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Smarter Investment For Real estate Invester Smartland is a premier provider of property management services, leveraging its industry expertise and deep sector connections to give clients peace of mind when it comes to property administration. We provide strategic counsel on a wide array of transactions, including properties for rent or sale, expert advice to investors and tenants, and self-directed IRAs. Our unparalleled experience in the Notheast Ohio area and decades-long expertise in real estate investments position us as one of the top go-to advisory brokerages in Ohio and the Midwest.

Real Estate Investments Smartland helps you cope with every issue, big or small, related to real estate investment. We present you with investment opportunities that are currently available in the market and help you seize them by studying your portfolio and connecting you with lenders.

Our strongest suit is real estate, but we also have core operational expertise – that is, strategic counsel that spans the whole commercial realm, touching on things like real estate companies, analysis of real estate stock market performance, asset optimization and value tracking, and independent research of each asset that we offer.

Renovation services Smartland Renovation Services has a solution that exceeds clients’ expectations – whether it is converting an unfinished basement into a home theater or living space, completely revamping a bathroom, upgrading a kitchen to that polished state you have always dreamed of, or building a house addition.

Smartland works with a wide assortment of clients, from individual tenants and municipal landlords to property investors, developers, and real estate investment trusts. Over the years, our Company has developed and employed proprietary models and a unique approach to renovating, starting with architectural design and budget planning, and ending with final on-time executed project. We evaluate all properties under renovation to cover all operational angles, including zoning law, the particulars of the supply and demand in our market, and the best way to

integrate all of the above with clients’ expectations

International Investing  

You select a property which aligns with your investment strategy. As part of your investment strategy, you may choose to register an LLC. We recommend that you consult an attorney or an accountant in order to decide if this is the best option for you.

Once a price has been agreed upon, the purchase documents will be signed by both parties (buyer and the seller). This can be done through email, there is no need to be present at the location.

You make an earnest money deposit (directly to the title company).

Once it has received the earnest money, the title company performs a title search. This is to make sure that you receive good title to the property.

A professional home inspection should be carried out. (You can find list of inspectors by doing basic google search of “Cleveland Home Inspectors”)

You must obtain a landlord insurance policy. Make sure it has coverage for any periods in which the property might be vacant. (So far, Foremost seems to be the least expensive insurance in our area)

The title company will coordinate the closing with you. It will forward documents which need to be signed (and, in some cases, notarized). Again you do not need to be physically present to sign documents. Everything can be

handled through mail/email. 

You pay the remaining balance to the title company.

The deed is recorded and transferred by the title company.

All closing documents are mailed to you by the title company.

For more information : Call us: 800-874-5698 Fax :


Address : Smartland, LLC 67 Alpha Park Drive Highland Heights, OH 44143 Call us: 800-874-5698 Fax :


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