PRARG November/December Newsletter 2021

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PARK RIDGE ACTIVE RIDING GROUP Newsletter - November/December 2021

Message from the President Where to start… • The club’s AGM/Trophy presentation and 40th birthday were a true celebration of the past year with trophies and the past 40 years. I was very humbled and honoured to be given a standing ovation at the end of the night for my continuous commitment to the club since it started in 1981. Where have those years gone?! There is a wonderful array of photos and a short YouTube available to see of the night. I welcome the new members onto the committee and since the AGM, I welcome Maria Gould onto the committee as secretary. • The new committee will meet in December and likewise the new dressage committee is being set up on messenger. The calendar for 2022 is just about done . • Memberships will be available for renewal from the 1st week of January via Nominate. All members will receive rejoining information from Angela Arkadieff who is the membership secretary.

Event Calendar 2022 Sat 22 Jan (8am to 10am) Sign On Day Open Competitions 6 Mar

* Champs - Prelim to Elementary

3 Apr

YH & Participant/Club Dressage

15 May

* Champs - Medium to GP

5 Jun

Pony Spectacular & Official

28 Aug

Open Dressage (format tbc)

4 Sep

OTT (tbc), Participant/Club

• Sign on Day (physical) will be on Saturday 22nd January between 8am and 10am to exchange keys, purchase club shirts etc as well as join online via the club computer.

Internal Days / Members’ Competitions

• Don’t forget the online Fun Day competition which closes in December. Dress up in Pink/yellow to support Cancer, enter the online classes or just simply donate as per the link.

19 Feb

Protocol (6.30-9.30am)

19 Feb

Freestyle W/shop (1.00-3.00pm)

20 Mar

Ribbon Day

26 Jun

Fun Day

24 Jul

Ribbon Day

25 Sep

Ribbon Day

23 Oct

Fun Day

• Finally the club managed to run a two leg Non Soggy Summer Series. Congratulations to the champion and reserves and our sponsors.

Kay Welcome to the 2022 Committee President: Miss Kay Paulsen - 07 5543 2158 or 0419 741 273 Vice Presidents: Lorraine Edwards Naomi O’Farrell

Treasurer: Amanda Wright

Secretary: Maria Gould

Membership Secretary: Angela Arkadieff

Committee Members: Caroline Bonney, Liz Perkins, Leanne Smith Publicity: Kate Thomson Emma Gould

Date tbc

Easter/Autumn Saddlery Market

18 Apr

Super Clinic - details tbc

18 Jun

Super Clinic - details tbc

29 Oct

Spring Saddlery Market

Note - the Jumping subcommittee are working on dates/formats

For full details on the above events closer to the date, (programs, draws and links to the entry page on Nominate), visit our website

Grounds: Anna Flohr - 0407 622 666

Dressage - Kay Paulsen, Melissa Forrest, Linda Van Rensberg, Sarah Webster, Kylie Munn, Heather McCulloch, Jess Merlo, Emma Flegman Show Jumping - Sarah Webster, Kerrie Skinner Hack - Nil

Clinics & Other

The Members’ Handbook is available to view/download from the PRARG website. Please take a bit of time to read this document so you are familiar with club information, rules and bylaws.

MEMBERS NEWS It is with great sadness that the club acknowledges the passing of members and/or family members of members: In October 2021: Ernie Smith (much loved husband) of Di Smith, Life Member. Ernie passed after a short battle with stomach cancer. Those members in the club from the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s will remember Ernie and back in those days he was the club’s handyman and always had a solution for the problem. Kees Hulsman, Foundation Member and Past President of PRARG. This potted history is thanks to Lynne Norris, Foundation and Life Member of PRARG: Kees graduated BSc Hons from University of Sydney, came to Brisbane to do his MSc by Thesis at UQ, which is where I met him. He converted his Masters to a PhD. After gaining his PhD, he went to Griffith and was a Teaching Fellow, then appointed Lecturer, Senior Lecturer. He was a scientist and ecologist. Kees went onto the EFA Qld Branch Committee around 1991 where his interest was dressage and the judiciary. He brought the concept of collegiality, accountability and consultation to the EFA Branch Committee. At the 1993 election of Office-Bearers, Kees stepped down as EFA President and off the Management Committee in 1993. As far as PRARG is concerned, both he and Luba were foundation members, present at the inaugural meeting held in my lounge room. He may have been the Club’s first Treasurer and also served at President at one time. Kees rode at the training days (which was how the club started) as well as riding in unofficial dressage comps. He had the skinniest legs in jodhpurs. Kees leaves a son, Andrew Shinkarenko. In November 2021: Kat Cunnane (much loved sister) of Dannii Cunnane. Those articles Dannii does for the Fun Day in raising awareness of PRARG is doing it for women’s cancer “ we are raising money for women’s cancers which include breast and gynaecological cancers under the Pink Ribbon campaign.” So please members continue to support this fundraising campaign, now affecting of our committee members families. Roly Phillips (much loved Dad) of Vice President Lorraine Edwards. Roly passed away suddenly on Saturday 20th November.

MEMBERS NEWS Not too late to enter the Online Fun Day! Don’t forget, if you haven’t already entered the Online Fun Day and want to submit a video of your chosen test, there’s still time to do so. The closing date for entries is 5pm on 15 December. All details and entry available here e=97877479A73D4D58ADB5F395FA9D5656&eventlist=2. Videos entries must be submitted no later than 16 December. All details are available via the above link. Lunging Update

Thank you to everyone who submitted their vote regarding lunging at the grounds. The majority voted in favour of allowing lunging in the 10 minute box. The new management committee, who will be meeting on 14 December, will be discussing the final wording on any limitations to be used for an official By Law. In the meantime, as previously advised, lunging can take place in the 10 minute box if required, however under no circumstances can a horse be lunged in either of the three sand arenas at any time. Renewing Your Membership for 2022

The 2022 membership year commences on 1 February 2022. All current members will receive an email via Nominate inviting them to renew their membership in the first week of January. Please look out for this. The email will contain a unique link taking you to your club account where you can renew membership and order a grounds key, yard, club shirt etc if required. If you are a single member and someone in your household is registered as a family member using your email address, you will receive a separate email for that member. Renewal of these memberships has to be done separately by clicking the unique link in each email and can’t be done in the same transaction under the main membership. Renewing members will receive a receipt and their 2022 membership card instantly via email. If you are paying fully or partially using PRARG vouchers, there should be a facility to do this but as this newsletter goes out, the method for this is still being confirmed. Further information on this will be included in the renewal invitation email however. What to do if you don’t receive a renewal invitation email via Nominate? Please email and we will sort this out for you and check the email address we have on record for you. Collecting keys / club shirts - this can be done at the club Sign On Day at the grounds on Saturday 22 January between 8am and 10am. Please submit your membership renewal online via Nominate before the sign on day so we can have a key and shirt ready for you to collect. New members - membership applications for new members will also be open in the 1st week of January to commence from 1 February. If you know of someone who wants to join, tell them to visit the PRARG website membership page for the link, or share this URL with them If all else fails, the membership secretary will be at the Sign On Day on 22 January to help you renew or new members join!

IMPORTANT RULES TO FOLLOW AT PRARG GROUNDS The expectation from our Management Committee, Insurance Provider, Logan Council and Equestrian Australia is to ensure that only financial members of PRARG and registered competitors are permitted to ride on the grounds. To maintain our excellent reputation as a compliant and diligent club this warning reminder is stated:

Do not allow your friends or other persons to ride your horse while on the grounds. A coach may but must have either EA insurance or their own a certificate of currency. There are no exceptions from this ruling and a serious penalty process will apply to anyone who jeopardises the rule. The rules we apply are to protect, one and all, so we expect that you will understand and respect this warning. GROUNDS: Anna Flohr - 0407 622 666

INSURANCE As a rider at PRARG, unless you are a FINANCIAL member of Equestrian Australia (via EQ), you are NOT covered for personal injury should you have a fall at the grounds. You are covered 24/7 for personal injury as an EA member when you ride. This benefit alone should be reason enough to join, either as a supporter, recreational, participant or competitor. Details on how to join can be found here

A Property Identification Code (PIC) is used by Biosecurity Queensland and is unique to your property. This code is necessary for maintaining property and livestock records as part of the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS).

These requirements: • Protect our livestock industries from pests and diseases • Provide a system for individual or group identification if your stock are removed from your property • Allow you to record individual performance data for management and breeding purposes. All Queensland properties that have livestock, such as cattle and horses, must have a PIC number. If you have not already provided PRARG with your PIC number when joining or renewing your membership, please email this through to Failure to register your property can result in a $4,000 fine. Further PIC information can be found here (or use a search engine using Property Identification Codes Queensland)

SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT 2021 The final Sponsor Spotlight for 2021. We are grateful for the generous support of all our sponsors over the last 12 months. Equilibrium Australia and Advance Equine Vets were our sponsors for our 2021 Summer Series. Equilibrium Australia is a company that was founded on and continues to be driven by passion. It’s also driven by the pursuit to better themselves, their products and the lives of horses all around the globe. At Equilibrium, they don’t see themselves as just being really good at making supplements, they also take great pride in the way in which they go about helping horse owners understand an innumerable range of factors that contribute to having happy, healthy horses. Equilibrium supplements contain vitamins, minerals and salts in optimal ratios suitable for all equines. Equilibrium products remain one of the most affordable ways to supplement your horse EQUILIBRIUM MINERAL MIX - offers an optimal blend of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. Suited for all horses, all of the time, this product was the one that started it all. The blend of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes that are specific to this product are suitable for all equines, at all levels of work. EQUILIBRIUM B1 COOL MIX - is the supplement we recommend for nervous or excitable horses. Containing extra Magnesium and Vitamin B1, two nutritional elements that assist in the normal nervous system function of horses, this product has garnered a loyal following.

For more information about their products and stockists, visit their website Advance Equine Vets is the newest mobile equine only veterinary practice operating on the Gold Coast and surrounding areas. They are equipped with the latest technology in ultrasound, endoscopy and digital radiography, `and also offer quality ambulatory care across all equine disciplines. View their website for full details of their services 177 Latimers Crossing Road, Advancetown. E P 0488 984 422

Championship Results - 2021 Summer Series The 2021 Summer Series is Sponsored by Champion - Equilibrium Australia

Reserve Champion - Advance Equine Vets




Danielle Shearer / QUINCY




Linda Van Rensburg / STONEFOX ZARA

NOVICE Champion


Elanah Flegman / FONTAIN





Rebecca Costin / MISS REGALO

MEDIUM Champion


Jacqui Huppert / COGNAC DIAMOND





Lindal Binch / FIRST DANCE

Results - 2021 Summer Series Leg 1 - Sunday 7 November The 2021 Summer Series is Sponsored by

Prep A 1 - Tracey Goss / QUE SERA CHARLESTON

Champion - Equilibrium Australia

2 - Danielle Shearer / QUINCY 3 - Yvette Vlies / MONTANGO LODGE ACROBAT 4 - Isabel Huddleston / KARMA PARKENGLISH 5 - Tracey Bavinton / LUCIANNO 6 - Kathleen Huddleston / HENDRICK HILL TOP SHELF 7 - Amanda Donnelly / BUCKWELL PARK KOKOMO

Reserve Champion - Advance Equine Vets

Preliminary 1A 1 - Emma Flegman / KALIMNA LOUIS VUITTON

2 - Linda Van Rensburg / STONEFOX ZARA 3 - Gary Lung / HOLSTEIN PARK FOR ROMANO 4 - Sarah Webster / ARION CHIAURA

Elementary 3A 1 - Emmeline Mallon / PALACIO DEL CORCEL EMILIO

5 - Georgia Calvert / THE DANCING DIVA

2 - Rebecca Costin / MISS REGALO

6 - Sharon Liikanen / JAXBEE NIMBLE 7 - Skye Liikanen / TODD'S STRAWBERRY DELIGHT

3 - Joanne Linsley / ROSE GUM GALILEE

8 - Sarah Letham / SIR XALVADOR


9 - Kym Joseph / JON SNOW


10 - Kathy Hopkins / MISS MILLIE

6 - Karen Cottrell / SLATER

Novice 2A

Medium 4A


1 - Jacqui Huppert / COGNAC DIAMOND

2 - Elanah Flegman / FONTAIN


3 - Chelsea Gatti / TAYALEE PARK LOVER BOY

3 - Julie Bland / TESTAMENT


4 - Angela Moorhead / CHABLIS DE LUXE MP

5 - Helen Kolodko / MAXIMUM XPOSURE 6 - Kerryn Anderson / BELTANA RAZZLE 7 - Kylie Munn / COORAMIN FURSTIN FOX

Advanced 5A 1 - Julianne Tetlow / STONEFOX RANCH SATORI 2 - Lindal Binch / FIRST DANCE


Results - 2021 Summer Series Leg 2 - Sunday 21 November

Prep E

The 2021 Summer Series is Sponsored by

1 - Tracey Goss / QUE SERA CHARLESTON 2 - Danielle Shearer / QUINCY

Champion - Equilibrium Australia

3 - Yvette Vlies / MONTANGO LODGE ACROBAT Preliminary 1B 1 - Emma Flegman / KALIMNA LOUIS VUITTON 2 - Linda Van Rensburg / STONEFOX ZARA

Reserve Champion - Advance Equine Vets

3 - Georgia Calvert / THE DANCING DIVA 4 - Sharon Liikanen / JAXBEE NIMBLE

Novice 2B 1 - Elanah Flegman / FONTAIN 2 - Emma Thompson / WILLOWCROFT FASCINATION 3 - Kate O'Sullivan / SALIENT PARK BO JANGLES 4 - Helen Kolodko / MAXIMUM XPOSURE

Medium 4B


1 - Jacqui Huppert / COGNAC DIAMOND

6 - Wendy Harrison / BUCKWELL PARK JUBILEE



3 - Julie Bland / TESTAMENT

8 - Kerryn Anderson / BELTANA RAZZLE

4 - Angela Moorhead / CHABLIS DE LUXE MP

Elementary 3B

Advanced 5B


1 - Julianne Tetlow / STONEFOX RANCH SATORI

2 - Joanne Linsley / ROSE GUM GALILEE 3 - Rebecca Costin / MISS REGALO 4 - Lisa Holohan / ROSE GUM CROWN ALLEGIANCE 5 - Anne Mabardi / SOMMERVILLE EVELYN 6 - Karen Cottrell / SLATER

2021 PRARG TROPHY & AWARDS NIGHT - Sat 13 November Open Trophies Trophy


Open Official Dressage Trophy

1 Melissa Forrest & Salient Park Ruben

Sponsor / Presenter

2 Caroline Bonney & Battlestar Galactica 3 Emma Thompson & Willowcroft Fascination Associate Dressage Trophy

1 Justine Murray & Amaris M 2 Linda Van Rensburg & Stonefox Zara 3 Emma Thompson & Salient Park Bo Jangles

Balbriggan Dressage Trophy

Caroline Bonney & Battlestar Galactica

Pam Merrin AAOR Trophy

1 Caroline Bonney & Battlestar Galactica

Kay Sutherland from Equistore, and Anna Flohr

2 Melissa Forrest & Salient Park Ruben 3 Caroline Bonney & Lady Sinatra Freestyle Award

Rosette – Anika Green – Jembrae First Fareess

Club Trophies & Other Awards Trophy


Rider 14 - 24 years

NIL FOR 2021

Rider 25-34 years

NIL FOR 2021

Rider 34-44 years

Eleisha Ifield

Rider 45 years & Over

Jess Merlo

Champion Rider

Eleisha Ifield & Jess Merlo

Encouragement Hack

Jess Merlo & L’Aarabella

Champion Hack Under 15hds

Jess Merlo & L’Aarabella

Champion Hack 15hds & Over

Eleisha Ifield & Broken Arrow

Reserve Hack 15hds & Over

Sponsor / Presenter

Rob Douyere & Julianne Tetlow

Linda Van Rensburg & Stonefox Zara

Champion Hack

Jess Merlo & L’Aarabella

Open Hack Trophy

Emma Thompson & Willowcroft Fascination




Preliminary Dressage Trophy

Linda Van Rensburg & Stonefox Zara

Runner Up Novice Dressage Trophy Runner Up Elementary Dressage Trophy

Runner Up Medium Dressage Trophy Runner Up

Naomi Lane & Enelle French Connection Justine Murray & Aramis M Melissa Forrest & Salient Park Ruben Hannah Lewindon & Monsun

Marlies Ravn & Kenlock Indian Sky Kerrie Skinner & Coolinda Park Adasha Flazh

Sporting Trophy

Eleisha Ifield & Broken Arrow Lisa Thygesen & Sea of Dreams

Top Scorer

Linda Van Rensburg & Stonefox Zara

Club Champion

Linda Van Rensburg & Stonefox Zara

Cyberhorse Trophy

Linda Van Rensburg & Stonefox Zara

Club Stirrer Award (no perpetual)

& Dr Show

Caroline Stinson & Elvis G O Reilly

Emma Gould & Good Grief Charlie Brown

Runner Up

Farm UP

Fiona Grayfoner & Leadburn Raadiance

Advanced Dressage Trophy

Runner Up

Sponsor / Presenter

Melissa Forrest & Amanda Wright

Jess Merlo & L’Aarabella James Mortimer Marlena Moriarty

Foam Knicker (no perpetual)

Kay Paulsen

Fiona Lane Memorial Trophy

Tracey Goss

Alan Flood Memorial Newcomer

Chelsea Gatti & Tayalee Park Lover Boy

Pocket Rocket Pony Trophy

Kerrie Skinner & Coolinda Park Adasha Flazh

President’s Trophy

Angela Arkadieff

70+ Club Highest Scorer

Anna Flohr & CL Excals Colours

70+ Club Nominations

Lorraine Edwards, Angela Moorhead, Russell Davidson, Sharon Liikanen, Kathy Hopkins, Jenny Stedman, Marlene Moriaty, Karen Cottrell, Kerrie Skinner

Kay Paulsen & Wendy Anderson (LM)

Kay Paulsen

Di Rickards


Thanks to…. Management Committee

Kay Paulsen, Chris Tompkins, Lorraine Edwards, Melissa Forrest, Tracey Goss, Amanda Wright, Dannii Cunnane, Angela Arkadieff , Lara Brickley, Tracey Bavinton BBQ/Catering – Paul Girling, John Edwards, 1st Aid Family, VerBegadon, James Mortimer, Lauren Goss, Di Rickards Dressage committee – Chris Tompkins, Kay Paulsen, Kylie Munn, Emma Flegman, Anna Flohr, Tracey Goss, Melissa Forrest, Jess Merlo, Linda Van Rensburg

Club Helpers

Hack committee - Lisa. Holohan, Tracey. Bavinton, Lara Brickley Pencilling/Sheets/Gear check/Scoring – Luba Shinkarenko, Fiona Strachan, Lorraine Edwards, Julie Hawke, Mary-Anne Grant, Sue Chandler, A. Arkadieff, Lara Brickley, Tracey Goss Grounds - Anna Flohr, Alan & Marlies Ravn, Linda Van Rensburg, Kim Harvey

10 Year Membership

Anita Baldwin, Verona Begadon, Angela Moorhead, Lorraine Edwards

20 Year Membership

Naomi O’Farrell, Glenn Pearce, Jacqui Huppert, Belinda Russo, Lyn McGann, Debbie McGann

25 Year Membership

Elizabeth Perkins

Rob Douyere & Julianne Tetlow presenting to Jess Merlo

Rob Douyere & Julianne Tetlow presenting to Emma Thompson

Jenny from Dr Show presenting to Linda Van Rensburg

Jess from Farm Up and Jenny from Dr Show presenting to Melissa Forrest

Jess from Farm Up and Jenny from Dr Show presenting to Fiona Grayfoner

Jenny from Dr Show presenting to Kerrie Skinner

Open Official Dressage Trophy: Emma Thompson (3rd), Caroline Bonney (2nd), Melissa Forrest (1st) with Kay Sutherland and Anna Flohr

Associate Dressage Trophy: Emma Thompson (3rd), Linda Van Rensberg (2nd), Kylie Munn collecting trophy on behalf of Justine Murray (1st) - with Kay Sutherland and Anna Flohr

Cyberhorse Trophy: Jess Merlo (runner up), Linda Van Rensberg (winner) - with Amanda Wright and Melissa Forrest

Pam Merrin AAOR Trophy: Melissa Forrest (2nd), Caroline Bonney (1st and 3rd) - with Kay Sutherland and Anna Flohr

Balbriggan Dressage Trophy winner Caroline Bonney with Kay Sutherland and Anna Flohr

Linda van Rensberg with a collection of trophies, with Amanda Wright and Melissa Forrest

Club Stirrer Award - James Mortimer, with Kay Paulsen

Foam Knicker Award Kay Paulsen, with Marlene Moriaty

Fiona Lane Memorial Trophy winner Tracey Goss with Wendy Anderson

Nikki Spinks collecting the Alan Flood Memorial Trophy on behalf of Chelsea Gatti

70+Club: Kerrie Skinner, Marlene Moriaty, Lorraine Edwards, Anna Flohr, Di Rickards. The overall winner with the highest scores was Anna Flohr

10 Yr Membership Verona Begadon with Kay Paulsen and Lara Brickley

20 Yr Membership Naomi O’Farrell with Kay Paulsen

Pocket Rocket Pony Trophy winner Kerrie Skinner with Wendy Anderson

Benalbyn Lodge Advanced Trophy winner Emma Gould presented by Naomi O’Farrell

25 Yr Membership Liz Perkins with Kay Paulsen and Naomi O’Farrell

Management Committee Awards Chris Tompkins, Kay Paulsen, Lorraine Edwards, Amanda Wright, Tracey Goss, Melissa Forrest, Angela Arkadieff and Lara Brickley

Dressage Committee Awards Chris Tompkins, Kay Paulsen, Jess Merlo, Linda Van Rensberg, Emma Flegman, Tracey Goss, Anna Flohr and Kylie Munn

Hack Committee Award - Lara Brickley with Kay Paulsen

Helpers Award (BBQ/catering) - Lauren Goss, John Edwards, Di Rickards, James Mortimer, Verona Begadon

Club Helper Awards (scoring/gear check) - Kay Paulsen with Angela Arkadieff, Lorraine Edwards and Tracey Goss

Club Helper Awards (grounds) R-L: Linda Van Rensberg and Anna Flohr, with Lorraine Edwards

Lorraine Edwards presenting Kay a large bouquet in recognition of her 40 years service to the club

Lauren Goss presenting her own special award to Kay

Well deserved standing ovation for Kay