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the trusted name for Tool Holders now offer Shrink Fit Tool Holders


at affordable prices ADVANTAGES 

Highest concentricity (<5 µm TIR) between and taper shank-meaning uniform load on cutting edges and superior finish on parts

High torque transmission ensuring better utilization of machine power and increased productivity

High radial stiffness with the elimination of intermediate elements like collets

Better balancing quality due to rotational symmetry with sleek design of tool holder, corners in cavities can be machined

Shrink Fit Tool holders are made with special steel to withstand thermal fatigue caused by repeated heating and cooling cycles

These Tool holders can be effectively used with Solid Carbide and HSS tools with suitable heating equipment. Induction heating device will be required for fitting HSS tools


High speed machining

Die & Mould machining

Finish machining

Precision boring

Internal grinding

Shrink Fit Tool Holders are offered with any shank including BT, TC, CT, ISO, HSK and parallel shanks can also offer or assist in selecting suitable heating equipment (Induction Heating Type)

for Shrink fitting the HSS Tools.

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