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Trends moving towards tangible office furniture enhances the work environmentor not

There is a growing trend amongst offices today to create a work space that appeals to the new generation that have grown up with allthe possible technology available to them at the click of a button. No one today want to work in a redundant and mundane work environment which reduces productivity and lack of enthusiasm and motivation.Thus the office spaces designers, architects, interior designers and product manufactures have all moved to creating new and innovative products that enable the work space to be a haven rather than a mandatory jail. The idea of modifying the boring work environmentstarted with the basic layout ofthe furniture used and itsdesign.There has been a rather drastic change in the outlook towards the kind of furniture used, its comfort, colour, texture and an additionalfeelgood factorhave been accounted forto make ita more whole some experience forthe user. The main aim ofextreme brainstorming and endless study ofhuman anthropometrics and psychology was to come with furniture design solutions thatwould:

1.Give a sense of personal belonging 2.Provide a certain comfort and feel good factor 3.M ake the work space more tangible 4.Allow interaction than a socialdiscrimination in the form ofhierarchy ofspacesand furniture used A step taken by the designersforthe above wasseen at the MILAN DESIGN W EEK 2013, where some A few examples ofthese were companies like NAYADA who exhibited a section focusing on office spaces. NAYADA is the only Russian company in this segment.They showed new collection thatincludesa library ofimpressive size and a double desk displaying how new technology and materialcan be used to create a personal and open work space at the same time.The series was written cutting edge office furniture was showcased to taking the boring desk and chair and transforming it into a more appealing module.

focusing on office spaces.NAYADA is the only Russian company in thissegment.They showed new collection that includes a library ofimpressivesizeand adoubledesk displaying how new technology and material can be used to create a personal and open work space atthe same time.The series was written by Victoria and Totan Kuzembaev Dmitry Pismanik. Then there was Vitra with their W ork Bay collection. With the Workbay Office, the designer Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec showed how a simple system consisting of organic partition walls and horizontal levels could create an entire work environmentwhich meets currentrequirements and yet create an entirely new comfortable space and lively atmosphere. Furniture selection and choosing the correctdesign asperthe requirementofthe office yet maintaining a certain level of human emotion is extremely necessary. A good example of this was seen by the collection showed in the form of Beta free standing system designed for Tecno Pierandr nd ei Associates by Alessandro M . Pierandrei,Fabrizio and Stefano Pierandrei Anfossi, awarded the Red Dot 2010, U.S.Good Design Award 2010 and 2010.As theirwebsite quotes

“growing demand offreedom in the customization ofthefurnishings,the choice of the choice ofmaterialand use of the system by users in work environments thatrequire intensive furniture more robust.In this continuous evolution was also born the new beta version free standing and desk sharing,which further extended the possibilities ofconfiguration and usability ofthe system.“ making itan excellentchoice for a work friendly environment.

There are other factors to consider besides productivity, if we want our officesto attractmembersofnew generation, besides heft pay scales. A lot of companies are starting to realize that offices don’t have to be morbid and old cubicles, and that workplaces can be visually stimulating and creative but still be a place to work. Some companies however do not look at such amenitiesasan investmentfortheir workers,orastoolsto increasetheirlogitivity in the marketseeing them as just a means of gimmicks and display of money ora mere distraction forworkers. But who can argue that a little distraction can’tpump people up when it’stime to put the nose to the grindstone?

Trends moving towards tangible office furniture enhances the work environment or not?  

A research project from Salone Del Mobile(Milan Design Week) 2013. In association with Mondadori S.r.l.

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