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P R A P A W A D E E [ P r a p̣ h ā w a d ī ]


CONTACT DETAILS House no. 11/1

Pracha Uthit 42,

Bangmod, Thung Khru, Bangkok, Thailand 10140 Email

Tel +66996476755


She often enjoys getting to know others, empathizes every person she communicates. Her work style is based on relationship building, a great job comes from thriving in harmony. You can expect 100% will be full of laughter, and a huge empathy when working with


ACTIVITY HISTORY [2016-2018] Participated in Global Project Based Learning 2017 at KMUTT with ASEAN and Japanese students. KMUTT's buddy for the exchange students to the presidents of the Universities The winner in the University master of the ceremonies (English language) competition. The master of University's ceremonies for instance opening ceremony,

Vocational Certificate

official ceremonies or and parites.

Science Based Tecnology Vocational

The main part of having three events in KMUTT, they're the supportive nice

College Chonburi, Thailand

teacher's event and the awards exhibition booth show for senior students


and KMUTT MC gerneration 3 selection. Thai- Japanese Cultural Exchange Booths staff.

Undergraduate Student King Mogkut's University of Technology

Roadshow trip to the high school students conseling in Education Communication and Technology department.

Thonburi (KMUTT), Thailand

International Emcee of the Awarding Ceremony of The Great Crown of

Education Communication and

Victory badges and KMUTT ties, International Emcee of the ceremony of

Technology Department 2016-2020

the solemn declaration and homage paying to King Rama the 4th, Entertaining English Emcee of First Freshman Assembly Activity,International Emcee of Opening-Closing ceremony Taiwan-KMUTT


Internship Program, Orientation and Farewell events to the exchange students and so forth.

Fluent in two languages (Thai and English) Beginner in Finnish Language Proficient Public Speaking Skill Creativity, Positive attitude, Communication, Teamwork, Selfmanagement, Willingness to learn, Thinking skills, Convinced, Marketing Plan

Create, design and make 3D printing tool. A staff to prepare and create the activities in Cultural Tour for KMUTT exchange students (also design the name tags). Part time job in International Affair Office, KMUTT (staff, MC, created name tags, invitation cards for the events, exhibision, meeting, commitments to the exchange Associate Professors, directors and students)

SCHOLARSHIP ABOARD HISTORY 2008 - Short term scholarship competition in Singapore. (For 14 days)

SOFTWARE SKILLS Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point)

2015 - Be selected to participate Project Based learning, in Japan. (15 days) 2017 - Be selected to participates in TWINCLE Program of University Education Rebuilding at Chiba University, Chiba, Japan. (15 days)


Google Docs, Sheet and Slide Create and Design (Canva, Wix,

2016 - CURRENT KMUTT Buddies' volunteer


2017 - Read for the blind KMUTT

SPSS Software

2017 - Food giving revolution

Program Literacy (Construct 2, 3Ds

2017 - Foreign Terry camp for Down's syndrome

Max, Sketch up

2018 - Voluntary camp for frontier,stateless kids


It's my own resume, Prapwadee Nakprasit


It's my own resume, Prapwadee Nakprasit