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Tips on how to make Hajj 2014 a divine experience Every year there are millions of Muslim men and women who plan on performing Hajj. Most of them make it and some of them do not. Those that make it should remember that performing the holy obligation should be one with a clear intent and good values. This is why today we would like to share with you a few tips from expert Hajj travelers on how to make Hajj 2014 a wonderful and a very divine experience. Remember, Hajj takes a lot of endurance and patience to plan and complete, however, you should also be pure by heart and mind when you make that tour. It is one of the five most important tenets of Islam; make it a blessed one with these 50 tips; 1. Don’t forget to smile at another. 2. Don’t forget to wish Salaam to one another, even strangers. 3. When you shake hands with some, enquire about their well-being. 4. Buy a cup of tea for someone, even a stranger. 5. Offer help when possible to the sick and needy, senior citizens or the youngsters. 6. Share your cultural beliefs of Islam in your country with Hajj groups from other countries. 7. Offer to carry someone’s luggage. 8. If someone needs help when sick, help them to reach the medical center. 9. No vain talks while on Hajj. 10. Encourage others to recite the Tabliyah aloud, and do so by being the first to start. 11. Spread love and harmony amongst the tents. 12. Help others gather stones. 13. Those who are unable to reach the Kabbah, offer help to throw on their behalf. 14. If someone needs help to reach the Jamarat, offer them help. 15. Keep your gaze low. 16. The Sahaabah way of life should be reminded to one and all.

17. Use the Tafseer to read the Holy Quran. 18. Practice the morning and evening Dhikr. 19. While Saidah is on, make your Dua. 20. As people leave, offer water and tea (volunteering). 21. If someone is shy and an introvert, help them come out of their shells. 22. Be patient and remind others on this virtue too. 23. If you heard of the Hajj Khutbah, explain that to others around. 24. Explain to the young ones why one’s actions need to be pure for the sake of the Almighty. 25. On the day of Eid, don’t forget to call and wish the ones who couldn’t come to Hajj with you. 26. Pray for those who have returned home, for those who couldn’t come and for the people who helped you get the right Hajj packages. 27. No fighting or swearing while Hajj is on. 28. Help people with sleeping place. 29. It can be very hot, so remember to help people hydrate and cool off in shady areas. 30. Don’t forget to chant ‘Laa ilaaha illa Allah, wahdahu laa sharika lah, lahul Mulk wa lahul hamd, wa Huwa 'ala kulli shay'in Qadeer’ a hundred times. 31. Before entering the markets, say the dua. 32. Practice charity to those who sell products and services. 33. The Mina gives out Halaqahs, which should be attended. 34. The 13th of Dhul Hijjah should be attended. 35. Help people understand to go back home as purified souls. 36. Forgive and forget those who have hurt you in the past.

37. Talk to at least 10 people from different regions of the globe. 38. Sincerely compliment people. 39. Thank the Almighty for everything he gave you. 40. Help youngsters to merge with the seniors, give them attention and teach them good values. 41. After salah, give the listeners a class on tafseer. 42. Offer perfume on the day of EID to everyone around, only men should do this. 43. Women and senior citizens health should be enquired at all times and attended as well. 44. Work and volunteer to help spread peace as much as possible. 45. Help people buy slaughter coupons or take them to the slaughter houses. 46. Recite Alhamdulillah for the blessings you have received. 47. Use A99 names to praise the almighty. 48. Miswak should be used. 49. Have candies in your pockets to give kids on the street. 50. Expect blessings. We hope these fifty things to do make Hajj 2014 a divine experience for you. Author Bio Rahim from M.Zahid Travel would like to share more tips on how to perform Hajj 2014 with his readers. The author wants everyone to have a divine and a wonderful religious experience. Please check online for more information on the same. InshAllah, you and your family too would be on Hajj this time.

Tips on how to make hajj 2014 a divine experience  

Every year there are millions of Muslim men and women who plan on performing Hajj. Most of them make it and some of them do not. Those that...