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Environmental science and engineering Model Exam important Questions (16 marks) Unit -1 1. What is deforestation? What are the causes and consequences of deforestation..? 2. Discuss the adverse environmental impacts of agriculture..? 3. Explain the causes, impacts and control measures of soil erosion..? 4. Discuss in detail about some of the renewable and non-renewable energy resources..? Unit-2 1. Describe the characteristic, structure and function of forest and aquatic ecosystem..? 2. Describe the bio-geographical classification of India..? 3. Explain the conservation of bio diversity..? 4. What is hotspot? Discuss in detail about the hot spots of biodiversity.. Unit-3 1. Discuss in detail about the sewage water treatment with a neat diagram.. 2. Discuss briefly about the solid waste management Unit-4 1. Explain the forest and wildlife protection act.. 2. Bring about the various details of wasteland reclamations practices Unit-5 1. Discuss the population growth variation among nations 2. Explain the role of IT in environment and human health 3. Define human right and discuss the salient features of the universal declaration of human right. 4.Write a note on a) women and child welfare b) value education 2marks: study repeated Questions and unit test question paper questions.... NOTE: Only for Model Exams purpose not for semester

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