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GELBVIEH LEADING THE WAY G E N E T I C S The Ebony Lodge herd is recognised as one of the most influential Gelbvieh herds in Australia. Ebony Lodge genetics can be found in the majority of herds in Australia and in particular the performance based herds that require cattle to perform in a commercial situation. Our genetics are at the forefront of the breed and are usually sourced by breeders requiring high performance sires that are structurally sound and have the depth of breeding to be prepotent in their program. Q U A L I T Y All of our sires are backed by many generations of strong performance females, developed under heavy stocking rates and strict culling for poor performance. All heifers calve at 2 years of age and are expected to calve every year thereafter. All females are joined for 7 weeks and there is no excuse for not conceiving. All empty cows are sold for slaughter. Our herd is continually being upgraded through the use of A.I. and Embryo Transfer work enabling us to source the most up to date performance genetics in Australia and the world. We have recently imported embryos from Canada that are due to be born at Ebony Lodge in the spring 2009. There are other embryos on the way that we will implant in November 2009 along with embryos secured from our own elite donor females and by the best available A.I. sires. A wise man once said “If you are not moving forwards, you are not standing still; you are in fact going backwards”. This saying has never been more accurate than with cattle breeding because if you are not continually trying to move forward with your breeding program you will indeed be going backwards. The “New Era Gelbvieh” is by far superior to the original genetics that were introduced into Australia. B R E E D I N G Our first priority is a pregnancy, followed by an easy calving and then accelerated growth to maturity. Gelbvieh are fortunate to have been developed in Germany with emphasis on milk production and high yielding carcases. Normally these traits are genetically opposite. The Germans were ruthless in developing the breed and had no problems

slaughtering any animals that did not perform to their strict criteria. The Gelbvieh cows have very rich milk being high in protein and butterfat which becomes evident when you see the calves they produce. This rich milk appears to be transmitted to the female offspring of the F1 cross. These F1 females will regularly out perform their contemporise substantially, meaning more kgs for the producer and ultimately more $$$. Using Gelbvieh in any beef program will result in – •

Increased Fertility

• •

Higher Conception Rates Easier calving than other European breeds. More calves at marking Quiet disposition High % of polled calves (using Ebony Lodge genetics) Outstanding growth rates.

• • • • B U L L S

Our bulls have been proven to excel over a wide variety of cows including all British breeds, Brahman and Brahman derivatives as well as European cross cows. The bulls will generate up to 20% Heterosis or Hybrid Vigour in their calves from these crosses. If your bank manager offered you 20% increase in your income could you afford to ignore it.



BULLS - CONTINUED Our Gelbvieh bulls have sired numerous animals that have won Championships at Royal Shows, Steer trials and Carcase competitions for Studs and commercial cattlemen in all states in Australia. The steers by our bulls are in demand by the Feedlotter and Prime stock markets as they are excellent feed converters and are high yielding carcases with very good marbling ability. Our cull heifers are sold for the same price as our steers with no discounts. F O R

Ebony Lodge Bismark Photographed at 18 months after joining 52 cows. This junior sire exhibits all of the traits required by us; optimum muscling with great capacity and doing ability. He stands on perfect feet and legs and has a docile temperament. He was very active while covering his cows and achieved excellent results of 51 pregnancies from 52 cows joined in 7 weeks


Ebony Lodge is offering the opportunity to purchase yearling bulls on a regular basis direct from the property at a negotiated price eliminating the “Lucky Dip” of buying bulls through a sale comprising cattle presented with vastly different preparations and backgrounds. We welcome inspection of our breeding herd and the conditions under which they are run. We also offer semen and embryos for sale at all times and Stud females by negotiation including contract flushing of our elite females from the heart of our herd. You can inspect the herd at any time during the year by appointment with Larry Cutler our manager. We calve in the spring each year (August–September) and join (Nov-Dec.). C O N T A C T

Ebony Lodge Centennial The result of an imported embryo this sensational daughter of SLC Freedom is the epitome of what we are striving for in our program. She is moderate in size and consistently weans one of the heaviest calves each year. Last year weaning 73% of her bodyweight at 9 months. She is at the forefront of female productivity and efficiency converting pasture into extreme kgs of calf weaned.


Stud Owner:

John Whitbread

Mobile: Email:

041999 4899

Farm Manager: Ph: Mobile: Email:

Larry Cutler 03 56 352244 0417 994599

Stud Location:

115 Hoadleys Road Willow Grove Victoria 3825

Web Site

ebony lodge  

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