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in its best tradition of offering quality products to meet the customer’s needs now offers HSK Tool Holders conforming to DIN 69893

following measures: 

Raw material adheres to stringent quality in chemical composition, Micro structure, Hardness and Freedom from defects

Manufacturing is carried out on high accuracy machine tools in “Controlled environment”

Specialized heat treatment processes followed by quality check of every batch

Precision Metrology standards and gauging equipment to ensures dimensional and geometrical accuracies

Dynamic balancing to G6.3 at 12000 rpm as standard and to finer levels according to application


ensures that the customer gets a superior product every time with the

Offers complete range of HSK tool holders including Collet chucks, Side Lock holders, Milling arbors, MT adaptors, Boring bars and Shrink Fit holders – in standard and special length HSK Tool holders have unique advantages over the solid taper shanks like BT, SK, CT etc. HSK Tool Holding System Compared to the conventional solid, 7/24-steep taper shanks, the HAS taper shanks with their hollow taper have several advantages, in application where precision, accuracy, rigidity and speed are critical. Unlike the 7/24 taper shanks in which the radial and axial locations are ensured by the taper, the somewhat elastic hollow shank taper of HSK provides a simultaneous contact with the shoulder face.

High static and dynamic rigidity The simultaneous contact of the taper and its shoulder face with the machine spindle combined with the high axial and radial forces generated by the Internal Clamping Mechanism ensures high interface rigidity.

Superior positional repeatability The close dimensional control of taper with reference to the contact face provides very high locational repeatability.

Ideal for high speed application With the “clamping from inside outward”, clamping force increases with rotational speeds unlike solid tapers with pull studs, where the clamping force gets reduced with speed.

Short stroke and small mass The shorter shank length and its low mass makes tool clamping effortless.

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