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The Technological Concept. In this tool clamping technology, the tool is clamped by inserting it into a holder that is expanded

into holder the heater is switched off and the assembly is cooled with a blow of air. The tool holder with the rigidly fixed tool is now ready for use on the Machine. After use, the tool is removed by the same process of heating the assembly and removing the tool. Generally, Hot air heaters are used for solid carbide shank tools only. Otherwise, removal of the tool from the assembly becomes impossible with the same coefficient of thermal expansion for the steel holder and the HSS tools. However with the use of induction heaters it is possible to use HSS tools, since the heating in this case is very fast and the tool can be removed before the heat reaches the tool.

Fitting the Tool in the Holder

Removal of Tool from the Holder

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by heating. Heating is carried out in a hot air device or inductive type equipment. Once the tool is inserted

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