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Rib cage and surrounding muscles around the ribs are highly vulnerable to injuries. If your rib cage or muscles are injured once, it may be difficult to treat.

Also, it is often impossible to understand whether you’ve broken a rib bone or any muscle has been pulled, unless you see a doctor. However, determining the difference is necessary to receive proper treatment.

Especially when golfers and tennis players are concerned, their ribs are exposed to a lot of wear and tear, which include muscles too. Even though in case of a generalized location bone injury on rib cage is to be treated differently than pulled muscle, it is important to diagnose first.

Only knowing the differences can be helpful for deciding whether visiting a doctor could help. Proper treatment and care is needed to make sure the injury heals fast. One might have to visit an orthopedic surgeon.

THE CAUSE OF INJURY If you are sensing a pain or stiffness in your ribs, you have to think how you were injured? Golfers especially suffer from an injury inflicted upon them by pulled or overstretched rib muscles that occurs during any sport when the body is forcefully twisted.

Golf is one of the most enjoyable sports for men, and injury comes along. Golfers, who have received an injury in impact situation while playing the game, are more likely to develop a broken or bruised rib.

GOLFING INJURIES AND AVID GOLFERS Even the most avid golfers can suffer from some kind of golfing injuries. Despite the fact that this game is widely played and loved, an ace golfer may suffer from a painful stretch.

Injuries usually affect the upper extremities, which includes the hook of hamate fractures and tendonitis. However, injuries of torso are not very common, though it might occur.

Golfing injuries are very common in beginners who have just started golfing, but they play the game frequently. Usually, the signs of injuries begin with mild to moderate discomfort, often vague, affecting the upper back. Because of the symptoms, the pain is generally mistaken for muscle pull or strain. The only way to diagnose such an injury is to go for a conventional radiograph that will show rib fractures. Normally, a bone scenography indicates characteristic pattern of some abnormal focal uptake affecting the medical aspect of the upper ribs.

When the ribs are affected, it is generally contralateral to the dominant hand of a patient. However, these injuries could also affect the dominant side. In experienced golfers and novices are likely to suffer from more injuries because they strike the gold stick on the ground repeatedly while swinging the club.

This leads to a forced traction of the main serrate anterior muscle that consequently places excess stress on ribs.

Stress fractures should be shown to an orthopedic surgeon once identified. However, the catch is to identify the problem and then treat it permanently.

There are many locations that could experience injuries or damage, such as proximal phalanx, tibial diaphysis, ulnar diaphysis, acromion, and ulnar diaphysis. While golfing, make sure you watch out your muscles.

Golf and rib cage pain  

Rib cage and surrounding muscles around the ribs are highly vulnerable to injuries.

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