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There are too many evidential reports and research studies revealing the use of food additives and sugar- from trans fats to aspartame- that could lead to severely aggravating health complications. Cancer being one of the most feared lifestyle diseases of all time is directly related to food additives and preservatives. This is one of the greatest reasons why people are now avoiding all sorts of processed and prepackaged foods loaded with artificial food additives and preservatives. It is a pleasure to relish lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, and cut back on the fattening foods like fries and desserts. All these small and significant steps can lead us to the right direction.

However, misconceptions tend to run rampant, as well. Some health conscious people believe that margarine is a better alternative to butter, while margarine is actually filled with artery-clogging fats. Likewise, they hold that granola bars are good snacks, when they are basically processed foods filled with sugar and fat.

Cancer specialists emphasize on eating natural and healthy food, while emphasizing more and more on whole foods.


Any dietary complication can become a major health concern in the long run. What one has to do is, start learning more about foods called suppressors, or foods that negate the process of selfhealing. Such foods tend to make an unanticipated appearance in our lives, and one might not even be well aware of the same. Luckily, there are a few foods that can be eliminate gradually, if not fully.

Though there is a lot of awareness as well as scare of cancer in people these days, cancer specialists suggest that making significant lifestyle changes can prove to be a healthier choice in the long run.


There are many foods labeled “with added sugar.” Did it ever catch your attention?

Have you ever wondered why you develop canker sores or cold sores after eating sweets or candies? Well, the reason is that sugar is basically a potent immunosuppressant. It starts interfering with the immunityboosting lymphocytes present in the body and hinders their activities. Thus, your natural defense is hit, and you may get infections.

This is quite alarming. It shows how we are suppressing the immune system, by consuming excess sugar. It is believed that if you start reducing the total amount of sugar consumption annually, you will see a major reduction in flu, cold, and similar infections. Have you heard that cancer cells feed on sugar? Well, there is enough evidence to prove this fact. A diet containing high amounts of sugar and other refined foods tend to make your blood sugar levels spike very high. This sudden spike can increase the production of insulin in your body.

Cancer cells can be found studded with these insulin receptors and this is how it works. Receptors function like locked doors. Once insulin reaches the receptor, it works like a key and then unlocks the insulin receptors. The cells open up to let insulin into the cancer cells. The only way to prevent this is to avoid refined flours and sugars, exercise daily, cut back on alcohol, reduce stress, and take nutritional supplements an exercise regularly.

Cancer cells feed on sugar  

There are too many evidential reports and research studies revealing the use of food additives and sugar- from trans fats to aspartame- that...

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