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TRYING TO ERASE THIS FROM THE BLACKBOARD 1. EXT. CITY LANDSCAPE – STORMY NIGHT The night is stormy with torrential rain and lightening flashes. The camera pans slowly across the city landscape (from left to right) to reveal very few lights switched on and little activity on the streets. Everybody is either asleep or is seeking shelter from the elements. 2. EXT. CITY STREET – STORMY NIGHT The camera is steady and low and is looking down across the street. The street is deserted and really dark. We see a few buildings with the lights off. Lightening rages in the background, with the buildings being illuminated by the intermittent flashes. The camera starts to move (slowly at first and speeding up as the scene progresses) and keeps a low angle whilst racing across the street. We see the camera come to focus on and start following a leaf which is being carried by storm water on the side of the kerb. The leaf is moving really fast and the camera gives chase at the same speed. After a few moments, we see the leaf enter a gutter with the camera following the movement of the leaf as it falls into the storm drain system. Slowing to a crawl, the camera eventually stops as we see the leaf fall away and be subsumed into darkness, leaving the chatter of storm water entering the drain. 3. EXT. CITY STREET – CLEAR MORNING The storm has cleared and we see the street bask in the early morning gloom of the sun's first rays. The faint cooing of birds can be heard in the background, with the camera being focused on a house overlooking the gutter. Moments pass. The audience hears a clink. Suddenly the calmness is shattered by a large explosion as the building is destroyed amid the screams of the inhabitants being roasted alive by ensuing fire. Some of the burning inhabitants manage to make it outside where they are seen being shot. From the left, we see armed men run past, and take up positions. A young boy walks into view and turns to face the camera. He adorns a patch over his left eye and has a scar running vertically across his face. He is seen barking into a megaphone. OWEN (14)




FOOL! FOOL! Do you honestly think that I wouldn't have come back? Do you honestly think that you could get rid of me that easily? You'll pay for what you did... We hear screams. More gunshots are fired. We see OWEN raise his gun towards the camera whilst laughing hysterically into the megaphone. He fires a shot. 4. INT. TODD'S BEDROOM WITH CURTAINS DRAWN – MORNING SOPHIE (28) screams as she awakes from what appears to be a vivid nightmare. She is a brunette caucasian and of a slim build. From the light peering in from behind the curtains, we see her face in sweats as the camera hangs overlooking the bed. Her boyfriend on her left - TODD (30) – murmurs in his sleep. TODD Go back to sleep... TODD rolls over to his side. His back facing her as he adjusts the duvet whilst finding a new sleeping position. SOPHIE raises her head and looks across to her left at the clock adjacent to the bed. The LED light flashes 6:45am. She lowers her head and sighs. After a moment, she gets up and we see a naked woman emerge from beneath the duvet to be clothed in silhouette as she leaves the comfort of the light entering the bedroom. The camera follows the outline of someone putting their clothes on, who then moves over to the other side of the bed as she leans over to kiss TODD. SOPHIE walks towards the camera as as she quietly opens the bedroom door to leave the room. We see the bedroom door close once she exits the bedroom. A few moments later, we hear the front door close as she leaves TODD'S apartment. 5. EXT. MAIN ROAD. EARLY MORNING Camera follows SOPHIE as she hurriedly drives her motorcycle. SOPHIE is wearing a diner uniform. 6. EXT. OUTSIDE DINER. EARLY MORNING SOPHIE parks her motorcycle and enters the diner. Inside we see a number of people who are eating and ordering breakfast. From across the counter, a man – TIMMY (35) – is seen serving a customer.




Camera cuts to TIM serving customer. We see SOPHIE inch closer towards the counter. TIMMY has a stern face. TIMMY That will be ÂŁ3.20 please... Hey, what time do you call this? SOPHIE Sorry. My watch wasn't working this morning. It won't happen again. TIMMY I hope not. That's the third time you've been late this week. Is everything OK? SOPHIE I'm fine. It's just that I've been having these... these dreams... lately... What? TIMMY You're... TIMMY slowly points to SOPHIE'S face. His facial expression has given way to concern. SOPHIE follows the direction and puts a finger to her nose. She is bleeding. TIMMY motions to a member of staff from across the diner. TIMMY Hey, take care of this.

Will you?

ATTENDANT Sure thing, boss. TIMMY grabs a tissue and gives it to SOPHIE. Taking SOPHIE'S arm, he leads her behind the counter and to the back. Camera cuts to TIMMY and SOPHIE making their way to the staff room. Inside are some chairs and a TV. TIMMY How did this happen? SOPHIE I don't know. TIMMY




Here. Lie back whilst I take a look at you. TIMMY sits SOPHIE down and kneels beside her. holds the tissue over SOPHIE'S nose. TIMMY Now put your head back. Awww... you poor thing.


That's it.

A few moments pass. TIMMY So... how is TODD doing? SOPHIE He's doing good. TIMMY How long have you been together now? SOPHIE About five months. He asked me to move in with him the other... TIMMY Shhhh... Hold still. TIMMY purses his lips. The camera centres on TIMMY to show a grimace of pain appear across his face. TIMMY is looking at SOPHIE who is looking up with eyes half closed. A few moments pass. TIMMY Poor baby. TIMMY starts stroking SOPHIE'S arm in a subtle and gentle manner. TIMMY Look at you. helpless. A few more moments pass.

Lying there so

SOPHIE begins coughing lightly.

TIMMY (Smiles) You're a mess. SOPHIE




(Laughing) You just found out? SOPHIE'S coughing gets more and more violent. SOPHIE stops laughing and opens her eyes to concentrate and to control her coughs. Her hand moving towards her mouth, as her body begins to shake. TIMMY You ok? SOPHIE'S coughing starts getting increasingly violent. TIMMY moves his hand away so as to allow SOPHIE to cough more easily. We see the tissue fall. SOPHIE begins retching and brings her face towards her knees, blood splattering onto her hands as she coughs ever more violently. TIMMY tries to help her. SOPHIE is seen as being in great pain as she falls to the floor. TIMMY Hey, Sophie!

You ok?!?!

TIMMY leans in so as try and help SOPHIE. SOPHIE suddenly coughs up blood all over his face. We see her look towards him as she registers what just happened. She looks scared, and turns to towards TIMMY and the camera. Her eyes are bloodshot red and she is still coughing with blood coming out of her mouth and from her nose. TIMMY Aw Gawd! Wait. help...

I'll go get some

TIMMY runs out of the staff room. We see SOPHIE coughing violently with blood splattered all over the floor and across her clothes. 7. EXT. OUTSIDE DINER. MORNING A small crowd has formed. SOPHIE is inside and waiting to be stretchered out of the diner and towards a waiting ambulance by paramedics. Camera cuts towards TIMMY who is speaking to what appears to be a chief paramedic (42) and a policeman (37). CHIEF PARAMEDIC So what ya sayin' is, that she just started coughin'? And there were no signs that she was ill prior to her arrival this mornin'?




TIMMY How many times do I have to repeat myself to you? She came in like normal this morning, and started bleeding. First it was the nose, and then she just started coughing up blood. She was literally bleeding to death right in front of me. The poor girl. (turning towards the policeman) Officer?!!? POLICEMAN You've been known to have feelings for SOPHIE before in the past. TIMMY What's that got to do with anything? POLICEMAN Nothing. Yet. You must understand, but we have to leave ourselves open to all possible avenues of enquiry. TIMMY What are you trying to say? Huh? Are you saying that I had something to do with all of this? How dare you! CHIEF PARAMEDIC Calm down. Alright, son? TIMMY CALM DOWN?!?!?!? POLICEMAN Now, now, TIMMY. There is no need to get upset. We just need to pursue all possible enquiries, and there is nothing right now to suggest that you were involved in any foul play. TIMMY Foul Play? Too right. Look Mister, I don't know who you think you are. But I am telling you the truth. She just came in this morning and started




bleeding. I have witnesses, and SOPHIE can testify to all of this. CHIEF PARAMEDIC SOPHIE is in an extremely grave and critical condition, TIMMY. We'll 'ave ta take 'er to hospital. TIMMY Well, hurry up then. time.

Stop wasting

CHIEF PARAMEDIC I need to ask these questions so as to 'elp us make a proper diagnosis. Y'understand? Paramedics suddenly emerge from within the diner doorway, and are seen carrying SOPHIE on a stretcher from the doorway. One of them is carrying a defibrillator. They make their way to the ambulance. SOPHIE looks to be gravely ill, with traces of blood across her face and clothes. CHIEF PARAMEDIC Alrighty then, we have to go now. Maybe see ya at the hospital... The CHIEF PARAMEDIC gets on the ambulance with the other paramedics, and we see the ambulance drive off leaving TIMMY and the POLICEMAN together. 8. INT. HOSPITAL WAITING LOBBY. DAY The camera is at the beginning of the corridor, and we see two figures further along. TIMMY is seated on the bench, whilst TODD is standing against the wall. Both are facing a room with its doors shut. Some time goes by. We see the same setting, with the two main characters being shot in different positions to emphasise the agonising wait, and to also reflect the time spent in the lobby. 9. INT. HOSPITAL WAITING LOBBY. EVENING (Same camera angles as scene 8) TIMMY and TODD are seated besides each other. Neither character is saying a word. TODD is asleep with his legs splayed out, whilst TIMMY has his head buried in his lap.




The door adjacent to them opens, and we see a doctor appear. TIMMY looks up, whilst TODD appears to have awoken from his slumber. Camera cuts to a closeup of all three characters. DOCTOR Excuse me. Are you TODD and TIMMY? TODD and TIMMY (both together) Yes DOCTOR I'm afraid SOPHIE has lost a lot of blood. She's undergone Class IV Haemorrhaging... TODD What's that? DOCTOR (sighs) SOPHIE has lost over 40% of her blood volume and has slipped into a coma. We are doing everything we can to keep her alive, but it's not looking likely that she'll be able to pull through, let alone survive the night. TIMMY Please DOCTOR. If there is anything we can do, then please tell us. DOCTOR I'm afraid all we can do now is wait. She's under observation, and in intensive care. Let me assure you that we're doing all we can so as to ensure that SOPHIE pulls through. TIMMY Thank you DOCTOR. TODD What caused this? DOCTOR I wouldn't be able to tell you. We need to undergo more tests if we are to determine the root cause of all




this. We've looked at her files and nothing tallies up. Has SOPHIE ever experienced blood-loss of this kind before? TODD (shaking his head) I haven't known her long enough to be able to comment. Sorry. TIMMY (looks at TODD uncertainly. Stops. After a moment, turns to face the doctor). Apart from the abortion she had when she was 14, I can't think of anything since which has caused her to lose so much blood in such a short period of time. TODD is startled.

TODD looks at TIMMY. TODD She never told me this... TIMMY (ignoring TODD) She's been having nightmares as well recently. She came to work late three times this week. She's never normally been like this... (turns to face TODD) You never asked. DOCTOR Well, I'm not a man of the cloth. But if any of you two believe in God, I suggest you pray. It's going to take a miracle for her to pull out of this one. TIMMY DOCTOR. Can we see her? DOCTOR Hmmm... I don't see why not. follow me.

All three characters walk towards the room. first, followed by TIMMY, followed by TODD. the door on his way in.


DOCTOR is TODD closed




10. INT. INTENSIVE CARE ROOM. EVENING SOPHIE is seen lying on the bed in the room. Her face is pale, and tubes are stuck in her hands, mouth and nose. We hear her laboured breathing via the life support system that is attached to her. Suddenly, her back arcs and then straightens as the life support system signals her having stopped breathing. The life support system indicates SOPHIE as having flat-lined. (Camera slows the action to slow-motion, and we hear muted audio) Panic grips the room as we see the DOCTOR cry for assistance, whilst TIMMY is seen screaming. TODD is seen crying and is seen edging closer towards SOPHIE'S body. Two nurses and a security guard enter. The security guard grabs the TODD and forces him away from the bed. The nurses are seen assisting the DOCTOR who tries to resuscitate SOPHIE using a defibrillator. There is no response from SOPHIE. The DOCTOR tries again. No response. We see TIMMY and TODD both extremely distraught, with the security guard holding on to TODD. Camera cuts to the DOCTOR shaking his head. away from bed.

DOCTOR moves

TODD is seen being reluctantly let go by the security guard who then proceeds to close in on the body and hug SOPHIE. Camera focuses in on TODD cradling SOPHIE'S head all the time whispering and repeating phrases. TODD Please don't go. I can't live without you. Please SOPHIE. I need you. Please don't go. 11. EXT. WHITE SPACE. NO TIME SOPHIE appears and is bathed in white light. looks around confused.


SOPHIE Am I dead? We see a boy appear in front of SOPHIE.

The boy standing




in front of her is OWEN who is also bathed in white. OWEN is not wearing an eye-patch is also not shown to be wearing any scars across his face. SOPHIE Who are you? OWEN I am you. Mother, don't you recognise your only son? SOPHIE But you were... You're the boy from my dream. You couldn't have... OWEN (giggling) What? what?

I couldn't have

SOPHIE is seen walking towards OWEN. She hesitates in front of him as we see her kneel to meet him face to face. We see sadness in her eyes. SOPHIE I am so sorry. Son. I am so sorry about what I did to you. You must believe me. I didn't know. I didn't know that I was capable of hurting you so much. Please forgive me. OWEN. I am so sorry. OWEN About what? to survive.

We do what we have to do

We see OWEN clasp his hand in hers. He raises their hands and we see SOPHIE stroke his face. OWEN I don't blame you. It wasn't your fault. You can forgive yourself now. SOPHIE manages a teary-eyed smile. OWEN You shouldn't be here. SOPHIE But I want to stay here with you.


SCREENWRITING STAGE 1 OWEN It's not time. We see SOPHIE nod. son.


You should go.

She gets up and looks down at her SOPHIE Goodbye son. OWEN There'll be another time.

The white light begins to grow stronger, and eventually drowns out SOPHIE. She waves before she disappears, and we see OWEN smile. OWEN Goodbye mother. 12. INT. INTENSIVE CARE ROOM. EVENING We see SOPHIE'S electrocardiogram show signs of life. TODD and TIMMY are still in the room and are by her bedside. The DOCTOR, nurses and security guard have all gone. We see SOPHIE wake up. and she smiles.

She looks up at TODD and TIMMY,


Screenwriting Stage 1 - 10 Minute Short