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Dated: 17-01-2011 This enquiry was undertaken by GUARDIANS HUMAN & CIVIL RIGHTS FORUM SUOMOTTO. This fact findings mission was undertaken by the following office bearers: Mrs. MRS LALITA BAI and MRS NASREEN KHANNA are designated to head this mission with support of members mentioned below. 1) SHYAM RAJ –MEMBER SOUTH ZONE-II 2) MANISH SAXENA-MEMBER WEST ZONE-1 3) VIJIT MEHRA-MEMBER - STATEMENT RECORDER This whole mission RAJENDER KHANNA.

was authorized

and Presided by

President Mr.

This mission was entrusted to women members as it involves the alleged offence against women by a Police Officer of High designated rank. Therefore, to avoid any discriminatory or prejudiced report, the mission commenced.

REPORT- FINDINGS-ASSESSMENT As per the direction, the team comprising above mentioned office bearers descended, recorded the statements of various connected and un-connected individuals of VIJAYAWADA city.


INFORMATION ON RECORDS There stands an allegation against the Police Commissioner of VIJAYAWADA that he has harassed a women by sending lewd SMS and abused his powers and authority. These allegations were carried by various electronic and print media.

PRIMA FACIE EXAMINATION The said issue was reported on January 5, 2011 by electronic media that the Commissioner of Police, Vijayawada has been harassing a women doctor by sending lewd SMS, which was contradicted by CP stating he did it as per a game plan and that the information carried by electronic media was one sided and complete information would throw light on his justification. He also named one of the persons with political background behind this. To bring transparency to this allegation, this fact finding mission was constituted on 08-01-2011.

STATEMENT OF PSR ANJANELYU The said officer was apprised of fact –finding investigation and his statement was called, but he declined to given any statement.

STATEMENT- DOCTOR The said doctor was not accessible for deposing any statement.

STATEMENT VAMSHI POLITICAL LEADER He was not accessible for deposition.


ASSESSMENT As all the connected parties were not ready for deposition or not accessible the fact finding mission was completely dependent on discreet channels, public statements, police officers statements, print and electronic media reports and circumstantial evidence.

PUBLIC STATEMENTS This enquiry was under taken in different Areas and nearly 104 people were examined on the questions below on this issue and their opinions were solicited. 1. Do they recognize the name of VIJAYAWADA POLICE COMMISSIONER Mr. PSR ANJANEYULU In this case nearly 98 persons nodded positively only 6 people were not familiar with name of police commissioner. ASSESSMENT: it was understood from this survey that people Vijayawada were familiar with Mr. PSR Anjaneyulu in the city.


2. Are they familiar with the controversy and whole episode of allegations against the police officer In this case 101 people nodded positively only 3 people were not familiar with controversy. ASSESSMENT: it is understood that people are highly conscious with political and administrative situations 3. Do they think the allegations against the said officer is True/False In this case all the 88 people believe that these allegations were political motivated/ conspiracy/ misuse of legal system and media. 9 people in this case have opinion that these allegations may be true. 7 people in this case were un-decided


ASSESSMENT: Going by the public statements people in Vijayawada are highly conscious of happenings in around and most of them believe that Police commissioner was an up right officer and after he has take over the job as CP of Vijayawada, most of the criminals were un-comfortable. He was termed as accessible to every common person for redressal of complaint.


such the case involves harassment against women, it was felt to interview only women and girls from public to solicit their opinion.

GIRLS AND WOMEN STATEMENTS The statements from various girls and women in the collages and public area were solicited. This enquiry was under taken in different Areas and 32 girls were examined on this issue and their opinion was solicited. 1. Do they recognize the name of VIJAYAWADA POLICE COMMISSIONER MR PSR ANJANELUYU In this case all the 32 girls and other women from the collage nodded positively. ASSESSMENT: it was understood from this survey that women are highly conscious of political and administrative developments in around their area. 2. Are they familiar with the controversy and whole episode of allegations against the police officer In this case 32 girls and women nodded positively


ASSESSMENT: it is understood that girls are highly conscious with political and administrative situations 3. Do they think that the allegations against the said officer is True/False In this case it was astonishing revelations noted as mentioned below. 24 student and other women from the collages believe that allegation is false and officer is a victim and 8 girls and women out rightly have opinion that allegation as true. ASSESSMENT: These revelations were highly un-predictable as most of the girls and women’s are of opinion that it was political stunt and weak politics and termed the officer victim of political controversy/ victim of allegations.

DISCREET CHANNELS: There stand some discreet informants associated directly with this case and episode, who have furnished the information on condition of anonymity and condition of maintaining secrecy. The information run as follows. 1. The CP is known as a tough officer while discharging his duties and people friendly. He, in his earlier terms at Kurnool, Guntur, Khammam and Hyderabad generated tremendous amount of respect with local people and also wrath from affected quarters. He is also known to have ensured law and order in his own imitable and aggressive style, on many occasions, trespassing accepted practices of human rights. In fact, few of his actions were enquired into by National Human Rights Commission, AP State Human Rights Commission and the AP High Court. 2. The CP was in the process of making many changes and reforms in order to curtail illegal and unlawful activities in Vijayawada. There were news articles too on this (Annexure1A. B). In the course of duty, one of persons with political background, who has certain criminal cases pending against him, was also called and


subjected to counselling (Refer see Annexure 2A, B). The friction began when the CP reduced this person’s security as he was violating the prescribed security protocols. It was noted that this person used to move in a convoy of five vehicles with same number plates as it is done in VVIP (PM/CM) convoy movement. This convoy movement was stopped and his vehicles were reduced to two instead of five. Also since it was found that the PSOs (gunmen)

given to him were not being used as per the security protocols, the PSOs were withdrawn. 3. Discreet sources reveal that there were inputs given to the CP that this person was trying to do a sting operation against him. We are given to understand that the CP was aware of what was happening and was in the know of things and was in the process of unravelling how the other person was attempting to manipulate for his advantage. 4. In this backdrop, exchange of text messages between the doctor and the CP happened. Discreet sources reveal that this was in the know of certain individuals in the government and in power. 5. As per our enquiry and knowledge, we understood that there were equal numbers of calls from both sides, indicating that these were mere responses as opposed to any harassment. Further, we rule out the possibility of an affair since the numbers of calls from both parties were few and equal and that it lasted intermittently for short period of time weeks with the know of the CP and the doctor and then stopped. 6. Sometime in November 2010, the person attempted to telecast this as a news item in a particular news channel by showing the one sided transcript of SMS. The concerned in the news channel and its


management contacted the CP and requested for a meeting. During the discussion with the other channel, CP showed them the SMS from the counter party, his information and actual happenings. After hearing both versions, the channel has decided against pursuing the story based on merits. With above stated facts we draw the conclusions to this report as undisputed facts. IS Mr. PSR ANJENELYU INVOLVED IN SENDING THIS SMS MESSAGE FACT: Going by the statements and other revelations we observed that this interaction of messages between Mr. ANJANEYULU and the doctor is in October and November, moreover this messages were from both sides, as per discreet documents. Why did the doctor has not given complaint earlier, when she was aggrieved. Questionable fact is whether she knows the political leader Mr. VAMSI which stands revealed and documented that she is very well known to the political leader. IS SHE FAMILIAR THAT SAID POLITICAL LEADER HAS DISPUTE WITH CP FACT: The said documented proof expose that she was very well in touch with political leader.

EXPOSURE OF THIS SCANDAL FACT: It is matter of jurisprudence to understand the timings of said exposure, when said officer has already declared to go on study leave and promoted, this scandal was exposed through MEDIA.


The most relevant question is if the so called victimized parties consider that they are victim of harassment, they need not go to media, they should have used appropriate platform for redressal of grievances, more so when she had connections with person with political background. Going to media in such circumstances is understood to be a planned controversy only to settle scores and tarnish the image of some one.

PUBLIC FINDINGS Our findings noted that public is considering this episode as manipulative and to tarnish the image of the officer. This case has exceptional value as we found that people in Vijaywada City are highly conscious of every happening in around the city and they shall be termed as best judges. They are not influenced by any media reports but they have capacity to understand the facts on their own. We are extremely happy to see that people of this city have co-operated all round in our efforts to understand this case and understand the facts and truth through their cooperation.


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