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Learning from the finest Shirsha Majumder BANGALORE: The month of March saw lectures by eminent guests to Journalism department of Manipal University Bangalore Campus. Guest lectures, a very common session in the BAJC class was taken to a serious and professional level for the 4 th semester students. Fun and amusements blended well with the first lecture of the class- “Keynsian theory” of the “Demand and Supply” by Prof. Satish Hejmadi, a faculty of IMA on 6 th march 2013. It was of a great treat of knowledge to the students to listen to all the facts and lessons by him. A graduate in psychology and masters in Economics, he excelled in maintaining a light and attentive ambience in the class while taking the lessons to a serious note with the live examples of the present and future market status. He as a guest speaker shared his views on the theories of the modern society given by two economists J.M.Keynes and J. B. Say. The second lecture by Parool Sharma, an intern of programming department in Radio 1, was an interactive activity based on the Radio advertisements (Free Commercial Time) and Radio Integration. After a thorough hour of theoretical knowledge, she concluded her lecture by giving the students tasks like making radio jingles advertisements to publicize some product etc. On 18th March, 2013, MUBC had the honour to receive Dr. Bhaskar Majumdar as a guest lecturer. Dr. Bhaskar Majumdar is not only a and degree holder on economics, from St. Xaviers College Calcutta; but also holds a PhD on economics from the Calcutta University. Dr. Bhaskar Majumdar addressed the BAJC students of MUBC on elasticity of Demand. Though Dr. Bhaskar was constrained with short time duration of three hours, he still managed to cover the topic marvellously by assigning each hour for each type of demand elasticity, i.e, price elasticity of demand, income elasticity of demand and cross elasticity of demand. His lecture was properly blend with literary explanation and mathematical calculation, which helped all the students (from both science and arts background) to grasp the concept pretty well. “Cutting the edge” a lecture plus workshop by T. Jayashree was done on documentary films. She explained the students the real essence of documentary films and what they actually mean. She projected her ideas of a documentary to be “Life as it is” by showcasing one of her good works “Many people many desires”, a documentary film on the repealing on IPC 377. The film showed the true lives and hidden emotions of the transgenders, bisexuals and homosexuals. She also gave the key elements and points on the techniques of documenting a film Vidhi Tandon, student of the class says that,”The way he taught was absolutely amazing and the session was very interactive. He made it even more interesting by giving examples that actually helped us in understanding the topic.” Shirsha Majumder adds on saying that she has never before enjoyed such an interactive guest lecturer in the class. “I never had thought this serious subject would be so engrossing in the class. He didn’t only teach the serious theories to the students but also kept the entire attention of the class intact by sharing his different experiences and incidents all over. “

Guests lecture the journalism students