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Quick Introduction!

I am an artist at heart, with an aim to always try to influence my environment by creating and building something new. Product design gives me the tools and the reach I might have never acquired otherwise. And thus...

I am currently a Product design student, keen to start my journey!

The palette of projects VERGLAS Designing an experience.

HARSHLANDS Selling through story-telling.

SHUTTLE Designing for utility.


Designing for the consumer market.



Individual project, 3 weeks Re-design the experience of using a water purifier, and enhance it to make it sensorial.


Found the answer! Started with a question Is it possible to improve people’s habit of drinking water by changing the purifier’s boxy, industrial form?

FUN THEORY by VW says that people’s behavior can be changed for the better by making mundane activities fun.

Piano stairs set up next to escalators in stockholm increased the number of people using the stairs by 66 percent that day.









Immersive The intent was to create an experience that places the user almost in a pristine, icy cold desert.


/Verglas\ A subtle art piece depicting the melting and breaking of ice-bergs, reminding the user the beauty of the source of water they consume.


“A sculpture in a painting� The water purifier depicts through an aerial view, the breaking away of icebergs and their grandness using abstract shapes. It aims to strike a sense of awe in the user.


“Magnum Opus!� The experience of the user is that of appreciating a painting.



A trickle of purity The function of dispensing water is very discreet so as to not hinder the experience.


water dispenses

Push button


inlet outlet

purification unit


Details The water inlet and outlet are provided through the wall, concealed behind the purifier.



Individual project, 2 months Develop a design solution to improve commuting experience for urban commuters, utilizing advanced technologies.


Problems they face On asking commuters, I found the following problems were an everyday hassle:

public transport

Theft in crowded places “Pickpocketting is a menace in crowded places!”

Feel unsafe

“I always feel unsafe of the unpredictable, aggressive traffic...”


by foot

Urban commuters Over a fifth of non-agricultural workers in India commute to work on foot, followed by commutes by cycle, moped or motorcycle and bus. Fewer than three per cent take cars or vans, and over half travel less than five kilometres.

Using earphones on road is hazardous “I normally have to use earphones for music but it is very dangerous on road”

Require elaborate gears “So many things for a simple commute to my office.”


Future of fabrics?

Current travelling gear scenario

Research and development towards wearable textile-based personal systems have gained strong interest during the last few years.

The gear that commuters carry are very passive in function. They have a potential to aid users in travel in several ways than just the current.

Pauline Van Dongen: Solar jacket

Helmet Shirt Back-pack

Reflector jacket

Cute fabric

Cycle lock

Denim jeans Durable shoes


Electronic infused jacket


Exploring the limits All ideas generated were aimed at ultimately finding functionality that suits the needs of urban commuters.

Internet of things Safety

Convenience Extended usage Intuitive



Understanding tentative form This gave a tentative visual and volume as a starting point.

Trench coat collar with speakers

Attached bag

Quick mock-ups Denim fabric

-Comfortable for the user. -Size and ease of use validated. -trench coat collar needed to change to a hoodie.

Smart jacket made for the urban commuters.

The idea behind Shuttle is a jacket with an integrated bag that intelligently becomes a part of the commuting experience. It makes the users aware and vigilant of their surrounding, aiding them in navigation on road and seamlessly connecting with the everyday devices.


Electricity passing for all the functions to take place.

metal strands for conductivity

Made of Cobaltex fabric The jacket uses conductive fabric, Cobaltex, which has good conductivity, is light-weight, and is flexible.

Safety from theft

1. No pick-pocketing The bag attached to the jacket can be acessed only through the pockets on the inside. No zippers are present on the outside. “How strange! How will I steal...

Safety on road


There’s a car behind! Must stay cautious...



2. Not your regular reflectors! Multiple “Photo-transisters” detect light and it’s intensity. and trigger strategically placed vibrators on the jacket with varying intensity. No more looking back to check how far the approaching traffic is.

Comfort for cyclists

3. Peripheral vision A netting provided at the side of the jacket hoodie for wider feild of vision on road.

4. Key-less unlock

Jacket comes with connected cycle lock. Remote transmitter allows you access to your cycle within five feet of your cycle.

5. “Direct me hoodie� Intuitive gesture of putting on hoodie turns on audio input for GPS navigation fed from your phone wirelessly into the jacket.

An experience

My learnings - How to derive conclusions from the data gathered during analysis. - To efffectively manage and allocate time for each phase of the project. - How to present the project as succintly as possible.



Individual project, 3 weeks Give a traditional game a 21st century make-over with a fresh twist for the digital natives.

Analysis Gentle-men players

Making a case for traditional games Traditional games have a charm about themselves that they derive from being -self-reliant in terms of equipments -are rarely restricted to age and number of players -they provide children with valuable rehearsals for everyday life.

Board-games were a source of entertainment during the “Great depression�

Analysis Games have become digitized nowadays.

Essentials of a good game Success of a game depends on some common key factors:

continous challenge

Immediate, useful rewards

Targeting digital natives

Interesting story-line

combining fun and realism

The aim was to make a game for all ages but with focus on “digital natives�. A digital native is an individual who was born after the widespread adoption of digital technology.

A different approach

Directions to go!


To create the ultimate board-game for all ocassions, inspired by dying outdoor games, with the ability to be competitive or casual according to context.


To create a game that enables control through strategizing, combined with luck for holistic enjoyment.

3. To create a game that enables users to create imaginary worlds for play solely with the help of eachother via conversation.

A different approach

Initial mock-up

The idea There was a potential to revive a dying game like “Snakes and Ladders� by introducing elements that are maneuverable by the players.


Quick mock-ups To validate and get user feedback on ease of understanding, playability, and size of game-board, quick mock-ups of the game helped.

Essentials of a good game Success of a game depends on some common key factors

Will you be the explorers avoiding giant snakes to reach till the end, or will you be the serpent guardians, protecting a well kept secret?


The intent To make a a fun board-game for all ages and all occasions at a time when people’s idea of games that are fun have become restricted to digital ones.


The concept This game is inspired by the basic game-play of snakes and ladders, but with a twist. The game enables not only strategizing, but now also makes the snakes an active, moving component of the game.


The story Human curiosity can never be quenched. And when something is forbidden, it becomes an obsession for some to find out why. “Choose to go on a journey to reach the end of this board, ridden by snakes who are determined to guard who knows what. Or choose to be the snakes themselves and stop human -kind from knowing what they shouldn’t...”


Team “snakes”


Components of game 300x300mm board, 3x“Snake” game pieces, 3x“Explorer” game pieces”, 1 Dice makes up the inventory of the game.

Team “explorers” Dice

Game mechanics

Gameplay The aim was to keep the rules of the game simple to understand for all.

User testing

A new process 1. The process of designing a game taught me how to sell a product through story telling. 2. It taught me patience as I made multiple iteration, each with minor tweaks.

play-testing The most exciting step for designing a game is user-testing. This is where the game mechanics are put to test.



Team project, 4 months Develop a new “Clothes ready to wear” device.

The team and I

Deepanjan Sinha year 5

Darshan Patel year 3

Ritvik Kulshrestha year 3 Meenakshi Kamat year 5

My role! -Ethnography -Ideation -quick prototyping -3D Visualization As a part of the team, I aimed to bring to the table fresh ideas.

My team for the project!

Shreya Prem year 5

Prateyush das year 3


Understanding user through research Upon studying different environments and their respective users, we gained insights to narrow down onto our user group.

Nuclear family

The users at the center of our design process are a Urban Indian Nuclear Family assisted by a house help.

Efficient and easy

Quick and effective

Safe and easy

Evaluating each user’s clothing needs based on the study of their lifestyle. All IP rights are reserved by Havells India Limited






A clothes’ story Clothes have to go through multiple stages of treatments to be considered ready. We decided to target the scenario of bulk ironing and ironing in an as-and-when needed basis. All IP rights are reserved by Havells India Limited

Sort and Fold





Creating ideas

Versatile Independent

Redefined De-wrinkling

All IP rights are reserved by Havells India Limited



Physical trials through mock ups were used to validate ideas and develop concepts further.


Concepts and user feedback We gathered user feedback on the concepts to arrive at the final decision.



Puck Iron A small handheld device made to mimic the most natural hand gestures.

All IP rights are reserved by Havells India Limited

Convenience | Familiarity | Value Addition



Ultimate R2W A compact handheld device which can per- form multiple fabric treatments.

Flat Dry A set of heated panels which dry clothes flat and without wrinkles.

Switch Iron A hybrid of two different products to cater to different ‘ready to wear needs.



n o r i y r D

Tear-downs We took apart a steamer and an iron to get a better understanding of our technological constraints. - All internals at the base of the iron. - Streamlined base plate / Heat Plate. - Settings Dial close to the base of the iron.

- No fixed size for the heat plate and steamer head. - Basic internals required. - Water pump/ Heat Plate/ Water Tank. - 3 clothes per fill. All IP rights are reserved by Havells India Limited


To strike harmony Physical mock-ups were necessary to get the right proportions and the shape of the iron.

The steamer and the base were to be harmonious with eachother, and thus multiple iterations were tried out. All IP rights are reserved by Havells India Limited

A hybrid Iron-Steamer that helps you meet your de-wrinkling needs quickly and properly.

All IP rights are reserved by Havells India Limited




2 distinct modes, 2 distinct treatments A singular product with the capabilities of targeting a wider range of scenarios.

All IP rights are reserved by Havells India Limited


Obvious and ambidextrous A light indicator placed on both sides of the body of the product responds to every change in setting.

Adjusting controls are made easy for both left-handed and right-handed users. All IP rights are reserved by Havells India Limited


Leave your wires behind The steamer is completely wireless and independent and can be used to dewrinkle vertically without the set up of a surface.

Adjust setting

Press release button for

Dock to charge


Fill detachable tank All IP rights are reserved by Havells India Limited


Communicates with you A light indicator placed all along the body of the product responds to every change in setting.

When the iron is heating up, light is dim orange.

All IP rights are reserved by Havells India Limited

Light turns to bright red when ready for use.


Switch surface As an added prospect, Havells could have a flippable board which can support horizontal as well as vertical de-wrinkling.

All IP rights are reserved by Havells India Limited


Familiar architecture A familiar architecture to the iron helps make SWITCH acceptable and flattens the learning curve. All IP rights are reserved by Havells India Limited


3D Printed iterations This helped us get an understanding of the size an volume for our concept, and helped us gauge the validity of our mechanisms. All IP rights are reserved by Havells India Limited

An experience

My learnings -Working with a client, respecting their opinions, while having confidence on our point of view aswell. -Striking a balance, keeping each stake-holder’s interest in mind. -And becoming a better team player.

Other projects and interests

Currently working on

Personas we are targeting. Team project, 3 months Reviving the brand Blackberry by redesigning the overall experience of using a phone, catering to to today’s working professionals.

White-collar worker


Quest to find out why Blackberry fell?

Young entrepreneur

Interviewing users

Why them? The team I am working with.

They are today’s working professionals, dynamic and constantly on the move. The 3 users have distinct styles of working.

Art Gallery

Verbose through art Political satires, portraits, paintings, hand-renders; these are what I like to do to grow as a person, and connect with people.

Prateyush Das Industrial Design Student

EDUCATION 2015 - 2020

Product Design Management ( Foundation Year 3 )

2013 - 2015

Higher Secondary Certificate (Humanities) - HSC

2003 - 2013

DSK International Campus, Pune, Maharashtra

The Heritage School, Gurgaon, Haryana

Central Board of Secondary Education (Science) - CBSE

The Heritage School, gurgaon, Haryana



Havells (3 months)

BIC and Cello

To design a ready to wear device for the urban indian household.

To redesign pens that helps children transition from a pencil to a pen in a seamless, more intuitive fashion.

Blackberry (3 months, On going)

To revive the brand “Blackberry” and enhance the usabilility of communicationa devices in a market saturated by companies that make seemingly identical phones.

Altran Technologies

Design a service that aids and enhances the user’s experience of using autonomous vehicles.

User study “One-to-One” Card game, UI/UX Design (1 month)

Email Skype prateyush.das Telephone number +91-9910056349

A 2 player card game designed to create a fun and informal environment for dealing with “White-Collar Syndrome”, and helping users to have a positive outlook to therapy they recieve.

PROFESSIONAL SKILLS ANALOG Sketching Rendering Prototyping Foam modelling Wood Working Clay modelling

DIGITAL Photoshop Illustrator InDesign Premier Pro Sketchbook Pro Solidworks Rhinoceros Fusion Keyshot MarvelousDesigner 7

Learning to build user personas, and map out user journey by observing and conducting interviews on ground.



English Hindi Bengali

Painting Sketching writing poetry Dramatics Debating

Hope you liked. Thank you for your time! Feel free to contact me: Linkedin: prateyush.das ISSU: Prateyush.Das Behance: /prateyush Instagram: prateyush.das

Prateyush Das portfolio 2018  

Industrial Design Portfolio 2018

Prateyush Das portfolio 2018  

Industrial Design Portfolio 2018