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3 Signs of Cancer Most Women Ignore

Despite being vigilant about their health, women often end up ignoring some of the warning signs of cancer.

Because most women and men dread cancer, recognizing the symptoms of this disease is the last thing on their minds. However, it is at this point that both men and women should know that cancer can only be cured if it is detected early.

Today, cancer specialists all over the world have successfully cured many patients with cancer and they are living a healthy life. Although every case is not the same, there is a high possibility of increased lifespan and reduced pain with timely detection. Therefore, it is wise to recognize the early signs of cancer in women so that proper treatment can be followed. Cancer does not come with age or sex; in fact, the root cause of cancer affecting people is often attributed to the genes and DNA structure. However, women develop some of the most complicated types of cancers that normally take time to show some signs. Thus, it is best to know about the early signs and take preventive measures.

3 Warning Signs Women Often Ignore

Breast cancer is one the leading causes of cancer-related deaths in America and other parts of the world. Women can detect the early signs of breast cancer by following routine examination at home. Most women are usually aware of their breasts, even though they might not do a regular self-examination. Women are usually and unintentionally looking for lumps in their breast as common habit. But, lumps are not just the only symptom of breast cancer.

Breast Changes And Abnormalities

Thickening and reddening of the breast skin also indicate a rare and aggressive breast cancer type.

Also, inflammatory breast cancer is believed to be the worst of its kind with lower rates of survival. If there is some rash on the breast that persists for weeks, it should be evaluated.

Likewise, nipple changes are also alarming signs. If the nipples are chronically inverted, it is not a big deal, but one has to watch out for the changes in appearance. Nipple discharge other than breastfeeding is not normal, though not always cancerous, but should be evaluated properly. Cancer specialists confirm that early detection of breast cancer is the way to successful treatment and recovery. If you have breast changes, expect your doctor to take a careful history, examine the breast, and order tests such as a mammogram, ultrasound, MRI, and a biopsy.

Premenopausal women often ignore even if they bleed between periods. They also ignore when they are bleeding from their gastrointestinal tract (GI), mistakenly identifying it as their period. Bleeding in between periods, typically if it is regular, should be checked with the doctor. Bleeding after attaining menopause can be a sign of endometrial cancer. Doctors will carefully note the bleeding history and carry out the necessary diagnostic tests to determine the condition.

Bleeding Between Periods And Other Unusual Bleeding

Women noticing blood in their stool or urine should not assume it to be hemorrhoid or period. It could also be a sign of colon cancer. Just go to the doctor and expect a few questions and some tests to be done, including colonoscopy.

Blood in stool could be an indication of many diseases. It is best to have it evaluated. Your doctor will take a careful history and, depending on the timing of the bleeding and other symptoms, probably order an ultrasound or biopsy.

Blood in odd places

3 signs of cancer most women ignore  

Despite being vigilant about their health, women often end up ignoring some of the warning signs of cancer