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Practical tips and advice on how to be well at the Umrah Tour Before you leave for the Umrah Tour 2014, we would like you to know a few things which would make the religious trip a beautiful one, one that would be divine and richly rewarding. Hence please read on and be well-informed for the same. We want you to have a blissful experience, and that’s why we are here providing you with these tips. 1. If you are young and have the means to make it for the Umrah trip, please by all means go ahead and do so. When you reach the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, you would find many youngsters and young couples performing the holy obligation. This is a time they share their intentions with the almighty, and it is a beautiful connection which one shouldn’t miss 2. Always carry extra sets of Ihram clothing, because you may sweat and would need to change pretty often. Moreover, the weather conditions are harsh, the sun lashes badly on the traveler and if you hail from a place where you aren’t used to such heat, comfortable ihram clothes would save the day. 3. Don’t be flashy with your clothes, makeup, shoes or high end gadgets. You shouldn’t need them all there, please be modest and socialize with others around while performing the holy rituals. 4. For those of you who are sensitive to the sun and natural light, apply a lot of sunscreen; carry sunglasses as a must and especially at the Kabbah where the lights flash hard. 5. Most fail to get near the black stone or even kiss it, if you want to be successful at that, please be in queue when the azan begins for asar. 6. The salat jenazah or the funeral prayer should be learnt, and should be prayed five times every day. 7. Check with at least four to five travel agents or service providers online and seek quotes for the Umrah packages months in advance. Compare costs and services, and only then go ahead to fix one of the agents to help plan the Umrah trip. 8. Choose hotels or accommodation which is closest to the holy spots, so that you save time and money on travel. If possible walk by foot, but during the day since the sun is merciless, ensure you carry enough water for hydration and cover yourself properly.

9. Don’t forget to carry your medication, check with your family doctor a month in advance before you begin planning on the Umrah trip. He or she should give you a clean chit of health, and only then should you travel. 10. The second floor of the Haram would be best for the women folk to pray. Please ensure the ladies and women are guided or escorted with respect to those areas. 11. The AR RAUDAH is a place where women and ladies are allowed to go and pray in the morning and late evening, only for an hour. 12. For those who would want to stand near the kiblah and pray in a congregation, Sunnah should be done first and tawaf should follow. 13. The airports don’t have much food options which are cheap and healthy, so carry dry food as much as possible and water too. 14. Carry a prayer matt should you need to pray out in the open in public places. 15. Check with what the pre departure workshops have to say about your first trip for Umrah. Follow their instructions and also ask as many questions as possible for all your doubts to be cleared. We hope you have the best Umrah Tour in 2014, go ahead with the blessings of Allah.

Thank you

Practical tips and advice on how to be well at the umrah tour