in their perspective.

However, due to the premature market conditions at that time, Sapna experienced low business graphs until the year 2012, when Mr. Nijesh Shah, an MBA in the field of finance, stepped in and took charge M . Nijesh s innovative ideas and fresh approach kick started the company again and made it into what it is today Today Sapna Online proudly stands at 25 operational employees, 10 technical resources and over 20 backend inventory employees The website experiences a minimum of 1000 orders each day and looks forward to a lot of growth in the years to come

 The website currently deals with 4 broad catalogues and offers up to 10 million book titles along with 500 audio book titles and over 100 electronic products.  It soon plans to add DVDs and e-books to this collection and develop a wide range of exquisite products  An interesting feature that Sapna Online is soon planning to launch is Responsive Web Design (RWD). RWD is essentially an approach of web design that aims at crafting websites to provide an optimal viewing experience to the customers so that they can easily access the website from any device – be it their computer system, tablet, laptop or mobile phone

It also provides easy reading and navigation due to minimum resizing, panning and scrolling on all these devices By using fluid, proportion-based grids, flexible images and CSS3 media queries to adapt the layout to the viewing environment, Sapna Online will be offering an easy 1-step checkout process using the iFrame technology

This will provide an amazing, user-friendly experience to the customer

 Another interesting feature on this site, which makes it stand out from the other players in the market is their service called ‘e o e datio the E pe ts  This service is based on experts in particular genres of books, who will provide recommendations to the customers that particular field

 For example, Mr. Subroto Bagchi, founder of Mindtree Ltd. will put forth his recommendations of books related to business, investments and the likes while Mr. Amish Tripathi, the creator of the amazing Shiva Trilogy will give his recommendations on Indian fiction and mythology  This feature is exclusive to Sapna Online and is soon catching up

 The e-commerce industry is challenging the way shoppers buy products. Especially in India, there is a paradigm shift in the a o su e s a e looki g at shoppi g, sa s Nijesh “hah, the current Director and President of SapnaInfoway (P) Ltd This is exactly the point that Sapna Online is planning to bank on and create an exclusive niche for itself for the customers in this field It is currently heavily investing in logistics and technology to set up a smooth and efficient system and enable faster turnaround time

 Apart from delivery of products, it is also going to focus on service-oriented features  We have all heard about this industry being a bleeding one but I believe that the future seems bright and this struggle will pay off  Yes, the fact remains that in order to survive in this Industry, one will have to be cash rich

But investors are also looking at this industry with a sign of positi it , fu the adds Mr. Nijesh Shah, believing in this idea and coming up with new ways and means to increase “ap a O li e s customer base

With its u i ue e o d of the fastest a d ost p o pt deli e s ste a d othe service oriented features, Sapna Online has nowhere to look but upward for more success and growth in the years to come

A step ahead  
A step ahead  

In today’s digital world, the scope of the e-commerce industry is vast and fast-growing