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Everything I'm about to tell you is simple... but not easy. Simplicity is probably one of the most challenging things to accept, especially if you're like me and you've been searching for an answer for such a long time. But really, these are the three things you NEED to do to get the flat tummy, tight midriff, or six-pack abs you've always wanted. Step 1 - Exercise the Abs I started with the most obvious. This is where most people start. Unfortunately, it's also where most people finish. Even after doing 100 crunches a day for months, you're still no closer to your goal. You've probably been frustrated by exercise in some way. So why do it? Frankly, it's necessary. It is important, however, to exercise properly. Crunches are only one part of the equation. There are many muscles all working together in our abdomen, and none of them should be ignored. I won't get into the anatomical details here, instead I'll just offer a couple suggested exercises. Myotatic crunch - This is a super-charged crunch able to work almost all the muscles of your abdomen in one movement. It hits the upper abs, the lower abs, and even the obliques all in one movement. It needs a little equipment - an exercise ball or its equivalent - but it's otherwise a highly effective movement. Instead of wasting your time trying to explain it, I urge you to see a demo on YouTube. Cat Vomit Exercise - I don't know if this is the real name of this movement, or it's Tim Ferriss's name for it (both this exercise and the myotatic crunch are mentioned in Ferriss's book Four Hour Body). By looking like a cat trying to vomit you can get all your abdominal muscles involved in your workout. Again, I'll refer you to YouTube if you want details on how this exercise is done. Step 2 - Burn Calories Your exercise plan shouldn't stop at the abs. Most people (even extremely thin people) have a layer of fat over their bellies. So you can work out those abs as much as you like, and they'll be ripped, but you'll never see them. They will stay hidden beneath their cozy little blanket, like a kid scared of thunder. So add some physical activity to your day. Take a walk. Ride a bike to work. Take the stairs. Or hit a treadmill at the gym. Anything that gets your heart pumping and your forehead sweating. Exercising just the abs isn't enough, so get in shape and take a look under that fat. Your amazing abs might be there waiting for you already!

Step 3 - Eat Healthy When you're exercising heavily, you'll probably find yourself growing hungry. Really hungry. And it's also easy to justify: "After that workout, I deserve these double-chili-cheese fries!" Be strong! Don't do it! Instead, make sure you're eating a balanced, nutritious diet. Here are a few guidelines to keep you on track. Eat whole grains - Carbs are not the enemy. They're a great source of energy, especially when you're working out. Just avoid processed grains (i.e. white flour, white rice, etc.) Even a lot of commercial "whole wheat" is white flour mixed with something darker, so make sure you look for "100% whole grain." Other great alternatives to grains might include potato, sweet potato, and oatmeal. Ditch the sweets - Lots of sugar puts fat right into storage, which is then very challenging to drop later. Instead, avoid sweets. In fact, avoid anything that uses high fructose corn syrup. Check your labels. Surprisingly, this also includes most fruit juices. They can cause blood sugar imbalances which can slow or reverse your weight loss. Eat lean protein - Whether from vegetable or animal sources, make sure you're eating enough lean protein. Organic if at all possible. If you're doing Steps 1 and 2, you're going to need it to repair the muscles you damaged during your workouts. A little extra muscle has the added effect of increasing the amount of fat you burn, even when sitting on the couch. No reason not to take advantage of that! At the same time, however, there's no sense in balancing fat burned with fat eaten, so make sure it's a low-fat option. Get plenty of fiber - Fiber should be your best friend. It's basically just food that your body can't digest, which makes it a fantastic food for dropping a little extra fat. It lets you feel full without going straight to your waistline. It also serves as a trap for other food particles, preventing them from contributing all the extra calories. For a hit of both fiber and protein, try adding beans to your meals on a regular basis. If they are too rough on your digestive system, soak them in water with a bit of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) before you cook them.

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==== ==== You really need to see this. Amazing stuff ! Perfect abs ! Remain looking young, stay healthy and fit. No looking back, Life's a wonderful journey, Realize it. ==== ====

3 Simple Steps to Perfect Abs  

You really need to see this. Amazing stuff ! Perfect abs ! Remain looking young, stay healthy and fit. No looking back, Life's a wonderful...

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