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SOULFUL: Richard Clayderman


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Music be the food for love

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a Suresh Sunayan

Pianist Richard Clayderman, who will perform in Bangalore on October 16, talks about how music cannot be separate from romance…s Priyadarshini Nandy Nancy Reagan has titled you the ‘Prince of Romance’. Do you think love would have been a different game altogether if there was no music in this world? Romance has always been very essential in the history of music, including contemporary music. I would agree with you that there is also a lot of aggressiveness in music but romance and love remain important. You and Rahul Sharma have performed together before; what do you think is special about your duo performances? When I perform with Rahul, I am fascinated by his expertise with the santoor, which I think is a very unique instrument. We have collaborated with two albums (Confluence I and II) and the blend of the santoor with the piano made our collaboration very unique. Tell us a little about your upcoming concert in India? The audience in India has a natural music orientation, rooted in tradition, folk and even film music. I consider it a great honour to perform for such an audience… The concert in Bangalore will be divided into three segments; the first one will have my solo performances where I

MEN CAN MULTITASK TOO KUNAL Kohli has also recently made a series of short films for MTV along with Cornetto. “These are stories that are told in 45 minutes. There are many times when stories don’t require three hours. And India hasn’t really explored this genre. This prompted me to accept this offer,” says Kunal, who’s working with new actors and directors in these films that are being shot in Mauritius. “I’m simultaneously making my film as well. So, what can I say, men can multitask too,”

Sneha Mahadevan It’s safe to say that actor Shilpa Shetty is more of an entrepreneur than an actor now. Shilpa, who’s on a two-year sabbatical, recently launched a real estate business portal with husband, businessman Raj Kundra. “I realised it is impossible for the middleclass, common man to buy a house today. We hit upon the idea of going online with the venturem, to enable users to buy houses conveniently,” says a visibly excited Shilpa. She’s quick to confess that most of her business acumen came from her husband. “Raj plays a huge role in terms of supporting me and, of course, there’s his business sense. I am lucky to have a man like that in my life,” she said. During the last season of the T20 cricket tournaments, Shilpa and Raj had hosted an elaborate dinner for then team member, Aussie cricketer Shane Warne and girlfriend, Hollywood hottie and model Elizabeth Hurley. Recently, Shane announced that he and Liz got engaged. Shilpa, a close friend of the duo, is happy for them. “I am thrilled with the news and would like to wish them all the very best in life. They both are lovely people and I am happy for them.” There are talks of Shane-Liz planning

MAKING NEWS: Kunal Kohli; Priyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapoor (right)

It’s now official between former skipper Shane Warne and Hollywood hottie Elizabeth Hurley; good friend, Bolly actor Shilpa Shetty’s happy for them

I would love to host Liz and Shane to

BEING FRIENDS: Shilpa Shetty; Shane Warne and Liz Hurley (inset)

I am working, just the kind of work that I am doing has changed. It wou be unfair to say that acting has take a backseat, but I have made my marriage a top priority... —Shilpa She throw a party in Mumbai in December. Is Shilpa planning to host another party for the couple when they are in Mumbai? “Of course, we will host them when they come here. They are my friends after all,” says the actor-turned-entrepreneur. Is there anything in particular that she plans to gift the couple for their wedding? “I haven’t thought about that as yet. May be, when they do come down, I will. But nothing as of now.” Besides hosting bashes and donning the entrepreneur’s hat, she insists, nothing

much has changed after marriage to Raj. “Everything is just the way it was. The only thing different is that I don’t wake up and rush to the studio. I am working, just the kind of work that I am doing has changed. It would be unfair to say that acting has taken a backseat, but I have made my marriage a top priority,” she said. So would Shilpa recommend marriage to other heroines? “Of course. I would absolutely endorse marriage to not just actors, but everyone,” she quips.

will be playing a series of themes. The second segment will have Rahul and me jamming together and then after I leave the stage, Rahul would continue to perform.

Who are some of your favorite classical composers and why? I grew up with Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Schumann, Chopin, Debussy and these great composers are my favourites in the classical field. But I must say that in the past years, I have been more attracted by jazz fusion, jazz music by Chicoria, Pat Metheny, Michel Petrucciani… these piano interpreters or guitarists are real geniuses and I greatly admire them. From Philippe Pages to Richard Clayderman — how has your journey been into the music world? When I was a young pianist, my wish was to become a piano accompanist and I have been a piano accompanist for years, accompanying various French singers. When I recorded the “Ballade pour Adeline”, I could not imagine that my life would be so different and that I would enter a different world of music which I was not planning. I think I am very fortunate to have been able to perform at so many concerts all over the world.

NEW THAT? IT’S A QUIET BIRTHDAY FOR REKHA VETERAN actor and style icon, Rekha will be celebrating a quiet birthday today with a few of her close friends, including long-time friend Farzana, reveals an insider. “She was never in favour of a big party. Like every year, there’ll be some close friends who will drop by to wish her. She also goes to pray at a nearby church,” says a close friend. Rekha turns 57 today. The actor is grieving the demise of her dear friend, photographer Gautam Rajadhakshya. “She always used to get clicked by him. She is still very sad and hence doesn’t want to celebrate in any way,” the friend added. — Soumyadipta Banerjee

Konjam Tamil, thoda Hindi Sharanya C R

SHE’S SIZZLING: Kareena Kapoor in a still from Chammak Challo in Ra.One

THE song Chammak Challo from Ra.One is undoubtedly a runaway blockbuster, we agree. But what makes the song even more exciting is the use of Tamil lyrics in the song. With Kareena Kapoor lip syncing Tamil lyrics for the foot tapping dance number, the mix of English, Hindi and Tamil seemed to have blended quite well. It’s not just Ra.One which had these Tamil lyrics, even the title song of Shaitan also seemed to have a peppy Tamil music playing in the background. With this trend catching up at a rapid pace in Bollywood, it’s interesting to note the mix of cultures and languages in

Usage of regional lyrics in Bollywood songs seems to be the new flavour. After Hrs finds out the popularity of this new trend songs these days. Singer Hamsika Iyer who lent her voice for the Tamil portion of Chammak... is elated about the response she’s received for the song. “Vishal Dadlani is a good friend and we’ve even worked together for a Telugu project earlier. When he approached me for this song, I didn’t quite realise the impact of the song post the release. He gave me complete freedom and I couldn’t have asked for more,” says Hamsika, excitedly. Though the situation of the song required them to use Tamil lyrics, Hamsika says

such alternative sound is what makes the song even popular. She says, “The use of regional languages in Hindi music is not completely new, as even A R Rahman had done it earlier. The song flows in naturally and that’s what needs to be kept in mind.” For director Bejoy Nambiar it’s the situation and theme of the film that matters over the language. “There was no intention behind using Tamil lyrics for the opening song in Shaitan. When we heard the song, there was an element of rawness that blended with the theme of the movie. The

language shouldn’t really matter when it goes well with the theme,” says Bejoy. Talking about this trend, music composer Prashanth Pilai says, “Music doesn’t have any language barrier. People today are open to hearing fresh sounds as they don’t like to stick to a particular genre. With such demands raising the bar for composers, the language shouldn’t really matter. If the story or situation demands, you can definitely bring in newer sounds irrespective of the language. It also works well commercially,” he points out. With music spreading in innovative ways every now and then, this one’s quite an impressive find!

DNA Bangalore - Konjam Tamil, thoda Hindi  

An interview in DNA Bangalore on usage of regional lyrics in Bollywood songs

DNA Bangalore - Konjam Tamil, thoda Hindi  

An interview in DNA Bangalore on usage of regional lyrics in Bollywood songs