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Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs)

RVMs are ideal for Shopping Malls, Metro Stations, Apartment Complexes, Bus Stations, Railway Stations, Company Cafeterias, Hotels, Resorts, Water Parks, Workplaces, Temple Complexes.....etc. Every large company, school, shopping mall, train station and tourist attraction would likely benefit with RVMs.

Every day, vending machines around the world pump out countless drinks and snacks, bringing with them the packaging waste to match, but what if they did the reverse? What if, after you’re done with your bottle, you can feed it back to vending machine for cash that can then be transferred to you or someone in need? .................

The benefits of having RVM: * Improved brand and company image. * The RVM can be programmed to collect only the containers of products that are sold in your shop/company via barcode recognition. * The RVM can print the receipt that allows your customer to use the discount for further purchases in your shop/company, or as part of marketing campaign, or some other promotion. This way bringing customer back. Alternatively the coins can be dispensed for every bottle recycled * RVM’s optical sorting solutions allow large material recovery facilities to sort a greater amount of volume of materials such as plastics and aluminum at a lower cost and with higher precision than traditional labor-intensive solutions. * Compaction allows for reduced storage needs for empty packaging and significantly reduced handling and transportation costs. * The RVM is easy to install and maintain, adds greater incentive to recycle, and can be effectively tied in to promotional activities. * Your company can gain the cost of recycled material.

The RVM brings numerous benefits: * Reduce current waste management costs and improve recycling standards * Save on landfills * Improve Health and Safety by condensing litter and waste.

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Reverse vending machine  

Our new machine which recycles PET bottles, Paper Cups and Cans