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From used drums to

personalized home furnishing:


Italian Architect & founder of Studio12

who am i & wHAT DO i DO? Graduated in architecture at: Polytechnico di Milano 2002 to 2004 : Worked with Ferruccio Laviani architecture studio 2004 : Founded Studio12 aimed at Interior Decoration & Design 2011 : Launched Barrel12 design project 2013 : Opened the first Barrel Store in Milan

How did the Barrel12 concept begin? During a period of economic crisis in Europe including Italy - I developed my Barrel12 thinking: Why not use recycled materials for new product design?

Save Material Save Money Have fun




How did the Barrel12 concept begin? I then discovered industrial drums a fantastic starting point for personalised eclectic household objects, e.g.- Book cases - Drink cabinets - Plant pots - Poufs This is how Barrel12 was launched.

the first batch

Birth of the Barrels

Barrel12 : A full range of designs Since 2013, I have created more than 100 objects now on the market: ► Painted / Corten/ Art / Serigraphy barrel library ► Painted / Corten / Art / Serigraphy barrel bar ► Painted / Corten barrel vase ► Corten Metal pouf, Corten wood pouf, Art glass barrel pouf + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + ... and many more to come!

Barrel Bar - Art by Nyx

Barrel Bar - Art by Galetto

Barrel vase

Barrel POUF

Love for Barrel

Barrel12 covered in known Italian magazines and newspapers

why did i choose metal?

METAL fits with my view of the environment, i.e. materials which do not damage the earth METAL - at the end of its drum life- is available, able to be transformed and cost - competititive

So, I chose Steel Drums which are painted with water based paints i.e. the theme of nature.

transformation process

10 to 20 days for the process involving up to 10 different artisans and the following steps: ► ► ► ► ►

Drums selection Cleaning/Treating Striping Redesigning Painting and personalising they become truly Barrel12 differentiated products.

transformation process in pictures


So, what are the advantages of METAL for my work? ► From a consumer standpoint, it is a prestigious material ► It is “handcraftable” ► It is robust but multifunctional ► High recycling, so sustainable

what are my next METALprojects?

what are my next METALprojects?

what are my next METAL projects? Italians have no limits for creative thinking! I believe my metal “objets d’art” can become an important strand for contemporary design: ► Taking products at their end-of-life and ► Revitalising the material through: ► Colour ► Design ► & Shaping

I feel I am at the beginning of my artistic life in Metal

Barrel12 - An Introduction (Low quality)